Tours to Altai Mountains

Tour from - Gorny Altai: Geyser Lake, Chuisky tract

we invite you to make a fascinating # Autotravel to the pearl of Siberia - Gorny Altai.

? The cost of the Autotravel for one person will be: 10000r. - subject to early booking (no later than 30 days before the check-out date!) - for club card holders.

? Actual cost of the tour: 16000 rub.

? We will visit such interesting places as: ? Swan Lake, on which whooper swans winter en masse (they are listed in the Red Book of Altai Territory), and the lake itself does not freeze in winter from - for numerous springs. The water temperature does not drop below +4 degrees; ? Tourist complex "Manzherok". Those who wish will be able to climb the cable car to the top of Mount Malaya Sinyukha, where the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes that have opened and the feeling of belonging to something great, touch the Golden Baba (Altyn-Ai) - the idol of the patroness of all living things, the goddess of fertility and wealth; ? Bison reserve, a kind of "Siberian safari"; ? Blue lakes "Eyes of Katun", the color of which against the background of crystal white snow will enchant anyone. When frosts chained even the rebellious beauty Katun into ice, the quiet Blue Lakes do not freeze! Even in twenty-degree frost, the water temperature in them is kept at about 9 degrees. Those who wish can plunge into them and bask in the bathhouse next to them; ? "Dragon's Teeth", which are picturesque rocky islets in the form of pyramids, as if emerging from the Katun River. This entire rocky complex resembles a dragon's backbone; ? Seminsky pass; ? Mountain pass Chike-Taman (the height of the pass is 1295 m., Ascent/descent 4 km.); ? Monument to the builders of the Chuisky tract; ? Confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers; ? Monument to Kolka Snegirev and All drivers of the Chuysky tract; ? Shirlak waterfall or Maiden's tears; ? Geyser lake; ? We will walk along the market of the Chuysky tract near the holy spring "Arzhan-Suu" (a spring with life-giving spring water containing silver). Since ancient times, the source has been considered curative; ? "Monument to the Tourist".

The tour price includes: ? ️the road ? ? ️ Accommodation ? ? ️photo ? ? ️ Passenger insurance ? ‍ ? ‍ ? ‍ ? and luggage ?!

The tour price DOES NOT INCLUDE: ? Food ? ? Admission fees ?/environmental fees (where applicable).

? Departure from Seversk from the shopping center "Marmelait" at 21. 0 from Tomsk from the shopping center "Volna", Mira Ave., 48/3, at 21. 0. ?? ?? We return home at approximately 23. 0.

Group formation is open! ?

Detailed information by phone ?: 89039553585 WhatsApp 8 (3822) 223585 Evgeniy.

Spring Altai from March to March

we invite you to make a fascinating # Autotravel to the pearl of Siberia - Gorny Altai.

? The cost of the Autotravel for one person will be: 10000r. - subject to early booking (no later than 30 days before the check-out date!) - for club card holders.

Tours to Altai Mountains

For those who ride!

Winter tours in Gorny Altai, Sheregesh, Luzhba

Ski touring in Luzhba! Freeride week surrounded by picturesque mountains, fabulous cedars, far from civilization. We will walk and ride on untouched virgin soil in a friendly company of freeriders under the guidance of an experienced guide.

I HAVE a dream to ride in the BIG mountains. Do you like Mountains and Virgin SNOW? Do you ski/board confidently? But YOU lacked company? You got to the right place!

May holidays in Altai! Climbing peak Irbistu in ski-mountaineering format.

In winter 2020/21, the Altai-Pokhod team will organize weekend trips in the vicinity of Belokurikha for one day! We walk in snowshoes and ride on untouched slopes!

Mountaineering climbing the highest peaks of Gorny Altai

Signature route Altai-Hike. U to the top of Chenel (3888 m). An excellent alternative to climbing Belukha, the mountain is located in a remote area of ​​Gorny Altai, so there are practically no tourists there.

Altai-Pokhod offers to make a classic ascent to the western summit of Elbrus 5642 meters!

Mount Aktru is one of the four-thousanders of the Altai Mountains (4044 m). Climbing to the top includes gradual acclimatization in the Aktru gorge and training in mountaineering techniques.

The dome is a relatively uncomplicated peak located in the Aktru gorge. Recommended for beginners looking to get started in mountaineering.

Climbing categorical peaks 1B Suvorov and Geodezicheskaya peak 2A of complexity category on the Severo-Chuysky ridge

Rest in Gorny Altai. Gorny Altai is one of the most attractive territories for tourists, on which there are five UNESCO World Heritage Sites

caves, 2 ski resorts, snow-capped mountains and rivers

from January 18 to March 7, 2021

caves, river rafting, 25 excursions

April 4 to August 1, 2021

swimming, dog sledding, excursions

from October 31, 2020 to March 5, 2021

halotherapy, reindeer feeding + excursions

from October 18, 2020 to April 25, 2021

food, accommodation, 15 excursions, motorafting

Caves, waterfalls, tasting of national food, rafting

April 4 to May 22, 2021

Altai is a popular tourist area for those who prefer active recreation and enjoy spending time in nature. Both in winter and in summer, a large number of active travelers go on tours to Altai from Moscow. This region is included in the list of the leading ecotourism centers in our country.

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