Top 10 one-day tourist routes in Crimea

Top 10 one-day tourist routes in Crimea

Below are our main Crimean routes. There are also short hikes in Crimea for 2-3 days, and classic 6-day tours (we have the most of these), and long multi-day hikes (we usually do them on May holidays), and even extreme winter hikes (New Year in mountains!). In addition, we organize cycling trips across the Crimea and extreme tours with ropes and rock climbing elements, as well as speleotours (trips to caves). For groups with children, there are several easy and short routes.

Coming trips to Crimea

At the moment we are NOT organizing trips to Crimea.

"Water and Stones" hike across Crimea

This is one of the most diverse and rich routes in Crimea. In one week you will see the main Crimean attractions: the Valley of Ghosts, karst caves, waterfalls and medieval ruins. There will be many open spaces, unique mountain landscapes will delight you and your camera. Every day of the journey - a new landscape: beech forest, shady gorges, bizarre rocks, plateaus dug by karst sinkholes. If you have never been to the mountainous Crimea, choose this hike - you will not go wrong.

Simferopol - Emine Bair Khosar cave - Chatyr-Dag plateau - Valley of Ghosts - South Demerdzhi mountain - Khapkhal gorge - Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall - Karabi plateau - Rybachye

"Two ropes" extreme tour in Crimea

This is an extreme mountain hike. Unlike other routes, in an extreme tour you will not only need to walk, but also work with ropes, climb rocks. You will have numerous rappelling descents, a rope crossing over an abyss, training in organizing rescue operations. At the same time, you do not need any special skills or special training - you will be taught everything. The group is accompanied by an experienced instructor. All the equipment you need for an extreme hike (ropes, helmets, carbines, harnesses, a descender) is available in our rental.

Simferopol - Rybachye - Karabi plateau - Bolshoi Buzluk, Mamina, Terpi-Koba caves - Tash-Khabash ridge - Tyrke yayla - Demerdzhi plateau - Dzhurla - Alak canyon - Stone Mushrooms - Cape Sotera - Alushta

"Canyons of Crimea" - Uzundzha, Chernorechensky and Bolshoi

The Crimean Mountains are not only sun-drenched peaks, but also deep gorges and canyons. And this route along the three canyons of the Crimea is a great opportunity to explore them. Jump over the stones, admire the rapid flow of the mountain river. This path can be a continuous extreme or a leisurely meditation. Everything depends on you.

Hiking in Crimea - description of popular tourist routes

It is wrong to think that Tavrida is interesting only in summer. Outside the beach season, it is also easy to find something to do here, and this applies not only to visiting museums and palaces. The ski resorts of Crimea offer good conditions for both beginners and experienced extreme lovers. It is also important that sky-high prices here do not break.

Where are the ski resorts?

There are not so many of them in Crimea. Further, we will talk about the Ai-Petrinsky resort and the one that is located in the area of ​​the Angarsk pass.

Ai-Petri: rest for snow lovers

Formally, this place is not a ski resort, but everything you need for active winter leisure is available. The height of the plateau exceeds 1200 m above sea level, there are slopes with different characteristics. Accordingly, the tracks are laid of various lengths and complexity. There are areas for risk-averse professionals and simple routes.

There are 6 slopes in total here. The shortest - a little more than 100 m - is called the "Frog". In the bathing areas, this is the traditional nickname for the children's beach. However, it is also true for the mountains: there is a special baby lift, instructors and experienced parents are engaged in a convenient area with young skiers.

The longest - the 27th kilometer - exceeds 1000 m in length and has a height difference of 170 m. It is intended for professionals. Snowpark on Ai-Petri provides all the opportunities for freestyle lovers. There they indulge in risky entertainment, without risking accidentally crushing any inexperienced. Officially, winter in Crimea lasts from December to early March, but skiers especially recommend February. By this time, the snow cover has time to pack enough, therefore, skiing will be more comfortable.

Here you can also ride a sleigh and snowboard. All equipment is easy to rent and prices are quite reasonable. Usually the fee is charged per day of use. You can climb the plateau using the cable car from Miskhor and 9 drag lifts. They work until 16:00 (on weekends until 18:00), the restrictions are clear - skiing in the dark is too dangerous. The pass is sometimes given as a "bonus" by the car rental companies to the best customers. The most expensive is moving with a snowmobile, without which it is impossible to get to some tracks.

In the area of ​​the cable car station "Miskhor - Ai-Petri" there are several restaurants and cafes. An instructor can be found at the local ski club. It is better to rent accommodation at some distance. Resort villages and Yalta in winter are modest in prices, you will have to pay inexpensively, and the road will not require large expenditures.

Reviews of tourists recommend Ai-Petri for active leisure with the whole family because of the convenient conditions for children and beginners. An important factor is also the constant monitoring of this area by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, so that in case of trouble you won't have to wait long for help.

Angarsk Pass in Crimea

There is no need to confuse the names - the Crimean Angara flows between Demerdzhi and Chatyr-Dag, this region has become a favorite place for snow lovers back in Soviet times. Photos allow you to be convinced of the picturesqueness of the winter Angarsk pass, often people come here not for the sake of mountain trails, but simply for a ride in the forest.

Add the mountainous Crimea to your vacation! Our active tours in Crimea: hiking, mountaineering, sea kayaking - change the idea of ​​life, fill it with a special and amazing meaning, endow the space with new colors, give a sense of rhythm, give movement and energize!

Active tours in the mountains of Crimea will be of interest to you if you strive:

  • learn the basics of working with rope and equipment;
  • try your hand at kayaking, rock climbing;
  • learn how to descend steep walls; <
  • get more vivid impressions from the trip!

Our active tours in the Crimea mountains are designed for people of different ages and physical fitness, they include kayaking training, climbing lessons for beginners on the rocks of the Crimea, descent from Ai-Petri along the Miskhor grottoes, rappelling "canyoning "By Sater. The climbing routes included in the tour are selected individually, and mountaineering ascent is planned taking into account them. For those who already have experience of rock climbing or mountaineering ascents, routes of the corresponding categories of difficulty are selected.

All equipment is certified, routes are safe. The instructors of the Mountain Crimea Club are experienced athletes, specialists who know their business.


1 days/by agreement RUB/1

The vertical park is a unique development of the Crimean Mining Club. This is a training complex - a school of rock climbing and mountain climbing techniques, which will be of interest to both professionals and those who are new.

One day active tour. On this tour we will walk along the Stone Chaos and the Valley of Ghosts, climb Mount Demerdzhi and, passing along the Dzhurla River, descend the steep walls and waterfalls of the natural boundaries.

Simeiz is located about 20 km west of Yalta, along the seashore. Climbers have chosen this area for many years. And for a reason: interesting rocks with varied relief, magnificent climate.

The participants of the tour will ascend to the city of Ai-Petri along the soaring "path" (Cable car "Mishor - Ai-Petri"). From where the descent by "rappelling" through the Miskhor grottoes - a system of rock grottoes and a colo - is to come.

This active tour includes a walking tour and an excursion to the ruins of the ancient cave city of Kachi-Kalion, as well as climbing with a multi-pitch instructor to the Kachi-Kalion massif (two ropes, v.

The basic course is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, tourists, organized excursion groups, groups of schoolchildren, everyone who wants to get acquainted with the basics of the technique used in climbing, pass.

Botkin Trail

The most picturesque trail that runs in a pine forest, along the steep cliffs. On its way, the trail crosses 3 mountain rivers, including the Vodopadnaya river, which in turn forms the highest waterfall in Crimea - Uchan-Su.

At certain altitudes, there is a mixture of mountain, forest and sea air. This air has a healing effect on the human body, therefore this path is also often called the health path.

The trail will take you to a height of 663 meters above sea level to the Stavri-Kaya rock, from which, in clear weather, the Black Sea can be seen in the distance for 100 km (a third of the distance to Turkey).

There are two ways to traverse the trail:

- from the Glade of Fairy Tales - this option is more difficult, but it is he who is more healing, because you have to gain an altitude of about 500 meters. And in order to make such an ascent, you will have to sweat great, and at the same time get a good breath of healing air.

- from the Uchan-Su waterfall - this option is much simpler. You arrive by minibus to a height of 413 m. ... ... and you only have to gain 250 meters of height.

For older people, I recommend the second option. This option is also ideal if you decide to take this route with children.

Well, if you decide to improve your health as much as possible, then, of course, choose the first option. In any case, you will get a lot of positive emotions, plus, you can swim in a mountain river. Baths for bathing, frankly, are not as big as in the grand canyon, I would even call them “puddles”, but nevertheless, you can refresh yourself after the hike in them.

You can safely walk along this trail on your own. The trail is well-trodden and marked throughout the entire route, so you won't get lost.

Here is a photo report of our hike along this trail. From it you will learn how to approach the trail, how to find it, and a lot of other useful information.

If you are not confident in your abilities, then you can go on this hike with us, completely free of charge. To do this, just leave a request in the contacts section.

Chernorechensky Canyon


Crimea is a real tourist Eldorado. Everything is there - mountains, canyons, waterfalls, the sea. The peninsula is distinguished by beautiful landscapes and natural diversity. The advantages include a mild climate. Snow occurs only in the mountains, but it does not last long. Most of the attractions are within transport accessibility. With the opening of road and railway bridges across the Kerch Strait, the peninsula has become as accessible as possible.

In the old days, Crimea was called Tavrida. From the south and southwest the peninsula is washed by the waters of the Black Sea, from the northeast - by the Sea of ​​Azov. The total length of the coastline reaches 2500 kilometers! The Black Sea coast accounts for 750 kilometers. The peninsula is connected to the mainland by the Perekop Isthmus, eight kilometers wide. The area of ​​the plains is 72% of the entire territory. Mountains account for 20%, lakes - 8%. For tourists, a tidbit is the South Coast, along which the Main Ridge of the Crimean Mountains stretches.

This is not to say that the local mountains are very high. The largest mountain is considered to be Roman-Kosh with a height of 1545 meters. But the mountains are very beautiful - with deep canyons, picturesque passes and bizarre stone "sculptures". The territory of the peninsula is crossed by about 250 rivers and streams. They do not differ in depth and fullness, but they are also beautiful. There are fifty salt lakes and mud volcanoes. The largest cities are Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch and Evpatoria.

Crimea is characterized by an atmosphere of romance. First of all, it is created by the mountains and the sea. There are many hiking trails in the southern part of the peninsula. Climbers and mountaineers come here. There are routes for cyclists. You can go kayaking along the Black Sea along the entire South Coast. There is an opportunity to go horseback riding and ride donkeys. Crimea has a rich history. Medieval fortresses, cave cities and palaces have been preserved here. All this is the basis for interesting excursions. Crimea is inexhaustible!

Bakhchisaray district

The absolute leader in the number of tourist routes is the Bakhchisarai region. It is located in the southwest of Crimea. Almost 90% of its territory is mountainous. Steppe prevails only in the northwestern part, which is adjacent to the sea coast. The maximum elevation marks do not exceed thousands of meters. The largest rivers are Belbek, Kacha and Alma. There are three reservoirs, a large wildlife sanctuary and seven natural monuments.

The regional capital is the city of Bakhchisarai, founded in the Middle Ages. Many ancient buildings have survived to this day, including the Khan's palace, Zyndzhirli madrasah, Khan-Jami and Takhtaly-Jami mosques. In the vicinity of Bakhchisarai there are unique medieval cave cities Chufut-Kale and Eski-Kermen, the ancient settlement of Mangup-Kale, as well as three cave monasteries.

Kachinskaya and Belbekskaya valleys are considered natural masterpieces. In fact, these are wide picturesque canyons. Belbek canyon is famous for the ancient Syuiren fortress. In the area there is the Grand Canyon of Crimea - the largest on the peninsula. Its depth exceeds 300 meters! One of the hits of the reserve is the Bath of Youth - a stone niche filled with spring water. All described places are included in the programs of hiking routes.

Trekking routes in the Bakhchisarai region:

Central Crimea

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