Top 5 ski resorts in the Caucasus

10 highest mountains in the Caucasus

The Caucasus Mountains are an extraordinary place. There is a mild climate, healthy air, gentle sun and picturesque nature. Travelers from all over the world come here to rest both in summer and in winter. Winter sports are becoming more and more popular, and the North Caucasus seems to be created for skiing and snowboarding.

[tds_note] The best ski resorts in the Caucasus: Elbrus-Azau, Rosa Khutor, Dombay, Tsei and Chindirchero. [/ tds_note]

Elbrus-Azau, Kabardino-Balkaria

Elbrus-Azau is a popular ski resort in the Caucasus. It is located just 150 kilometers from the city of Nalchik, and the skiing season lasts here from October to May, although on some sections of the tracks, at an altitude of 3400 meters, you can ski all year round. Skiers will be brought to this height by snow groomers, helicopters or a cable car.

There are two cable cars in total, an old pendulum and a new gondola. There is also a drag and chair lift.

A daily lift pass costs around 1500-1900 rubles per adult.

[tds_info] Elbrus-Azau is equipped according to the latest technical and safety requirements. Professional mountain rescuers are on duty here, and the trails are fenced with a special net. The slopes are well processed by snow groomers. Artificial snowmaking is also provided here. [/ Tds_info]

The tourist infrastructure of the Elbrus-Azau resort is well developed. There are hotels and guest houses, cafes and restaurants, spas, ski schools and equipment rentals.

Rosa Khutor, Sochi

Rosa Khutor is one of the most modern and popular ski resorts in the Caucasus. The resort has the most extensive skiing area in all of Russia, there are 35 tracks, and their total length is about 77 kilometers.

For thrill-seekers, there are nine extreme black slopes to try. Novice skiers will find comfortable “green” slopes ranging from 100 to 2000 meters long. One of the most famous tracks, B-52, is equipped with artificial lighting for lovers of night skiing. Rosa Khutor is equipped with 25 modern lifts.

A full day ticket costs about 2650 rubles for an adult.

Top 5 ski resorts in the Caucasus

The Caucasus is a mountain range between the Black Sea in the west and the Caspian Sea in the east. The mountains consist of the Greater Caucasus in the north and the Lesser Caucasus in the south. The region covers countries such as Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Elbrus (m)

The highest mountain in the Caucasus, also in Russia and Europe. Elbrus is mainly located in Kabardino-Balkaria, partly in Karachay-Cherkessia. The border with Georgia runs just over 11 kilometers.

The mountain is of volcanic origin, the last eruption occurred about 2000 years ago. Elbrus consists of two peaks, which are located at a distance of 1.5 km from each other. The western peak (5642 m) is 21 meters higher than the eastern one. Elbrus has 22 glaciers that cover an area of ​​145 square kilometers with ice.

The first to reach the highest point of Elbrus were three Englishmen who climbed the mountain in 1874. Today the mountain has a well-developed infrastructure. About 17,000 people try to climb the summit every year. Climbing the mountains requires a high level of physical fitness, so 15 to 30 climbers die every year, mainly due to poor equipment, lack of training or the help of a guide.

Dykhtau (m)

Dykhtau is located in the Greater Caucasus, is the second largest peak in Europe after Elbrus, two mountain peaks are located only six kilometers from each other.

Dykhtau is located in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Shkhara (m)

Shkhara is the highest mountain in Georgia. The mountain is located in the north-west of Georgia, in the Svaneti region and forms the border with Russia in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Shkhara belongs to the Bezingi massif, a 12-kilometer glacial ridge. For the first time a British-Swiss team climbed to this summit in 1988.

Koshtantau (m)

Top 5 ski resorts in the Caucasus About everything The Caucasus Mountains are an extraordinary place. There is a mild climate, healthy air, gentle sun and picturesque nature. People come here to rest

Duration: 7 days/6 nights Difficulty level: medium, without backpacks Cost: 13 900 rubles.

June: 06. 6.1 - 12.6.1 - Maxim, Tanya 13. 6.1 - 19. 6.1 - Valery, Irina 20. 6.1 - 26.6.1 - Maxim, Tanya 27. 6.1 - 03.7.1 - Valery, Irina Jul: 04. 7.1 - 10. 7. 1 - Maxim, Tanya 11. 7.1 - 17.7.1 - Valery, Irina 18. 7.1 - 24.7.1 - Valery, Irina 25. 7.1 - 31.7.1 - Valery, Irina August: 01. 8.1 - 07.8.1 - Valery, Irina 08. 8.1 - 14. 8. 1 - Valery, Irina 15. 8.1 - 21.8.1 - Valery, Irina 22. 8.1 - 28.8.1 - Valery, Irina September: 29. 8.1 - 04.9. 1 - Maxim, Tanya 05. 9.1 - 11.9.1 - Valery, Irina 12. 9. 1 - 18. 9. 1 - Valery, Irina

It's hard to believe, nevertheless, it is a fact: there are also corners of untouched, virgin nature in Russia, where a person's foot rarely steps - amazing places, reliably hidden from idle eyes, and breathing harmony and peace ... The Caucasus is immense, and therefore such places are not uncommon here. The main thing for us was to find those of them, the road to which does not require special training, special skills and mining equipment - but, at the same time, not trampled by hundreds of tourists, not affected by civilization, truly virgin, original. And we found such places! It is here that our hikes will take place without backpacks, here for the whole season our tent camp will be set up in the Caucasus mountains - somewhere between Arkhyz and Dombay, in the wild mountain wilderness, in the hidden valley of the Aksaut River ...

Camp program

And yes: all this is already included in the declared tour price!

How is your day at the campground?

The group settles in a tent camp located in a relict coniferous forest, not far from the mountain river Aksaut, in a quiet and deserted gorge. There is no cellular communication and the Internet, no busy roads and bustle of big cities, but within a radius of 50 km. there are hardly 50 people from our camp (in any direction!). Only the murmur of rivers and streams, the noise of waterfalls, mountain meadows striking with the flowering of herbs, the buzzing of busy bees, flocks of sheep on green slopes and breathtaking mountain views ... you could find a better place! Informational detox, relaxation, meditative pause, awareness and acceptance of one's own life in all its manifestations and aspects - all this happens here. Happens to everyone, efficiently, spontaneously and subtly.

Every morning at our campground begins with yoga classes. We recommend them to all participants (however, especially without insisting, you can sleep before breakfast). Classes are conducted by a certified instructor with many years of practice experience. What could be better than yoga and breathing practices of pranayama in the fresh air, surrounded by mountains and centuries-old forests ?! Believe me, everyone will appreciate it.

Immediately after yoga, we will have a delicious and nutritious vegetarian breakfast - fresh milk porridge from the fire, generously flavored with dried fruits and nuts, cookies, sandwiches and tea. Coffee lovers will not be left without their favorite drink either, you just need to express your wishes to the instructor in advance - and aromatic natural coffee from the fire will be on the table every morning!

After breakfast, the group sets off for a radial hike. The uniqueness of this place lies in the fact that from here you can literally walk in any direction - and you are guaranteed complete delight from the walk! Mountain rivers, streams and waterfalls, flowering alpine meadows, rocky paths and observation decks with amazing views from which breathtaking, melting snowfields and turquoise lakes surrounded by snow-capped peaks are just an unforgettable sight, this is a different reality ...

Our hikes without backpacks usually take most of the day. We walk light, unhurriedly, to fully enjoy the mountain views, swim in all the reservoirs we meet, collect herbs, mushrooms and berries, talk and listen to fascinating stories from instructors who are experts in these places. The group leader always has a radio with him for communication with the base camp and a possible call to the Ministry of Emergencies. We also have lunch during the hike - the guide will bring everything you need and will cook you a delicious soup on the fire on time, and then - fragrant mountain tea. Usually our tourists return to the camp already at sunset - overwhelmed with new impressions, with pleasant fatigue and a feeling of a well-spent day.

In the evening, after dinner, we gather around the fire. The time comes for long intimate gatherings over a mug of fragrant tea made from mountain herbs, cozy communication and songs with a guitar. For those who wish, there are talks about yoga and meditation, practices and master classes. And lovers of board games are holding the next tournament. There is something for everyone!

And on the penultimate day of the tour, before leaving, we will heat up a real country sauna on wood for dear guests and steam for the whole evening - with birch brooms, kvass and healing herbal teas. A visit to the bathhouse is not included in the total cost of the tour, everyone who wishes is registered at the beginning of the arrival.

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