Thermal springs of Abkhazia (with accommodation in a guest house): description

Contrasts of Abkhazia

The route is light. Accommodation in a guest house in the private sector of the Machara village. The hotel is located near the seashore, only 3 and 4 bed rooms. Amenities on the floor. Houses are heated by heaters and air conditioners. Warm blankets and bed linen are provided.

All transfers are carried out by organized transport.

Hiking without backpacks. During the transitions to attractions, we carry only a small light backpack with personal belongings, snacks and water.

Citizens of the Russian Federation freely cross the border with a Russian or foreign passport (important: no Georgian stamps!).

Telephone communication and the Internet will be available throughout the entire route, if you have an Abkhaz SIM card. The house has wi-fi.

As luggage, you can take a suitcase, but a small backpack of 15-20 liters is required for radial exits.

After completing the route, in Machara, you can extend your hotel stay, the estimated cost is 600 rubles/person.

If you do not eat meat and fish, you must immediately indicate this in the application so that a vegetarian menu is prepared for you in advance. Cooking in turn, on the gas stove. The instructor will always tell you what and how.

Weather in November: +15 ° С during the day, 10-12 ° С at night.

January weather: unpredictable but rather mild for winter. On average, the air temperature on the coast in winter is +8 ° C during the day and +2 ° C at night. It can be rainy. Weather in March: average daytime temperature 12-15 ° С, in the evening about 6-7 ° С. It may rain, but by mid-March it decreases. The sea temperature is about 9 ° С.

Thermal springs of Abkhazia (with accommodation in a guest house): description

In Abkhaz hotels and boarding houses, the price of accommodation is calculated daily. This flexibility allows you to plan a customized tour that suits the price and duration of a particular traveler; in addition, you can catch last minute tours to Abkhazia.

Relic caves, clear sea and mesmerizing mountains.

Abkhazian feast, ancient citadels and places of power of Apsny.

Affordable price. Comfortable transport. Arrivals on Saturdays.

Velvet season in Abkhazia! Book new hotels!

Pitsunda: boarding house "Boxwood Grove" • boarding house "Irene".

When to go to Abkhazia

The high season in Abkhazia lasts from May to October. It is still cold to swim in May, but in general it is already quite hot in summer. September and October are the velvet season and the best time for a beach holiday with young children. It gets colder in November, but at this time there are a lot of tasty and cheap fruits. Snow already falls in mountainous regions in November.

Spring and autumn is a good time for health and sightseeing tours, but in winter it is unpleasant here: it's cold and rainy. True, the chances of buying an inexpensive tour increase significantly.

Rest in Abkhazian boarding houses

There are many boarding houses in Abkhazia, the most famous are in Gagra and Pitsunda. For treatment, they use water from local mineral springs - there are more than a hundred of them in the region. In combination with physiotherapy procedures and physiotherapy exercises, Abkhazian mineral water has a beneficial effect on the health of vacationers.

Abkhazia is located in the Transcaucasus. In the north, it borders on Russia, in the east - on Georgia, washed by the Black Sea. Most of its territory is occupied by mountains; the state consists of seven districts, the population is about 250 thousand people, the capital is the city of Sukhum. The country is rich in mineral waters, useful thermal springs, which attract tourists not only for active, but also for medical recreation. There are two airports in the republic (one of which is considered the best in the Caucasian region) and a seaport, automobile transport is well developed. Therefore, many of our compatriots prefer to rest in Abkhazia with pleasure. What a tourist from Russia needs to know before traveling to this country is a question that worries those who are interested in a useful and budgetary vacation.

Nature and Climate

The country is located in southern latitudes and due to the proximity of mountains and the sea is famous for its unique landscapes and favorable climatic conditions. Abkhazia is located in a humid subtropical zone, so the resort season is quite long - from May to September. Mountain snows and glaciers serve as a source for mineral waters. Lakes, rivers, reservoirs, coastal waters are the main natural wealth of the country. The republic is famous for its hot springs, mud baths, therapeutic pools, around which health-improving complexes are being built. The most famous of them is "Kyndyg", where there are swimming pools, showers, massage services are provided. There are many oak, beech, hornbeam forests in Abkhazia, where rare species of animals are found.


The Abkhaz Republic is multinational: in addition to the Abkhaz, there are Russians, Jews, Greeks, Armenians, Turks living in it. Local residents speak two languages ​​- Abkhazian and Russian. In families, the patriarchal way of life has been preserved, providing for the subordination of the younger to the elder. Abkhazians are hospitable and polite people, they gladly receive guests, for whom there are even separate houses.

Transport and Currency

Tourists travel from Russia to Abkhazia by train, train or catamaran (message from Sochi-Gagra). The easiest route is through Adler. Usually planes reach this city in just 2.5 hours; by train, the journey takes up to two days. From Adler, tourists travel to the border by minibuses, taxi or transfer. Many vacationers prefer the latter option to avoid traffic jams. Compared to a minibus, a taxi has the advantage that it takes passengers on a free road.

The minibuses are working well enough inside the country. City bus transport is well developed in the capital. When entering the republic for 90 days, Russians do not need a visa. The main monetary unit is the Russian ruble, so the question of currency exchange automatically disappears.

Gagra Resort

The most popular holiday destination is Gagra, a city on the Black Sea coast. Its tourist infrastructure is considered one of the best in the republic: there is a beautiful Primorsky Park, laid out in the early 20th century, there are enough cafes, snack bars, bars and excursion bureaus on the streets. One of the main attractions of the city is the famous marble colonnade built in the Moorish style. Tourists willingly visit the already legendary Gagripsh restaurant, built of Norwegian pine. The blue lake with perfectly clear water is a visiting card of the area: picturesque waterfalls and an unusual landscape attract tourists from year to year. Lovers of history will be interested to look at the ruins of the castle of the founder of the Gagra resort, Prince Alexander of Oldenburg, and the ancient fortress of Abaat, founded in the 5th century.


Tour on the principle "Eat, slim, walk, get younger"

The program is rich and active: water procedures, meditation and stretching, water aerobics, discussion of a healthy lifestyle, travel and walks. At the same time, there will be enough free time to relax and plunge into the nirvana of tranquility and happiness. The trip is aimed at a complete renewal of the soul and body! The perfect combination of comfort, exercise and relaxation.

In this region, clouds float underfoot, and indescribable landscapes are constantly changing. In this amazing Abkhaz region, the air is filled with southern sea warmth, the spirit of legends, and reality can compete with a fairy tale. Slender cypresses rise upward, and multi-colored wisterias cover the stone walls of the houses. The sea pleases with the soft rustle of waves, and the harsh rocks are surrounded by iridescent flowers.

Daily program


Meeting the group at the railway station. Adler station at 15:00. We load into the bus and go to the village of Kyndyg, where our boarding house is located. The journey will take about 4 hours.

After check-in we have dinner and get to know each other. And then we will go on an introductory walk.

The boarding house is located on the very seashore in a relict eucalyptus grove. An amazing microclimate - a combination of healing eucalyptus groves and sea air - helps to heal the body, strengthen the immune system and prevent respiratory diseases thanks to natural natural inhalation.

Accommodation in a new building in comfortable rooms for 2 people. On the territory of the boarding house there is a shop and a cafe on the seashore, where you can enjoy a cup of oriental coffee under the sound of waves and the smell of eucalyptus and, if you wish, taste Abkhaz cuisine.


Early in the morning before breakfast we go to the mineral springs for treatments.

There is a hot spring of chloride calcium-sodium mineral water 2.5 km from the place of residence. The key springs from the hot bowels of the earth, the outlet water temperature is very high - about 100 degrees. The water from the upper lake, passing through pipes to the pools, is cooled down to pleasant +30 .. 45 ° С. Also, powerful jets fall down from several troughs, creating an excellent hydromassage effect. There are special sun loungers and benches under them, where you can take a hydromassage with thermal warm water.

Lovers of the unusual. People with imagination. To teenagers and their parents. All of you will love this trip.

A hike that combines the wild nature and beauty of the country of Abkhazia with the opportunity to immerse yourself in its history. Walk through the ruins of formerly flourishing cities. Look into the windows of those left home and imagine the history of each apartment. Enter a coal mine that stopped overnight. Cross the most beautiful bridges, formerly railways, and plunge into the darkness of the tunnels of the same road.

This hike is for those who are not left indifferent by the picture of nature, absorbing everything that a person left behind. A kind of Chernobyl, which so attracts tourists, but, of course, without radiation! :)

Daily program


Today is our camp day. We come to the city of Sukhum and gather throughout the day in our guest house. There instructors and a delicious lunch and dinner are already waiting for us.

In the evening with the assembled group we will arrange an acquaintance and a walk around Sukhum. We will also pack our backpacks and prepare for an early departure.


A very busy day. In the morning, having plunged into jeeps, we set off for the eastern part of Abkhazia. Having driven almost to the border with Georgia, we will set up our camp on the banks of a mountain river. After unpacking and setting up the camp, we will go to lunch in a cafe of national cuisine, and then we will rush forward in the same jeeps. Today we will see huge waterfalls: "Saint", "Irina" and "Great". Their power is amazing and no one will remain indifferent. Upon returning to the camp, dinner and a bright fire will await us, near which we will share our impressions and rest.


The time for jeep rides is over and today we have our first hiking trip. We will reach the abandoned village "Polyany", take interesting photos, examine the bridge and the tunnel leading to the idle coal mine, and see several more waterfalls located near our camp.

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