Ski holidays in Russia: the most popular resorts and complexes for beginners and pros

Ski holidays in Russia: the most popular resorts and complexes for beginners and pros

Meet the Top 5 most budget places in the Alps to relax and go skiing and snowboarding.

Mayrhofen, Austria

Mayrhofen has long been popular with both partygoers and families with children, who are attracted by excellent value for money, good care of their children and ski schools with a high reputation.

The snow cover is quite good, but there are no ski runs leading back to the village from the main slopes. Lift pass covers trails from the Hintertux Glacier at the top of the valley, which can be reached by free buses, to the slopes above Linersbach, which are much quieter than Mayrhofen, which has several busy central bars.

Despite the fact that Mayrhofen is built in a traditional Alpine style, its dimensions do not allow walking around it - it is better to use the ski bass. Beginners need to go all the way up from the start.

  • Lift pass € 227
  • Ski rental € 107
  • Private lesson with instructor € 95
  • Food and drinks - € 143

Seehl, Austria

SkiWelt is the largest general ski area in Austria with some of the most interesting slopes starting at the Hohe Salve high point. Overall, the mountain is great for relaxing skiing, and if the snow is good, you can slide down one of the lovely long trails right up to the village. Unfortunately, routes on the sunny side of the slope and at relatively low altitudes often suffer in warm weather and are then covered with artificial snow.

The slopes of Zelya are located at a great distance from the center, and therefore ski buses are used on the territory. Starting this year, there is a proposal according to which parents can share their lift pass with their children.

  • Lift pass € 227
  • Ski rental € 101
  • Private lesson with instructor € 125
  • Food and drinks - 137 euros

Schladming, Austria

The prices for food and drinks in Schladming are the lowest in Austria, so this is a great place to stay if you are planning on not only skiing. Schladming is a working-class city, not a village, but it is no worse, especially since it has a very beautiful pedestrian center.

The slopes are on four wooded mountains, interconnected, and offer a wide variety of trails to suit all tastes. However, for professionals it will not be so interesting here: only one or two tracks leading to the village can be called difficult, which are often covered with ice due to workloads. Beginners need to go all the way up from the start.

5 affordable alpine resorts

The mountainous regions of Russia dispose of ski resorts that will compete with the Swiss ones. Modern well-equipped sports complexes and a wide range of entertainment will ensure a quality vacation with family or friends, in which you will not have to travel far.

Top Largest

Top most modern

Top inexpensive and best in terms of price-quality ratio

Ski tours in Russia

If you are planning a long weekend, it is convenient to plan a trip to the mountains in advance in order to have a fun and interesting vacation and visit several slopes of varying length, difficulty, conditions. In 2019, resorts are popular in Altai, Krasnaya Polyana, and Elbrus.

  • Travel companies offer a full-fledged ski trip in winter Altai for both skiers and snowboarding enthusiasts. It is divided into 2 parts: first, it is a contemplative walk through the protected areas on the slopes of the mountain, which smoothly turns into an active holiday at the ski resorts. In total, the guests will visit 4 places, the trip will take 5-7 days with the capture of Shoria.
  • A trip to the Elbrus region is suitable for those who travel with the whole family. The trails vary in difficulty, so it is safe to conquer unbroken trails for both professionals and beginners and children. In addition, guests have a picturesque northern view.
  • The center of Russian mountain tourism - Krasnaya Polyana - offers tourist routes on skis not only along the mountain peaks, but also to mineral springs, lakes, cultural and natural monuments. Safety is guaranteed - protection from avalanches, round-the-clock duty of rescuers. The trails are divided among themselves according to winter sports, which prevents traumatization of vacationers.

The cost of tours for a week starts from 25 thousand rubles. Their price includes transfer during the route, guide support, accommodation, breakfasts and dinners, meeting and seeing off at the airport. Guests are required to bring their ski equipment, taking into account the weather conditions.

Ski resorts of the Caucasus

A popular Caucasian resort - Dombay. Convenient because all the trails are located nearby, from the ski lifts to any of them can be reached on foot. The difficulty level starts from the minimum (for children) and ends with extreme. They celebrate the developing infrastructure and the emergence of new comfortable hotels and cafes in the resort area.

The place where skiers and climbers come is the Tsey Gorge. Located in North Ossetia. It has been operating since 1960. A good place for climbers to conquer the peaks, because frosts are rare, an abundance of sun.

The most popular and famous ski destinations are waiting for you! Get a sea of ​​drive with PROTRIP!

SKI TOURS Schedule

No matching tours found.

Choosing a ski tour: basic rules and directions

Do you dream of conquering mountain peaks? Or is your ideal vacation inextricably linked to the mountains, and you go skiing to Austria, France or Germany every year? Then we invite you to familiarize yourself with ski tours from PROTRIP! Trust us your vacation and you will only have to choose where you want to go. The main directions of tours to ski resorts are Austria, France, Andorra, Sochi, Georgia, Italy and Scandinavian countries. We offer you ski tours for 2020. You can book a suitable program now. We will select for you ski tours for the New Year with a flight from Moscow or St. Petersburg. Next, we will tell you how to choose a ski tour to Sochi, France, Austria and other amazing places.

Ski tours to Europe from Moscow The most popular ski destination

We organize tours in Russia, Scandinavian countries and Europe. But many experienced travelers prefer Italy and the conquest of the snow-capped Alps.

Ski tours to Italy are amazingly beautiful landscapes, a large number of different tracks (for beginners and experienced athletes), as well as the best SPA resorts, entertainment and developed infrastructure. This is the decisive factor when booking a ski tour to Italy.

What is important to know about the ski tours of the year?

If this is your first time going to a ski resort in Scandinavia or Central Europe, then you are faced with the question of organizing the trip. Tickets, accommodation, equipment rental, transfers and more. In order to save money and buy a ski tour at an affordable price, you can contact PROTRIP for help! We will find a suitable tour for you! It is important - to get the best price, it is better to book tours in advance.

What are Ski Resorts Tours?

A rich program of your trip awaits you, which will suit both beginners and experienced skiers/snowboarders - skiing/snowboarding lessons and sports training. You can easily learn how to make turns on the ski slopes! Our tour also includes equipment rental, Ski Pass (ski pass), transfers to slopes equipped for skiing, snowboarding and various excursions. *

The infrastructure of the ski resort includes:

Ski resorts for beginners: how to prepare, where to go

January holidays, which many of us love to spend on the ski slopes, are coming soon. If you decide to start the New Year by conquering the trails, then this guide is for you. In it, together with Renaissance Insurance, we will tell you how to prepare for the trip, starting with the purchase of equipment and ending with the choice of a ski resort.

By the way, for all our readers there is a 15% discount on travel insurance. To get a discount, go to the link and enter the promo code "hype".


Choose what you want to ride

Who is cooler: skier or snowboarder? Probably, this is one of the eternal questions that constantly causes confrontation in the company. Naturally, each sport has its pros and cons, but for some reason the dispute between skiers and snowboarders is conducted every season. If you are a beginner, then first determine with what interests you the most. Much depends on your fitness and the time you have to learn how to ride.

Professional coaches say that it is much easier for beginners to get on the skis, but it is much more difficult to master them, it will take a whole season. On a snowboard, after a week of training, you can quite confidently descend from a low mountain. The speed of skis is much faster than that of a snowboard, but at the same time skiers fall much less often, since they have the opportunity to slow down at any time.

If you want to learn to ride with your kids, skiing and snowboarding have their age limits. You can put a child on skis from the age of four, and on a snowboard not earlier than six, since the child should develop coordination of movements.

If you cannot make a choice, then come to the nearest base and try both sports. This will help you better understand what you like.


Prepare for your workouts

As we thought

As a basis, we took the cost of one adult per week in high season - provided that you live together in a double room, eat in cafes and restaurants, rent equipment and do not deny yourself an après-ski. If you have your own equipment and you don’t plan to allow yourself too much, you can meet an even more modest amount.

Resting at a ski resort, even a budget one, is 1.5–2 times more expensive than the national average.

Airfare prices are based on SkyScanner statistics. We took the cost of each flight from Russia to a specific city during the ski season from November 30 to March 30, and recalculated at the euro exchange rate on the day of purchase. Average price is the cost of tickets from all over Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Onsite expenses include accommodation for 6 nights, food at inexpensive restaurants, equipment rental, transportation and entertainment for 7 days. We collected data from various sources, including budgetyourtrip. om, numbeo. om, Skyscanner Hotels service and tourist reports. All prices are average.

For clarity, we have identified the 7-day ski pass from the total expenses on the spot. These are the prices for the high season: if you go to the New Year, it will not be more expensive. The actual data was taken from the official websites of the resorts and converted into euros.

How much does it cost to ski in high season, €

Silichy, Belarus

Total budget per person per week, including airfare - 707 €

  • air tickets to Minsk - 119 € round trip
  • ski pass for 7 days - 136 €. There are no daytime ski passes in Silichi this season, so we figured out how many will run up if you ride for five hours every day.
  • accommodation in Silichi - from 11 € per person per night in a double room

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