Sour springs in Karachay-Cherkessia (KCR)

Mountain tourism in karachay-cherkessia

Karachay-Cherkessia is a land in which plains almost immediately turn into mountains. The famous river Kuban originates from here, absorbing numerous mountain streams. Thousands of tourist groups and millions of holidaymakers come here every year to enjoy the beauty, test their strength and improve their health. The republic has all the possibilities to make sure that these people do not remain disappointed.

For active tourists, routes have been developed that pass through incredibly beautiful places. Numerous recreation centers and sanatoriums offer their services, giving visitors the opportunity to recover from long months of working days, using all the local advantages for this. The purest mountain air, which allows solar radiation to pass through better than on the sea coast. The majestic mountains covered with centuries-old forests evoke tranquility. The river water, unclouded by any industrial impurities, originates from high-mountainous snowfields and glaciers.

But apart from this, there is one more advantage in Karachay-Cherkessia - its mineral springs. They are a real storehouse of health and are currently being actively used. The waters of some of them, located closer to the resort centers, are bottled and sold through trade networks. The same springs, which are located in remote areas, have hiking trails and regular excursions.


Sour springs in Karachay-Cherkessia are located in the valley of the mountain river Lashtrak, for which they were given another name - Narzany Lashtrak. Only traders who passed the caravan route to Persia and back to the Black Sea along the Great Laba channel knew about the existence of these sources. However, apart from them and a few local residents, no one else knew about the Kislyi spring.

This source is a small pit on the side of a mountain located at the source of the river. The patch of bright orange color, tiny by the surrounding standards, accommodates 17 springs at once, from which springs of mineral water gush. Amazingly, each of the keys has its own composition, not repeated in any other source. Near each of them, on the stones, it is written in white paint what diseases this water helps against.

Sour springs are located 20 kilometers from the village of Phiya. This is successfully used by numerous tourists and people who want to experience the miraculous power of Lashtrak's narzans. This is helped by the fact that in the village of Phia itself and in a number of others located in relative proximity from here (Zagidan, Rozhkau), there are a sufficient number of tourist centers, rest houses and similar institutions offering their territories for visitors.

Anyone who knows how to get to the source area prepares a car with good cross-country ability. This is especially true of the road from Kurdzhinovo, which is more of a broken logging dirt road, stretching along the banks of the Bolshaya Laba. Another route: from Cherkessk to Phia can be reached by bus.


To the east of Cherkessk, near the Kuban reservoir, is the village of Kavkazsky. In historical terms, it is quite young - recently it turned 55 years from the date of its foundation. However, Kavkazsky was also noted for the presence of a thermal mineral spring. The hot mineral spring attracts vacationers and representatives of the tourism business to the village. So, for the greater convenience of visitors, a health complex "Pearl of the Caucasus" was built here, which began its work in the current 2016 year.

Pearl of the Caucasus

Sour springs in Karachay-Cherkessia (KCR)


Arkhyz is a vast mountainous region in the Western Caucasus. It stretches between the spurs of the Main Range. Its northern border is the Abishir-Akhuba ridge, from the west it is bounded by the Arkasar ridge, and from the east by the Uzhum ridge. The contour is completed by the Main Caucasian ridge, which rises in the south. Arkhyz is a mountainous country with fast rivers, clean lakes, snow-capped peaks and eternal glaciers. The all-season ski resort "Arkhyz" is located in these places.

Surrounded by mountains

The lands in the vicinity of today's Arkhyz have been inhabited since ancient times. Archaeologists claim that people lived here 4 thousand years ago. Alans left most of all material traces. They settled in the mountains more than 2 thousand years ago, built cities and temples. The modern village of Arkhyz appeared on the map in 1922. It was built on the banks of the Bolshoy Zelenchuk River. Now it is home to about 400 people.

Photo: Arkhyz is here

Sources of carbonated mineral water were discovered in the Arkhyz valley. This determined the fate of the resort town. Sanatoriums, boarding houses and camp sites appeared in the region. Then the Arkhyz water bottling plant was built. The area has become popular with climbers, lovers of mountain hiking and rafting on mountain rivers. The opening of the Arkhyz ski resort gave a new impetus to the development of tourism. The first season started in 2013. Currently, Arkhyz is considered one of the main tourist centers of the Caucasus.

Mountains protect the village from all sides, providing a comfortable microclimate. There are no strong winds here, and the air temperature is usually higher than outside the basin. Summer temperature averages +15 degrees, winter - minus 6 degrees. At the same time, snow falls at the end of October, and melts in April. The snow cover can be up to 2.5 meters thick. The climate provides ideal conditions for skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

Ski Paradise

In winter, there are eight tracks at Arkhyz. In the future, six more on the North Slope will be added to them. At present, the total length of the tracks is 24 kilometers. The longest reaches 4370 meters. The ski range includes "green", "blue", "red" and "black" slopes. This means that the conditions are suitable for skiers of all levels - from beginners to professionals. The slopes are divided into four ski areas.

Photo: Tourist village "Romantic"

Sour springs in Karachay-Cherkessia are located in the valley of the mountain river Lashtrak, for which they were given another name - Narzany Lashtrak.

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