The best ski resorts in Tula and the Tula region

Excursion programs for admission in Tula and the Tula region

In the Tula region, the relief is diverse: there are ravines, hills, and a plain with hills. Most ski resorts are located in the south of the region, where the altitude is 310 meters. The ski season, due to the continental climate with cold winters, lasts from December to March. The trails are suitable for downhill skiing, snowboarding and tubing.

We will tell you where in Tula to go skiing, snowboarding or snow tubing and have a lot of fun.

Valley X Ski Resort

The Valley X ski resort is located in the vicinity of the city of Tula and is very popular among skiers and snowboarders.

Valley X Obstacle Snow Park

  • Currently there are 2 blue slopes in the sports park. The longest is 400 meters long, and the vertical drop is 50 meters.
  • There are 2 drag lifts that take skiers to the top.
  • Beginners can use the services of instructors.
  • A snow park was built for snowboarders, where there are railings, big air, kickers.
  • The slopes are illuminated in the evening.
  • There is an equipment rental shop.
  • You can have a snack and recuperate in a cozy cafe.

The Dolina ski resort is rapidly developing and increasing the number of services for outdoor enthusiasts. In the near future, the resort plans to open additional ski slopes and a hotel complex is under construction.

In addition, the Valley hosts competitions of various levels among skiers, all kinds of competitions and contests.

Ski resort "Malakhovo"

The Malakhovo ski resort is part of the housing and sports complex of the same name. The resort is located 11 km from Tula.

Scheme of the elephants of the Malakhovo ski resort

  • For fans of active winter sports, there are several slopes here
    • 9 slopes are served by 2 plate-type drag lifts
    • 2 training slopes are served by 1 drag lift
    • 3 tubing runs are served by 1 drag lift.
  • The maximum length of the track is 320 meters, and the height difference is 50 m.
  • The slopes are looked after by snow machines.
  • The snowmaking system is running.
  • The snow park is open for snowboarders.
  • The evening lighting of the slopes is on.
  • There is a staff of experienced instructors to help beginners.
  • Equipment rental is running.
  • A children's ski school starts working in January.

The best ski resorts in Tula and the Tula region

Only in the Tula region you can eat the most delicious gingerbread, walk around the places where the writer Leo Tolstoy and the artist Vasily Polenov drew inspiration, visit the arms factory founded by Peter the Great, and warm up with nettle tea. Check out ten reasons to come to the Tula region this winter!

Is it snowing, is it blowing out? Tula will warm everyone!

Not every region of Russia can boast of such an abundance of attractions and unique brands! There are four federal museums on the territory of the Tula region:

  • the first military field in Russia - Kulikovo field;
  • the estate of the genius of Russian literature Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy "Yasnaya Polyana";
  • the estate of the master of landscape and genre painting by Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov;
  • Russia's largest innovative Tula State Museum of Weapons.

The region has over 3,700 historical and cultural monuments, more than 80 museums, many of which have no analogues in Russia.

Every year more and more tourists come to the region, as evidenced by statistics: in 2018, the tourist flow amounted to 828.5 thousand people, which is 26.8% higher than in 2017.

And this is not surprising, because the region is famous all over the world for Tula brands, which have become a visiting card both in Russia and abroad - these are candy, gingerbread, accordion, samovar, Filimonov toy, Belevskoe lace and special the pride of the Tula region is weapons.

The development of tourist infrastructure, the improvement of the historical center, the emergence of the Tula Embankment, as well as the holding of large-scale events contribute to an increase in tourist flow.

Last year, Tula bore the proud title of "New Year's Capital of Russia 2018/2019" and for the winter season 201819. hosted a record number of guests from 51 regions of Russia and other countries of the world. During the implementation of the project, more than 2 thousand event events were held.

In the summer tourist season, from May 17 to September 14, the project “Tula. Summer. A sea of ​​impressions ”, which united all festivals and events under a single concept and filled the historical center of the city with new traditions and thematic platforms, giving it the flavor of“ Tula Arbat ”.

For more information on the results of the summer tourist season and plans for the winter season, please visit the Know Ours: Winter 19/20 webinar.

Winter in Tula!

From the article you will find out where in Tula to go skiing and snowboarding. Review of the best ski resorts in the Tula region.

Tula is one of the oldest cities in Russia. Great military battles of various eras took place here, great people were born who went down in the history of not only the Fatherland, but also the world. In the Tula region there are many memorable places in which echoes of the Middle Ages are heard. But today Tula is a modern city, traveling through which you can view almost the entire history of the development of this region. Fans of ancient culture and Ancient Rus will find it very interesting to stroll around the Tula Kremlin, the narrow streets of small county towns, visit museum houses in which the bohemian atmosphere of tsarist times reigns. Those who are interested in the military history of Russia will be happy to visit the places of military glory and go to the new military museum, which contains a variety of weapons: from the old to the most modern.

The "Compass" tour operator guarantees that the time spent on excursions in Tula will be eventful and interesting. After all, it is very difficult to navigate in such a huge number of monuments, museums and reserves. Our company with experienced guides will be able to guarantee an unforgettable experience from your holiday and organize a good-natured reception in Tula.

Museums and reserves

Kulikovo Pole

Anyone who was even slightly interested in the history of the Fatherland heard about the Battle of Kulikovo. It took place on the Kulikovo Field, which is located just near the city of Tula. Today the eponymous military-historical and natural museum-reserve is organized here. This is the largest museum of medieval battles. On the territory of the reserve you can see: the Church of the Virgin, the Alley of Memory and Unity, a monument to Dmitry Donskoy. Lovers of natural monuments will be able to admire the confluence of the Don and Nepryavda rivers. Regardless of interests, everyone can find here what they like.

Tula Kremlin

It's hard to imagine, but earlier the whole city was located within the walls of the Tula Kremlin. This is a monument not only to the defense of the city, but also to Russian architecture. Since the 16th century, since the foundation of the fortress, no enemy has been able to conquer it. On the territory of the Kremlin it will be interesting to visit the Holy Dormition and Epiphany Cathedrals, the Trading Rows built in the 19th century. In addition, you should definitely visit the Museum of Folk and Decorative and Applied Arts. It contains all the crafts for which Tula is famous, including samovars, gingerbread cookies, the Tula toy and so on.

Tula samovars

This is one of the most visited museums in the city. This is not strange, since it is the Tula samovars that are famous throughout Russia. The exhibition hall features unusual exhibits: from a 70-liter buffet water heater to the smallest samovar, which contains only three drops of water. There are over a hundred exhibits in total. The building of the museum itself, which was built in 1875 at the direction of Alexander II, is also of cultural interest. Its geographical location is also convenient, since the "Tula samovars" are within walking distance from the Tula Kremlin.

Tula Gingerbread Museum

This is one of the most famous sweets throughout Russia. Its long history began in the 17th century, but the doors of the exhibition were thrown open only in 1996. Therefore, "Tula Gingerbread" is one of the youngest, but at the same time favorite museums in the city. In the exhibition halls you can look at delicacies of various shapes and sizes. The largest 50-kilogram gingerbread is also stored here. Those who wish can taste local sweets with tea from a samovar. The museum has a shop where you can buy fresh Tula gingerbread.

The cottage-type settlement "Malakhovo" is located 11 km from Tula and is considered an ecological area. A ski resort is organized here. The article provides complete information about the Malakhovo base for better informing guests.

Infrastructure of the ski resort "Malakhovo"

On the territory of the ski complex "Malakhov" there are:

  • restaurants ;
  • cafe ;
  • lifts;
  • trails;
  • tubing slopes;
  • rental point.

In winter, various competitions in skiing and snowboarding are regularly held, which proves the fact of a well-thought-out organization of work and its popularity.

Trails and lifts

The Malakhovo resort has at its disposal 11 slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding, 2 of which are educational.

The length of the trails is on average 300 m, and the differences are insignificant, only 50-60 m. The longest trail in the Malakhovo resort has an average level of difficulty and a distance of 320 m.

For comparison, the differences in altitude at ski resorts in Europe can reach 1000 m. You can ride an inflatable sled (tubing). For this, 2 tracks were built on a separate tubing slope. The length of the tracks is 100-150 m.

On each slope there are plate-type drag lifts. This lift has round seats.

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