The mountains call: acquaintance with another Abkhazia

Along the peaks of Abkhazia (Arabica plateau): description

In Soviet times, the leadership rested in Abkhazia, and it was not always easy for ordinary people to get here. During the Soviet era, there were plans to connect the Gagra ridge with Krasnaya Polyana and build a ski resort. The union collapsed, and now only rare UAZs take tourists to the observation decks, there are shepherds' booths a little higher and cows graze peacefully. And we go to the very top - to walk along the ridges and peaks up to 2500 meters high.

The hike is quite difficult, it passes at an altitude of 2000-2500 meters along the Arabica mountain range. Wild canyons, waterfalls, rugged passes. Hiking experience and good physical condition are required! Not recommended as a first hike for beginners. The difficulties and hardships of the hike are more than compensated by the stunning views and incredible sensations!

Intelligence. Please note that a reconnaissance hike will take place in time: both the instructor and the group will be on this route for the first time. There may be changes in the program, unexpected difficulties that we will overcome together, and of course, adventures! On this trip, we invite participants with a non-conflict character, a normal level of physical fitness and, just in case, with stress resistance, in exploration, anything can happen;) Great trip to all of us! We look forward to)))

Daily program


We arrive in Adler, meet at the station with the instructor and the group. Then we all go by bus to the village of Psou. We pass border control with Russian passports, and we are already in Abkhazia.

On the Gazelle we get to the abandoned village of Achmarda. We unload, put on our backpacks and for about two hours (with stops for rest) we walk along the canyon of the Tsandripsh River. We enjoy the surrounding views and set up the first camp.

Meeting the group, swimming in a cool mountain river, dinner.


Today we have a 4-hour trek along the rugged Tsandripsha canyon. There are steep rocks to the left and to the right, the trail now and then forces you to wade across the river. Sometimes rockfalls descend from steep slopes with a roar ... sometimes you have to walk on icy water ... Horror ...

Survivors and weary, we set up camp under a giant rock canopy.


Tourism is one of the main industries of the economy of Abkhazia. In 2009, about 1 million tourists visited the republic with a population of about 250 thousand people (of which more than 100 thousand were on vouchers, 185 thousand - with a one-day excursion, and all the rest rested in the private sector). According to the State Committee for Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Abkhazia, the number of tourists in 2009 was 15-20% more than in 2008. The tourism industry, according to the Ministry of Economy of the Republic, brings to the budget up to a third of tax revenues. In 2007, their total volume amounted to 566 million rubles. Most of the tourists are from Russia. There are many tourist centers, hotels, rest houses and boarding houses in Abkhazia located in the seaside zone. Most of them were built in Soviet times. Tourists are attracted by the humid warm climate, tropical views and amazingly clear sea.

Popular cities and resorts

Sukhum is the capital of Abkhazia, which is located on the Black Sea coast. One of the oldest cities in Europe, the age of the city is more than 2500 years. On the site of the city until the VI century BC. e. the Greek colony of Dioscuria was located, the ruins of which rest at the bottom of the Sukhum Bay. Gagra - located 22 km from the Adler airport, it is one of the most picturesque and famous resorts in Abkhazia. Pitsunda is a seaside climatic resort 20 km south of the resort town of Gagra and 65 km from Adler airport. Gudauta is a climatic seaside resort located on the shores of a small bay of the Black Sea, 38 km from the city of Sukhum and 50 km from the city of Gagra. 25 km from Sukhum


SukhumBeslet bridge Sukhum fortress Bagrat castle Great Abkhaz wall Botanical garden Monkey nursery Sukhum lighthouse Red bridge

Kamany village (tomb of John Chrysostom, tomb of St. Basilisk, two temples, holy lake.)

New Athos New Athos Monastery Lake RitsaNew Athos Monastery Lake Ritsa Gegsky Waterfall New Athos Simono-Canonite Monastery Dacha I. Stalin. New Athos cave. One of the most famous caves in the world, discovered in the 1960s. inside the Iverskaya mountain. Iverskaya (Anakopia, Apsarskaya) mountain. It has a height of 344 m, rises above Novy Afon from the west, on the right bank of the Psyrtskhi. Inside it is the famous Athos Cave, and at the top is the citadel of ancient Anakopia (VII-VIII centuries). Church of St. Simon the Canonite. The oldest of the active temples of New Athos. Near the temple there is an artificial waterfall 8.6 m high and a hydroelectric power station, built by monks in 1902, on the Psyrtskha River.

Castle of the Prince of Oldenburg Gagra Colonnade Abaata Fortress Restaurant Gagripsh

Mountain tourism

Since 2005, organized excursions have been organized. The most popular routes: the Avadhara mineral spring, the Valley of the Seven Lakes (Kamennaya Polyana tract), the village of Pskhu, the Mamdzyshkha mountain.

Astanda Ardzinba, Sputnik

Sea vs mountains

In the minds of most tourists, vacation in Abkhazia is the sun, sea, beach. And there is. But only partly. Many people lose sight of the fact that Apsny is, first of all, a mountainous republic, most of its territory is covered with protected forests, alpine meadows and inaccessible peaks.

Some of them have not yet been stepped by a human foot. Add to this the rich flora, which includes over 2000 plant species, of which about 400 species are endemic to the Caucasus, and over 100 species are found on the planet only in Abkhazia. Do not forget about the rapid and cool at any time of the year, stormy mountain rivers, waterfalls and mountain landscapes, replacing each other like in a kaleidoscope. And you will get a rough idea of ​​what mountainous Abkhazia is.

Apsny is an ideal place for lovers of outdoor activities and mountain tourism. Travel agencies of the republic offer dozens of routes that have already been tested, well developed, have varying degrees of difficulty and are suitable for both beginners and experienced tourists.

One of the most popular mountain trails in Abkhazia is the route from the Auadkhara tract through the high-mountainous village of Pskhu to the village of Khabyu. The length of the journey is 90 kilometers and takes five days. The route ends in Achandar, famous for its natural and cultural attractions. In particular, one of the seven sanctuaries of the Abkhaz people, Dydrypsh-nyha, is located in this village.

Some tourists do not apply to the agency for the service and prefer to go through the routes on their own. It is important to remember here that if you are not limited to walking in the surrounding hills, but are planning a more difficult and long trip high into the mountains, then you need to notify the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the republic about this. In the application, you will be asked to indicate the contacts of the participants of the hike, the time and schedule of the route. At the same time, do not forget that in Abkhazia you can always hire a professional guide with whom you can go along the mountain trails.

This is serious

In addition to the rule to notify the rescuers, some experts believe that it is necessary to go through a special training school before the trip. In their opinion, in order to avoid accidents, experienced instructors should check the readiness and knowledge of tourists going to the mountains. Because there is a significant difference between mountain and hiking tourism and, moreover, a simple vacation in the mountains.

Mountain tourism is not tourism in the usual sense of this word. It has its own rules, for non-observance of which international disqualification may threaten. Although to some, passing the route seems like a leisurely journey through the mountains, but the difficult mountainous terrain, heavy backpacks with equipment and food affects. Do not forget that the group is moving at a significant altitude, more than 2500-3000 meters above sea level.

Tourists prefer to go on vacation to unusual exotic places. They focus primarily on the climate, the sea, and the availability of attractions. Sunny mountain Abkhazia is a unique country where it is best to rest for tourists who love non-standard travel and want to relax both in body and soul.


Abkhazia is a beautiful land with unique nature, mild climate and welcoming people. It is washed by the Black Sea, "protected" by the Caucasus mountains and turbulent rivers. Local residents call their republic - Apsny.

The whole country, each of its regions, has access to the sea, so Abkhazia is deservedly considered a "paradise" for tourists. Rough high-mountain rivers, beaches, landscapes on the seashore, subtropical climate, unique flora and fauna give the republic a picturesque landscape. Almost the entire territory of the country is located in the mountains, the highest point of the republic is Dombai-Ulgen (4046 meters).

Where is it on the map?

If you look at the map, you can see that two regions of Georgia (Zmeo-Svaneti and Samegrelo) bend around the Republic of Apsny from the southeastern side of the world. On the north side, the republic is in contact with Russia, namely, you can get to Abkhazia from the Krasnodar Territory and Karachay-Cherkessia.

How to get there?

The path to Abkhazia is not short and relatively difficult, to achieve the goal you will need to combine several methods: plane, rail transport, personal transport or bus service.

Domestic airlines and observation flights near the border with Georgia are actively operating in the country. The Abkhazian airline located near Sukhumi operates flights to Psou. However, the airport does not accept international flights due to the ambiguous political status of the republic. Therefore, you need to take a plane ticket to Sochi, from where and go by other transport.

The railway also operates constantly. There are several permanent trains between Russian cities and local ones. On one of these, the fast train Moscow-Sukhumi, it is possible to get to the capital of the republic.

Abkhazia is a rather small country in terms of its size, so it is not rich in natural resources. But, thanks to the favorable climate and location of the country, tourism in Abkhazia has been developing quite successfully for several decades.

"Young" tourism in Abkhazia

Tourism has been developing well in Abkhazia for several decades, and the Abkhaz maintain its level well in their country, but compared to other countries, for example: Turkey, Egypt, here it has just begun to flourish. Tourism of Abkhazia is also very much loved by the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, and many, according to the old "Soviet memory", still come here on vacation.

Resorts of Abkhazia

The resorts of Abkhazia are also popular among Russians and Europeans. Every year, the country's infrastructure only improves, but the beautiful nature remains untouched.

Gagra is a fairly popular area with beautiful views of the sea and mountains. The water here is very clear and clean.

Pitsunda is the most popular and famous resort. Most of all, Abkhazia here attracts tourists with the beauty of its beaches, a large bay and the purest sea water.

Tsandripsh is a well-known village, which is located almost on the border with Russia. This place is most suitable for a relaxing holiday for a city dweller of the metropolis.

Ski Resorts of Abkhazia

The winter in Abkhazia is quite mild, but the ski resorts of Abkhazia are not the most popular hobby here, although there is a predisposition to their appearance. Most of the ski lovers stop at Mamzmyshkha and master other slopes, and there are many of them in Abkhazia.

Medical resorts of Abkhazia

For a long time, the medical resorts of Abkhazia have been popular among many countries in the country. There are quite a few sanatoriums and health resorts here. The following types of health services are widespread in this country: metabolic disorders, diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, respiratory diseases and many other types.

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