The most impressive nature reserves in Eastern Europe

Countries of Eastern Europe

All people choose places to spend their vacations, weekends, various holidays to their liking. Today we will talk about such an edge of our world as Eastern Europe. This corner is suitable not only for excursions, shopping, and other similar purposes. Many come here to have a good time, to get a lot of indescribable positive emotions, conquering the mountain slopes on skis and snowboards.

Popular ski resorts

Bansko in Bulgaria

All ski resorts in Eastern Europe are beautiful in their own way. Now let's talk about one of those excellent places for recreation in Bulgaria - the ski resort of Bansko, located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains. The total length of trails in Bansko is approximately 70 km. Each one is well equipped and safe. This ski resort in Eastern Europe is located in a conservation area. For this reason, it is protected by UNESCO.

Banderishka Polyana has a spacious slope. The glade is a good place for those whose level of skiing is average or high. The maximum height of this point is 1635 meters. It is worth noting that all the conditions for snowboarders have been created here: there is a halfpipe, as well as a fan park. During the New Year holidays, when a huge number of tourists come together, you can wait for your turn in order to ride the ski lift, you can take about two or three hours. Mostly rush hour is from 8 am to 9 am.

Shiligarnika is an option for intermediate skiers. This zone has rather long tracks and boasts a variety of them. If we talk about the inherent altitude of Shiligarnika, it is 1725 m. By the way, it is here that one of the best Bulgarian trails is located, the length of which is 3 km.

Chalin-Valog is a zone below the above. Its height is 1467 meters. Chalin Valog is more recommended for those who are just starting to learn this difficult business - skiing. Therefore, it is best to study here.


If we are talking about a fashionable and popular ski resort at the present time, which belonged to Germany, then we mean a resort called Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is located at the foot of the Zugspitze mountain - the highest of all German mountains (2962 meters). This ski resort in Eastern Europe is suitable for both professionals in skiing and for people who want to try their hand at this sport.

Every traveler needs to know the best time for their pastime. Therefore, we note that Garmisch-Partenkirchen is suitable for rest from the beginning of January to the end of March. Also, tourists need to know that this German resort in Eastern Europe is famous not only for its ski slopes. Its other advantages are that it is a balneological, natural and climatic health resort in Germany.

The first ski area is actually the Zugspitze. Here, even in summer, you can plunge into a winter fairy tale, conquering the highest rocky German peak on skis. This peak has a glacier located on the eastern slope. In addition, it has an inherent steep slope in the western part. For fans of such extreme recreation, 18 km of tracks have been created, the length of each is no more than three kilometers.

Ski resorts in Eastern Europe

These places are the decoration of the Old World. There are no super-cool hotels and fashionable spa resorts, but there are mighty mountains, noisy and fast rivers, transparent to the very bottom of the lake - a worthy substitute for luxury service.

Travelrabbit. u made a selection of nature reserves in Europe, focusing on the eastern part of it, because it is relatively close to get here, prices for housing and food are not yet high here, and these places are not crammed with tourists, and you can really take a break from the hustle and bustle in them.

Durmitor, Montenegro

Durmitor National Park is not just big, it is immense and occupies almost the entire North-Western part of Montenegro. Durmitor is a mountain range, after which all the space around it was named, with forests, lakes and mountain rivers, uniting them into one National Park.

The Reserve does not have any definite boundaries, entry and exit, but if you go in its direction, you immediately understand that it has begun - the forests are thickening, the mountains are becoming higher, rocky, many of them are bizarre, in the form of curls, even the air here is somehow special, but human dwellings are found less and less, which makes the place seem even more silent and mystical.

The majestic mountains of Durmitor

The main town on the territory of Durmitor is Zabljak, in winter it is still a ski center. The whole Zabljak is mainly hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants.

This city is very convenient to stay in, it is a good starting point for exploring all the main attractions of Durmitor.

The most popular place among travelers is Black Lake, it is located practically on the territory of Zabljak, closer to the Savin Kuk mountain and the passage to it is paid (about 2 euros).

In our opinion, the most impressive place in Durmitor, and indeed throughout Montenegro, is the canyon of the Tara River. Firstly, it is the largest in Europe and is included in the 10 largest canyons in the world and the sight is truly incredible.

Djurzhevich Bridge and Tara Canyon, wrapped in a passing cloud. View from the window of the Tara MB Motel

Secondly, the Tara river itself. The water in it is bright turquoise and very transparent, the current is so strong that you cannot hear yourself, and along the banks there are very picturesque stones overgrown with acid-green moss and sometimes waterfalls are found. Thirdly, the Djurzhevich road bridge, stretching over the river at an altitude of 172 meters, offers a wow, what a view of the canyon!

The largest mountains in Durmitor are Savin Kuk (2313m) and Bobotov Kuk (2523). Despite the fact that Savin Kuk is smaller, it is more popular with tourists, because it is equipped with a cable car, while Bobotov Kuk has only 2 hiking routes (from the Black Lake and from the Sadlo pass, the latter is easier).

Ski resorts in Eastern Europe offer tourists to conquer the peaks of the mountain ranges of this region. Beginners have the opportunity to learn skiing

The beginning of the nineties was marked by the collapse of the socialist camp. After the excommunication from the USSR, the economies of the countries of Eastern Europe experienced a shock, but in some sovereign states they quickly recovered. Political chaos began in Russia with a series of military conflicts, terrorist attacks and an economic crisis.

For nearly three decades, relations between the Russian Federation and the countries of Eastern Europe have evolved in different ways. The resentment accumulated over the years of the commonwealth played a role. There is a reluctance of the "third force" to allow the resumption of friendly relations between the former members of the socialist camp.

Besides, the neighbors are alarmed by the Kremlin's militarized course.

Note. Geographers were divided. Some of them classify the Baltics and the Balkans as Eastern Europe, while others do not. Although these states traditionally included the territories that became part of the USSR after the Great Patriotic War.

Current composition

The UN Department of Statistics currently has an exact list of Eastern European countries.

Eastern European countries according to the UN Department of Statistics.

The list includes 10 states:

  • Russian Federation (eastern territories);
  • Belarus;
  • Ukraine;
  • Moldova;
  • Poland;
  • Romania;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Hungary;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Slovakia ...

The listed countries have relatively recently embarked on the path of independent development and are significantly behind their neighbors in the West. “Compensates” for the lag in the economy with respect to cultural heritage.

Excluding the first four countries, the rest have entered the European Union and enjoy all the privileges of the commonwealth.


The Soviet-imposed "perestroika" model of economic reform at the end of the eighties primarily failed in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

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