The beauty of the mountains cannot be described in words ... Quotes and aphorisms about mountains

Funny poems about skiing: the best

Travel Poems

Dmitry Stepanov - Traveler

Coming Camo, dear friend? Sit down by the fire and light a cigarette. Do not waste your strength in the pitch darkness. Rest until dawn.

Don't be afraid, we are all human. You couldn't go further. Long was your path and difficult, Shake off the dust from your boots.

Get out a spoon, brother! The ear is already boiling! Wait a little more, and warm the giblets!

Saturates food belly, Blood warmed vigorous hops. I'll put it under my ear, A bed of fragrant herbs.

Above me is the vault of heaven, Beckoning with a scattering of lights. I am a simple traveler, unknown. The prodigal son of his land.

I've seen a lot of nice countries. Life, to envy - be quiet, but feed! Only Motherland is dearer, Nothing can be ...

Sergey Prilutsky - The fire is burning

The fire is burning, we are sitting around, The guitar is pouring a simple tune. Smoke flies to the sky And disappears above the ground.

Here, away from the hustle and bustle, That lives in any city, Let us breathe particles of beauty for Ourself for a whole year ahead.


God damn it

The rain on the roof is wet again. Puddles in the courtyards with mud It is clear that by the time of skiing It is too late to pick up ointments.

I'm waiting for summer to come, It'll be warm and dry again. Colorful took

Silver Bullet

Based on real events

On the hill, with my daughter, taking skis With a strange name - "Mini-Gnome", We are weaving. The wind splashes with snow, I drew the right thought,

In the flat part of the snowy hill, I give a ski master class. The daughter looks tenderly with delight. Suddenly - an insight: "This is my hour!

I'll show what dad can do. (After all, who is an example of courage?) Look, princess, docha-paw, What a gentleman should be! "

I get up on a hill that slopes downward, like a vertical. And daughters look with a dumb question: "Dad, don't you feel sorry for yourself?"

But I am a father and I am a man And from the steep downward I fly with an arrow I am thinking: "Is this not the reason that my daughter admired me ?!"

A selection of travel poems.

In life, a person feels like a hostage of haste and fuss. He constantly craves freedom and tries to find out if it exists at all. There is freedom, and it lives in the mountains. Mountains - this is the place where you can "soar in the clouds", you can admire them endlessly. Many famous philosophers and writers were not indifferent to the mountains, they specially came to the mountain slopes and admired the indescribable landscapes, they inspired them to work.

Many people spend a lot of time wondering where to spend their vacation. Most still prefer the sea coast, but in the end it turns out that after the rest they have to rest. Strange as it may seem, but it turns out that way, because in the seaside resorts there will be essentially the same bustle as in the megalopolises, with the only difference that the landscapes on the coast will be more beautiful, and the climate is cleaner. Whether it's a mountain ... A vacation in the mountains is an unforgettable time when you can enjoy true freedom and true beauty. Even in the most crowded mountain resorts, tourists do not interfere with each other and can really relax.

Mountains not only give a wonderful holiday, but also test human qualities. They test tourists for courage and endurance. The mountains are taught to achieve their goals. Standing at the foot of the mountain and looking at its top, it seems to a person that it is unrealistic to climb there, however, interest and perseverance help him to climb. Step by step, a person overcomes obstacles and conquers heights. Climbing the mountain, like nothing else, inspires new feats, gives confidence and charges with self-confidence.

Only mountains can be better than mountains ...

Statuses about mountains are given by those people who love them and have more than once conquered or dreamed of conquering mountain peaks. You can also set a status about overcoming obstacles and conquering the peaks of your goal:

Everything About Snowboards

Quotes about mountains!

I've collected my collection here: quotes about mountains, expressions, phrases and poems! There are a huge number of statements, and on this page neither about climbing, nor about courage, nor about the struggle of a person with the top, nor about challenges to his deep abilities and not about faith that can move mountains and not about love for the sake of which you can move mountains)) …. ut magically warming the soul about the splendor and beauty of mountain peaks! Your browser does not support the audio element.

"We are born, we suffer, we die, and the mountains stand unwavering." © Paulo Coelho

“What an open space! What a charming beauty in all these snow giants towering powerfully up to the sky! What a variety of colors and tones in these fabulous cliffs of an endless chain of mountains, lost somewhere far, far away. How deeply all this touches the soul and heart of a person! He is seized by such a feeling of delight, which is beyond human strength to describe. " © Sergey Kirov

"I look at the mountains, and the mountains look at me, And we look for a long time, not bothering each other." © Lee Bo



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