The most unusual hotels in the mountains of Russia

The most unusual hotels in the mountains of Russia

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What are Last Minute Tours?

For vacationers who are not afraid of the risk of spontaneity or simply want to save money, there are last-minute tours - tours that have not yet been sold, although there are literally a few days left before the start of the trip. They can potentially become unprofitable, and therefore discounts for tours of this type range from 30% and sometimes can reach 70%.

Features of last minute tours

Their main plus, of course, lies in the price. Buying a hot tour, you get the opportunity to pay significantly less. Some are specifically waiting for the sale of vouchers, already holding their suitcase at the ready, so that in a day or two they can enjoy their vacation.

There are also certain disadvantages. Most likely, you will not be able to choose a country and a hotel, but you will have to take advantage of the available offers. Anyone who specifically expects a burning tour to the desired place may be left with nothing. And one more thing: when planning a vacation in a visa country, you need to get a visa in advance so that there are no "delays" associated with this.

Tour types and the principle of their selection

Last-minute tours can be classified by price (from budget to luxury), the level of the offered discount and, of course, by the proposed direction of rest. According to the last criterion, the following trips are included in the list of last minute trips:

  • Sightseeing tours. Trips are focused on sightseeing in one or more cities.
  • Weekend tours. Short term trips that are offered for the weekend.
  • Tours for families with children. Although it is customary to plan a family vacation in advance, you can find interesting and affordable packages that offer entertainment for young travelers.
  • Beach tours. Buying such a trip, you are guaranteed to see the sea. However, it is worth double-checking whether the bad weather caused the beach tour to be classified as "last minute".

The Ruspo search engine provides tourists with a wide selection of current hot tours from different tour operators, taking into account various search parameters. Any visitor to the site can order hot tours from Moscow or another city convenient for departure.

Attractive and close: historical and cultural tourism in the Perm region

Going on vacation to the mountainous part of Russia? Do you want your vacation to be special and memorable for years to come? Then read our article and you will find out about the most unusual mountain hotels in Russia.

Only hotels in the mountains can be better than mountains! Today, modern Russian resorts are not inferior to Western ones in beauty and comfort, and visa-free travel and budgetary conditions make them more affordable. The most unique and breathtaking views are from the highest located hotels.

Ethno-Park Igloo Hotel

A hotel made of snow, located on Krasnaya Polyana, in the mountain - tourist center "Gazprom". The unusual hotel was created by the "Mountain Territory" company. Ethno-park "Igloo Hotel" is the only one in the south, which was opened in 2017! Fans of winter extreme will like the ethno-park! The material from which it is created is crystal clear snow. First, by cable car, you need to get to the Psekhako shelter, then a snowmobile will meet the guests and take them to the hotel!

The ethno-park complex, includes several Eskimo igloos, up to 6 meters in diameter, "Magic Forest", with different ethnic groups, a children's mini labyrinth, as well as a warm chum! In the "Igloo Hotel", guests are offered a choice of two types of accommodation: a comfortable "suite" or for fans of winter extreme and large companies "super-Igloo", which can accommodate 8 people at once! There is one room in the igloo room - a bedroom. The room has a bed made of snow and ice, mattresses made of natural reindeer skins. Guests are given an insulated sleeping bag! Each igloo has two levels of lighting - main and night (more subdued), USB charging and power outlets. In general, there are all the necessary conditions to spend the night in comfort. There is even a snow fireplace opposite the bed, around which electronic "candles" are burning (ordinary candles cannot be lit there). Sleep here is very good and deep, it is easy to breathe. Since the snow needles are made from environmentally friendly and natural material! In the morning you will have a cheerful and excellent mood!

There is a snow town for kids in the ethno-park. Children will be able to ride a slide and play in snow houses connected by tunnels. Children will be delighted to visit the miniature park "Magic Forest". There they will meet "Forest Monsters" and "Wild Animals".

On the territory of the Ethno-Park, the residence of Father Frost will soon be erected from snow and wood. This place will be amazing, because on New Year's holidays, Santa Claus will gladly welcome little visitors and their parents.

Fans of active sports will be able to go hiking in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve on skis and snowshoes. Visit various excursions! Admire the beauty of the Caucasus Mountains and enjoy the breathtaking scenery! In general, you will be delighted!

It's a pity, but the Igloo Hotel exists only in the cold season - with the arrival of spring, it turns into water. But, thanks to this "sad" fact, the project becomes the owner of the uniqueness! After all, each subsequent season of the Igloo Hotel will be completely new and very intriguing!

LeapRus Capsule Hotel

This is an eco-hotel for climbers who prefer the comfort of technology to tents. LeapRus is located on the southern slope of Mount Elbrus, in Terskol, 300 meters from the ski lift "Elbrus 1", at an altitude of 3912 meters above sea level.

The hotel consists of several blocks resembling space capsules, which can simultaneously accommodate 40 guests. The architects of the Italian bureau LEAP factory worked on the project and built a similar hotel on Mont Blanc. It has everything you need in harsh mountain conditions: heating and underfloor heating, comfortable sleeping places, always fresh dry sleeping bags, guest panoramic rooms, hot water and electricity, free Wi-Fi. Each room has a terrace with stunning mountain views, a kitchen. Breakfast is also served buffet style. LeapRus 3912 is powered by solar panels, and the melted snow is used to supply water to the complex.

The surrounding area offers excellent conditions for skiing, hiking and other sports.

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