Snowshoeing School

Jeep tour in mountainous Dagestan

Dear friends! In the new season we are opening the Snowshoeing School. This type of active recreation, which became popular in Europe many years ago, has now come to the Elbrus region.

Why snowshoeing?

Do you love mountains and go mountain trekking? You have a unique opportunity to extend the mountain season and embark on an unforgettable journey through the snow-capped mountains. Do you love the mountains in winter but don't ski?

You have a great opportunity to walk where there is a lot of snow, wildlife and silence. Are you eager to visit the mountains in winter, but do not have any equipment? You have a great opportunity to make your dream come true. You don't need anything special for snowshoeing! Even snowshoes, they will be available for rent! Snowshoes are more budgetary, do not require special shoes, and their rental will be cheaper than rental of skis and boots.

And finally, snowshoeing, in comparison with alpine skiing or skiing, does not require any special skills or special physical training, but it makes it possible to combine the payload on a very large muscle group with the pleasant contemplation of mountain peaks.

Our routes are adapted to different levels of participants' training.

All routes are divided into 3 categories in terms of difficulty: simple - "P" of medium difficulty - "C" difficult - "T"

Simple - "P" These are routes on not difficult terrain and have a duration of 2 to 4 hours. As a rule, close to settlements. (optimal for those who want to take a break from skiing or who come for the weekend).

Medium difficulty - "C". Routes on simple relief are long (4-6 hours), with inclined relief elements.

Difficult - "T" (Very difficult - "T *"). Long (6-9 hours), medium steep sections, steep terrain. Additional equipment is required: crampons, ice ax, rope, harness.

We offer exclusive tours to the most beautiful places:

Snowshoeing School

Mountainous Dagestan is an amazing place, a country of mountains and languages. And the Sulak canyon is its pearl. Such a beautiful place is worth seeing. The opportunity appears to look from a height at the beauty of the water surface, framed by mountain peaks. When you stand on the edge of an abyss, around a mountain and only the wind in your face - an indescribable feeling. Those who have not seen the Sulak canyon have not been to Dagestan. Without it, your trip to Dagestan can be considered unfinished. If there is a special spirit of Dagestan in the world, then he certainly lives in this beautiful place and enjoys the beautiful river and the majesty of the mountains. He looks at the world from an eagle's height and protects his creation!

Having swept all over mountainous Dagestan, we fell in love with this republic, where landscapes changed every half a meter. We believe that everyone should see this. We have laid out the most convenient and interesting route for you. The first point will be the Sulak canyon, we will stop by the village of Dubki and walk along the upper observation deck to admire the canyon from above and take cool photos on the rocks.

Day One


Many admire the "Grand Canyon" in the US state of Colorado. But few are aware that we have a canyon in Russia, which is even larger, and to see it with your own eyes you do not need to fly overseas, or even just leave the country. Incredible space around, the furious depth of the canyon itself and eagles soaring in the sky. In the distance, on the horizon, you can see the Chirkei reservoir. An observation deck is installed at the edge of the cliff. The height (depth) of the canyon is 1920 meters - almost 2 kilometers! This is more than the aforementioned Grand Canyon from the United States and is the 6th most important among all the canyons in the world. If you look closely, below you can see small settlements, the Sulak River meandering along the bottom of the canyon, and even tiny boats and boats sailing along this river.

Not far from the village of Dubki there is an equally picturesque place, one might say the basis of the entire Sulak canyon - the Chirkei reservoir. We will definitely stop by to take a couple of shots.

Chirkei reservoir

The Chirkei reservoir is the largest reservoir in the North Caucasus. It is located on the Sulak River. The date of foundation falls on 1974. During the creation, several nearby agricultural lands and settlements were flooded: the village of Chirkei and a special settlement for the builders of the Druzhba hydroelectric power station.

The Chirkei reservoir in Dagestan covers an area of ​​42.5 square kilometers. Its coastline is heavily indented, with canyons and caves in some places. Numerous bays and bays cut into low mountain formations. The reservoir is located in a narrow gorge of the Sulak River. Local picturesque landscapes vaguely resemble the fjords of Norway.

The day promises to be eventful and then we will drive towards the Gunibsky region, on the way we will pass through the longest tunnel in Russia - the Gimrinsky tunnel. The tunnel provides the shortest and most weather-independent transport connection for the construction of the Irganai hydroelectric power station, as well as 9 regions of mountainous Dagestan with the railway and the center of the republic. Length - 4303 m. The throughput of the Gimrinsky tunnel is 4 thousand vehicles per hour. The width of the carriageway is 7 meters, the height of the dimensions is 5 meters. We drove along it for exactly 6 minutes)

After the tunnel, picturesque mountain landscapes open up to us, from which breathtaking. A little further than the tunnel, we will drive up to the Gimrinskaya tower, with its heavy and bloody history, we will definitely go and plunge into the history of that time. To enter the territory of the tower, girls must put a scarf over their heads.

Gimrinskaya Tower

The Gimrinskaya Tower is a defensive tower in the village of Gimry, Untsukul District of the Republic of Dagestan. Built in the 19th century. One of the samples of the defensive structures of the highlanders of Dagestan, built for defense against the attacked enemy. It is believed that the tower witnesses the death of Gazi-Muhammad, the first imam of Dagestan.

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