Ski resorts of Kirovsk 2020-2021

Winter Tale in the Khibiny: description

We invite you to the ski route in the Khibiny mountains.

Throughout the tour, accommodation at the camp site (warm rooms, 4- and 6-bed rooms, hot showers and a kitchen with a gas stove). We cook ourselves as a duty. The route is suitable for both experienced tourists and beginners. It will be difficult in some places, but you can handle it!

Daily program


Meeting of the group in Apatity at the railway station. A rented bus will take us from the station to the place of accommodation in the city of Kirovsk. We are going to get to know each other, get ski equipment and try it out.

After accommodation in our cozy accommodation, we start our first ski trip. We need to test and adjust our equipment, and remember our cross-country skiing skills.

Returning from a walk, we will have lunch and go to the Museum of Local Lore to learn the history of the Khibiny Mountains and the city of Kirovsk.

We spend the evening together, have dinner, get to know each other better.


Today the first meeting with the mountains awaits us. We leave for the Skalnoe gorge.

This will be the easiest but scenic route, without difficult ascents and descents. The main thing is to get used to the equipment and practice: climbing with a serpentine, herringbone, ladder, plowing, slalom, traverse movement. These elements will need to be mastered in order to successfully and safely navigate the planned routes! We master the technique under the supervision of an instructor.

Then we go upstairs and see Kirovsk from above. And when we enter the gorge, we will see the steep cliffs on which the climbers train, perhaps we will be able to see how they climb up.

Return to base. Evening program.

Winter Tale in the Khibiny: description

The Khibiny mountains are very popular mountains among those who like to ride in winter: after all, here you can find tracks for both beginners and real pros. Snow falls from October to June. Ski resorts in Kirovsk accept skiers and snowboarders from November 2020 to almost May 2021. Well, the best time for snowboarders and skiers is the period from January to mid-March. At this time, by the way, you can get a great northern tan - and this is not a joke. In January, the sun returns from the polar hibernation (here it is called the polar night) - and begins to shine with all its might.

Ski resorts are located on the very mountains that surround the city of Kirovsk on three sides with a population of 26,000 inhabitants. Bolshoi Vudyavr, 12 kilometers from Kirovsk, entirely occupies Mount Aikuayvenchorr, translated as "Mountain of the Goddess". The second most popular ski resort in Khibiny is the Kukisvumchorr ski complex, located in the Kirovsk microdistrict of the same name.

The average winter temperature is quite comfortable, -12 degrees. Yes, there may be winds, but then you will be warned about the danger of avalanches. The main thing is not to try your luck and not to ski on untrodden paths, this is dangerous. But skiing on the tracks that have been created here for decades is a pleasure. Everywhere there are instructors, equipment rental, cafes where you can warm up, and children's rooms where you can leave your toddler under supervision while parents have fun on the slopes.

Length and difficulty of tracks

Bolshoi Vudyavr Resort

The total length of the tracks is 25 km. 15 out of 23 tracks have artificial lighting, which means that you can ride here even in the polar night. The tracks are aimed at both pros and beginners. For beginner skiers and snowboarders, there is a training slope with instructors.

Complex "Kukisvumchorr"

The total length of the tracks is 10 km. There are 6 trails for visitors of all skill levels - including one educational trail.

Be sure not to be caught off guard by accidents. When choosing an active holiday, take out insurance. You can handle any mountain!

Cable car and ski passes

Kolsky - would you like to go there? Winter Fairy Tale in the Khibiny: a detailed description of the route, a trekking plan and other useful information.

We will visit the river valleys, we will climb the passes and go down the kurumniks - heaps of stones. We will walk along a beautiful gorge, see rocky cliffs and waterfalls, visit the highest point of the Khibiny - Mount Yudychvumchorr (1200 m.).

In the middle of the route we will have a rest near the KSS base (an opportunity to take a hot shower!) and light radial walks. We will see the real tundra, dwarf birches and mountain ash, collect full backpacks of mushrooms, and at the halts we will drown in colorful mosses and gorge ourselves on blueberries (mushrooms and berries - towards the end of July and beyond :)

The Khibiny are unusual, mystical mountains, they breathe wisdom and tranquility. Trees and plants here have a distinct zoning, depending on the height. At the foot is the forest-tundra, a little higher is the tundra, and on the plateau is the arctic desert. Bare stones, and nothing else, but what kinds of views open up from treeless plateaus - words cannot describe! Yellow and white mosses, dotted with blueberries, clear azure sky, on which, after rain, a rainbow will certainly shine. Crystal air and thick fogs on a rainy day, fogs such that you can wrap yourself up with them, and touch the clouds with your hand. The noise of mountain rivers and the ringing silence of the night forest, rocky ascents, fatigue, and then genuine joy from the fact that the pass has been conquered, and then the road will only go down!

This is a feature of this trek: we go from one valley to another through the passes. First, the path goes along flat terrain, then a difficult climb, a summit, a rocky descent - and now we are in a neighboring valley, again walking along a flat path to our camp, and around - well, just the indescribable beauty of the mountains of the Russian north!

Be prepared for challenges, overcoming which will give you the opportunity to be proud of yourself! To rains, cold nights, wet feet and long walks. It will be difficult to climb the passes on large boulder-stones, trekking shoes and trekking poles are absolutely necessary (you can rent poles from us)!

This is a real Hike!

Features of the route:

  • Summer weather: Daytime from + 10 ° C to + 30 ° C, the hottest time is July. Frosts are possible at night.
  • We recommend that you independently take out insurance "For mountain tourism, without the use of special equipment." Issued by any insurance company with a passport.
  • We live in tents, we cook food on a fire or on burners, everyone takes part, united in groups on duty, instructors help as needed.
  • Cellular communication is not available every day and only partially - mainly in high open places (plateaus, passes).
  • The route is recommended for those with a backpacking background. If you choose this hike as your first in life, be sure to talk to the coordinator to make sure that the hike is right for you.

The Khibiny mountains are amazing, fabulous, unlike any other in Russia. These are very old mountains, about 300 million years old. They crumbled for so long that their tops became flat, and huge boulders lie at the foot of the mountains and on the slopes. It is difficult to imagine how once all these stones with a crash flew down, breaking off from the top. In the Khibiny, we almost never find peaks familiar to the eye. Even the highest point of the Khibiny Mountains, Mount Yudichvumchorr, is actually a large flat plateau.

The formation of the Khibiny is called intrusion in geology. In place of these mountains, a huge volcano with a diameter of 50 km should have erupted once. The incandescent magma from the bowels of the Earth rushed outward, but could not escape to the surface, and so it froze in the earth's crust. Late geological processes formed at this place the Khibiny rock massif, which we see today.

Daily program


We arrive by train at the Apatity station. Immediately from the station, some of the things and products are sent to the KSS (control and rescue service) base, exactly in the middle of our route. This makes backpacks lighter! And we on the ordered vehicles drive past the city of Kirovsk to Lake Maly Vudyavr. The parking lot cannot be reached by car, so there will be a short transition. Half an hour walk - and we are there.

The ski resorts of Kirovsk are the largest in the North-Western part of Russia. This became possible thanks to the mountain range, which significantly surpasses other mountains in the European North of the country in height. It is located in the central regions of the Murmansk region at the western base of the Kola Peninsula and is called the Khibiny.

The center of alpine skiing in the Khibiny is Kirovsk - a small town with a population of 26 thousand people. The city is located on the southern side of the Khibiny Mountains in the hilly Umptek Valley at an altitude of 368 meters above sea level. At the same time, it is surrounded by mountains on three sides: Mount Vudyavrchorr rises from the west, Aikuayvenchorr from the east and Kukisvumchorr from the north. The mountains adjoin directly to residential areas, which made Kirovsk a center for winter sports, including skiing.

Kirovsk is located to the east of the main transport arteries of the region, so the nearest railway station is in the neighboring town of Apatity, about 20 km to the southwest. In Apatity there is also the nearest air terminal - Khibiny airport. The nearest major airport is located in the regional capital, Murmansk, 200 km north of Kirovsk.

Ski resorts of Kirovsk on the map:

What is the Kirovsk ski resort

The Khibiny is a small massif (about 40 km from west to east and 35 km from north to south), consisting of low plateau-like mountains. The highest point is Mount Yudychvumchorr - only 1200 meters. Most of the peaks range in height from 700 to 1100 meters.

Despite the low altitude, the local mountains have the most varied landscape. In the southern and central parts of the massif, wide mountain circuses with an abundance of couloirs and steep slopes are especially common. It was in such suitable conditions that the Kirovsk ski resort appeared.

Today the slopes of Kukisvumchorr and Aykuayvenchorr are equipped with ski slopes and lifts. This is primarily due to their proximity to the city. Mount Vudyavrchorr is of little use for a tourist resort - its slopes have an excessive angle, more suitable for mountaineering.

Over time, each mountain has its own resort:

The Bolshoi Woodyavr complex is entirely occupied by Aikuayvenchorr;

The Kukisvumchorr complex (25 km) uses all the accessible slopes of the Kukisvumchorr mountain;

Do you want to really relax and reboot in a real winter fairy tale - in the snowy Khibiny ?! And also to recharge with incredible polar energy and play plenty of snowballs? Then go with us on an exciting journey beyond the Arctic Circle!

The program is short, but very intense: we will live in a warm and cozy hotel, take a steam bath and dive into fluffy snow! Have you ever tried this? If not, then on this journey you will have a wonderful opportunity to experience an incredible delight of cheerfulness!

We will go for a lot of skiing and snowshoeing, climbing to the peaks and passes, snowmobiling, and in the evening playing funny games, watching cool movies and bask in the old (no :)) fireplace in the cozy hotel lobby. Let's really hunt for the aurora borealis (in February-March, more than likely!). Admire the starry sky, magnificent snow-covered landscapes and enjoy the freshest frosty air!

So, brave travelers! We have a lot of interesting things ahead! On this trip we:

- We will rest in a comfortable hotel with delicious food from a great chef;

- We will not: cook, wash dishes, be on duty in the kitchen and carry heavy backpacks!

- We will walk a lot, go skiing and snowshoeing, ride snowmobiles with the breeze and drive ourselves!

- We will visit the most picturesque places of the Arctic and take the coolest photos and videos;

- Every day we will enjoy the fresh frosty air, serene silence and magical snowy horizons;

- In the evenings we will gather in a cozy hotel lobby by the fireplace, sing our favorite songs with a guitar, play funny and funny games, watch soulful films.

The instructor can change the days of the program and shift the exit time according to weather conditions. Possible real polar blizzards and blizzards, no visibility. Closer to spring, there are more sunny days, daylight hours become longer, and it is more likely to see the aurora borealis.

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