Ski resorts for families with children in Russia

Ski resorts for families with children in Russia

The route to the Sofia Lakes is one of the most popular in Arkhyz. And for good reason: the minimum category of complexity, special preparation is not required, and most importantly - the panoramic views of the lakes among the rocks and snowfields will not leave anyone indifferent!

We share our impressions after the hike with children along the route "Sofia Valley - Irkiz Pass - Sofia Lakes - Lake Aimatly-Dzhagaly - Sofia Valley". And we tell you why we remember these 11 hours of a difficult journey with enthusiastic feelings.

General description of the trek through Arkhyz

From 19 to 23 August 2019, we spent 5 days in the Caucasus, in the Arkhyz mountains. We are four adults and two children 9 and 10 years old. We organized a real mountain hike with tents, went 2 difficult routes: to the Sofia lakes and to the Sofia saddle, visited the all-season resort "Arkhyz".

Travel announcement and Diary are available via links as separate publications. All reviews on one page can be found under the Arkhyz-2019 tag.

Further - a story about the fourth day of our trip, an overview of the route from the Sofia Valley (where we left the base camp with all the things) through the Irkiz pass to the Sofia Lakes, Lake Aimatly-Dzhagaly and back. On the map below, the route is marked with a red line, an example of a track is here.

Route from Sofia Valley to Sofia Lakes and back

The fourth day of our trek through Arkhyz, in plans - a trek through the Irkiz pass to the Sofia lakes and the Aimatly-Dzhagaly lake. It was necessary to hurry to get back before dark. Therefore, we arranged an early rise (6:30) and a quick breakfast.

We left the camp light at 8:10. The weather was sunny and wonderful.

Irkiz pass. Located in the eastern spur of the Sofia ridge, it connects the valleys of the Kashkha-Echkichat and Ak-Aira streams (left tributaries of the Sofia River).

Hike with children to the Sofia lakes: overview of the one-day route

Hike across Crimea with children "Young Tourist"

Description of the hike.

6 days. 37 km. RUB 7800 For children under 12 years old - 7000 rubles. Departure point: railway station Imferopol (until 10:00) Place of arrival: Simferopol (17:30)

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6 days. 75 km. RUB 7800

7 days. 40 km. RUB 11800

Description of the hike

Route description.


". In general, the campaign in Dagestan is constantly under threat. All oncoming cars honk at us, wave their hands, take pictures, stop and hand over.

Overview of the route from the Sofia Valley through the Irkiz pass to the Sofia Lakes, Lake Aimatly-Dzhagaly and back. 11 hours of walking in a company with children 10 years old.

Have a rest in Sochi, Adler and not visit Krasnaya Polyana? No, we don't agree to that. We take a break from the beach and go for the whole day to the mountains, to the Gazprom resort!

Walking through the fabulous Green Planet Park, meeting an incredible rodelbahn, meeting blue-eyed huskies and reindeer, swimming in an open alpine pool - it was not just a day in the mountains, it was a real odyssey! p>

A trip to the Gazprom resort (Krasnaya Polyana)

We went to the Gazprom resort by Lastochka, the departure station is Olympic Park (Imeretinsky resort). The composition of the tourist group: mom, dad, three children (10 years old, 6 years old and 3 years old). The date on the calendar is September 4, 2019.

The end point is Rosa Khutor station. Travel time is about 45 minutes. We chose the earliest express, departing at 9:20 and arriving at 10:03, the program of events was going to be eventful.

The cost of a ticket for an adult is 250 rubles. Of course, you can get there cheaper by taxi or by bus, but with young children, modern Swallow cars with air conditioning, toning, spacious toilets seem to be the best option.

From the Rosa Khutor station we walked towards the Alpika cable car station, crossed the Mzymta river on a pedestrian bridge, then along the embankment to the Laura river mouth and the Galaktika entertainment center. Distance - about 1.5 km, on foot the road took 20 minutes.

Entertainment center "Galaxy"

Galaktika is the main facility of the Gazprom resort, offering guests all year round a cosmic choice of entertainment: a water park, an ice arena, a children's club, a bowling alley, 3 cinemas, restaurants, a food court, outdoor terraces, a nightclub, conference hall for 1100 seats, shopping gallery, parking for 1200 cars.

The area of ​​the complex is about 50,000 square meters, the capacity is up to 4,000 people.

In recent years, the question "Should I take my child with me to the ski resort?" not so relevant. More importantly - which resort to choose for skiing with children? Nowadays, many ski resorts offer comfortable and safe conditions for families with children, and we will tell you which ones are the most convenient in Russia.

Necessary elements of the resort infrastructure for family holidays:

  • transport accessibility to the resort and to the slope - long flights and walking tires tire children;
  • comfortable accommodation;
  • rental of children's ski equipment <
  • warm toilets;
  • medical care;
  • additional play areas.

When going to the mountains with children, you should pay attention to the organization of children's leisure time after skiing. Parents need rest in the evening, in this case children's play centers with educators and various programs help out well.

Top Ski Resorts

The most comfortable slopes for skiing with children

The first descents with children must be carried out on the training slope. It should be located away from the main ski area with special signs and fences. It is ideal if the ski resort has several training slopes, separately intended for children, adults and snowboarders.

A special children's ski slope is in most cases equipped with play equipment and a children's lift. But sometimes it is available only for classes with an instructor, so it is necessary to clarify the conditions for the functioning of such dedicated children's zones.

If the child has confidently learned to stop and turn on the training slope, then you can go to the "green" slopes. Here it is necessary to remind about the classification of ski slopes in terms of difficulty, adopted in Russia:

  • green - for beginners,
  • blue - low difficulty level,
  • red - medium difficulty level,
  • "black" - high difficulty level.

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