Top Snowboarding Movies

Top Snowboarding Movies

Hello dear subscribers and readers of my blog! In one of the articles I promised you to answer your questions, and one of them really surprised me. One girl asked me about my attitude towards mountaineering. Honestly, this question surprised me a lot, because I have been thinking for a long time to climb one of the peaks, the name of which you certainly heard, but now I will not name it.

I believe that the conquest of the mountains and the feeling that you are on one of the highest points in the world is incomparable. Do you understand the reasons for the sake of which people risk their well-being and health, but still persist in pursuing their goal? It will be very interesting to read your reviews.

Maybe there are some readers who have experienced these emotions?

But this is only in the future, preparation for mountaineering takes a lot of time and effort, besides, it is a very expensive pleasure. So while I watch films online that relate to this topic, and, of course, I am preparing regularly ... Take a blanket, make yourself a delicious mulled wine and enjoy. Here's to you

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The best films about mountains and climbers - my personal top:

only the best pictures are presented here.

I put it in tenth place

the film "Vertical" with Vysotsky

The film is relatively old - 1966, but it is worth watching for those who love Vysotsky, since it was after his role in this film that he became incredibly popular.

The film tells how many climbers tried to conquer the Caucasian peak of Or-Tau. As soon as the expedition began the ascent and practically conquered the summit, the signalman receives a message that a cyclone is approaching. But, the signalman takes a rash step and hides this news from the group, as he wants to achieve the goal at any cost.

You might think that a movie shot 50 years ago would be boring to watch, but it’s not. The film keeps you in suspense until the very last seconds. In fact, all the peaks of the Caucasus were conquered until the end of the 19th century.

I put in ninth place in my rating

Movies about climbers and mountains: a list of the best about adventure in the snow

Boiling adrenaline, fresh air and snow blowing in your face are great. Fans of boarding do not always manage to get into the mountains to enjoy their favorite hobby, but you can get thrills at home by watching good films about snowboarding.

What did we take into account when selecting pictures?

  • Viewers' feedback;
  • Fascination of the plot;
  • The quality of the acting;
  • The presence of the atmosphere of a ski resort.

The last point is especially important, because snowboarding is not just a pleasant pastime, but a whole culture with its own unique style. Let's start.

Snowboard Academy (comedy,)

This is a classic family comedy about snowboarding. The cinema may be old, but today you will come across a few pictures that can equally skillfully immerse you in the atmosphere of extreme competitions, and there will be a lot of them here. At the same time, the authors do not bother the viewer with complex problems - the film looks easy and pleasant, delighting with a lot of good jokes.

  • Plot: the owner of a ski resort is forced to close his business due to non-compliance with general standards for protecting the health of vacationers. The matter is aggravated by the new safety instructor Rudy - a fun guy, but breaking everything in his path. In parallel, a war is developing between ordinary guys who ride on snowboards and arrogant skiers. What does each plot twist hide? We suggest you find out on your own.

Snowboarders (Comedy, Romance, Year)

Youth cinema with a good plot, completely immersing you in the atmosphere of winter and mountains. The creators provided us with an excellent story - simple, convoluted and easy.

  • Plot: we are told the story of two friends who came to the resort with the condition to help the owner of the house who provided them with accommodation. He overwhelms them with work, not allowing them to enjoy their rest. When the guys manage to get out on the track, they get to know the girls. All is good, but they already have rich and tough guys who are also fond of snowboarding. You have to deal with all matters at once.

Frostbite (comedy, year)

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