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Baikal travel guide

Baikal is one of the most famous lakes in the world, located in southern Siberia, partly in the Irkutsk region, partly in Buryatia. The word Baikal is of Turkic origin, it comes from Bai-Kul, Bai means rich, and Kul means lake. The lake has 5 landscape and climatic zones - steppe, mountains, taiga, swamp-floodplain and mountain-forest.

Most often, tourists go to Baikal in summer, although it does not lose its attractiveness at other times of the year, for example, in winter. There are many tourist centers and hotels on the coast, but the bulk of tourists go on hikes with overnight stays in tents or on boats.

Infrastructure for mass tourists is more developed on Olkhon Island, Listvyanka, Bolshiye Koty, Peschanaya Bay and Baikalsk.

A few dry numbers

How to get to Baikal


There are two accessible points: airports in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. Every day, planes fly from Moscow to these cities from Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports. Fly to Irkutsk 5 hours 40 minutes, to Ulan-Ude - 6 hours.

Tickets to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude can be found here.


The distance between Moscow and Irkutsk is about 5200 km, travel time is three and a half days.

Further, the tourist will have to overcome 70 km separating Baikal from Irkutsk either by train from the railway station, or by bus or minibus (from the central market), or by motor ship from the Raketa pier, the latter, however, only from mid-June to late summer.

Climate of Baikal

Due to the remoteness from the seas and oceans, the climate here is sharply continental, which is partially smoothed out thanks, firstly, to the enormous mass of water of Lake Baikal itself, and secondly, thanks to the huge taiga along the shores of the lake.

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New comments

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on our planet. It contains a huge supply of fresh water on the planet. There are a lot of legends and stories about Baikal.

Our site will tell you about tourism and recreation on Lake Baikal. About how useful and pleasant rest on Lake Baikal is. About how beautiful and unique the nature of the purest lake is, as well as about many other secrets of Lake Baikal, which you still know about.

Active tourism on Lake Baikal

Rest on Lake Baikal is not only useful, but also very pleasant, and has recently been very popular. The huge flow of tourists has made it possible to significantly increase the number of hotels and tourist centers on Lake Baikal, improve service for tourists and offer them much more options for recreation. The tourist service and the level of hotels have increased. The concept of “rest on Baikal” has moved to a completely different level.

tours to Baikal

Just a few years ago, comparing vacation on Lake Baikal with the Black Sea resorts, it was heaven and earth. Poor service, a small selection of offers and poor living conditions, all this repelled holidaymakers. Almost no civilization, although for many tourists this is the main factor for visiting this wild place.

Now the situation has changed dramatically, recreation on Lake Baikal is becoming fashionable. There are many tours, among which: equestrian tourism, rafting on the rivers of Lake Baikal, beach holidays on Lake Baikal, fishing and hunting, and this is just a small part of the list. Therefore, if you have not yet rested on Lake Baikal, then our advice to come here, and enjoy your rest!

New on the site

We will live in a warm base in Listvyanka and make interesting adventure outings every day. We will visit the observatory, the museum in Taltsy, Nerpintari, the Siberian Zoo, visit the Husky, and also ride the Khivus.

Khivusy is a local means of transportation on ice in winter - a snowmobile with an air cushion.

We will also have time for a quiet hour for the little ones, for communication and joint games.

Our instructors will also conduct exciting master classes that will surely please both children and adults!

Daily program


Meeting. Transfer to Baikal. Resettlement. Free time.

Good afternoon! Or "sayn baina" in Buryat! We welcome you to the beautiful Irkutsk land. Today is the day of meeting, acquaintance, walks and resettlement.

We meet in Irkutsk near the Matryoshka hotel (. u /) at 12:00 and go all together by bus to Listvyanka - a village on the very shore of Lake Baikal.

Upon arrival in the village, they are already waiting for us in the guest house, a delicious lunch and refreshments have been prepared in honor of our arrival at the lake.

We invite skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels to a trip that will be filled with snow-white slopes, stunning views of winter Baikal, new acquaintances, smiles, adrenaline and communication in a warm circle in a cozy hotel.

Mount Sobolinaya is located just 1.5 km from the fabulous Lake Baikal. A resort with comfortable slopes, various trails and all the delights of a ski holiday.

Just imagine: the rustle of well-packed snow, fragrant mulled wine, first-class Siberian cuisine on the way down - and all this with views of the main fresh treasure of the planet. Alpine skiing paradise, which in 2010 won the "Best Resort for Beginner Skiers" Cup in Russia.

The resort has 12 tracks of varying difficulty, the total length of which is more than 15 km.

The highest point is 1004 m above sea level, the drop is 475 m, the maximum length of the track is 2.1 km.

Please note that the arrival from February 20 to February 27 will be a tour-exploration: both the instructor and the group will be on this route for the first time. There may be changes in the program, unexpected difficulties that we will overcome together, and of course, adventures! In this tour we invite participants with a non-conflict character, a normal level of physical fitness and, just in case, with stress resistance, in exploration anything can happen;)

Also, after the first "test drive" the program can be changed.

Daily program


Meeting of participants in our cozy hostel in Irkutsk throughout the day.

The program is free today. The instructor will tell you where to go and what to see. You can walk along the cozy streets of the city and see such sights as

The Church of the Savior is a 300 year old church from which the city began.

The 130th quarter is the historical zone of Irkutsk, where several dozen old wooden buildings and residential buildings built in the 18th century are concentrated.

Baikal is the deepest lake in the world: its depth reaches 1640 meters. It is also the purest and most ancient. Baikal is located in the mountains of Siberia, there are many interesting sights around it. Not to mention the fact that Baikal itself is one big attraction.

Baikal is considered a year-round travel destination. There is something to see here both in winter and in summer. In winter, the lake turns into a giant kingdom in ice: the landscapes are simply cosmic. You can safely walk and drive on the ice until April. In summer, they move mainly by water.

There are many more tourists in summer. At the same time, there is almost no real warmth on Lake Baikal, in June it is still cool here. The water never warms up properly: only in certain places, for example, bays. The warmest month is August, and frosts begin in October.

Lake Baikal separates two regions: Irkutsk Oblast and Buryatia. The infrastructure is better developed on the Irkutsk side, but there are many interesting things on the Buryat side as well. The easiest way is to get from Moscow to Irkutsk. You will spend almost 6 hours on the flight. But this is still great: the train will run for 4 days!

Once in Irkutsk, go to see the sights of Lake Baikal. There are just the sea of ​​them, it is impossible to describe everything, so we will focus on the most popular and interesting places.


This place is located just an hour's drive from Irkutsk. You can rent a car or take a minibus, and in summer - a motor ship. What's interesting in Listvyanka:

  • Chersky Stone is an observation deck, which is located at an altitude of 700 m. A popular place among tourists: here you get beautiful photos against the background of the lake. If you find it difficult or unwilling to climb the mountain, no problem: the lifts work;
  • Nerpinary is like a dolphinarium, only with seals (creatures that look like seals). The main feature of the Listvyan seal is the natural conditions for keeping the seal. They are also scientists: they know how to show tricks and numbers;
  • One of the great Baikal trails begins in Listvyanka. There are many such trails around the entire lake, they represent projects created by activists. The organized tourist routes run through the mountains and forests and take about 7 hours, taking into account the stops. Of course, walking along the trails, admiring the natural sights of Lake Baikal, is safer and more comfortable in the summer;
  • On foot from Listvyanka you can get to the village of Bolshiye Koty (emphasis on "o"): there is a museum of Baikal studies and a miners' shelter (formerly gold was mined there). There are also many picturesque places in the vicinity of the village: padi, capes, cliffs with families of gulls.

Olkhon Island

On Olkhon you can contemplate all the diversity of the Baikal nature. A must-see place! The area of ​​the island is 730 sq. Km. There is a lot of accommodation here, so we advise you to stay at least for a few days to fully enjoy the local beauty. And in the summer you can even live in a tent! So, what is on Olkhon:

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