Ski tourism in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Ski resorts in Ukraine

An old eastern proverb says: "He who has not seen Istanbul has not seen anything." But about the Carpathians, we can say the following - if you have not been to the Carpathians at least once, he is not a skier at all. Of course, you can also visit the comfortable resorts of Austria or some other European resort, but at least once ironing the slopes of the Carpathians is sacred. But let's approach this issue from the other side. How much will such a vacation cost for downhill ski lovers?

Bukovel is very expensive!

Bukovel pleases ski lovers with its earliest snow cover. Snow has fallen and is already on the mountain slopes. Of course, it's too early to ski, but you can already prepare them for the beginning of the season and plan your trip to the mountains. But to the great regret of alpine skiing fans, according to the latest data, the price of rest in the Carpathians has grown by an average of 10-15%. The reasons for this rise in price are obvious - gasoline prices have risen, the cost of utility bills has increased.

Today Bukovel remains the most expensive ski resort in the Carpathians. So a double junior suite in December cost 1240 hryvnia. But already in January the same number will cost 2150 hryvnia. And on New Year's and Christmas this figure grows pretty decently - up to 7250 hryvnia. Prices are high here not only in hotels. So for one lift on a drag lift or cable car will cost you 12 hryvnia, and on a weekend or a holiday the price will be in the range of 14-15 hryvnia. Ski rental, depending on the model, costs from 55 to 220 hryvnia on ordinary days, and, accordingly, from 80 to 330 for the New Year holidays.

Bukovel has one solid advantage. There are three mountains with different slopes - for beginners, experienced skiers and professional athletes. For the little ones and beginners, a ski school is constantly working here, with a staff of experienced teachers and instructors. For classes on an individual schedule, you will have to pay 120 UAH. in one hour. In a group it is a little cheaper - from 65 to 90 UAH.

The slopes are very carefully looked after here. They are leveled every day, and when there is not enough snow, snow cannons are used. From the beginning of December, the real ski season begins in Bukovel.

Slavske is cheaper, but there are a lot of people

Another rather popular resort in the Carpathians - Slavskoe - cannot be ignored. The prices here are much more democratic than in Bukovel, and this is probably why there are many more ski lovers here.

There are many different ski slopes in Slavske. Here you can find both gentle and steep slopes, where you can always meet crazy snowboarders and skiers. Prices in the private sector are on average from 100 to 150 hryvnia per person per day. Private hotels can also be found here. Prices in such establishments range from 60 to 80 UAH per day in a 3-4 bed room with amenities in the corridor. A standard room with conveniences will cost you 120-150 UAH, while a suite will cost you 140-290 UAH. On New Year's and Christmas, prices increase accordingly and fluctuate in the range from 200 to 500 UAH per day per person.

The price for one lift on a drag lift will cost you 5-6 UAH, and for a chairlift 8-10 UAH. For ski rental you will have to pay from 40 to 60 UAH. In the private sector, rest for one day with two meals a day costs 90-100 hryvnia, and for New Year and Christmas - 160-200 hryvnia. There are quite a lot of people in Slavskoe during school holidays and New Year's holidays, it so happens that the mountain is not crowded.

Silence in former Soviet resorts

Dragobrat is one of the most beautiful ski resorts. It differs from other resorts in some special wild beauty of nature. Descending from the mountain, you immediately find yourself in the forest and then for a long time you can descend among the maze of trees. A very beautiful view of the highest mountain in Ukraine - Hoverla opens from here. There are not many visitors here and the prices here are low, and most importantly, it is very good to have a rest here with children. The slopes are gentle and easy to learn to ride. In addition, there are no crazy skiers who fly past you like arrows. And there are also springs with mineral water.

The average price for accommodation in this resort will cost you from 50 to 100 UAH per day. The cost of lifting on the ski lift is 4-5 hryvnia.

Ski tourism in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Royal Trip> Carpathians> Highest mountains in the Carpathians

There are six mountains of two thousand meters in the Ukrainian Carpathians, each of which is located on the Montenegrin ridge. This is the most popular mountain range in Ukraine, and, as you might have guessed, the highest mountain in the Carpathians, Hoverla, is also located there. All these peaks are very interesting and worthy of being conquered by lovers of trekking and simply hiking in picturesque places.

To begin with, I would like to note that the height of the mountains in different sources is different. For example, on the peaks themselves there are plates on which one height is indicated, and on "Wikipedia" - another. I used the data from the wiki because I think the information there may be newer and more accurate.

The most famous, highest, most visited mountain in the Ukrainian Carpathians. From it you can see the entire Montenegrin ridge, and if you're lucky, even the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. There are a lot of people here during the hiking seasons. On weekends, there is almost a queue for the rise, so if you want to climb there and enjoy the peace and quiet, choose a different time. One of the largest Carpathian rivers Prut originates here. Naturally, many different legends and stories were written about the highest mountain in the Carpathians (read more at the link).

You can climb the mountain from the Zaroslyak or Kozmeshik bases, or by traversing along the ridge from Petros or Brebeneskul. The easiest climb from the Zaroslyak base is considered, even an unprepared person can go along this route without much effort.

The nearest large settlements: Rakhiv, Yasinya and Vorokhta.

Nearest settlements: with. Bistrets.

Don't be confused, there is another popular mountain called Pop-Ivan, only it is located on the Marmaros mountain range. Montenegrin Pop Ivan is one of the most popular points of the ridge, from which hiking and traverse most often begin. This is due to the fact that at the top there is an old destroyed observatory called "White Elephant". If you look at the mountain from afar, then it resembles a priest in a cassock, so they called her that. The older name is "Black Mountain". Then it was believed that this is the highest point of the ridge, because of it the whole ridge was nicknamed Montenegrin.

Nearest settlements: with. Dzembronya.

Probably the most popular mountain in the Carpathians after Hoverla. Many consider it their duty to conquer Petros and Goverla in one campaign. It is located between the peaks of Sheshul and Hoverla. Its name comes from the Romanesque word for stone. A popular ski resort is located on the southern slopes. It is considered a very dangerous mountain in bad weather, lightning often falls here and a strong wind almost always blows, destroying all buildings ever erected on the mountain. An interesting fact is that there are three more mountains with the same name in the Carpathians.

The nearest settlements: Yasinya, c. Kvass and c. Lazeshchina.

An article about ski tourism on the territory of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

World tourism trends are actively spreading throughout the territory of our country. One of them is ecological tourism. The main place of "pilgrimage" for eco-travelers is the Carpathian Mountains. Thousands of guests from all over the world fly in to enjoy the majestic scenery. And for good reason.

"Green" tourism in the Carpathians is a promising direction for everyone who loves solitude, tranquility of nature. What are the main features of these eco-trips? Why do people prefer a quiet eco-style vacation over a classic beach one?

What is eco-tourism?

Eco- or green tourism is not just a kind of recreation, but a kind of philosophy. Its essence lies in tours to the most beautiful places during the growing season of the flora. This allows you to see the widest variety of flora in a particular region. Aesthetic contemplation is considered a form of education. Many people take these trips with their children to instill in them a responsible attitude towards the environment.

Ecological tourism is:

  • eco-tours in protected areas, where there is no human influence, industrial facilities;
  • relaxation in pristine nature or in areas as far away from civilization as possible; <
  • a chance to feel like a part of a blue planet, a giant ecosystem with its own laws;
  • mastering the science of collecting medicinal plants, wild berries, mushrooms;
  • contemplation of the true beauty of the Earth.

Guests of the region, together with local residents, collect blueberries, raspberries, lingonberries. After that, jam or wine is prepared from them. Also, a tourist can master the basics of tea art. He finds the necessary flowers on the peaks and slopes, dries them correctly, prepares tea for the winter.

Eco-tourism in the Carpathians: reasons for popularity, development features

These places are home to many untouched natural objects, atmospheric villages, amazing vegetation. There are more rare animals here than anywhere else. Other factors contribute to the development of the direction:

  • numerous mineral springs;
  • thermal waters;
  • a large number of berries, mushrooms, medicinal herbs;
  • reserves, closed zones, parks;
  • concentration of low ridges and a special mild climate;
  • traditional Hutsul architecture, which uses only eco-materials;
  • the proximity of Europe.

Green tourism of the Carpathians is a combination of a unique Ukrainian ecosystem with a Hutsul flavor. Travelers get acquainted with pagan traditions living in legends, myths and beliefs. The difference between the Carpathian eco-tours is a magical, even sacred component.

The best locations for an eco-trip in Ukraine

We offer you a selection of wonderful places to stay in the Carpathians. All of them are top class ski resorts in Ukraine.

Ski resorts of Ukraine

Bukovel - a ski resort in Ukraine

For Ukrainians and guests from other countries, the name "Bukovel" has already become a synonym for quality. Now this ski resort allows you to enjoy skiing in the Carpathians in full. Bukovel is located between three high mountains - in fact, Bukovel, Dovga and Chornaya Kleva. Although the snow melts in this area quite quickly, the high technical level of the resort allows skiing between December and April. The versatile snow cannons and trail straighteners maintain high quality descents even in spring.

There are 62 slopes in Bukovel, the total length of which is 50 kilometers. All tracks are divided into three types, depending on the difficulty. The simplest ones are marked in blue, the middle ones in red, and the professional slopes in black. This allows both inexperienced skiers and their more professional colleagues to relax here.

The prices here are not cheap. Everything is more expensive in the resort than in less popular places, by 20-30%.

Lifts and slopes

Various slopes stretch for 50 kilometers. There are 16 lifts here, which operate with 62 slopes. Prices for the rise vary from 120 hryvnia (one time) to 7845 hryvnia (subscription for 10 days). The daily package costs 1120 hryvnia.

Ski rental costs 75-390 hryvnia, and a snowboard - 120-220 hryvnia (the price depends on the level of equipment).

Rooms and food

Prices for rooms and cottages vary depending on conditions. So, the simplest double room costs 265 hryvnia/day. The suite can be rented from 700 hryvnia/day, but the chalet will cost at least 2500 hryvnia/day.

Food in Bukovel is not a problem. There are many different establishments here that will suit different categories of guests. For those wishing to relax, expensive restaurants work luxuriously, and for more budget tourists, there is a dumplings (a portion of dumplings - 15 hryvnia/100 grams) and a tavern.

For those who are still planning their "upcoming" vacation, we have prepared an unforgettable TOP-5 walking routes in the Carpathians! Stock up on gear, read our recommendations, and feel free to hike!

Polonyna Borzhava

The mountain range on the Poloninsky Ridge in the Ukrainian Carpathians is considered the warmest place, because it is located only 3 hours from Lviv. The mountains in Borzhava are stunningly picturesque, and nature is fragrant with freshness. Hiking trails start from the village of Volovets.

The mountain range can be easily conquered within two days, with an overnight stay. If you cannot afford such a temporary luxury, then feel free to get on the bike and do it in a day!


Chornohora - the highest mountain range in the Carpathians

This is the homeland of the highest peaks of Ukraine, and crystal clear lakes. You can easily get here from Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv.

Traditionally, travelers choose two starting points as a start: either from Hoverla (the highest mountain in Ukraine at 2061 m), or from Pop Ivan, also known as Black Mountain (2021 m). On the territory of Montenegro, the weather is very unpredictable: either rain or sun, but this should not scare you! The hike to Chornohora will take no more than three days, if you also want to go to Hoverla and Pop-Ivan.

Marmaros or "Hutsul Alps"

The Hutsul Alps are located at the farthest point of the Carpathian Mountains. The most prominent part is located within the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, near the Romanian border.

The mountain range is constantly shrouded in sunlight, the sharp rocky peaks are fully visible even from afar. To get here, you need to obtain permission from the Ukrainian border guards at least a week before the trip. The area is famous for its wildlife and good air for health and respiratory tract!

Most of the routes start from the villages of Bogdan or Delovoe, as well as not far from the city of Rakhiv, in the Transcarpathian region. The surroundings can be bypassed and explored in two days, taking into account the halts and overnight stays. It is better to take food and water with you, because the area is rich in wild vegetation and herbs.

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