Ski resorts in Greece

Greece is the country for the most demanding travelers

In the mountainous area of ​​Greece, modern ski centers are equipped with slopes of various levels of difficulty, high-quality service and additional tourist services. Here you will not only enjoy the breathtaking views, get a boost of vivacity going down the slopes, but you will also be able to taste national Greek dishes in local taverns.

What else do the ski resorts of Greece offer? Let's talk about this in more detail.

Pigadia Resort - a paradise for skiers, climbers and more ...

The ski center is located at an altitude of 1500-2000 meters above sea level, on the eastern side of Mount Vermion:

Tourists visit this place not only during the ski season. There are also many scenic spots and trails for hiking and cycling. Football teams, mountaineering groups and thrill seekers come here. Pigadya is a great place for hang gliding and paragliding.

The ski slopes are equipped with six lifts. There are 7 tracks for beginners and professionals. The resort has 2 restaurants, bars, cafes and a tavern. There is a helipad, a football field, a first-aid post and a parking lot.

Falakro Ski Resort

The Falakro resort is located 200 km from Thessaloniki, in the north of Greece. There are 6 tracks of different difficulty levels working here. Tourists are served by 5 lifts.

Falakro Resort is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. Here is the map:

The resort is equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay. There are equipment rental points, shops, a restaurant, a parking lot, a medical center, etc.


Ski resorts in Greece

Advantages of Greece for tourists

It is a crime to go to Greece just to lie on the beaches or to see the sights, trying to see the maximum of interesting places. In this country, there are every opportunity, even for the most picky traveler:

  • attractions ;
  • pilgrimage ;
  • seaside holidays;
  • shopping;
  • children's tourism;
  • excellent cuisine, etc.

Diving and active parks are popular in Greece.

Tourism in Greece

Every tourist should definitely visit the capital of the country - Athens. It is impossible to live life and not see the Acropolis - the cradle of Greek civilization. There is a museum here, where everything that is connected with this ancient place is presented in detail. The ticket price during the peak season is 20 euros.

It is equally important to see Delphi. This is a high-altitude plateau with a magnificent view of the sea. Here are located: the legendary Temple of Apollo, the ancient theater, the stadium and the Sibyl's Stone. It is simply surprising that such cultural monuments of a thousand years ago, ancient works of architecture, have survived to this day. In this place, the mountain air has a healing and invigorating effect on those present, and for entertainment you can listen to the sounds of an echo that is completely unique in Delphi.

And, of course, any traveler wants to take a look at Thessaloniki. This ancient city in Ancient Greece was one of its centers. Crafts, trade, culture, etc. were extremely developed in it. Its seaside location played a huge positive role. And now in Thessaloniki there are many traces of ancient architecture.

Beach Holidays in Greece

For those who cannot imagine travel without a beach holiday, Greece can offer a whole scattering of resorts:

  • Crete - the island is surrounded by three seas, there are several airports where planes fly from Moscow and other Russian cities, the most popular holiday destination;
  • Halkidiki - famous for its calm atmosphere and clean beaches, there are the ruins of ancient cities and the holy Mount Athos, which attracts thousands of believers;
  • The island of Kos is a real garden of the Aegean Sea, immersed in greenery, in addition to a beach holiday, it is worth visiting the oldest temple complex Asklepion and other attractions;
  • Kefalonia - to get to this island with a unique nature, located in the Ionian Sea, you can only by ferry, ticket price - 3 euros per person;
  • Rhodes is an island with the most favorable weather, where the number of sunny days exceeds 300 a year, it is here that trade is well developed and the most delicious fruits and berries grow.

The resort deserves attention, where the sea is clean and the beaches have received the well-deserved Blue Flag award. So, you can go to Mykonos or Corfu, as well as to dozens of other, beautiful and popular places.

Greece Monthly Weather

Ski resorts in Greece In the mountainous area of ​​Greece, modern ski centers are equipped with slopes of various difficulty levels, high-quality service and additional

More than sixty inhabited islands and an area from the southern coast of the Aegean Sea to the middle of the Balkan Peninsula - you can wander around Greece for months. From ancient times, the country inherited monuments that are more than four thousand years old, and a visit to any of these legendary and mysterious places, even if already studied by scientists or described by enthusiastic amateurs, still promises a discovery. The winding coastline is teeming with beaches, and the islands still have places where ships do not enter more than twice a week. There are also vibrant resorts, imbued with the spirit of cosmopolitanism, like any other corner of the Mediterranean.

Getting to know Greece

Today's Greece has been shaped by many different factors. Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, Venetians, Slavs, Albanians, Turks, not to mention the Byzantines, all of them have been here since the reign of Alexander the Great - and all have sunk into oblivion. But the Byzantine Empire left countless churches and monasteries, the Venetians - impregnable fortifications in the Peloponnese, Latin rulers, knights-Johannites and Genoese built impressive fortresses in the north and east of the Aegean Sea.

The influence of 400 years of Ottoman rule is felt in Greek music, language and way of life. And national minorities - Vlachs, Jews, Gypsies - contributed to the formation of Hellenic self-consciousness. In Greece there was no nobility patronizing the arts, but a viable folk culture emerged in the Middle Ages. Over the past decades, under the pressure of Western culture, much has disappeared, going to museums at best, but now enthusiasts are resurrecting dilapidated buildings, and performers are extracting folk songs and melodies from oblivion.

State museums, magnificent medieval mansions and castles are worth visiting, not to mention the monuments of antiquity - the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Minoan, Ancient Greek (Classical), Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine eras. Greece hosts excellent summer festivals featuring international theater, dance and music groups. They are given the opportunity to perform in ancient theaters and medieval castles, as well as on more modern stages and venues.

However, these cultural events will never overshadow the actual holiday in Greece: sun and warmth, light dresses willingly discarded for swimming in transparent sea water at sunset, a casual conversation with a glass of wine in the twilight, under the sky, on which bright, huge stars shine - all this and much more is very tempting and attracts many tourists. In addition, despite the newfangled trends in tourism, Greece still remains a promised land for tourists who do not pretend to have a luxurious vacation.

General information about Greece

1). Greece occupies the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula and is divided into 52 regions (51 nomes plus a special administrative unit). The total area of ​​the country is 131,957 thousand square kilometers, and no other country, with the exception of Indonesia and the Philippines, has such a large share of the territory on the islands. The overwhelming majority of the population is Greek-speaking, religiously 96% identify themselves as professing Greek Orthodoxy, although there are religious minorities - Catholics, Sunni Muslims, Jews and Evangelical Christians, and there are also enclaves in which people who speak Turkish live compactly, Romance and Macedonian. More than half of the population lives in cities;

2). The number of "indigenous" population is estimated at 10.4 million people, the share of immigrants in Greece is considered one of the largest in Europe: officially there are more than 800 thousand, but in fact at least 1.5 million. These are mainly Albanians (due to the war in Libya, Iraq and Syria, the above data on immigrants is outdated);

3). In 1974, Greece became a parliamentary republic with a president and a unicameral parliament with 300 deputies, with the prime minister having the greatest influence. The Social Democratic Party PASOK was in power for 19 years after 1981, until in March 2004 it was ousted by the center-right party Nea Democracy. There are also two small communist parties, usually collecting 8-10% of the vote in an election;

4). The main source of foreign exchange in the country is tourism. The shipbuilding industry is going through difficult times and has given way to agriculture, in particular the production of olive oil, citrus fruits, wine and raisins.

Where to go in Greece

This information is scarce on the Internet. The number of people per square kilometer tends to zero. If you are a social phobia and love quiet, secluded, wild places - then the article non-tourist Greece: Halkidiki is what you need.

Further, I will not plan a route or tell you what to do. We traveled all over the Halkidiki region, and found several places about which there is not enough information on the Internet. These places are incredibly beautiful, unique nature and landscapes, and there are practically no people.

View from anywhere in the town of Loutra Pozar, where the carbonate hot springs are located

I will tell you about these places, give some tips and life hacks, show them on the map, and then decide for yourself whether you have the opportunity to visit them or not. I can only say that we had a car rented for 10 days, and we visited all the places from the article. Halkidiki is not such a large region, and the crossings here are a maximum of 150-200 kilometers.

It is important to know: it is very difficult to get to many places without a rental car, it is expensive and time consuming, so I recommend that you decide this issue in advance. Fortunately, car rental in Greece is simple and affordable. How to do it in detail and what are the pitfalls in the article: car rental in Halkidiki.

Non-tourist Greece: Halkidiki

First of all, please see the map below. Only by looking at it and knowing your route presumably will you be able to estimate where you can get.

I must say right away that I do not claim that this is the most complete rating of non-tourist places in Halkidiki. I'm sure there are more, but the ones below are exactly where we managed to get.

And now the main points about each of them and some photos for visualization.

Lagoon Giola in Thassos

This is a natural lagoon in a rock, regular round shape, which is located in the southern part of Thassos, away from tourist routes.

Lagoon Giola at dawn when no one is there

Holidays in Greece are unique in their diversity: study the history of European civilization, walk through ancient temples, get closer to God, visit monasteries, eat a couple of kilograms, choosing the best tavern on the coast, get a stunning tan, lazily lounging on the beach for a week and enjoying the incredible azure of the sea. The bluest sea in the world, three hundred sunny days a year, delicious national cuisine, amazing wines and an interesting excursion program attract thousands of tourists every year. For those in love with Greece and those who are just about to get acquainted with the beautiful Hellas, there is an overview of the best Greek resorts.

Holidays in Greece - Halkidiki Peninsula

The Halkidiki Peninsula is one of the most beautiful corners of Greece, which, thanks to its outlines, has received the poetic nickname Poseidon's Trident (and the less poetic Poseidon's Fingers). The region is accessible from Thessaloniki airport.

The first prong is the male monastic state of Athos, which is strictly forbidden for women. Yes, and a strong half of humanity needs a diamonithirion - a special permit to visit Athos. Holy Mount Athos rises 2033 meters above the sea and is covered with virgin forests. You can see it from excursion ships that regularly go on cruises around Athos. If you wish, you can take such a mini-cruise and visit one of the neighboring islands (Drenia or Amoliani). A significant Christian relic is kept in the Athos monastery of Vatopedi - a piece of the belt of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Ouranoupoli resort is located in the immediate vicinity of St. Athos - a place with an amazing atmosphere. Quiet, calm and pacifying Ouranoupoli is suitable for a beach holiday for adults and for a vacation with children. You can diversify your beach vacation by visiting the Byzantine Andronikos tower, which was built in the first half of the 14th century. There is a port near the tower, from which cruise ships sail.

The second wave is Sithonia. Very quiet and peaceful region, ideal for romantic getaways. Differs in a large number of attractions, monasteries and natural monuments. The resorts of Metamorfosi and Nikiti are famous for their sandy beaches, and one of the most beautiful Greek beaches is in Vourvourou. Neos Marmaras is a classic white Greek resort town, which will be interesting for both children and adults. Be sure to visit the local fish tavern.

The third prong is Cassandra. Kassandra is full of hotels and entertainment venues, with colorful sandy beaches, pine groves and delightful cozy bays. Kallithea is the most active local resort; Afitos or Pevkohori are suitable for families with children. You should definitely see Nea Potidea: the village was built on the ruins of the Corinthian colony of the same name and is famous for its sandy beaches.

While vacationing in Halkidiki, it is easy to go to Thessaloniki for one day. In the city, be sure to see the White Tower, take a photo against the background of the statue of Alexander the Great and visit the huge Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center.

Image by Nikolay Nachev from Pixabay

Olympic Riviera - Pieria

Pieria is the second region accessible to tourists from Thessaloniki Airport. The region is full of archaeological sites and magnificent landscapes. The town of Katerini is suitable for youth holidays: it is known for its nightlife and excellent promenade. Paralia is distinguished by a variety of fur shops and good fish taverns.

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