Ski resorts of Ukraine: popular skiing spots in different regions of the country

Mountain tourism


Mountain tourism is a type of tourism in which a group of people travels through the highlands only with the help of muscular strength. Highlands are understood as peaks, the height of which is more than three thousand meters. Due to the fact that the height of Hoverla (the highest mountain peak in Ukraine) is 2,600 meters above sea level, there is officially no mountain tourism in Ukraine.

In fact, mountain hiking in Ukraine is called hiking in the Crimea and the Carpathians. It's just that those tourists who have trained enough, traveling through the mountains of Crimea and the Carpathians, decide to try their hand at climbing Kazbek, Layla, Elbrus and other, fairly high peaks. However, for many tourists who enjoy the process, and not the result, it is enough to travel to the Crimea mountains, which in themselves are charming, beautiful and full of amazing places of Power. The same can be said about the Carpathians. Moreover, recently in the schedule of the Club "Unknown World" there were hikes along the Lycian Trail, the mountains on which also cannot boast of high mountain peaks, but are rich in beautiful views, exotic fruits and various natural wonders, such as a plane tree, which is more than two thousand years old.

Although the elements of rock climbing are used in mountain tourism, the main essence of mountain hikes is overcoming passes and climbing peaks on foot. Therefore, mountain tourism should not be confused with mountaineering. On difficult mountain hikes, you may need ice axes, belay ropes, harnesses and carabiners. Also, all tourists who went on a mountain hike take trekking poles with them, an article about which you can read here.

In addition to special equipment, a mountain tourist will need a "big three": a sleeping bag, a tent, a backpack. Naturally, the quality of the equipment should correspond to the level of the hike, and to conquer the peak, which is more than three thousand meters high, you will need a warm winter sleeping bag and a tent that is resistant to wind and precipitation. Also, much attention is paid to shoes and clothing, however, this issue is a topic for a separate article. It is also important to note that all or almost all of the equipment used for mountain trekking by experienced hikers is the product of well-known travel brands.

Hikes with the "Unknown World" Club are not categorical, since even the most difficult routes of the Club in terms of mileage for the number of days do not meet the requirements of the first category. At the same time, in order for the route to receive the right to be called a mountain hike of the first category, it is not enough to walk a hundred kilometers in six days, you also need to overcome two passes of difficulty 1A. Below we provide a table for calculating the categories of hikes, depending on the mileage, the duration of the route and the presence of categorical passes and peaks in it.

A distinction should be made between "mountain tourism" and "outdoor activities in the mountains." Outwardly similar, both of these activities differ in the most important thing - the essence of what is happening. Mountain tourists are athletes who want to set another record. And people who choose an active vacation in the mountains, as a rule, just want to be in nature, visit interesting places and get rid of the influence of the harmful factors of the city.

Mountain tourism

Tourism in the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

In the 1990s, after measures were taken to eliminate the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the level of radiation in the area of ​​the station and in the adjacent territories significantly decreased, the Chernobyl exclusion zone became a popular object of visiting: as legal excursions and illegal penetrations. Creation of the state agency "Chernobylinterinform", a UN report of 2002, according to which it was now possible to stay in most places of the exclusion zone without much harm.

Honored Worker of Tourism of Ukraine

Honored Tourism Worker of Ukraine - State Award of Ukraine - an honorary title awarded by the President of Ukraine in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On State Awards of Ukraine".

Sex tourism in Ukraine

Sex tourism in Ukraine is represented mainly as an illegal industry from online services, agencies and sex workers providing commercial services to foreigners visiting the country. Sex tourism was boosted by the abolition of the visa regime for Europeans in 2005, which led to an increase in visitors from 8 million in 2004 to 23 million in 2009.

ⓘ Tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with developed tourism, which, according to the State Statistics Service, was visited by 14 in 2017. millions of foreigners, primarily from Russia, Moldova, Belarus, neighboring countries of Eastern Europe, as well as the United States, Uzbekistan and Israel, but 90% of them enter on personal matters, namely, only 6% of those who enter the country declare tourism purposes - mainly from Russia, Poland, Belarus, Germany, USA and other developed countries.

After the change of power and the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014, tourism to Ukraine has dropped sharply, according to the State Statistics Service, by 93%. In total, 12 million people visited Ukraine in 2015, including one-day visits, of which only 15 thousand people were for tourism purposes.

The sphere of tourist interests in Ukraine includes both active recreation and sports tourism, such as rock climbing and skiing, and travel for educational purposes, where the object of knowledge is the rich archaeological and religious history of the country, its culture and nature. In particular, there are such UNESCO World Heritage Sites as the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and St. Sophia Cathedral, as well as the medieval center of Lviv.


By 1914, tourism in Ukraine was not widespread. The first experiments belonged to a student excursion in 1876 to the Crimea under the guidance of a professor at Novorossiysk University M. Golovinsky; the travels of high school students in Galicia in the 1880s included reports, concerts, and the like; a participant in them was Ivan Franko, who wrote the poem "The sun in the sky in a circle" for travelers), the founding of the Circle of lovers of nature, mountain sports and the Crimean mountains in the 1880s in Yalta, the Crimean mountain club in the 1890s. The Russian Society of Tourists and the Polish Society of Local Lore, and in Galicia - the Polish Society of Tatrzanska, showed wide activity on the Right Bank. In the same place, in the 1900s, the Sokol society showed active tourism activities, which established a tourism section under the leadership of K. Gutkovsky and a bicycle section under the leadership of J. Vintskovsky.

Intensive tourist traffic began to spread from the 1920s. In 1924 in Lviv was founded the local history society "Play" with branches in other cities, which arranged walks in Lvov, the Carpathians on Mount Plisce "Play" had its own tourist station and other localities.

Ski resorts in Ukraine attract tourists with their accessibility. In addition, they boast a well-developed sports infrastructure.

All Ukrainian ski centers are located near the Carpathians. Although from the administrative point of view, these are different regions (Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian), which differ from each other both culturally and in the development of tourist infrastructure.

Ski resorts in Transcarpathia

In Transcarpathia there are mainly old ski resorts. All the necessary infrastructure is well developed here, there are tracks of varying degrees of difficulty, modern lifts are working.

Resorts can compete with European ones. Moreover, the prices in Transcarpathia are lower.


Dragobrat is an interesting resort in its own way. But getting to it is difficult. Most tourists come here through Kiev or Minsk, as an option, through the nearest large city - Ivano-Frankivsk. There is an airport in the city, but it does not accept flights from Russia. The most convenient option is to travel from Kiev by train, and from Minsk - by bus.

Dragobrat consists of 4 ski slopes, 3 of which are of the "red" degree of difficulty. Their total length is 10 km. The main lifts of Dragobrat are located on Mount Stog, since here is the longest track of the same name, the length of which is 1300 m.

Freeride tours are organized on Dragobrat. With the help of a snowcat, snowboarders and skiers are transported to the upper slopes, which makes it possible to increase the length up to 3000 m.

For extreme lovers, there is another option - a helicopter will take them to the highest points of the mountains, where virgin snow lies. The length of the descent will be 5 km.


The resort is located at the Polonina Borzhava mountain range with picturesque landscapes. This is one of the ecologically cleanest regions in Europe. Directly the village of Pylypets is located at an altitude of 700 m above sea level, at the foot of the Zhid-Magura and Gimba mountains.

There is also a ski resort with a total length of 20 km of slopes. Moreover, slopes of various difficulty levels are arranged, on which unofficial jibing and freeride competitions are held.

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