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TOP 7 ski resorts in Switzerland from the Alpine

The geography of ski resorts around the world is very extensive, but Switzerland remains one of the most popular destinations for skiing enthusiasts. It is almost impossible to imagine ski tourism without this country. It was this country that played a huge role in the popularization and distribution of winter sports throughout the world. After the Winter Olympics of 1928 were held in Switzerland (they were held in St. Moritz), recreation in the snowy mountains began to come into fashion.

More than half of the country is occupied by the Alps, so it is not surprising that such a relatively small area can accommodate 140 ski resorts, of which one third are the most popular resorts in the world. The most famous are Grindelwald, Villars, Champéry, Davos, Saas Fee, Cran Montana, St. Moritz, Zermatt. Zermatt, by the way, the southernmost ski resort in the country, is located on the Matterhorn mountain, which is about 4500 meters high. This resort is one of the ten most famous and best resorts in the world. There are more than a hundred hotels and more than a thousand apartments, which can accommodate 13,000 vacationers at a time.

Switzerland has a very high level of service, which works as smoothly and accurately as a Swiss watch. The hotels are very comfortable, the slopes are perfect, the lifts are modern, there are many of them, so there are practically no queues even during the peak season. The skiing season starts in November and lasts until April, in summer you can ski in Zermatt and Saas Fee. Absolutely all Swiss resorts provide training services and equipment rental is mandatory.

Cantons of Valais and Vaud. Valais canton is located in the south of the country, bordering France and Italy. It is one of the most popular skiing regions and in summer it is a charming region of alpine valleys covered with flowers. The canton was formed around the Rhone River, which flows into Lake Geneva. More than half of the canton are glaciers, there are fifty peaks, the height of which is more than four kilometers. The best ski resorts are Champery, Verbier, Crans Montana, Leukerbad and some others. The canton of Vaud is located in the west, it seems to bend around Lake Geneva, and the resorts continue the ridge of the Valais canton, so they can be conventionally combined into an integral ski resort.

The most famous resort in the world Zermatt is located in the north of Switzerland, it stretches on the slopes of the incredibly beautiful mountains of the Penin Alps. In other words, the most beautiful landscapes have become the reason for the popularity of Zermatt, but the tracks here are certainly excellent. Zermatt as well as Randa and Tesch are the three villages that make up this ski area. Slightly less than 400 kilometers of wonderful pistes, the highest point - almost 4000 meters - is Zermatt, which awaits guests for skiing all year round. For snowboarders, there is a great park with halfpipe, rails, kickers and jumps.

Champusen is a wonderful ski resort, which is located near the village of Val d'Hilliers, it is part of the Portes du Soleil region, the main part of which is located in France. It is quiet and peaceful here, there are no massive parties and bar festivities. The resort has 15 slopes of different levels, the height difference is 1700-2300 meters.

Many people know Champery. This resort is quite easy to get to, so those who do not want to climb too high come here. The resort has 160 kilometers of trails, 27 lifts, the highest point of the resort is 2300 meters. This resort can be recommended for both professionals and those who are just starting to get up on skis.

Verbier is a classic resort in the Alps and is considered by many to be one of the best resorts. The resort has 92 lifts and more than 400 kilometers of trails. This is not to say that this is a beginner's place, despite the fact that there are two dozen blue runs. The vertical drop is 1500-3300 meters. There are trails for those who prefer cross-country skiing, for snowboarders there is a snoopark, after skiing there is also something to do, you can have a great time at Le 71 Point Bar, Nelson Pub, Mont Fort Pub.

In the 60s of the last century, the resort of Crans-Montana was built. The difference in altitude in this resort is 1500-3000 meters, it offers a little less than 150 kilometers of trails and 27 lifts, and there are also freeride trails. The resort is the center of active social and nightlife, but it cannot be said that it is budget-friendly.

Nanda is a wonderful ski resort that includes several other resorts - Verbier, Vezonne, Thion, Savoler and others. It is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers. Due to the fact that the heights are quite impressive, you can ride here almost until May.

Saas-Fee is a very beautiful ski resort, it is located near Zermatt, there are excellent slopes for both beginners and professionals. For snowboarders, there are also amazing conditions here, there is a funpark with a halfpine. It is a fairly quiet resort, but there are still four nightclubs and a dozen bars.

Ski resorts in Switzerland

It so happened that I was lucky enough to go around almost all the popular ski resorts in Switzerland. Based on this experience, I have compiled my TOP 7 ski resorts in Switzerland.

The Swiss claim that they came up with the idea of ​​going down the mountain on two long boards. Austrians, French and Italians disagree with this statement! I will not take anyone's position in this age-old dispute, but simply note that Switzerland is really a Mecca for ski holidays.

They approached the comfort in the mountains with true Swiss meticulousness. In Switzerland, everything is thought out to the smallest detail! Starting from the marking of the tracks, and ending with the timetable of trains that deliver tourists from the slopes. The ski resorts in Switzerland are very diverse!

TOP - Swiss ski resorts from Alpine:


The pearl of ski Switzerland is, of course, Zermatt! An environmentally friendly resort, it is forbidden to travel by cars with gasoline engines! The machines are used only on electric traction. A very beautiful and cozy city with a huge and varied ski area. And the rocky Matterhorn tooth has long been used as a symbol of the whole of Switzerland. Excellent value for money.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is the most expensive and fashionable resort in Switzerland. For many wealthy and famous ski lovers, St. Moritz is the number 1 resort, not the more democratic Zermatt. Here is all the best! The most expensive and luxurious hotels. Michelin-starred restaurants. And at the same time, wonderful conditions for skiing! Perhaps only in St. Moritz you can find so many expensively dressed mountain-beachers and beautiful ladies in expensive heeled fur coats and with a dog. In expensive hotels in St. Moritz, there is a strict dress code.

Saas Fee

Another alpine resort, Saas-Fee, is located near Zermatt. Small and cozy Saas-Fee attracts with its beauty! The slopes located on the glacier will appeal to novice skiers. And for experienced riders, there are chic downhill opportunities.


Davos has another, unofficial name, "the city of flat roofs"! After all, once upon a time, it was famous as a resort for the treatment of pulmonary diseases. And on the roofs they put sunbeds for sun and air baths. And now, this is a wonderful ski resort with two large ski areas. It is customary in Davos to hold official meetings and forums. During these events, there may be no hotel rooms available.

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and Europe. The world wallet, whose banks are considered the most reliable, Switzerland harmoniously combines mountain alpine pastoral and cutting-edge technology.

  • SWITZERLAND VISA - with delivery.


Switzerland is one of the most memorable European countries. Unsurpassed mountain peaks and fresh alpine air turn an ordinary holiday into a fabulous and invigorating journey. The kingdom of harmony and reliability captivates with its splendor and incredible beauty.

Switzerland on the world map

The center of Europe is home to a state like Switzerland. The country's relief is predominantly mountainous, thanks to the local systems of the Jura Mountains and the Alps. And between them are the hilly plains of the Swiss plateau, which are dotted with various lakes of tectonic origin. The territory of this plateau is the most densely populated area of ​​the state and is located at an altitude of about 580 meters above sea level.

The Alps occupy not much, not a little, but half of the entire territory of the country. The snow-capped peaks of the Alps alternate with deep, dangerous gorges and ancient glaciers that cover more than 10 percent of Swiss land. Tourists and mountaineers alike make the Alps an excellent source of income for Switzerland. Among the many mountain peaks, the largest is Dufour Peak with a height of 4634 meters.

The capital of Switzerland is the majestic city of Bern.

Switzerland's northern neighbor is Germany, France to the west, Italy to the south, and Switzerland to the east has common borders with Astria and Liechtenstein. The official languages ​​of Switzerland are: German, French, Italian and Romance.

Although Switzerland has no outlet to the seas and oceans, it is rightfully considered rich in water resources, a kind of water storehouse. This is not surprising, since Alpine glaciers stand at the source of the rivers, and more than five percent of all fresh water in Europe is collected here, and the rivers Inn, Rhine and Rhone originate in Switzerland. Near the town of Schaffhausen flows the Rhine Falls, the largest in Europe, with a height of more than 23 meters.

In addition to hundreds of rivers and streams, there are about 1500 lakes in the country, the largest among them are: Constance and Geneva. No less famous lakes in Switzerland are also Neuchâtel and Lucerne.

Swiss Flag

A distinctive feature of the national flag of Switzerland is that it is not rectangular, but square. It is a red square panel with a white cross in the middle, each side of which is the same length as the others. In this case, the ends of the cross do not reach the borders of the canvas.

The ski resort of Verbier was created for true connoisseurs and craftsmen of skiing and snboarding, fans of extreme sports and thrills. Rest in such a resort will not be to the taste of people who prefer a calm and quiet rest, and the tracks of the resort town are not suitable for beginners in skiing on winter sports equipment.

General information

Verbier is considered the largest ski resort in Switzerland. It began as a place for tourists to rest at the beginning of the 20th century, but by the middle of the century the first ski lift appeared there. Within twenty years, the number of lifts in the valley reached what could lift 10,000 people per hour.

Today Verbier is a whole ski complex, which includes four valleys:

  • Bruzon;
  • Nenda;
  • Thyon;
  • Veyzon,

each of which is perfect for relaxation in its own way. The skiing height reaches from 1500 km to 3300 km. Therefore, an inexperienced lover of winter sports has nothing to do here, except to engage in entertainment, which the valley is very rich in.

During the day, the tops of the pistes, which are more than 410 km long, are illuminated by the sun, which makes skiing unforgettable. Climbing to the top of the mountains, and standing at their foot, magnificent landscapes stretch before your eyes, from the sight of which your head begins to spin. Perfectly cleared trails make skiing superb.

On the territory of the resort there are trails for people with different levels of preparation for skiing. And also for those wishing to learn how to skillfully hold on to skiing, Verbier offers training in a specialized school. There are special tracks for snowboarding enthusiasts.

  • snowmobiling,
  • horse riding.

In addition to everything, there are indoor and outdoor pools, skating rinks on the territory of the valleys, you can try yourself as a curlengist at the sites offered for tourists.

If you have doubts about whether to take your children with you on vacation, you can easily remove them from your head. Indeed, on the territory of the resort there are playgrounds, and for very small nurseries, to give parents a rest and spend time in a cheerful atmosphere.

Incendiary discos are held in the evenings for young people, for gourmets, there are about 20 gourmet restaurants.

The Swiss Alps have earned themselves worldwide fame for their unique beauty, genuine grandeur and first-class relaxation. Switzerland and the Alps are inseparable from each other, for which there is a reason: a good half of the territory of the Confederation (about 60%) is occupied by these majestic mountains. Moreover, the Swiss Confederation emerged as a union of three mountain cantons (Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden). T. at the dawn of its formation, Switzerland was an exclusively alpine country.

The Swiss Alps - a paradise for outdoor activities

Today, the Confederation is a true paradise for lovers of skiing and hiking. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Switzerland to conquer mountain slopes and peaks. And there are enough tracks - more than 62 thousand kilometers! But enough words ...

Within the framework of this gallery, we are pleased to present to you a collection of photographs depicting the wonderful world of the Swiss Alps. So, enjoy ...

Highest points

By the way, although the entire range of the Alps extends over the territory of 6 states (France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany and Slovenia), it is the Swiss Alps that are the highest:

  • Monte Rosa peak (4634 meters);
  • Dom peak (4545 meters);
  • Liskam (4527 meters); <
  • Weisshorn (4506 meters);
  • Matterhorn (4478 meters);
  • Finsterarhorn (4274 meters).

It is not surprising that mountain peaks have become the cradle of Swiss tourism. With the influx of British climbers back in the 1850s, the Confederation took up the tourism industry in earnest. As a result, a few years later, travelers could comfortably rest in eye-catching Swiss houses and hotels. Today the Swiss service has earned itself a worldwide reputation as a true standard of first-class service and "resort of the rich".

Territorial division of the Alps

In the Confederation among scientists, the question of how and into what constituent parts the Swiss Alps should be divided is still unresolved. Perhaps the most common (and at the same time generalized) classification is:

  • the Western Swiss Alps (in the cantons of Vaud and Friborg);
  • the Bernese Alps (in the canton of Bern). Three of the most famous local mountains - Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau;
  • Alps in Valais/Wallis;
  • Central Swiss Alps (in Schwyz, Lucerne, Glarus, Nidwalden and Obwalden) ;
  • Alps in the cantons of Graubünden and St. Gallen;
  • Alps in the canton of Ticino/Tessin.

Despite this scientific controversy, one opinion is unanimous - the mountainous landscapes of Switzerland are beautiful!

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