The most beautiful forests in Russia: tourism and recreation

Ecotourism in Russia: 15 best reserves and national parks in the country

This is not even a sport, but rather a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and test yourself and your friends for strength: everything was like Vysotsky sang. The mountains, like the open ocean, are an ideal place where, being alone with the elements, you can understand yourself and, throwing away the husks, finally understand what you really want from life and what is your true vocation. There is no need to portray anyone here, the mountains already know who you really are. The only enemy and friend is yourself. Pack your backpack, we leave at dawn.

The real boom of mountaineering in the USSR took place in the second half of the twentieth century. Then, under the brave songs and posters calling to be healthy and travel around the native country, the whole country really rushed into the mountains. Some returned later with faded photographs and pleasant memories, while others remained somewhere there, having comprehended Zen, disguised as the expression "romantic of the mountains." Interest in the distant passes and the wind, carving out ringing from carbines, has not faded away, just today, apart from books and stories of "seasoned" people, many are trying to fill the longing for the wilderness with colorful photo reports and films riveting to the coverage area of ​​the wireless Internet. But you have to start somewhere, and today we will tell you about amazing places in the vastness of our vast country. Places truly rich in relief, where it is possible not only to get acquainted with the beauty of the mountains, but also to make your first ascents. So, 6 regions of Russia, where mountaineering is stronger than alcoholism.


The Altai Republic is the very place where you can feel at the end of the world. It's not even about the mysticism that envelops every stone and stream here, but about the geographical position of this fabulous place. Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, the Republic of Tuva - there is a feeling that tiny Altai, located exactly in the middle of the country, was sent to negotiations with all of Asia. The history of climbing the region began a long time ago, back in the 19th century. The first successful ascent to the highest and most famous peak of Altai, Mount Belukha, was made back in 1914 by Boris and Mikhail Tronov. The beginning of the development of mass mountaineering in Altai can be considered a series of expeditions led by the godfather of Soviet mountaineering Vitaly Abalakov: they were carried out in 1933.


Regardless of who this peninsula belongs to, Cimmerians or Scythians, the popularity of Crimea among adherents of extreme sports and adventure seekers has never fallen. Of course, you won't find glaciers here even in winter, so save your ice equipment and warm clothes for another occasion. And the maximum height of the peaks does not even reach two kilometers, but let's look at it from the other side. Where, if not in Crimea, you can get the experience of rock climbing overlooking the sea without any transport, climatic and other problems. The main concentration of routes suitable for climbing is located in the south and southeast of the peninsula, near the sea. From Cape Aya to Mount Sokol in the Sudak region, among the mass of climbing areas, you can easily find an incredible number of interesting and, most importantly, prepared climbing routes from "twos" to "sixes", on which you can get an idea of ​​what "Big wall ".


The Caucasus is the most compact and at the same time rich in uneven terrain and adventure region of our country. Actually, thanks to the numerous mountain ranges dividing this land area sandwiched between two seas, the highest concentration of nationalities and tiny republics is observed here. But, fortunately, Russian mountaineering knows no boundaries, and knows a large number of interesting routes to the highest peaks of Russia and its closest neighbors. A solid number of peaks of four thousand meters and several five-thousanders, the main of which is the handsome Elbrus, suggests that everything in the Caucasus is not only beautiful, but also serious. Here you can not imitate mountaineering, but get a precious experience of ascents - both rocky and classical, with year-round snow and glaciers, lack of oxygen and frostbite.


In the north-east of the Altai Mountains, the no less picturesque Sayan Mountains originate - two mountain systems at once, stretching all the way to Lake Baikal. It should be noted right away that you will not find here harsh mountaineering, as in fantastic feature films a la "The Vertical Limit", but as a training ground for serious beginner climbers, the Eastern Sayan Mountains are considered just an ideal location. The center of attraction for climbers in the Eastern Sayan Mountains is considered to be the Tunkinskiye Goltsy ridge, where on the summits of more than 3000 you can find many interesting mountaineering and climbing routes. One of the most popular events among Siberian athletes is climbing camps in the Kyngarga gorge, which, according to rumors, have been held here for several millennia. In addition to crowds of climbers, hung with tons of equipment, here you can find such natural wonders as springs with really mineral water and the world-famous fragrant herb, sagan-dailu.


This is a strange place - Kamchatka. Surfing, snowboarding, volcanoes, a package of milk for 200 rubles, bears, crabs ... There is so much more in the east from the Kremlin. As for the storming of mountain peaks, it was here, back in the 18th century on the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano, that some of the first stocks of the history of Russian mountaineering were written. Today people most often come to Kamchatka for the so-called ski mountaineering, which, however, distinguishes it from ordinary ascents only by the method of descent. In general, Kamchatka is a great place to go crazy from the fantastically beautiful and uncharacteristic nature for the rest of Russia, and at the same time to learn what volcanic mountaineering is.


Mountains of Russia: 6 fascinating routes for mountaineering and travel

Many of us prefer to spend our holidays away from the city bustle and bustle. In this case, nothing helps to rest and relax as well as hiking trails through our picturesque forests.

Russian forests are a unique ecosystem on our planet. Arrays of coniferous and deciduous trees occupy almost half of the country's territory and make up a quarter of the entire green cover of the Earth. Most of the forests are concentrated in the Far East and Siberia, where conifers such as larch, pine, spruce and cedar prevail. As for the European part of Russia, here birches, maples and shaggy oaks delight the eyes.

The forest has always occupied a special place in the life of the Slavic peoples. This was expressed not only in everyday routine, but also in folklore. Fairy tales, epics, poems and prose - in them you can always find admiration for this quiet, powerful and enchanting property of nature. Today is Notagram. u invites all lovers of tourism and outdoor activities to look at the most beautiful and untouched forests in Russia, which are ideal for travel.

The most beautiful forests in Russia: tourism and recreation

Virgin Komi forests

Photo: Elena Lisichkina/flickr

The virgin forests of Komi are a real taiga treasure, which stretches on the western slopes of the Northern and Subpolar Urals in the Komi Republic. On the territory of the first natural site included in the list of UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites, there are about 200 species of the rarest flora, which are included in the Red Book. Hidden from human eyes, these forests have preserved thousands of geological monuments of primeval nature. Today, in the depths of the Komi forests, you can meet real aborigines (the Komi people), as well as Old Believers who have found their refuge among the enchanting beauty of untouched nature.

Caucasian Biosphere Reserve

One of the most striking sights of the Caucasus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reserve is located on the northern and southern slopes of the Western Caucasus, covered with green vegetation, which numbers over 3,000 different plant species. The flora of the reserve is unique. In addition to coniferous trees, representatives of subtropical, subalpine and alpine forests can be found here. The Caucasian Biosphere Reserve is the world's largest mountain-forest reserve protected by the state. Therefore, to visit it, you must obtain permission from the Sochi headquarters of the reserve.

Toropetsky forests

Photo: Sofia Medvedeva/flickr

Toropetsky Krai of the Tver Region is a center of ecological and pilgrimage tourism. This picturesque land is the birthplace of the XI Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Tikhon. On the territory of Toropetsky forests there is the only biological station in the world "Clean Forest", which deals with the return of orphans to the wild. More recently, UNESCO named the Toropets area, where dense pines and spruces grow, the most ecologically clean forest in Europe. These unique forests of the Tver region are the keepers of numerous forest biomes, among which, like diamonds, there are unique forest lakes with crystal clear water.

This is not even a sport, but rather a way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and test yourself and your friends for strength!

We present the most beautiful places in our country, which should be seen not only by every photographer and traveler, but also by every inhabitant of our vast Russia. Read our material and you will see: we all have something to be proud of!

Natural parks, reserves

Lena Pillars is a natural park in Russia, located on the banks of the Lena River in the Khangalassky ulus of Yakutia, 104 km from the city of Pokrovsk. The complex of vertically elongated rocks stretching for many kilometers, fancifully piling up along the banks of the Lena, with a deep valley cutting through the Prilenskoe plateau, never ceases to attract photographers and travelers. The pillars reach the highest density between the villages of Petrovskoye and Tit-Ary.

The height of rock formations reaches 100 meters. Scientists believe that the formation of rocks began million years ago, and the very formation of the Lena Pillars as a form of relief - about 400 thousand years ago.

The Lena Pillars Nature Park was organized on the basis of the decree of the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) dated August 16, 1994 No. 837 and the government decree of February 10, 1995 and is subordinate to the regional Ministry of Nature Protection. The park's area is 485 thousand hectares, the park consists of two branches - "Stolby" and "Sinsky".

The Valley of Geysers, one of the largest geyser fields in the world and the only one in Eurasia, is located in Kamchatka in the Kronotsky State Biosphere Reserve, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the Volcanoes of Kamchatka natural complex.

The valley is a deep canyon of the Geysernaya River, on the sides of which, on an area of ​​about 6 sq. km there are numerous outlets of geysers, hot springs, mud pots, thermal grounds, waterfalls and lakes. In this area, there is an abnormally high biodiversity and high contrast of natural conditions and microclimate. The ecosystem of the Valley of Geysers is unique for the entire country. On the territory of the valley there is a reserve regime.

Since 1992, under an agreement with the reserve, helicopter excursions have been organized here, a strict system of rules for organizing excursions has been in effect in order to preserve the balance of the ecosystem. In 2008, according to the results of voting, the Valley of Geysers was included in the list of the seven wonders of Russia.

Pillars of weathering (Mansi dummies) - a geological monument located in the Troitsko-Pechora region of the Komi Republic on the territory of the Pechora-Ilych reserve on the Man-Pupu-ner mountain ("Small mountain of idols" in translation from the Mansi language) , in the interfluve of the Ichotlyaga and Pechora rivers. Many legends are associated with this extraordinary place. The pillars are considered one of the seven wonders of Russia.

The Weathering Pillars are located quite far from inhabited places. To get to them is already in a sense a feat. To do this, by the way, you need to get a pass from the administration of the reserve. From the side of the Sverdlovsk Region and the Perm Territory there is a walking route, from the side of the Komi Republic - automobile, water and hiking routes.

So far, no one knows when the borders will reopen after the pandemic, but everyone agrees on one thing: domestic tourism will recover faster than international tourism. This means that you can collect ideas for future travels in Russia!

The best reserves, national parks and reserves in Russia:

Wrangel Island

Status: reserve Where is it: Chukotka How to get there: by cruise ship from Anadyr or by helicopter from Pevek

Four and a half thousand years ago, mammoths lived on Wrangel Island - the very last on Earth. Nowadays we don't promise ancient proboscis, but you will see polar bears with cubs - there are so many of them on the Arctic island that you don't have to look for them.

They usually get to a hard-to-reach place in the Arctic Ocean with a cruise from Anadyr: prices freeze your breath, but when you see polar foxes, walruses, gray whales, polar owls, cormorants and puffins, you will not regret anything.


Status: Reserve Location: Bashkortostan How to get there: by plane to Ufa or Magnitogorsk, then by sightseeing bus, taxi or rented car

In the Kenozersky National Park, they protect and carefully show tourists the harsh nature and cultural heritage of the Russian North. Come to see old churches, feel the measured life in the Kenozero villages, walk along historical paths through beautiful forests and “holy” groves.

Also sign up for a master class and learn how to bake berry pies, make flowers using the Olonets painting technique and make rag dolls without a needle. You can't get so many interesting things in a day, so stay at least for the weekend. You can stay in a cozy house, and for a camping overnight in the park there are equipped parking lots.

Especially for you, the National Tourist Union has made a rating of the ten best ski resorts and slopes in Russia


Located in the picturesque region of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, near the village of the same name, the all-season ski resort is literally a place of attraction for tourists. The cable car with the romantic name "Milky Way" will take you to an altitude of 2240 meters to the observation deck with magnificent views.

A wide range of hotels and inns are at the service of vacationers, you can also use the services of guest houses, boarding houses or rent a bungalow entirely For lovers of outdoor activities, Arkhyz will surprise with 8 tracks, painted in the colors of difficulty, depending on the length and level of training required for their passage, and three lifts, the capacity of which is over 6000 people per hour.

Two green tracks are suitable for beginners, Four blue tracks are for skiers and snowboarders with experience, a red track is for those with edging and, finally, a black track, created for extreme and real pros. Karachay-Cherkessia, Arkhyz and the tenth line of the rating "Top-10 ski resorts in Russia".


Following Arkhyz, in ninth place, is the well-known not only Russian athletes, but also foreign guests, a ski resort named after a village in the Republic of Bashkortostan. It is located on the eastern slope of one of the South Ural ridges - Krykty-tau and is famous for its unique nature, dizzying mountain air, coupled with breathtaking landscapes.

Developed infrastructure, including an impressive number of rooms, a huge amount of entertainment, in addition to the main function of the resort, such as the local water park "Aquarium" - which will allow you to hear the quiet whisper of the surf, the temperature of the water and air here is +30 round year, surrounded by snow and age-old pines, high in the mountains. Dog kennel "Husky-city" will not leave indifferent even an inveterate cat lover. Here you can play with huskies and ride in a harnessed cart, and of course hold puppies with piercing blue eyes in your arms.

The sporting component of the resort is respected by both a beginner and a knowledgeable person. 13 ski slopes of various categories, with a vertical drop of up to 320 meters, six drag lifts and one chairlift, as well as tubing and cross-country skiing and biathlon tracks and, of course, the highlight of the resort is skiing at night, along specially illuminated slopes.

GVK Gorki City Krasnaya Polyana

Gorki Gorod is an extremely ambitious and relatively young project. Although its construction began before the 2014 Olympics, it was here that representatives of the world media were located, covering sports event No. 1. This is how the glory of the center of the sports and cultural life of the mountain cluster of the Olympic Games was entrenched for the "slides".

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