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Tours in Tajikistan: Best places, prices and options

They say mountain tourism is not a woman's business at all. Climbing to the top or walking kilometers of trails along the mountain range is sometimes beyond the power of even the most hardy men. But 35-year-old Miskola Abdulloeva, actively involved in trekking, for the seventh year tirelessly proves that a woman and mountains are compatible concepts.

Miskola told our author Makhpora Kiromova about her incredible craving for the peaks, tourism in Tajikistan and the most interesting places in our country.

Mountains are contagious

It all started in 2012, when Miskola Abdulloeva decided to open a travel company Orom Travel. The young entrepreneur understood that by creating tours, and she has them in 10 directions only in Tajikistan, one cannot but go these routes herself.

“It would be like a shoemaker without boots. Therefore, having received my first application for the most difficult tour package - a trip to the Pamir mountains - from a European company, I decided first to go this way myself, in order to calculate not only the costs, but also to assess the risks to the lives of my guests. Soon I very much regretted it, it seemed to me then that the mountains and the woman are incompatible. It was very difficult to master this path, not only physically, but also mentally. I even had time to think, what masochists they are - my guests! " - recalls Miskola Abdulloeva.

But then she realized with surprise that having mastered it once, you can get sick with this for life, and it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. Mountains are contagious the same way for everyone. There, at the height, you can find what the fussy city dwellers lack so much, namely harmony.

“Time stops in the mountains, and a person involuntarily begins to rethink the entire path of life. And the higher you rise, the more beauties are revealed, which is why the desire to live and dissolve in everything that surrounds is exacerbated. And also, - says Miskola, smiling, - even the most empty heads come to very clever thoughts there ”.

Since then, her travel agency has been focusing on mountain tourism, and the favorite proposals of the guests were "Night in Iskandarkul", "Hike along the Siyoma River", "Wakhan Valley", "Travel in the Pamir Mountains" and "Fan Lake mountains ".

Trekking is the most common type of mountain tourism. For him, in sunny Tajikistan, mainly citizens of Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Latvia, the Netherlands, the USA and Australia come. The tourist season for trekking is short: June, July, August and September.

Learned from tourists

These 4 months for Miskola Abdulloeva are a period when she takes a lot of energy from the mountains and the same amount of new knowledge from foreign guests.

“Yes, we are a mountainous country. The most, I'm not afraid to say, attractive in Central Asia for those who like active rest. And, despite the fact that there are all natural resources that could bring us a lot of income, in mountain tourism we still do not have enough experience and knowledge.

For example, I had to find out what's what on my own bumps. After all, we do not have any specialized centers that would teach the correct work of novice tour operators. On the contrary, they ask not to get involved in something that, in the opinion of many, will not survive without money and connections. I even had to learn elementary things at the beginning of my journey. The tourists themselves! ”She laughs, recalling a trip to Haftkul (Seven Lakes) with a young couple from the USA.

DUSHANBE, June 9 - Sputnik, Ruben Garcia. The current year 2018 has been declared the Year of Tourism in Tajikistan - the government of the republic hopes to turn the interest in the country of foreign travelers into a means of replenishing the treasury.

What countries do tourists travel to Tajikistan from

Tourism in Tajikistan has really huge potential.

The travel and travel season here lasts plus or minus six months, from April to September. At this time, people from all over the world come to the republic, for whom the local oriental flavor and impressive mountain landscape are unprecedented exotic.

Previously, the main guests in Tajikistan were mainly Germans and French, but in the last 4-5 years, more and more often in the hotels of Dushanbe and other cities you can meet citizens of the USA and Canada, as well as tourists from Eastern and Southern Europe ...

"We have a sunny country, amazingly beautiful mountains, unusual travel routes. This attracts guests from abroad who require ecotourism and untouched nature. And we have a lot of this," the head of the company explained to Sputnik Tajikistan "Rohat Tour" Umed Abdurakhmonov.

The government, perfectly realizing the value of such an image, is trying to use it to the maximum and fill the budget at the expense of foreign travelers.

But at the same time, tourism in the republic also has certain problems that prevent the industry from expanding to its fullest.

High cost of travel to Tajikistan

The first and perhaps the most important problem for tourists is the high cost of travel.

In mid-September, when the weather in the republic is ideal for travel, the cheapest round-trip tickets from Berlin to Dushanbe will cost almost 6,000 somoni, from Moscow to Dushanbe - 3,700 (about $ 400).

For comparison, tickets for the same dates to Tashkent, the distance to which is comparable to Dushanbe, will cost 5,300 and 2,600 somoni, respectively.

There are only two large national airlines in Tajikistan - the private Somon Air and the state-owned Tajik Air, which in itself does not contribute to high competition and flexible pricing policy.

Want to visit Tajikistan as a tourist and are looking for a unique tour to mountainous Tajikistan, but do not know for sure whether it is worth visiting this country? In this matter, as a true tourist who was in Tajikistan, I am writing this article and recommend when and what places are best to visit in Tajikistan.

In this article, you will find out the real facts where specific objects are specifically stated with descriptions of quality and prices. Here you will not read a lot of water as described in other sites. All to the point and the most up-to-date information !!

Why go to Tajikistan - what makes it unique and priceless?

10 reasons: Tajikistan is a small mountainous country where polite and beautiful people live with fine clothes, delicious cuisine, with unique traditions in incredibly unique nature. In Tajikistan, you can see the following:

  • Visit the highest mountains in the world, which are up to 7495 meters above sea level. It is interesting for mountain lovers and especially for rock climbers. In the mountains, there are a lot of green meadows, beautiful natural places;
  • Swimming in the most crystal clear lakes and rivers that have the best taste and are located in the highlands;
  • Eat unique delicious and Tajik dishes among which: Kurutov, Siyokhalaf, Dalda, Damlama and Horde are considered unique which you will not see and will not find in other countries of the world. He also eats a lot of other delicious and unique dishes, bread products and drinks of which you will also not find in your homeland or anywhere else. For example: Fatir, Kalama, Nisholo, Cholov Khavloi Kunchiti are considered a masterpiece of Tajik cuisine that can be found in neighboring countries adjacent to Tajikistan.
  • Participate in Tajik holidays that are celebrated only in Persian and Turkic countries of the world. This is the "Navruz" holiday, celebrated annually from March 20th to March 30th. This is the Tajik New Year holiday in which everyone rests and celebrates the arrival of spring. There are a lot of people on the streets these days, especially girls with national dresses called "Chakan". In public places, people often gather and hold concerts, dances, festivities, sports competitions, among which a special place is occupied by competitions called "Gushtingiri" and "Buzkashi";
  • Hunting in the wild. In Tajikistan, you can hunt both common animals and predators. Only this type of tour is considered exclusive and expensive as it requires special consent from the special authorities. You can either fish for free on clean rivers and lakes, or shoot wild boars, rabbits, foxes, bears, mountain goats weighing up to 200 kilograms. Read more on the page . nsor. nfo/pochemu-tajikistan/

How to travel to Tajikistan?

You can travel to this country by plane, train, and car both independently and through special tour operators. Air transport is considered the best option. There are flights to the capital of Tajikistan from more than 10 major cities and countries of the world, including:

  • Uzbekistan: Tashkent;
  • Russia: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Ufa and Chelyabinsk;
  • China: Beijing, Urumqi;
  • India: Nu Delhi;
  • Turkey: Istanbul;
  • Germany: Frankfurt;
  • Kazakhstan: Almaty;
  • Iran: Tehran;

When to go to Tajikistan?

You can go to Tajikistan as a tourist at any time, but it is best to consider 3-periods where there are some peculiarities.

  • Spring comes first. Recommended to visit from 20th March to the end of April. During this period of time, the greatest national holiday "Navruz" is celebrated in Tajikistan due to which carnivals, concerts, sports competitions and special dishes are held. During this period of time, although the weather is relatively sedimentary, it is still quite clean and pleasant. The air temperature in March-April is + 10 + 25 degrees Celsius and this is favorable to many people. During this time, you can visit cultural and historical places, as well as spend time hunting in the beautiful wild nature.
  • Summer is in second place for its charms and it is recommended to take a tour to Tajikistan from the end of May to the end of August. Summer in Tajikistan in the mountains is cool and you can travel with all the heart. The fruits ripen during this period of time, and you can pick them yourself from the trees and eat right in the field. Of course, there are a lot of water attractions in the capital of Tajikistan, including "Dolphin" and "Obshoron" are the leaders. It is very hot in summer (+ 35 + 42 C) and in this regard, someone will want to swim right in the rivers.
  • Winter is the last place to visit as tourism in Tajikistan. We recommend visiting this country in December, since it is in this month that the snow level reaches a great depth, and residents of warm countries who have not seen snow can ride in mountainous places. In this regard, we recommend visiting the Safeddara ski resort in detail on the page . nsor. nfo/kogta-tajikistan/

How much money does it take to fully see Tajikistan

You don't need a lot of money to visit Tajikistan, although it depends on the type of service you choose. A special place for your expenses is occupied by renting rooms in hotels. On average, normal hotel rooms in the capital of Tajikistan (Dushanbe) cost $ 50-80 per day. But for food per day, you can spend on average $ 10-20, and at the end, for travel expenses, you may need up to $ 20-50 per day, depending on the distance of the route. In total, as a tourist, you will need USD 100-200 per person per day. If you stay in Tajikistan for about 2 weeks, then count yourself. But if you spend your money skillfully, then it is enough for 500-1000 US dollars to see the most valuable thing in Tajikistan for a couple of weeks. Details >>>>

DUSHANBE, June 9 - Sputnik, Marina Chernyshova-Melnik. Tajikistan is one of the oldest states in the world.

The first inhabitants - the Sogdian and Bactrian tribes - settled on the territory of modern Tajikistan in the middle of the 1st millennium BC. Therefore, it is no wonder that the modern territory of the republic is rich in unique monuments of culture and architecture. And also - a picturesque natural landscape.

Coming to the "country of the Aryans", travelers can not only conquer the grandiose peaks of the Pamir Mountains, but also walk along eco-routes, see colorful buildings, and plunge into the atmosphere of the rich Tajik culture.

Especially for those who like to explore the world, Sputnik Tajikistan has compiled a list of attractions that you should definitely see while traveling in Tajikistan.

Only mountains can be better than mountains

Mountains are the largest and most important attraction of Tajikistan. Almost the entire territory of Tajikistan is occupied by mountains. A whopping 94.1%. These are foothills, Pamir and Tien Shan mountains.

And about half of the territory is at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters above sea level. It is in Tajikistan that the famous seven-thousanders are located, which all climbers strive to conquer.

The famous Pamir tract

This is a high-altitude asphalt road in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) with a length of more than 700 km, connecting Dushanbe and Khorog with the Kyrgyz Osh. The road runs along the border with Afghanistan and China. Every traveler dreams of a ride on this attraction.

This is a very picturesque highway: it runs through plateaus, bottomless gorges, "Martian plains" and deserts, glaciers and snow-capped ridges. The very name of the road translates as "roof of the world", "bird's foot", "foot of death".

On this amazing journey we:

  • we will drive in comfortable off-road vehicles along the highest road of the former Soviet Union;
  • we will live and eat in guest houses, take light walks;
  • we will see the ancient distinctive culture of the Pamiris, Kyrgyz and Tajiks;
  • we will talk with hospitable locals who warmly remember the times when we were a single country, treat them and invite us to visit;
  • we will visit the border with Afghanistan, we will see their medieval villages without modern roads and electricity;
  • we will visit ancient fortresses and modern cities of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan;
  • we will spend the night in yurts in the camp of shepherds;
  • we will try to understand and feel the amazing mountainous country of the Pamirs.


Detailed program


Osh city - pos. Sary-Mogol - yurt camping Tulpar-Kel, 230 km

Meeting at the airport or hotel. Early start by car to complete the daily program.

The path passes through the Taldyk pass. On the way, we will stop for a walk in the vicinity of Lenin Peak (7134 m), which in good weather we will see in all its glory. We will admire the panorama of the Trans-Alai Range.

Overnight in a guest house or in a camping yurt.


settlement Sary-Mogol - vil. Karakul - pos. Murghab, 320 km

We cross the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan at the Kyzyl-Art pass (4282 m). We pass the border. The road leads us to the highest mountain lake in Central Asia - Lake Karakul at an altitude of 3915 meters. Let's stop here for a photo pause.

Further, the road leads us up, to the highest pass of the former USSR - the Ak-Baital pass (4655 meters). In the evening we arrive in the city of Murghab (3670 m), sightseeing. Descendants of nomadic ethnic Kyrgyz, who settled here since the 17th century, live in Murghab.

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