The harsh beauty of the Subpolar Urals (with an ascent to the highest point of the Ural ridge - Mount Narodnaya 1895 m): description

10 best ski resorts in the Urals and Siberia

A good old hike in the Subpolar Urals with backpacks and tents awaits you - a classic of hiking. Get ready to conquer the Zig-Zag and Kar-Kar passes, and then climb the Narodnaya and Manaraga mountains for incredible panoramic views. Picturesque mountain landscapes and all the wealth of the northern Ural nature await you far from noisy cities and busy highways. This trip to the Subpolar Ural has an average category in terms of the difficulty of the route, therefore we recommend it to tourists with experience of a camping life.

About the place Travel time by train from Moscow is 36 hours, the average ticket price is from 3 to 5 tons. The route begins in the city of Inta in the north of the Urals, almost at the very Arctic Circle. To get your bearings: it is about 1000 km north of Yekaterinburg.

The Subpolar Ural is located on the territory of the largest National Park in our country - the National Park "Yugyd Va". There are incredibly beautiful northern landscapes - taiga, tundra, rocks, rivers, streams, lakes and, of course, mountains. There are swift and calm rivers, there are packed paths, and completely unexplored places. This is a wild, harsh land. But here in these mountains there is something that makes you come back here again and again.

Weather The most favorable month is July. The average temperature in July in the daytime is +11 +15, at night the temperature can drop to +4, or even below zero. The amount of precipitation in July is relatively small: it does happen, but there are much more clear days than cloudy ones.

Features of the route:

  • lack of electricity, cellular communication and the Internet;
  • lack of settlements on the route;
  • there are no ticks, but there are gnats (mosquitoes, midges);
  • meals are prepared on a fire, or on a gas burner;
  • living in tents.

Equipment Recommendations:

  • wind and moisture protection and light thermal underwear for the ride;
  • a backpack from 70 liters, preferably 85 liters;
  • it is recommended to take a sleeping bag for a slight minus, as there may be night frosts;
  • a second set of thermal underwear for sleeping, woolen socks for sleeping;
  • tourist shoe covers or OZK shoe covers (a large number of swamps);
  • insect repellents;
  • mosquito nets.

Daily program


Gathering the group at the railway station of the city of Inta at 8 am.

The hike begins with loading onto a shift station, in which we drive to the Zhelannoe base - this is the starting point for the walking part of the route.

Before reaching the mountains, we will observe the beauty of the northern landscapes: taiga, mixed forests, tundra, rocks, rivers, streams and lakes. But all this, of course, is just a warm-up for the eyes in front of all the beauty of the polar nature, which we will observe for another 8 days!

The harsh beauty of the Subpolar Urals (with an ascent to the highest point of the Ural ridge - Mount Narodnaya 1895 m): description

One of the most beautiful cities with a population of over one million in Russia. Heart of the Urals! Sounds like? But Yekaterinburg is not called that in vain, here is the beauty of nature and city charm. Where else can you visit on the border of the two parts of the world? It is Yekaterinburg that is located in the middle of the mainland, between Europe and Asia.

The city was founded in 1723, and has accumulated a lot of interesting things in its history. Excursions in Yekaterinburg begin from the center, where all the sights are concentrated: the Iset River embankment (locals call it Plotinka), the Yeltsin Center, a skyscraper named after Vladimir Vysotsky and, of course, architectural monuments.

Excursions in Yekaterinburg in 2021 with a guide is an interesting walk, during which you will get to know the city from different angles.

House of the Romanovs, Alemasov's resort and a real camel: how to fall in love with Siberia thanks to the "Imperial Route"

Cross the border of the Urals and Siberia, conquer the canyon and climb to the top

The best city routes

Yekaterinburg Red Line

Working hours: around the clock. SP: pedestrian. length of the route: 6.5 km.

The red line is a hiking trail. She was painted in 2010. Precisely painted: on the sidewalk in the city center, past famous landmarks.

The first point is the administration of Yekaterinburg, the building is located in the city center, so you definitely won't miss it. The red line passes 35 historical and cultural sites. The most exciting sights are marked on the map and on the markings themselves with special numbers.

Yekaterinburg Blue Line

Working hours: around the clock. SP: pedestrian. length of the route: 6,3 km.

Interest in cathedrals, churches, chapels is shown not only by believers, but also by architecture lovers. And if the Red Line tells about most of the attractions of Yekaterinburg, then the Blue Line reveals Orthodox Yekaterinburg.

Hiking in the Subpolar Urals with climbing the Narodnaya and Manaraga mountains: description of the tourist route, trekking plan and other useful information.

Do you know the best ski resorts in Siberia and the Urals? How to get to them and where to live? How much do ski passes cost? You will learn this and much more from our review.

Information updated 20.0.020

To collect information, our bathyscaphe used the entire Ural and Siberian mountain depressions of the Ski Ocean. Huh !, that was something!

The best ski resorts in the Urals and Siberia

Here are our ten best ski resorts in the Urals and Siberia:

  • Sheregesh
  • Zavyalikha
  • Adzhigardak
  • Abzakovo
  • Gubakha
  • Sobolinaya Mountain
  • Smooth
  • Bannoe
  • Bobrovy Log
  • Belokurikha Though Sheregesh is the last in our list (alphabetically) , we, without any hesitation, put it first in the review. There is no equal to him in Siberia and the Urals. The rest of the resorts can be arranged in any order - this is a matter of preference, distance and taste.


Sheregesh Ski Resort (source)

By right, one of the best resorts in Russia. Here, with rare exceptions, there is a lot of snow from season to season. The tracks of Sheregesh are varied and are considered one of the best in Siberia. It is no coincidence that one of the stages of the Russian Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding Championship is held here. Sheregesh gathers freeride lovers from all over the country for fantastically picturesque descents between Christmas trees on fresh snow off-piste.

How to get there:

Via Novokuznetsk: by plane or train to Novokuznetsk. Further to Sheregesh 160 km by taxi or a pre-ordered transfer. Three airlines fly from Moscow to Novokuznetsk - Aeroflot, S7 and Nordwind. The flight lasts a little more than 4 hours, the cost of round-trip tickets at the date of this writing is 21,000 rubles.

But believe in miracles: these are the tickets for January 2021 (10,000 with luggage):

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