To Altai in the summer by car: where to relax and where to go

How to plan a vacation in Gorny Altai

Tourism in the Altai Mountains is as diverse as Altai itself. Any active adventure tours are available here: car travel, horse riding, rafting, mountaineering, mountain hiking, cycling, fishing and hunting, photo tours, caves, esoteric and ethnographic tours. Everyone who once visited Gorny Altai comes back to enjoy the unique uninhabited areas, clean mountain air and plunge into the little-studied world of nature untouched by man.

Where to go to Gorny Altai specifically? Travel destinations here can be different: walking, skiing, horseback riding or even camel riding, helicopter rides, or even flying under the shadow of a hang glider and paraglider. In the region, you can go rafting on light sports boats on wild rivers, skiing on steep slopes, or ride a car or bike through mountain passes. Alternatively, you can go hiking with special climbing equipment to climb the cliffs that reach transcendental peaks. If you wish, you can get into the bottomless abyss of the deepest caves or go snorkeling to the very bottom of the clean lakes. In general, it is difficult to imagine what kind of tourism would be impossible in the Altai Mountains.

How to get to Altai from Moscow

The capital of this region is Gorno-Altaysk, which is quite isolated from neighboring regions. Communication with this city is possible only by road or by flights. If you go there by car, the sights of Gorny Altai will be fully accessible to you.

The center of the Altai Territory - Barnaul - is also one of the closest cities to the sights described. This is where you can rent a car for travel. And after that you can finally decide where to relax in Altai in the summer by car.

There is a direct train from Moscow to Barnaul from Kazansky railway station, travel time is more than two days. There are also direct flights, but tickets for them must be purchased in advance. Travel time will be four hours.

How to choose the type of vacation?

What to see in Altai in summer by car? It is a very diverse geographic region where plains and steppes turn into mountains and vice versa. Now it is very popular with tourists because there are many interesting things to do here that can attract most people. It will appeal to both those who love a quiet holiday and those who prefer active adventures. The most important activities are, of course, climbing, snowboarding, hiking on legendary trails, cycling, diving, rafting, kayaking, sailing, swimming and fishing. Many people come here for more passive relaxation such as spa visits and ecotourism.

The decision on when to go to Gorny Altai by car should be made depending on what you want to do there. It is known that the climate of this region is rather harsh. Altai is famous for its long frosty winters and hot but short summers. But even during the summer months, temperatures can drop, so it is very important to have warm clothes with you. The tourist season is in full swing, usually in summer, and this is not surprising. This is the perfect time for people who would like to participate in many different activities - in the summer you can do a full range of seasonal activities, from picking herbs to climbing rocks. Of course, rafting, sailing, kayaking and fishing are available at this time - all these types of entertainment open with the beginning of the hot season. If you decide to go by car, you can choose the sights of Gorny Altai for inspection along the way.

Where to stay?

Accommodation when traveling in Altai may be different. If you prefer a high level of comfort, there are European-level hotels in this region. If you want to dive deeper into the pure nature, you can stay in a tent camp near the river or in a two-story wooden house on the shore. The best way to get a feel for this land is on active tours such as hiking, horseback riding or driving.

River tourism

They say that all the rivers of Altai, connected together, can surround the Earth 1.5 times. There are 20 thousand rivers in this region. They are very diverse due to the complexity of the landscapes. Many have waterfalls, especially numerous and diverse in the Central Altai: Tekelu (60 m), Chinook (from 10 to 70 m), as well as the hard-to-reach Rassipnoy waterfall, located on the southern slope of Belukha, and many others.

To Altai in the summer by car: where to rest and where to go

Altai is a stunning and picturesque place. In a small area, you can see a variety of landscapes: rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, steppes. There are about 20,000 rivers and streams and almost 7,000 lakes, as well as the famous Altai mountain ranges. Everyone can choose a trip to Altai to their liking.

The diversity of the landscape provides a large number of recreational options. So in the steppes you can ride horses. Swimming and fishing in the lakes. Rivers are a great place for rafting, but both experienced hikers and beginners can climb the mountains. It is better for beginners to make the first hike as part of a group, while experienced tourists can decide to climb on their own.

Altai is ideal for long walks. Enjoying the beautiful natural scenery is not like walking in the city. But if outdoor activities are not suitable, you should give preference to travel by car. So you can see much more and not suffer from being tied to one place.

You can go to Altai at any time of the year, but you need to take into account that due to the harsh continental climate, the weather can be unpredictable. Warm summers are good for walking and swimming, while ski resorts open in winter. Of course, the majority visit Altai for the sake of hiking in the years and enjoying nature. But for those tourists who value comfort, there are cities with cozy hotels.

Our dear reader, we invite you to get acquainted with the journey to Altai in this article. After reading to the end, you will take a virtual trip, visit the most different points of a wonderful place full of secrets and untranslatable beauty of landscapes. You will learn how best to organize this trip, what you need to take with you, where to go, where to spend the night.

Gorny Altai Travel

Where does any journey begin? That's right, with his planning!

To get from point A to point B, you need to understand how to get there. It's good if you have a car. This greatly facilitates the task. Upload maps to the navigator, choose a route, fill up the gasoline and go! ?

From Novosibirsk to Gorno-Altaysk about 450 km (about 6 hours drive) along the P-256 highway. If we take an average gas consumption of 10 liters per 100 km and the cost of a liter is 35 rubles, then a trip to Gorno-Altaysk will cost you 1600 rubles.

Then you choose the direction in which your route lies. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday with a well-developed infrastructure, you are in Chemal. If you dream of conquering mountain peaks, then your path lies through the Seminsky pass and beyond. And if you want to take a walk on the water, then you should go to Lake Teletskoye to the village of Artybash. Most importantly, do not forget to refuel the car on time, otherwise a situation may occur when gasoline runs out, and there may not be gas stations nearby.

Tourism in the Altai Mountains is as diverse as Altai itself. Any active adventure tours are available here: car travel, horse riding, rafting, mountaineering, mountain hiking, cycling, fishing and hunting, photo tours, caves, esoteric and ethnographic tours. Everyone who has once visited Gorny Altai comes back to enjoy the unique uninhabited

Rest is supposed to be savages from July 15, 2014. With tents, sleeping bags, kettles, food, gas burners and so on. For 10-12 days.

Purpose of the trip: Drive about 1000 or 1500 km in one direction, see all sorts of interesting things and sights, including all sorts of monuments, petroglyphs, caves, waterfalls, lakes, mountain rivers, passes and so on (optional - will be discussed separately).

Travel itinerary: Novosibirsk - The area near the store of the shopping center "Colorlon" - Artybash (northern shore of Lake Teletskoye - overnight stay and accommodation for 2-3 days) - Seminsky pass - (intermediate overnight stay) -Chike Taman - Confluence of Chuya and Katun - Iodro (Rock petroglyphs) - Aktash - Ulagan pass - Pazaryk mounds - Katu yaryk - Ulagan pass - (overnight, at the top of the Ulagan pass near the lake or on the Ulagan plateau) - Ulagan pass, return to M-52 - towards Kosh agach (there is a place for overnight stay + parking for 2-3 days) - Chemal (2-3 days) - Novosibirsk.

We invite everyone to the company who wants to join us in their cars and spend their holidays not in vain !!

YouTube's Most Controversial Travel Movie

Video films about our mountain hikes and fishing in the mountains

Save the Ukok Plateau

There are 4 days left until the end of the collection of signatures to protect the unique nature of Ukok from Gazprom's encroachments! Don't stay away!

Altai city

Small Yarovoye

Altai or traveling together

This year, due to circumstances, the trip to Altai turned out to be in one car together. The route turned out as follows: Novosibirsk-Biysk-Mayma-Ust-Sema-Cheposh-Ongudai-Aktash-Kurai-Kosh-Agach-Kurai-Aktash-Ulaganskie lakes-lane. atu-Yaryk-Aktash-Chibit-Ongudai-Shebalino-Ust-Sema-Uznezya-Chemal-Mayma-Biysk-Novosibirsk. that 2000 km. in 9 days (14. 7-22. 7).

A car tour covers several types of outdoor activities at once: visiting excursion sites and attractions, off-road component - off-road, including mud, fords, high-altitude roads of Gorny Altai, their passes and height. Accommodation in different conditions, from tents to recreation centers. A striking example of such a tour is a trip to the Ukok plateau. A car tour is a great opportunity to see Gorny Altai from different angles under relatively comfortable conditions (without heavy backpacks).

Autotour "Altai - Mongolia"

What do people usually imagine when they hear the word "Mongolia"? Steppe, flat as a table, the Gobi desert, sand.

It's true, but there are other sides to this interesting country. In the northern part, where we conduct our tour, there are quite a few lakes, in which, by the way, fish are found. There are almost no trees, sparse vegetation, but around the colossal expanses and high mountains, the highest are covered with ancient glaciers.

Mountains of the Mongolian Altai - green valleys and rocky deserts, snowy mountains and unearthly sunsets. You will learn the taste of kumis or camel milk, feel the excitement of crazy fishing and the pride of a pioneer, you will understand why life is beautiful with contrasts.

- Travel along the famous Chuysky tract - the Ancient Silk Road (and this is also one of the most beautiful roads in the world - proof!) - Acquaintance with the unique landscapes of deserts and steppes of Central Asia - Russian and Mongolian Altai - Tolbo-Nuur Lakes , Durgen Nuur, Dund Nuur, rich in fish - Mongolia's oldest city of Khovd - Traditional cuisine, local flavor and much more!

Departure from Biysk at 8-00. Today we have to drive through most of the "Chuisky tract" (500 km). Stops at the Seminsky and Chike-Taman passes and in beautiful places (the confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers), lunch at a roadside cafe. We pass the Kuraiskaya and Chuiskaya steppes. In the evening we stop near the village of Kosh-Agach in a picturesque place on the bank of the Chuya River "Krasnaya Gorka".

Today we need to cross the border with Mongolia, so we get up early and leave, around 7:00, to pass the border posts early. For citizens of the Russian Federation, only a passport is required. We cross the border and immediately find ourselves in the Mongolian steppe, for the first time the sight is impressive. Lunch-snack in the car, today we will visit the first Mongolian city of Bayan-Ulgiy on the way. We cross the Durven-Daba pass, which is the highest point of the Chuysky tract, its height is 2482 m. Further we move through the town of Tsagan-Ur and in the evening we arrive in the town of Bayan-Ulgiy. We change money in Ulgii, then local "tugriks" are used everywhere, we dine in a restaurant, get acquainted with the local cuisine. Then we move along the roads of Mongolia to the picturesque lake Tolbo-Nuur, where we will spend the night in tents. On the shores of the lake, there are many excellent anchorages (fishing for Osman is possible).

No early departure is planned for this day, so there is an opportunity to take pictures in the morning sun on the shores of Lake Tolbo-Nuur. The lake is surrounded by majestic mountains at an altitude of 2079 m and is rich in fish. These are mainly Mongolian Ottoman, sultanka and grayling. Then, during the day, we need to cross 2 Mongolian mountain passes. Lunch at a roadside cafe. The road is very beautiful along the Mongolian steppe, surrounded by mountains. In the evening we should reach the Khovd-Gol River. Overnight in tents on the river bank.

Today we have a day, we live on the bank of the river, fishing on Grayling is possible, also during the day we will visit the holy Mongolian places, the Khovd Shizhigtiin river canyon, the Genghis Khan rampart, small sand dunes, as well as the Mongolian Obo.

Practical information for those who are going on a trip to Altai in 2021: how to get there, what are the prices for accommodation and meals, a list of the best recreation centers, as well as tourist tips and reviews for 2020.

Our journey. For a month and a half we traveled by car in Gorny Altai. MAKE-TRIP command. U visited all the most interesting places from Manzherok to the Mongolian border. We share our experience with you in a series of articles about rest in Gorny Altai.

Gorny Altai is a very cool place! I recommend that you go at least once and drive the entire Chuisky tract. It is stunningly beautiful, authentic and interesting here. I hope my guide can help you bring your idea to life.

How to get to Altai

By plane. You need to fly to Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Gorno-Altaysk (since 2019, Pobeda flies there). Tickets from Moscow cost 9000-13000 rubles, in summer they cost 3000-4000 more. Then you need to go by bus or car to the recreation center. Regular bus service has been established from Biysk, Gorno-Altaysk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk. During the summer season, local companies organize transfers and sightseeing buses. Search for the best price tickets on Skyscanner. See also my tips on how to find cheap flights correctly.

By train. There are trains to Biysk, Novosibirsk and Barnaul. Tickets from Moscow to Biysk cost from 12,300 rubles (compartment), they are quickly disassembled, and the train runs only on even numbers. Tickets to Novosibirsk from the capital are cheaper (from 5500 rubles in a reserved seat), and there are much more trains.

By car. This is the best option, because it is much more interesting, more pleasant and cheaper to travel around Gorny Altai in your car. My team and I traveled to Altai from Perm for three days and the same amount back. The road is normal, the main problem on the highway is repair work, which is very delaying. Find out more about a trip to Altai by car.

The quality of roads in Altai. Chuisky tract is an ideal asphalt, and everything to the side of it - broken roads, dirt roads or off-road of varying degrees of difficulty. In principle, you can go to Altai in any car, you can still see a lot. But an SUV is better - there are places where you simply cannot drive a low car without an all-wheel drive. If you do not have an SUV, you can take an excursion or drop-off to the desired point from local companies - it is easy to find them.

I went to Gorny Altai in my UAZ "Patriot" and thanks to it I got to the most remote places. I didn’t go only to the Ukok plateau - for this we need a well-trained off-road vehicle and other crews for safety net.

Where to relax in Altai

Most Popular. According to the reviews of most tourists, it is best to rest in Altai in the villages of Aya and Chemal, as well as in the north of Lake Teletskoye. The easiest way to get there, there is the most developed infrastructure and a large selection of bases. But I think that there are too many tourists in these places and too little interesting. The real Altai is not there, it is further along the Chuysky tract, beyond the Seminsky pass.

Real Altai. If you are a lover of adventure, seclusion and majestic mountain scenery, go beyond these tourist spots. I especially liked these places: Uch-Enmek park, Ilgumensky threshold, petroglyphs, Ulagan lakes, Katu-Yaryk pass, Chulyshman river valley, Kurai and Chuya steppes, Mars. All these places have infrastructure: camp sites, cafes, gas stations. You can get there by any car.

The wildest lands. And the best places in Altai are those that are difficult and far to reach. My favorites: Dzhumaly springs, Yustyd river valley, Achik pass. There is also the most inaccessible place - the Ukok plateau, so far I have not had the opportunity to get there, but I really want to.

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