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Top 5 most ski resorts in France (ranking)

Ski resorts in France are considered one of the best in the world. It is home to the fabulously beautiful French Alps, home to very extensive, interconnected ski areas. Fans of downhill skiing, snowboarding, bobsleigh and other winter sports can expect more than four thousand different tracks here. Tourists can choose the most suitable slope depending on the level of skill, so local resorts will be a great place for recreation, both professionals and beginners. On the local alpine slopes, holding competitions of the highest class.

The French Alps have hosted the Olympic Games three times.

Val d'yZeur and Tignes

These ski resorts in France are close to each other. Val d'Zeur and Tignes are recognized as the kings of alpine skiing among professional athletes. The height of the peaks is 1850 m and 2100 m, respectively. Local ski slopes are not only recognized as the best in France, but also compete with the best resorts in the world for the championship. Centers for winter sports fans are located 200 km from Geneva.

If you get to these resorts in France at the beginning of winter, you can see firsthand the World Cup under the name "Criterium of the first snow". By the way, the tracks are covered with snow from November to May. Not only is there nowhere else such a variety of slopes, but also all the work moves around tourists. An important point is the absence of queues for the lifts.

Val d'Zer and Tignes are not in vain discussing as a whole. These resorts are connected to the "Killy Space" by lifts. It is in the complex that the resorts bring maximum pleasure to active vacationers. The funicular (3500 m) called Grand Mot has a fairly high speed. In just 6 minutes, you can climb from the station at 2100 m to an altitude of 3300 m. "Space Killy" offers travelers comfortable trails of sufficient width, with high-quality markings. Their length is up to 300 km. Lovers of skiing can ski on the virgin lands, and skiing on the glacier is also available all year round.

Les Deux Alpes

This ski resort in Alpine France is literally at the foot of the Mont de Lans glacier, which is considered the largest in all of Europe. Height - 1650 m. The easiest way to reach it is from Geneva. To do this, you will have to overcome a length of 220 km. Not only skiers, but also snowboarders like to relax here. A local "snowboard park" is open especially for them.

The glacier provides snow all year round, including the summer months, so alpine skiing in France is relevant not only in the frosty season.

The total length of slopes in the ski resort Les Deux Alpes is 200 km, among them:

Ski resorts in France

The best winter resorts in the world, according to most connoisseurs, are in the French Alps! Here you will find the highest mountains in Western Europe, the most extensive ski areas.

Ski resorts in France (photo by Ronald)

The best winter resorts in the world, according to most connoisseurs, are in the French Alps! Here you will find the highest mountains in Western Europe, the most extensive ski areas. The choice of slopes on these slopes is luxurious: any difficulty level for skiers, bobsleigh, snowboarding, cross-country skiing. Champions train in these mountains, and world-class competitions are held. The Winter Olympics have been held here three times. After the 92 Olympics in Aberville, there are many excellent sports facilities left.

Of the two hundred ski resorts, most of which are interconnected (which greatly expands the possibilities of holidaymakers), Chamonix is ​​considered the main center of the French Alps.

Ski resorts in France (leica_camera)


Chamonix is ​​the "capital of extreme", the center of mountaineering, a landmark place where the first Winter Olympics in sports history took place. The Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Valley was not accidentally chosen for the 1924 Olympic Games. The unique landscape of the area was ideal for all kinds of winter competitions.

Here is the Mont-Blanc peak - the highest point in Western Europe (4807 m). There are five main ski areas in the valley, hundreds of kilometers of slopes are created. Athletes of any level and completely "green" beginners will find trails here according to their needs.

Chamonix's renowned "White Valley" is the highest ski area. An elevator rises here, to a height of 3842 km. The length of the slope is 20 kilometers. The "extremists" have ample opportunities here: you can fly on a paraglider, do ice rock climbing, winter rafting, canyoning. Beginners will find safe slopes, flat ski races in a beautiful valley, snowshoeing, and exciting dog sled races. The Chamonix resort remains extremely popular in the summer season - in the summer, fans of cycling, mountaineering, and freeriding arrive.

Espace Killy

In 1968, the world community admired the sporting feat of Jean-Claude Killy. He took "gold" in all alpine skiing disciplines of the X Winter Olympics. The name of the famous athlete was given to the region of the French Alps.

The ski resorts in France are considered to be some of the best in the world. This is the location of very extensive, interconnected ski areas of varying difficulty.

From year to year, the Cote d'Azur meets those who want to plunge into the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and soak up the golden coastal sand. In addition to sunbathers, France cordially invites you to visit luxury ski resorts, holidays and festivals, taste Provencal wines, stroll the streets of Montmartre and, of course, explore numerous temples and cathedrals during excursion programs.

General understanding of the country and resorts

France is the largest country in the European Union with an area of ​​547,000 km2. It is characterized by heterogeneous climatic conditions: a subtropical climate reigns on the Mediterranean coast, and a moderate continental climate in the mountainous regions and in the center of the country. The most favorable period for rest is May-September.

France is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, seaside resorts are usually characterized by cool water. Most tourists, due to the higher water temperature, choose the famous Cote d'Azur.

The country has become famous all over the world with such resorts as: Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Courchevel and many others. These places have gained worldwide popularity not only due to the beautiful landscapes and excellent climate, but also due to the presentable image, a variety of entertainment, advanced infrastructure, ski and recreational resorts.

How to get to resorts from different CIS countries

First of all, any tourist from Russia and the CIS countries will need a visa in order to cross the French border. Aeroflot and AirFrance flights depart from Moscow Sheremetyevo every day. In St. Petersburg, you can fly to Paris from the Pulkovo airport by plane of the Rossiya airline.

In addition to direct flights, there are flights with a connection in the carrier's country. Among the foreign companies offering services are British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa and others. During the high season (June-September), charter flights fly from Moscow to Genoa, followed by a transfer to Nice.

The well-established British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines operate in Kazakhstan. The flight is carried out from Almaty airport to Paris. In Minsk, they use the services of Belavia airline, which offers a flight to the capital of France. For Kiev residents, services are offered by AirFrance and Ukraine International Airlines (UIA). The system of daily direct flights from Kiev to Paris is noted here.

Sea resorts and resort towns

All French resorts are extremely picturesque, original and not alike. Many beaches and resort towns are combined into 3 zones: the Atlantic coast, Cote d'Azur and Corsica. For all its beauty and attractiveness, the Atlantic is characterized by rather cool waters, even at the height of summer the temperature does not rise above 22 ° C. However, when the ocean is relatively cool, the water in the ocean is perfectly clear and great for wellness exercises.

Normandy is considered the most popular seaside resort on the Atlantic coast, with sandy beaches and a fascinating history. Here masterpieces of famous artists were created: Dumas and Hugo, Maupassant and Monet. Local scenic pictures of nature laid the foundation for the tourism business in France. Brittany, Deauville, Rouen, Cabourg, Etretat - the iconic regions of Normandy will entertain tourists with jazz festivals, hippodromes, ancient castles, rare markets and botanical gardens.

The two-hundred-kilometer sandy and pebble beaches of the Cote d'Azur will not leave indifferent any romantic. The most popular resorts: Nice, Cannes will charm travelers with artful embankments, waterfalls, museums, galleries and cafes. Thousands of respectable villas and penthouses, snow-white yachts and representative restaurants. The resort towns of the Cote d'Azur have long been assigned the status of elite.

France has an astounding variety of landscapes, from the snow-top of Mont Blanc to the deep blue seas of the Mediterranean. Each region offers inspiring hikes, with easy to advanced trails that are sure to impress. Be amazed by the Alpine scenery of the Chamonix Valley as you cruise past glaciers and wildflowers. Make your way down the back roads of Alsace to discover storybook villages nestled in rolling hills, or stroll from one ancient hilltop village to another in the rugged Luberon Mountains of Provence. Modern pilgrims can follow in the footsteps of medieval Christians on the Camino de Santiago trail in the Pyrenees, while history buffs can trace the battle sites of World War I along the Normandy coast. For the most dazzling seaside panoramas, hike from the pretty village of Eze on the French Riviera to the peaceful beaches of Eze-sur-Mer. One of the most legendary trails on the list is the GR20 in Corsica, but this is only recommended for well-trained hikers, while anyone can enjoy a gentle nature walk at the Cirque de Gavarnie to admire the stunning granite rock walls and marvelous waterfalls.

Tour du Mont Blanc

The Snow Peak at Mont Blanc is one of the most impressive natural sites in the world. At 4,810 meters, this legendary mountain is the highest peak in Europe. Many climbers dream of conquering this mountain, but the ascent to the top is extremely stressful and requires exceptional physical fitness, as well as a guide. However, Mont Blanc is not only for climbers. It is possible to find temperate stretches of Mont Blanc that can be approached as short hikes. Tour du Mont Blanc is a hiking trail system that spans 170 kilometers of the mountain, with many different starting points including Courmayeur, Les Houches and Chamonix. All trails have mountain huts along the way, where tourists can stop and rest.

Le Chemin des Rognes is a challenging mountain trail that starts at Bellevue and ends at Barack de Rognes and takes three to four hours. Although difficult, this hike offers wonderful views of the Chamonix Valley, Aiguille du Midi and the Aravis mountain range. In the Chamonix Glacier Argentina Valley, the route is a 2.5-hour hike on a steep incline that climbs 90 meters with breathtaking views above. Accessible from the Gran Montes a Argentinter cable car, the hike starts at Lognan. In the valleys of Chamonix-les-Ouches and Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc, La Charme is a short 40-minute hike on a wide, rolling trail accessible from the Mont Blanc trams to Le Fayte or Saint-Gervais. On the way, tourists will pass by a farm where they can buy goat cheeses, as well as a modern hotel and restaurant Le Prarion overlooking the magnificent scenery. The hike ends at the Chalet de la Charme, a traditional Alpine guesthouse with five comfortable rooms. In Valle d'Aosta, the Maison Vieille Refuge route is a 2-hour hike accessible from the Courmayeur funicular. This relatively easy hike ends at Maison Vieille, a rustic mountain lodge in a sunny valley.

Tender nature Walk in the Cirque de Gavarnie

Tender nature Walk in the Cirque de Gavarnie

In the lush National Park of the Pyrenees Mountains, Cirque de Gavarnie is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is accessible to most visitors. an easy loop starts in the historic village of Gavarnie, past the Hotel du Cirque and the stables, and then continues downstream to the top of the valley. With almost no incline, this trail lends itself to more walking than a hike. The breathtaking landscapes, which show the granite rock walls covered with 3000 m high glaciers, forming the valley, give the impression of a cathedral in nature. Added to the splendor are the numerous rushing waterfalls; the grandest is the Grande Cascade, which is the tallest waterfall in Europe. Enjoy the tranquility of this incredibly beautiful and unspoiled natural site. The scenery is not modern, only small village chalets, grazing goats and small walking paths that traverse a gurgling mountain stream. Hear the chirping birds and take in the glorious stretch of snow-capped peaks of the circus. The gentle, circular walk takes about an hour.

For a more challenging hike in the Pyrenees National Park, advanced hikers should follow the trail to Bresche de Roland at 2.804 meters.

The legendary GR track in Corsica

The legendary GR20 circuit in Corsica

The connoisseurs of French ski resorts never stop arguing which are the best. They are all beautiful in their own way. And at the same time, they are so different that it is difficult to compare them. Excellent skiing and stunning landscapes guarantee all resorts in the country. Some of them are made in accordance with a specific theme, while others - on the contrary, allow you to appreciate the beauty of the French Alps.


The famous Chamonix resort is one of the oldest in France. The Olympic Games were held on its territory in 1924. The stunning Mont Blanc gives the resort a unique landscape, making the region a true mountain sports paradise. Chamonix can rightfully be called a luxurious and at the same time cozy resort. On its territory, tourists of different levels are comfortable to relax. Trails of varying difficulty allow everyone to find what they are looking for.

Photo 1. Many skiers believe that Chamonix is ​​one of the best places in the French Alps.

Their total length reaches 140 kilometers. In total, the resort has 145 pistes, which are located in different places in Chamonix. Even connoisseurs of extreme sports will find fast and very steep slopes here. The resort has good transport links. On its territory there are upscale chalets, hotels and more democratic apartments. From the valley you can take a cable car up to the mountain peaks to admire the view of the Alps.


Courchevel is part of the Three Valleys region. This resort is considered by many to be the most glamorous. It is so large and varied that it can pleasantly surprise even the most experienced athletes. The length of its tracks reaches 150 kilometers.

Courchevel is a smart and comfortable resort. On its territory there are luxurious 5 * chalets, which are popular with the most discerning public. Russians and Parisians love to have a rest here. Local restaurants offer to appreciate all the splendor of the cuisine. No less popular spas in Courchevel.


Meribel is also part of Tech Valleys. This resort has earned a reputation as a meta with the best après ski. It is equally suitable for professionals and beginners alike. The resort has good instructors who will help you master the ski slopes.

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