There is; is life after covid

Altai Republic

Officials and representatives of the tourism business talk about the results of 2020 and their fears to plan this year. Altapress. u decided with the help of experts to figure out whether closed borders and the federal cashback program helped the region.

"We are ready to quickly change formats"

Director of Altayturcenter Denis Ivlev believes that now is the time to promote the region through Internet platforms. He hopes that this year will not have to forget about the "live" events.

- Yes, indeed. We had to cancel the beloved holidays "Maralnik Blossom" and "Altai Wintering", and the annual spring forum "VisitAltai" was postponed until autumn and ensure its online broadcast.

In the summer, guests and residents of the region were also deprived of mass tourist events. Nevertheless, since the end of June, when the work of the tourism industry resumed, regional companies recorded an increased demand for recreation in the Altai Territory, and some even managed to compensate for the losses due to the active July-August and the long autumn season.

Rosturizm provided great assistance to the regions in this regard, which actively promoted Russian tourist destinations and, in fact, provided additional tourist flow to the regions, which was previously generated, including through the holding of mass tourist events.

In the coming year, we will obviously also have to act according to the sanitary-epidemiological situation. We are, of course, ready to quickly change formats, including going online, if the situation so requires. I think both tourists and tourist business will support us in this regard.

- What do you want to focus on to attract tourists?

- On the development of Internet sites for promoting tourism products in the region - this is our main tourist Internet portal visitaltai. u, which we already updated last year, and Altayturcenter groups in social networks. In the same row, there are plans to promote a new internet site for the Altai sanatorium. rf, which contains the most relevant and reliable information about the health resort organizations of the region.

However, online promotion does not cancel our plans for the offline presentation of the region's tourism product at traditional regional, interregional and international events - exhibitions, forums, etc. Again, if the sanitary and epidemiological situation permits.

There is; is life after covid

Every year they go to the Altai Territory for active rest. The region has everything you need for good fishing, hunting, traveling to caves, lakes and much more. But the main thing is that here you can combine rest with treatment in numerous sanatoriums. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a very strong impact on the tourist season, but nevertheless, it is expected that in the near future the coronavirus restrictions will be lifted and life will begin to return to its normal course. Where to spend your vacation in the Altai Territory and how much it will cost - in the material altapress. u.


The only Siberian resort city, which attracts tourists from all over the world. It is believed that the air alone is able to relieve ailments. In most cases, people come here to improve their health.

There are 12 large sanatoriums on the territory of the city, in which the appropriate therapy is selected, taking into account the individual characteristics of health. The most commonly used traditional methods are mud and water treatment. But you can also try unusual courses. For example, healing with vibrations and cereal massage.

If you go outside the sanatorium, you can see other interesting places in Belokurikha. Such as the Blossoming Valley arboretum, the observation deck on Mount Tserkovka, the Belovodye water park, the Serpentine well radon source and the Water World pool.

The cost of a room for one person per day starts from 3990 thousand rubles.

Tigirek reserve

The Tigirek reserve is located simultaneously in three districts of the Altai Territory. 6 rivers flow on its territory, two thousand species of plants and more than two thousand different animals are represented.

The tourists of the reserve have the opportunity to relax on specially organized sites or go on a guided tour. At the reserve, staff can also arrange walking, horse and car excursions to historical sites.

The cost of staying in the territory with your own car is 100 rubles per day per person. Rent of a six-seater tent - 500 rubles. Guest house - 2500 thousand rubles. A detailed price list is presented on the official website of the reserve.

Lake Yarovoe

The lake is located on the edge of the town of Yarovoye. It is known for its medicinal properties.

Officials and representatives of the tourism business talk about the results of 2020 and their fears about planning this year. Altapress. u decided with the help of experts to figure out whether closed borders and the federal cashback program helped the region.

The Altai Republic occupies part of the Altai mountains, in the north and north-west it borders on the Altai Territory, in the south-west with Kazakhstan, in the south with China and Mongolia, in the east with Tuva and Khakassia, in the north- in the east - with the Kemerovo region. Here is the highest mountain - Belukha (Kadyn-Bazhy) - 4506 m, which is the highest point in Siberia. The Chuisky tract passes through the territory of the republic.

Time difference with Moscow: ahead of Moscow by 3 hours.

Weather in the Altai Republic

The climate is sharply continental. The climatic characteristics of various parts of the mountainous part of Altai are extremely heterogeneous and are primarily determined by the geographic location and features of the relief.

The warmest summer is observed in the intermountain basin and on the shores of Lake Teletskoye. On the slopes of the high ridges, there is no period at all with a stable air temperature above +10 ° C and there are repeated summer snowfalls. The average July temperature in the low mountains and in a number of depressions is + 16-18 ° C, in the highlands (about 3000 m) about + 6-8 ° C. In winter, the microclimate of the slopes of the ridges is usually much milder than in the lower intermontane basins. As we move into the depths of the mountainous region, the severity of the cold season of the year increases, and the Chuiskaya depression is considered the "pole of cold" not only for Altai, but for the whole of Western Siberia.

The distribution of precipitation by seasons is not the same: in the western regions in winter it falls up to 40%, and therefore the thickness of the snow cover reaches 2-3 m in some places, in the central regions in some places up to 5 m.

There are also numerous avalanche-prone canyons and gorges in Altai, in which the frequency of avalanches especially increases in March.

Guides in the Altai Republic

Entertainment and sights of the Altai Republic

There are a large number of remarkable natural objects on the territory of the republic. The most popular among tourists is Lake Teletskoye, on the banks of which there are about twenty boarding houses, tourist centers and campgrounds. Here are the best fishing spots, walking, horseback riding, water and bus excursions.

The Karakol Lakes Cascade in the Chemal region is a unique nature reserve. The water in each of the seven lakes of the cascade differs in color and chemical composition. The chain of Shavlinsky lakes in the upper reaches of the Shavla River is the goal of hiking and horseback riding routes along the picturesque foothills of the North Chuisky ridge. Belukha (4506 m) is located on the territory of the Ust-Koksinsky district - the highest point of the republic and the whole of Siberia.

The village of Ust-Koksa is located 401 km from Gorno-Altaysk, at the confluence of the Katun and Koksa rivers. Due to its close location in relation to the Katunsky ridge, the Multinsky and Talmeniem lakes, Ust-Koksa is the starting point of many tourist routes.

The village of Tungur is located on the left bank of the Katun, opposite the confluence of the Kucherla River, at an altitude of 850-870 m above sea level. The village is interesting because it is the starting point of numerous Altai routes to Mount Belukha, as well as mountain, hiking, horse and water routes in the Republic. There are ancient monuments and beautiful landscapes here. Two kilometers to the east of Tungur there is a mass grave of the Red Army, marked by a stele of an obelisk. A stone woman has been preserved about 20 km from Tungur. Near the village on the right bank of the Katun River there are tourist centers "Tungur", "Vysotnik", "Green House". The connection between the left and right banks of the Katun River is through a suspension road bridge.

The incredible concentration of amazing sights of Altai attracts the attention of tourists. Here you can fully enjoy the beauty of the mountains and fantastic landscapes.

Shavlinsky Lakes

Shavlinsky Lakes is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Altai. a string of several Altai reservoirs stretches for 10 km in the Shavla river basin near the North-Chuy ridge. The state-protected territory is famous throughout the world for its amazing beauty. Lakes surrounded by snow-white glaciers and wooded mountains attract artists, photographers and tourists with the delightful purity of the water of amazing shades, which reflects the snow-covered mountain peaks - Fairy Tale, Beauty and Dream. Famous Russian travelers, comparing the nature of this region with the alpine landscape, prefer Altai.

Each body of water has its own name. The Upper Lake with sloping shores consisting of huge boulders is located at an altitude of more than 2 thousand m. The western shores of the most beautiful Lower Lake, located 5 km from the Upper Lake, are steep and rocky. On the east side, the reservoir is surrounded by deciduous forest. This place is convenient for tourists.

National Museum named after AV Anokhin

The oldest cultural landmark of the Altai Republic, which recently celebrated its centenary, bears the name of its founder - an ethnographer, researcher of the traditions and culture of the South Siberian peoples. The collection began when the Altai Zemskaya Administration acquired a collection of exhibits, scientific books and an archive from the famous Siberian scientists, the Gulyaev brothers. After several moves, the museum finally settled in Gorno-Altaysk.

The exposition covers historical periods from archaic times to the present day. It includes household items, photographs, historical documents, old books and manuscripts, art and decorative-applied works, collections of minerals, flora and fauna.

The modern multi-tiered complex, which contains the famous sarcophagus of the "Altai princess", is made in the style of a mound.


Belukha, crowning the Katunsky ridge, is the highest peak of the Altai mountain range. Stretching at the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, the three-headed mountain was named for the color of the snow-capped peaks and one and a half hundred glacier-covered slopes. The Katun River originates from them. Two peaks more than 4.5 km high - Western and Eastern - are irregular pyramids. Between them, at an altitude of 4 thousand meters, there is the "Belukha Saddle", and along the edges are the peaks of Delone and the Crown of Altai. Lovers of exotic nature admire one of the highest waterfalls in the region on the way to Lake Akkem, with its clear water and the reflection of a mountain peak. Since 2000, the territory has received the status of a National Park.

The Belukha slopes are popular with climbers and tourists who want to get acquainted with the nature, history and culture of this place. The mystics consider the mountain sacred. Buddhist beliefs claim that the legendary Shambhala is located here, from where the great Buddha went to India. The locals believed that ferocious spirits, dangerous to people, live in the ice caves. Fans of esotericism often triple meditation at the shamanic stone.

Altai Nature Reserve

Hello! I am Sonya, a Jedi guide on author's travels around the world. For lovers of outdoor activities I will tell you about the unique Altai Mountains. There will be several life hacks how to save money, what to see, where to go trekking and many other interesting things.

Gorny Altai

A little boring and geography lesson ?. In general, when people usually talk about Altai, they mean two regions.

The first is the Altai Territory, with the administrative center in Barnaul. And the second is the Altai Republic, with the center in the city of Gorno-Altaysk. That is why the republic is called Gorny Altai.

I advise you to go on a trip to the Altai Mountains. It is here that wild nature, turquoise Katun, mountains with snow caps, waterfalls and mountain lakes. Well, that is, a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities and adventure.

And the Altai Territory is more suitable for those who like a quiet holiday. There are no such cool landscapes, but there are a bunch of resorts and sanatoriums for relaxation and treatment in nature.

How to get there

But here it's the opposite. For example, you are from Moscow and want to go on a sightseeing trip across Altai, a hike to the Multinsky lakes, or even raft along the Altai rivers.

The fact is that there are more flights from Moscow to Barnaul than to Gorno-Altaysk. Departures to Barnaul every day, so the price is lower. And to Gorno-Altaysk 2-3 times a week. But all active routes begin after Gorno-Altaysk, and from Barnaul it is 260 kilometers. And plus another 150 kilometers to the nearest main spots. In total, about 400 kilometers. It is 7-8 hours on the way.

And it turns out that it is cheaper and easier to fly to Barnaul, but then go for another half day. Or choose a less convenient and expensive flight, but fly in Gorny Altai right away.

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