Ski resorts in Germany: mountains and their features

Winter holidays in Munich: an overview of ski resorts, location, slopes

Standing on the parapet of the Old Peter Tower in the center of Munich, the Alps seem close enough to touch. It is this proximity to the mountains that makes the Bavarian capital the ideal destination for all winter sports enthusiasts. It's easy to stay in the city and take day trips to any ski resort in Munich. Most can be visited in a week.

About ski holidays in Munich

There are several good resorts within an hour's drive from the city - Walberg or Alpspitze, but the Zugspitze is the best option. Its peak is located at an altitude of 2100 m. It is the most snow-covered mountain in Bavaria, 90 km from Munich and the central part of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski area.

Combined with the Alpspitze, it boasts over 62 km of trails and the best avalanche safety in the region. The Zugspitze is open from early autumn to late spring, and this year opened on 24 October after particularly good early snowfalls.

There are many road routes from Munich to the resorts of Bavaria, but they can get crowded on weekends, so bus and rail services are an easier and cheaper way to get to the alpine slopes. Groups of five or fewer can travel on the Bayern Pass, which costs € 28 per group and offers discounts on mountain trains and lift tickets.

Where to stay

There are many hotels and hotels in Munich and its suburbs. You can book a hostel or arrange a temporary rental of an apartment. The cost of living depends on the location, the number of rooms and services. You don't need a lot of room space for a trip to a ski resort in Munich. Some things, important documents and some money are left in it.

Accommodation options for winter holidays or independent travel:

  • Motel One is a budget hotel chain located in four cities. The cost of living is from € 49 per night for a single person and € 59 for a double room.
  • Hotel Eibsee in Eibsee, Garmisch-Partenkirchen - from € 80 per night. For half board - € 55.
  • Wanted. There are many of them in the city, the price is from 20 Euro per night.

Rooms must be booked in advance. The prepayment is 40-50% of the room rate. Clients can order breakfast. This is usually a buffet spread over several floors of a hotel or hotel.

Munich Ski Resorts

There are several recreation centers near the Bavarian capital where you can go skiing, snowboarding. Trains and regular buses run to them. Therefore, you can stay in the city, heading every day to the new ski resort of Munich. Travel time is 20-50 minutes.


Winter holidays in Munich: an overview of ski resorts, location, slopes

Ski tourism is one of the most demanded areas, to which more and more outdoor enthusiasts are joining. Moreover, today every resort is not just skiing trails. This is a full-fledged complex of recreation and health improvement, with well-equipped hotels, developed infrastructure.

A new season will open very soon, and therefore we decided to talk about the best resorts in Europe.

Ski tourism: Canazei, Italy

Canazei is one of the most popular resorts. Located in the Dolomites. Here tourists are expected:

  • well-equipped tracks;
  • beautiful landscapes;
  • the highest level of service.

The total length of pistes in Canazei is 121 kilometers, and among them there are routes designed for lovers of skiing of different readiness.

Please note. In Canazei, there are conditions for both a VIP holiday and a budget one. There are budget hotels, chic chalets and regular guesthouses.

Ski tourism: Berchtesgaden, Germany

The resort in Germany is perfect for family skiing. In addition to traditional skiing, tourists will find a lot of other entertainments, including:

  • sledding;
  • horse sledding;
  • outdoor ice skating;
  • bobsleigh;
  • curling and many other interesting and unusual.

By the way. All lodges in the resort are decorated in an inimitable Bavarian style, creating a unique atmosphere. Even simple walks are a lot of fun.

How to choose a ski resort in Munich: an overview of the bases for skiing, snowboarding. Their location, accommodation options in the city, description of the slopes, heights.

Ski Germany can easily compete with France and even Austria. The prices here are lower, the quality and service are not inferior to absolutely nothing, only here you will hardly find steep slopes and tracks for the pros. But if you want to ride a lot on gentle routes without unnecessary risk and stress - then you are here.

The main advantages of German ski resorts are, first of all, the excellent condition of the slopes even in season and transport service, which is provided with exceptional punctuality. Here it is, the German order in its purest form. By the way, if you decide to save money and travel by ground transport or the metro "in a hare", we hasten to warn you that the inspectors will certainly overtake you, because. checks are constant. Do not think that you will get off with a very tidy fine, most likely your data will be included in the so-called "black list of foreign tourists", and these lists are delivered to the embassies with the same German regularity. As a result, because of one single case of unpaid travel, you may be deprived of visiting this country from now on.

Ski Resorts in Germany


The modern, trendy resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen welcomes skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts to its domain. Here you can find tracks of absolutely any complexity. Particularly steep routes are usually short and few. Basically, it is comfortable for beginners and advanced skiers. There are conditionally 2 main zones - this is the Zugspitze with steep descents and turns and the Classic - an alternative for less experienced athletes. On average, a 14-day pass for active skiers will cost 200 euros, a local "ski pass" - about 100 euros.

In addition to the pleasure of sports, you can indulge yourself in swimming pools, excursions to Munich and Innsbruck, horse riding or curling.


Berchtesgaden offers its guests in addition to skiing a lot of winter pleasures. On the frozen lakes, you can try yourself in the role of a figure skater, along the gentle long slopes with redoubled joy you can rush in a comfortable sleigh and get a lot of positive impressions. There are, of course, also several areas for skiers. The Yenner area is interesting primarily for experienced craftsmen, but in Göchen it is better to go for night skiing or just take a walk.


In the Berchtesgaden resort, you can visit the water park with steam baths and mineral springs and, of course, wander through the many shops.

Resort Tours: Oberstdorf

Since the beginning of the last century, a type of recreation such as ski tourism has begun to develop rapidly. He began to gain particular popularity after the creation of lifts, which significantly reduced the time and effort for climbing to the top of the mountain. And now this tourism has turned into a whole industry of winter recreation.

Why is ski tourism attractive?

For some people, ski tourism is just a hobby, while for others it is the whole world. And every year the number of people in love with this type of recreation is growing. Ski resorts of our time are comfortable hotels located next to slopes of varying degrees of difficulty.

Each of these centers also has training trails, schools for beginners and equipment rentals. Shops are open here and local clubs can be entertained in the evenings. Some resorts have their own recreational activities such as dog sledding.

The main directions of ski tourism

Modern winter recreation and tourism is developed in many countries of the world. In Russia, you can ride in resorts such as Cheget or Dombay. The most popular route in recent years has become Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi, which was built for the Olympics. The quality of the tracks and service here is not worse than abroad.

As for foreign resorts, the Alps ski resorts are especially popular here, located in huge numbers in France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Alpine skiing is developed on all continents, and you can visit Australia, the countries of America and Africa to explore new tracks. A competent portal about tourism can help to understand all the diversity.

The best time for ski tourism

If you study a competent tourism website, you can understand that you can ski almost all year round, the main thing is to choose the right resort. In Russia and in most resorts in Europe, the ski season usually begins in autumn and ends in mid-spring. However, in Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Argentina, the season is in full swing during the summer months!

The main feature of what skiing and tourism is good for is that you just have to try it once, and it will forever settle in your soul. It is never too late for them to start practicing, because among the variety of modern tracks, you can easily find a slope of your level, which, together with an experienced instructor, can make your vacation wonderful.

A universal place for tourists - everyone will find something to their liking. A place for sports lovers, or rather skiing. Interesting events for culture lovers, for people with respiratory problems and for children.

About Berchtesgaden: History

Berchtesgaden is a German community located on the German-Austrian border in Bavaria. It consists of five cities: Berchtesgaden itself, Bischofswiesen, Marktschellenberg, Ramsau and Schönau an der Königs.

The architecture of the region has preserved the medieval style, and the nature is distinguished by the most beautiful and purest lake Königs, surrounded by numerous peaked mountain peaks.

Now this is a tourist place, which is famous not only for the presence of ski routes, but also has a rich history. Here are the ancient salt mines, also the "Eagle's Nest", which was part of the Nazi refuge during the Second World War, built a few years earlier as a gift to Hitler.

Weather in Berchtesgaden

The climate is quite moderate - even in the driest period there is a sufficient amount of precipitation. Average temperature -8. ºC. The lowest temperature occurs during the high season - about -2 ºC.

Trails and lifts

There are only 37 slopes in the region, located at an altitude of 600-1800 meters. There are snow cannons on each slope.

15 drag lifts, 10 chair lifts and 5 cabin lifts have been installed.

There are major highways not far from the city, a bus will take you to the lifts. There are 6 ski areas in total, located at a fairly large distance from each other:

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