Top 10 places in the Perm Territory for those who promote travel blog

Top 10 places in the Perm Territory for those who promote travel blog

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“The Perm Territory is becoming more and more in demand and popular among tourists,” notes Vasily Vavilov. - Perhaps this is largely due to the fact that films are increasingly being made here. From the latter - the series "Territory" and the film "The Last Bogatyr". People see on the screen all the beauty of the area and go to see it with their own eyes. " In order to save time for future travelers hunting for rare shots, Vasily and I made a selection of places that definitely deserve attention. He believes that some of the attractions are not worth spending time on - they will also be on our list. Fortunately, there are very few of them.

Exactly worth a visit

Our rating is headed by Usvinskie pillars. Vasily, like many local residents, considers them the hallmark of the Perm Territory. The majestic stone massifs proudly rise above the Usva River. “As a blogger, I’ll say that it’s not just incredibly beautiful, but also absolutely stunning photos that will collect hundreds of likes on your page, it’s checked.”

Those who will remain impressed by the Usvinsky pillars, Vasily advises to go towards Krasnovishersk and see with their own eyes another masterpiece of nature - Mount Vetlan. It is a sheer cliff with a length of as much as 2 km and 100 m in height, which looks monumental and epic. And the locals for centuries have been making up legends about the gods who live here. Exactly opposite Vetlan - on the other bank of the Vishera river - stands Polyudov stone. “If you find yourself on it, you will forget that you have come to the Perm Territory: it will seem to you that you are in Lapland,” Vasily Vavilov is sure. "It is always cold, windy here, the trees are dressed in snow caps - the unreal beauty and atmosphere of the real Russian North." By the way, "The Last Hero" was filmed here. The city of Krasnovishersk itself, of course, also deserves the attention of travelers: in winter it is fabulous landscapes, views of the river, bound by ice, and in summer - the collection of cranberries and cloudberries. But tourists should take into account that the place is located 300 km from Perm, so all the logistics must be thought out in advance. There will be no problems with an overnight stay - there are many hotels along the way.

There is a paradise in the Perm Territory for lovers of abandoned cities. Not far from modern Gubakha there are 4 abandoned objects at once: Old Gubakha (it is also called a ghost town), the villages of Yubileiny (a cult place for stalkers) and Shumikhinsky and the city of Kizel - the most depressed, as the locals call it, the city of the Perm Territory. The fate of these cities and towns is similar: before, coal was mined here and life was in full swing, and after the closure of the mines in the early 90s, the cities were empty, the infrastructure was dilapidated, the old people live somewhere, but this is rather an exception. “Despite such a history, it is quite safe to be here, and fans of adventure and atmospheric photography often come here,” added Vasily Vavilov. - Somewhere old paving stones have been preserved, there are many German-style houses - an amazing combination. The pictures are obtained as from a mystical film. "

If tourists are in these parts - Vasily advises them to go to the Coal Museum. “This is not a trivial museum, in it you will learn many interesting details about the life of miners, which you can share with subscribers. The exhibits are located on convenient pull-out shelves - you can bring them closer to you and get a better look. Well, plus, that the museum is in the very center of Gubakha. "

It is definitely worth seeing the historical center of Solikamsk - tourists will not leave the feeling that they are transported to the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession". Even 100 years ago, the city lived very richly - due to the extraction and sale of salt, since then the magnificent buildings have survived. And right in the center of the city there is a salt well - Lyudmilinskaya, named after the wife of one of the salt producers. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Troitsk salt-making plant of I.V. Ryazantsev stood on this place.

Interesting Perm

Now let's move to Perm itself - the capital of the region is fraught with many interesting and unusual things. “If you want to relax in an unusual place - go to Starokirpichny lane. Once there was an unremarkable gateway, but now it is a real London quarter. Cozy courtyards, restaurants, a wine shop, clothing stores and many photogenic outlets, ”the blogger notes.

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