The best ski resorts in Europe: Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy

The best ski resorts in Europe: Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy


Trails and lifts

325 km of trails are located directly above Mezhevom. Skiing is carried out in three areas: Combloux, Jaillet and La Giettaz - Cordon, united in one zone Les Portes du Mont-Blanc with a total length of 325 km of slopes. Megève also includes the Evasion Mont-Blanc region (445 km of pistes): 43 green, 64 blue, 80 red, 34 black). Read in full »

325 km of slopes are located directly above Mezhevom. Skiing is carried out in three areas: Combloux, Jaillet and La Giettaz - Cordon, united in one zone Les Portes du Mont-Blanc with a total length of 325 km of slopes. Megève also includes the Evasion Mont-Blanc region (445 km of slopes): 43 green, 64 blue, 80 red, 34 black).

There are 63 tracks in total (18% green, 27% blue, 44% red and 11% black) with a height difference of only 900 meters.

  • Height difference - 1237 m;
  • Maximum height - 2525 m;
  • Lifts - 9 carriages, 28 chair lifts, 44 drag lifts, 6 travelators;
  • Cross-country skiing trails - 75 km;
Many of the slopes intersect with the slopes of the neighboring resorts of the valley, so during the skiing you can go to the more serious routes of the resort of Saint-Gervais - Mont d'Arbois and Montjou , on the slopes of Rochebrune and Cote-2000 or on the opposite slope of the valley - in Jello and Torrou.

How to get there

The nearest airports are Annecy, Chambery, Grenoble, Leon and Geneva.

SNCF trains run to the St Gervais les Bains/Le Fayet stop, which is 12 km from Megeve. Then take a bus or taxi.

Regular bus service to Sallanches and Geneva.

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General information

Mountain tourism in France

France has an incredible number of ski resorts. Everyone can find a place to their liking. The quality and variety of tracks, high level of service, divine beauty of nature - all these are the French Alps.

We offer to draw your attention to 6 ski resorts.


The resort is located in the heart of the Three Valleys complex. The town has preserved its traditional Savoyard atmosphere. At the same time, the quality of the tracks is of a high level, modern lifts work for comfortable movement. The total length of the tracks is 600 km. Tourists are waiting for 8 green and 36 blue trails for beginners, 23 red and 9 black trails are open for experienced guests of the resort. Meribel also has 2 snowboard parks, 2 Olympic tracks and the same number of slalom stadiums.

The peak season is in the second half of February. The season opens in early December and lasts until the end of April.

The most popular type of accommodation is apartments and chalets, which makes Méribel an excellent holiday destination for travelers with families. Inexpensive hostels and hotels are located in Les Allues and Brides les Bains. The resort has a free shuttle bus.

The distance from Geneva airport to Méribel is 182 kilometers. By car, the journey takes about 2 hours. There are three main routes. One of them runs along the shores of Lake Annecy towards Albertville to Moutiers and further to Méribel. If you want to take a closer look at the picturesque places of the French Alps, you can stop at Annecy. The shorter, and therefore the most demanded, route runs through the A41 highway. There are paid sections on the road.

Méribel can also be reached by bus and train.


The ski resorts of Courchevel are famous not only among winter lovers. Courchevel is part of the grandiose Three Valleys complex and is one of the most famous in the world. Everything in Courchevel is first class: pistes, hotels, food, après-ski, service.

Ski resort Megeve / Megeve. Information about the resort, weather, prices for ski passes, photos of trails, lifts, ratings and reviews of tourists. Accommodation and attractions

France is the most interesting country and it has the largest ski areas in the world and a large number of ski lifts. This country is considered the most visited in the world, because Paris is a sophisticated and fashionable city, and the Eiffel Tower is a world attraction. Many outdoor enthusiasts, including newlyweds, prefer a ski resort in France during their honeymoon.

Tourists are attracted by the hospitality and first-class service, when you can enjoy the diversity of the complexity of the tracks and the beauty of the landscapes. There are several dozen modern and the best ski resorts here, which are known to all skiers and snowboarders from all over the world.

Ski resorts in France are not just beautiful landscapes and steep mountains, they are more than four thousand different slopes that are suitable for both beginners and specialists and masters of skiing.

This is an indescribable sensation and immense pleasure for several thousand kilometers of specially prepared ski slopes.

In France, Mont Blanc is considered the highest mountain in the Alps, while the Three Valleys have become contenders for the title of the largest ski region in the world, and the Vanoise Express is the fastest and largest two-story cable car.

The ski resorts of France are considered to be the largest center for winter sports and recreation in the world. There are 380 ski stations and 3900 ski lifts, this is the largest area for skiing and snowboarding, and the largest selection of different slopes.

The highest peak in Western Europe is Mont Blanc, it is 4807 meters in height and at the same time, guaranteed snow and sunny weather, which lasts from December to May, are guaranteed to you. [box] The most popular resorts in France are Courchevel, Chamonix, Meribel, Megève, Les Dez Alpes, Val d'Isere, Tignes, La Plagne, Val Thorens - these are exactly the places where you can relax and enjoy the climate and landscapes. [/ box]


This is by far the most interesting and developing ski resort, because the mountain range stretches for 430 kilometers along the southwestern border between the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean Sea known to all.

This is considered the most picturesque region of the country, because the snowy mountains are replaced by green and dry foothills. The nature here is virgin and pure, so fans and tourists are attracted by the variety of recreation and small resort areas.

If you're a beginner and don't know how to snowboard and ski, then your best bet is to learn in more flat areas such as Massif Central. This is the best area for flat skiing, as well as for teaching snowboard and alpine skiing for beginners and children.

Haute Provence

Haute Provence is located in the southeast of France, it sparkles with a variety of landscapes and a wonderful combination of gorges and rocky and mountain ranges.

Ski resorts in France are considered one of the most modern not only in Europe, but throughout the world. The French Alps open up magnificent landscapes to tourists, and skiing on the equipped trails is breathtaking. Fans of downhill skiing, snowboarding, as well as bobsleigh and other types of winter sports come here.

All tracks are divided into categories, depending on the level of difficulty. Some of them will be the most comfortable for beginners, while others will appeal to professionals. Sports competitions are often held on the local tracks, and the Olympics have also been held here three times. 200 resorts are interconnected so that every traveler can find the perfect one for themselves.

Skiing on plains or steep slopes takes place on trails that are illuminated at night. Modern lifts and comfortable hotels with a high level of service await tourists in France.

French Alps ski season

In the mountainous region of France, the ski season begins in February. It is during this period of the year that the weather is clear here.

  • The first snow covers the mountain slopes in November. At this time, it falls from six to eighty centimeters of precipitation.
  • In December, mountain peaks (at an altitude of 1.5 km.) are covered with 90-120 cm of precipitation.
  • In January this figure reaches 140-200.
  • In February, the ground is covered with 160-240 centimeters of snow.
  • And from March to April the snow cover stays at the level of 140-220 cm.

There are also areas where the amount of snow can exceed four meters. Melting of precipitation begins in the second half of May.

Pricing Policy for French Ski Resorts

More than two hundred lifts and about 600 kilometers of marked trails await tourists in the Three Valleys region. Even a long stay at the resort does not involve repeating routes, which impresses professional skiers. To relax in the Val Thorens resort in a 3 * hotel, tourists will have to pay about 750 euros for one week, and accommodation in a four-star hotel will cost two hundred euros more.

Courchevel, the most famous French ski resort, offers accommodation in the most luxurious hotels. Also, elite restaurants and boutiques are open here. For a week of rest in a three-star hotel, tourists will spend about 700 euros, in a 4 * hotel - 1300 euros, and in a 5-star hotel - about 2150 euros, per person.

All famous and major ski resorts in Europe are located in the Alpine mountains. The highest point of the Alps is the Mont Blanc mountain peak 4.8 km above sea level.

These are the most explored and developed mountain areas on Earth, where the best ski resorts in Europe are built.

The Alps is an international center for mountaineering and skiing, attracting more than 50 million tourists a year

Mountains are located on the territory of eight states. But most of their territory belongs to Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy. Foothills occupy ⅔ of the area of ​​Switzerland and Austria.

The best mountain resorts and parks in Europe are built on the slopes of the Alps. Most of them are in Austria - 67, Switzerland - 32, France - 24 and Italy - 12. There are 131 ski parks in total!

View of the Alpine Mountains from a height of 10,000 m. There are 100+ peaks over 4000 m in height and about 1200 glaciers

From the article you will find out what the best ski resorts in Europe are in each of the countries, what they are known for, when to plan a trip, how to get there, how much tickets (ski passes) and hotel rooms cost.

The steepest slopes in Austria - Mayrhofen

Large resort area in the Zillertal valley. Come here from early December to late April for some snowboarding and skiing experiences. Here are the steepest descents in Austria, as well as the perfect balance of slopes in terms of difficulty. Main ski areas:

  • Ahorn - the upper slopes are gentle and wide (red, blue) for children from 9 years old, beginners and families with children. In the middle of the descent they are blue, at the foot of the mountain they are black with difficult stages.
  • Penken - beginners and intermediate athletes who are not afraid of speed. The slopes are steeper (more red) and not as wide. There is a playground at an altitude of 500-600 meters above sea level, where instructors teach children to ski and snowboard.
  • Vans Penken Park is a dedicated slope for experienced snowboarders, freestylers and hikers looking for more adrenaline. The slope is divided into 6 zones with obstacles of varying difficulty. They hold free photo shoots of people rolling on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There is a half-pipe (150 m) and a lot of jumps of varying difficulty.

A separate area - the year-round Hintertux glacier with slopes for the most experienced skiers and snowboarders

Harakiri is the steepest track in Mayrhofen and Austria. The angle of inclination is 78% on a segment of 300 m, the total length of the track is 1. km. This is a difficult descent. Its conquerors are offered to buy a souvenir T-shirt with the inscription “I survived Harakiri”.

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