Ski resorts of the Volga region: rest in the winter of 2021

Spin-Sport Ski Complex

Spin-Sport Ski Complex is one of the most popular holiday destinations for residents of Togliatti and neighboring regions. The sports park in a picturesque green area offers excellent relaxation for all tastes. Both in winter and in summer, a rich program and vivid impressions await guests.

General information

Beginners will be taught skiing and snowboarding. Equipment and equipment are provided for use. Guests of the sports center can ride snowmobiles and cheesecakes.

How to get there

Many residents of the Volga region have a rest at this ski resort, not only because of the good skiing conditions. Convenient location is one of the advantages of the popular Spin-Sport sports complex.

An active recreation center is located within the city on the left bank of the Kuibyshev reservoir. The river port and the Central Bus Station are about five kilometers away, and about ten kilometers to the Zhigulevskoye Sea railway station. The road from Kurumoch Airport to the sports center will take 40-50 minutes.

From different districts of Togliatti, it is easy to get to the ski center by public transport.

Choose a suitable route:

  • from Komsomolsky district - route taxi number 102;
  • from Centralny - trolleybus number 1, route taxi number 91 and 112, bus number 1 and 11; <
  • from the Avtozavodsky district there is a minibus No. 91, 102, 112.

Address of the Spin-Sport sports park: Samara region, Togliatti, Portposyolok, Komsomolskoe shosse, 28.

Ski season

The ski season starts in mid-December and lasts until the end of March. The use of special snow-sealing equipment allows keeping the tracks in good condition even at the end of the season.

Additional services

Spin-Sport Ski Complex

Club Day is a gathering of all enthusiasts, travelers, experienced and beginners, to plan and discuss future hikes, advice on equipment. render completely.

Lectures are given by the master of sports in tourism, instructor of mountain and ski tourism, well-known specialist and designer of tourist equipment, lifeguard and writer Vladimir Viktorovich Geller. We also invite other experienced lecturers. Information about lecturers and lecture announcements are always on the community wall.

Free admission Tea and cookies included)

Meetings are held at the address: st. Marshal Zhukova, 8 For all questions call: 50-60-05

12 February 19 00 We resume the cycle of lectures on the selection of equipment!

Topic "MERINOS WOOL LINGERIE. Panacea or profanity?" We will find out what functions are required from materials used for sewing thermal underwear, and which fabrics have these functions, and which ones only dream about. Learn about fabric thickness, thread weaving, fiber production. I wonder why someone goes to thermal underwear from morning to evening, and someone tried it once and was disappointed for life? And how to choose the one that is universal and ideal? Come, we'll tell you everything! For a preliminary acquaintance with the topic, we recommend a fresh article about merino wool: vk. om/@ shtoorm-termobele-iz-shersti-merinosov-panace ..

The lecture will be delivered by the master of sports in tourism, instructor of mountain and ski tourism, well-known specialist and designer of tourist equipment, lifeguard and writer Vladimir Viktorovich Geller.

Free! Tea and cookies included.

The meeting will take place at st. Marshal Zhukov, 8. February 2, Monday, 7:00 pm For all questions call: 50-60-05 vk. om/@ shtoorm-termobele-iz-shersti-merinosov-panace ..

On February 15, the famous traveler and writer Anton KROTOV, the author of 59 books, who has visited all regions of Russia and 130 foreign countries, will again appear in TOGLIATTI. This time he will talk about the countries of West Africa, which he explored in the winter of 2019-2020 to fully render.

Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Niger, Chad. By hitchhiking, on local buses and minibuses, and sometimes on foot, A. rotov penetrated into the most remote corners of West Africa. He will talk about people, mosques, transport, food, water, visas, policemen, security, and the peculiarities of these countries. He will show his photographs, books, answer questions.

Anton Krotov is a traveler, writer, author of 59 books, founder of the Moscow Academy of Free Travel, creator of the Forest Sober Gathering of Free Travelers, inventor of the "Home for All" project (since 2006), has been actively traveling since 1991.

Anton will share his experience of traveling to different countries, show his photographs and books, explain the theory and practice of free (independent and cheap) travel.

Let's get to know the Spin-Sport ski complex - the best place for a family vacation in Togliatti. There are excellent conditions for ski fans.

Alpine skiing has been popular for many years. And recently it has been gaining an increasing number of adherents around the world. Someone prefers to go for extreme sensations in distant countries. After all, the reputation of the Swiss, Austrian and French resorts is known even to those who do not know how to ski at all.

But you don't have to go to distant countries to get the most out of downhill skiing. There are many great places in Russia. One of these is the ski resorts of the Volga region. Rest on them in the winter of 2021 will bring a huge amount of positive emotions and will not be as burdensome for the family budget as a flight to the Alps.

About what resorts the Volga region has, what services and services are present there, we will tell you in detail in this article.

The Volga region - where is it?

The name of the region itself speaks of its close proximity to the greatest Russian river, the Volga. But not all areas located on both sides of the Volga are usually called the Volga region. So it is customary to call the territory belonging to the lower and middle river bed.

This zone includes the following areas:

  • Samara ;
  • Ulyanovskaya ;
  • Penza ;
  • Saratov ;
  • Volgograd ;
  • Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Astrakhan.

In addition to them, two republics fall on the territory of the Volga region: Kalmykia and Tatarstan. That is, we are talking about a huge area. Most of the Volga region is characterized by flat and low-lying relief. Mixed forests give way to steppes.

A natural question arises: "Where are the mountains, or at least the hills on which you can equip ski slopes?" The most convenient place is the Volga Upland. It has natural ledges that allow it to form wonderful descents. The highest point is the Zhiguli Mountains (381 meters). There are many points above 300 meters in these mountains. Not far from the Volga are the Khvalynsk mountains, their height is 369 meters.

Very attractive mountainous terrain in the Samara region - deep valleys surrounded by cliffs and rocks of limestone and dolomite give the area its pristine beauty.

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