The best ski resorts in Europe

The best ski resorts in Europe

For the Russian people, the countries of Eastern Europe are close not only in terms of geographic location. We are connected with these peoples by a long common history, language, traditions and culture. The mutual interest of both parties never dried up, which was primarily manifested in lively tourist contacts. The flows of Russian tourists to neighboring former "brotherly" countries have always occupied strong positions in inbound tourism to these countries. These were health-improving, excursion and sports programs. Currently, these programs have been added to ski tours.


Let's start our acquaintance with such a country as Bulgaria. One third of the territory of this country is occupied by mountains - the Balkan Mountains, Pirin, Rhodope and Rila. These mountains are home to many modern ski resorts, including Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo. Here you can have a great winter vacation with friends or with your family.

Bansko Resort. This is one of the newest ski resorts, which was recently discovered by lovers of winter holidays. The resort is located in the southwestern part of Bulgaria on the Pirin Mountains. It is a climatic mountain resort characterized by long winters and short summers. The snow cover here reaches two meters in thickness. The ski season starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-April. At an altitude of 1,100 to 2,500 meters above sea level, there are six tracks of varying difficulty, with a total length of 14 kilometers. The trails are served by lifts and funiculars and can transport about three thousand passengers within an hour. The number of guesthouses, hotels and private apartments is quite significant and can accommodate a large number of tourists.

Borovets resort. Borovets resort is located in a century-old pine forest on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level. This mountain resort is considered the largest and oldest winter ski resort in Bulgaria.

The ski season at the resort opens in November and ends at the end of May. The thickness of the snow cover is more than one and a half meters. The resort has all the conditions for various types of skiing. The stages of the World Cup in Alpine disciplines were held here twice. The resort has 15 ski slopes with a total length of 40 km at an altitude of 1350 to 2560 meters above sea level. All tracks are equipped with lifts and funiculars, which can serve more than 12 thousand passengers within one hour. The ski slopes are designed for skiers of various categories from beginners to high-class skiers. The ski school in Borovets is considered one of the most prestigious on the European continent.

Pamporovo resort. This resort is considered the sunniest of all Bulgarian ski resorts. It is located at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level in the very heart of the Rhodope Mountains at the foot of the Rhodope peak Snezhanka. The resort has created conditions for all categories of skiers. Winters are mild here with significant snowfalls, and the thickness of the snow cover reaches one and a half meters. The ski season begins in Pamporovo in mid-December and ends in mid-April.

There are eight tracks with a length of 17.5 kilometers on the territory of the resort. The tracks are equipped with cable cars and can serve 8.5 thousand passengers per hour.

Vitosha Resort. There is a small ski resort in the Aleko National Park. The tracks are located at an altitude of 1650-2290 meters. There are five downhill slopes, as well as a number of gentle slopes and a four-kilometer trail for beginners. The resort is located near Sofia, just thirty minutes away.


Europe is one of the most interesting and diverse continents in the world: the distances are short, travel is easy, in just a couple of hours you can get from one country to another, where the language, culture, landscape and food are completely different. Europe, with its rich historical past, nevertheless remains modern and is constantly changing. Tourists are rarely disappointed: some of the most iconic landmarks worth mentioning are the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Big Ben and the Kremlin. Cities such as Berlin, Madrid, Prague and Tallinn are equally attractive. Exploring the provincial cities of Europe, where life seems to have remained unchanged for centuries, is as exciting as visiting the metropolitan areas.

Discover Europe

In Europe, in a small area, there are many countries with open borders, there is an extensive transport network with continental passes Eurail, Inter Rail, Eurobus (which make travel easier). Accommodation can be found almost everywhere to suit your needs and budget. Determining exactly where Europe begins and ends is difficult. Traditionally, the border runs along the Ural Mountains in the east, along the Atlantic coast in the north and west, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south.

This article includes some other countries that are not all called European (in particular Turkey, Morocco and the British Isles), and excludes those that are not included in the main tourist routes (Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova). Below, in context and on the site as a whole, you will find descriptions of a variety of landscapes: from the alpine meadows of Switzerland to the Dutch canals, from the heathery Scottish highlands and green hills of England to the sandy beaches of the French Riviera and the deserts of southern Morocco.

In addition, the culture of European states is amazingly diverse - from sunny Catholic countries (where dinner is rarely complete without a bottle of good wine) to the colder and harsh lands of the Protestant north (where most of the beer is drunk and harsher customs ). Here are located the Orthodox countries of Russia and Serbia, as well as the Muslim states of Morocco and Turkey.

Even in countries where many people speak English, German, French or Spanish, there are enclaves that you don't even know existed - West Wales and Ireland, where people speak Celtic, the southeastern the valleys of Switzerland with Romansh (similar to ancient Latin); Northern Spain and Southwestern France with the Basques, whose language is different from all other languages. There are cities such as London - a metropolis where cultures of the whole world have mixed, Paris and Berlin are similar to it with their cosmopolitan appearance.

Politically, many European states have formed (almost all others want to join) the European Union, which, despite all its problems, indicates that Europe will continue to play a leading role in the world in the future. For tourists, integration makes it easier to move around the continent, and for those looking to drink a Guinness beer in Ireland, eat a Neapolitan pizza, go skiing in St. Moritz or sunbathe on the beaches of Saint Tropez, there are many opportunities to make your trip unforgettable. ...

When to go to Europe

The climate in Europe is diverse. In the northwestern part of Europe - in the Benelux countries, Denmark, in the southwestern part of Norway, almost throughout France, in some regions of Germany, as well as in the British Isles - the climate is temperate, when it rains often and there is no extreme heat or extreme cold. There is no bad time to travel in this part of Europe, although the winter months (November-March) are damp and humid, especially in higher elevations, while the summer (May-September) is likely to be dry and warm.

In Eastern Europe - to the right of the north-south axis drawn from the center of Germany to the western border of Bulgaria (including East Germany, Poland, central regions of Russia, the Baltic countries, southern Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Romania), the climate is more severe, with frosty winters and sultry summers. The best time to travel is in spring and autumn, while in the middle of winter, even if there is no high humidity typical of northwestern Europe, it is difficult to be here.

Probably, every person once in childhood tried to get up on skis and even moved several meters on them. For many, children's hobby has grown into a favorite pastime in adulthood. They cannot imagine life without a winter skiing trip in the forest.

Alpine skiing is a completely different matter. Not everyone will decide on such an active vacation. This is a special category of people who strive to conquer the snowy slopes. Here, special equipment is needed, and the place is suitable. That is why the question often arises: "Where to go skiing in Europe?" Experienced skiers already have their own resorts, where they gather annually with a company of like-minded people. It is on the basis of their feedback that the article presents a description of the best European ski resorts.

Rest at such resorts cannot be afforded by everyone. Here are the best trails, magnificent nature and unsurpassed service. Most resorts are located near cute European cities, where you can go on an excursion or another sale. Only the traveler who has been to both can appreciate the difference between budget and fashionable resorts.

Introducing the five most expensive and prestigious ski resorts. If a ski enthusiast has significant financial savings, he will be able to afford their snow-white snow and excellent slopes.

France, Courchevel

There are a large number of wealthy citizens in Russia, therefore Russian tourists, as well as residents of the CIS, are regular customers of this resort. The very name of the resort is associated with sheer luxury and wealth. In addition to the main activity - skiing, visitors can walk through the elite boutiques, of which there are a great many.

The cost of a weekly tour to Courchevel for one person is from 60 thousand rubles. Provided you stay in a three-star hotel.

If the first resort is a gathering place for Russian oligarchs, then the French and respectable Europeans prefer to come to Megeve. The popularity of the resort is explained by the presence of slopes of varying difficulty. For experienced skiers, there are slopes that are whiter than 2.5 thousand meters long. At an altitude of about 2 kilometers, there are coniferous forests that make the area even more beautiful. And the mountain air, filled with their aroma, becomes simply intoxicating. Megève is the best place for a family vacation. It is very quiet and peaceful here. The minimum prices for vacations are similar to Courchevel.

It seems that all the best resorts are collected in France. This is partly true. Chamonix has a special charm. This resort is the oldest in France and the most famous. A special historical fact - the 1924 Olympic Games were held here.

There are special ski trails, because they are located on Mont Blanc, which is a little over 4 thousand meters high. Therefore, Chamonix has the longest ski slopes in the world (over 20 kilometers). This is a particularly challenging 3,000 meter slope, it is almost vertical and requires a fair amount of dexterity and skill to overcome it.

This is the world's most popular ski resort. About 5 million tourists come here annually. A distinctive feature of the resort is a stable flat snow cover. And also the presence of trails of varying degrees of difficulty. You can go here with children who have never skied before. And you can visit experienced athletes who have seen more than one difficult track in their lives. Chamonix will find something to surprise them with. Indeed, due to the special geographical position, vacationers can conquer the slopes located not only in France, but also in Switzerland and Italy.

As with all French resorts, the season at this elite resort starts in December and ends in April.

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