Ski holidays in Karelia: an excellent alternative to European resorts

Pötsevaara - the kingdom of the mountain trolls: description

Daily program

We will meet on Friday at the Ladozhsky railway station at 23:55. We sit on the train, in which the Moscow part of our team is already traveling, and together we go to the village of Yanisjärvi.


The train arrives in Janisjärvi at 8 am, unloading, going to the bank of the beautiful river. We will have breakfast and go to the fabulous Pötsevaar. The path to adventure leads us through the village, where we will see the Finnish stone bridge (1924), a hydroelectric power station with a waterfall, the mysterious “Devil's Mills”. We will walk through an abandoned 19th century pulp mill.

Then we will enter a picturesque road that runs along rocky ridges and an ancient forest. Having reinforced our strength with a delicious lunch near the Sokolinoye Lake, we will set off to storm the highest point of the Northern Ladoga area. Deep crevices, high free-flowing slopes and rock ledges, mighty spruces and pines will open to us. We will find the mountain lake Pitkäjärvi.

By evening we will return to Falcon Lake, set up camp and prepare a well-deserved dinner.


And early rise again, because this day will be richer than the previous one. We will wade the river and go to the beautiful lake Ristijärvi (Cross-lake). We will climb the Krestovaya mountain with a mesmerizing panorama of the surroundings. Exploring the mysterious Mountain of Robbers (Rosvokallio).

The asteroid shook Rosvokallio so that it split into two unequal parts. Huge boulders, some of the size of a two-story house, collapsed in an unimaginable chaotic manner on the coast. Stone fragments frozen in the new-found equilibrium formed inconceivable underground labyrinths, cold voids, secret passages, in which, according to legends, the Maakhis live.

Legend: Maakhis - in Finno-Ugric mythology, the underground people ("inhabitants of the earth"). They look like people, but ugly (one foot is turned back, etc.) Maakhis take the form of a frog, lizard, ermine, cat and other animals. In addition to the underworld, they inhabit forests, mountains, hills, wastelands. The path to their country leads along ant paths, through lakes and springs ... One who has entered the underworld must not eat or drink Maakhis 'drinks, otherwise he will not return to earth or, upon returning, will find that the Maakhis' year is equal to fifty human years. (Myths of the Finno-Ugrians/V. Petrukhin. - M .: Astrel: AST: Transitkniga, 2005).

Having gone down from the mountain, we sit in the vehicle waiting for us, but this is not the end of our adventure. Before going home, we will stop in Karelian Switzerland - the magnificent Kiryaavlahti Bay and climb the Mount of Artists with a breathtaking view of Ladoga, where N. Roerich often visited. The famous song “And Karelia will dream for a long time” was also written here.

Pötsevaara - the kingdom of the mountain trolls: description

The Republic of Karelia is the northwestern territory of Russia, which differs from other subjects in its history and cultural identity. The taiga region with beautiful northern nature and unique architectural sights attracts both travelers from Russia and foreigners. A guide to Karelia will acquaint you with this amazing land, its history, attractive places and cultural features.

The republic is adjacent to the Leningrad, Vologda, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions, in the west it borders on Finland. The capital of the republic is located in the city of Petrozavodsk. More than half of the territory of the region is occupied by forests (conifers predominate), it is also rich in water resources - there are many lakes and rivers. Located in the republic, Onega and Ladoga lakes are the largest in Europe, and it is also washed by the White Sea.

Reserves, national and natural parks, wildlife sanctuaries have been created to preserve natural beauty.

The terrain is also amazing - there are meteorite craters, traces of ancient volcanoes, and boulders, furrows and moraine ridges are echoes of the last glaciation. All this creates excellent conditions for ecotourism, which is becoming more popular every year.

This is not surprising, because the dynamic and noisy modern city life takes a lot of energy, which can be restored in the environment of untouched nature. Moreover, in Karelia it will be comfortable for both lovers of quiet outdoor recreation and people who enjoy active pastime - hiking, river rafting, jeep safari, ATVs and snowmobiles, hunting.

There is also a good potential for treatment here, the Marcial Waters resort uses mineral waters containing iron, and shungite (rock) treatment is also practiced at local resorts.

Karelia is famous for its architectural, historical and cultural sights, especially Kizhi and Valaam. The Solovetsky Islands, although they belong geographically to the Arkhangelsk Region, are also conveniently accessible from Karelia.

The original culture of the region is also of interest - the territory has preserved ancient settlements of Karelians, Vepsians, Pomors, here you can get acquainted with the architecture, traditions and life of the indigenous peoples. Karelian petroglyphs are also world-famous - ancient rock paintings depicting people, animals and now incomprehensible signs.

How to get there

You can get to Karelia, or rather to its capital - Petrozavodsk, by plane, train, bus or personal transport.


Direct flights from Moscow to Petrozavodsk are currently only operated by Pobeda Airlines, departing from Vnukovo Airport. Travel time is 1.5 hours. During the days of sales, you can have time to buy tickets at a price of 999 rubles.

Flights are not available every day, the schedule is always set for the season, so you need to clarify it when planning your trip. To fly with transfers is not only long (from 6-7 hours), but is almost always much more expensive.

Winter holidays for many are becoming a desired vacation, and most vacationers prefer to go not to hot beaches, but to snow-covered slopes. Regions where there are all the prerequisites for an excellent winter holiday are becoming a good alternative to European resorts. Karelia belongs to one of these regions.

Ski resorts and slopes in Karelia - Gorka, Malaya Medvezhka, Spasskaya Guba, Yalgora and others - are still developing, but very promising. In this article we will consider an inexpensive vacation in Karelia.

Gorka Entertainment Center

The Gorka ski resort within the city of Petrozavodsk provides a lot of opportunities for sports entertainment. Two equipped tracks of medium difficulty ("blue" category, height difference up to 40 m) will appeal to advanced skiers, and a separate flat track is provided for children's skiing.

For snowboard lovers, there is its own track with small jumps, and for fans of winter fun there is a track for skiing on "cheesecakes" and an ice rink.

A separate drag lift leads to each track (from 150 rubles/hour).

An experienced instructor is engaged with children and beginners (the cost of such classes is from 400 rubles/hour on weekdays and from 500 rubles on weekends). It is possible to purchase a subscription to classes (from 2000 rubles for 5 hours).

On the territory of "Gorki" there are comfortable cottages (the cost of living from 1100 rubles/day), 6 barbecue houses, free parking for cars, a cafe, 2 points of ski equipment rental.

Address of the resort: Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Lososinskoe highway, building 17 B.

The official site of the Gorka ski center in Petrozavodsk: . u

Entertainment center "Gorka" on the map:

Traveling to Karelia by car is a great idea for exploring the northern region. Traveling by car, you can make stops in picturesque places, cover long distances and not spend money on a sightseeing transfer. It is best to go here for a week, but weekend trips are also popular. Karelia by a savage by car - an exciting immersion into the world of wildlife with mirror lakes, rocky coasts, dark forests and an amazing spirit of antiquity.

It should be noted that the roads to the most hidden natural places are often in poor condition, they are primers, or there are none at all. Some attractions need to be reached by SUV, but this does not apply to the most popular objects, as a rule, tourists travel by cars. Rest in Karelia by car means freedom of movement and visiting wild and secluded places.

Sights of Karelia by car

Seeing Karelia on your own by car is an opportunity to visit the most beautiful places: waterfalls, national parks, mountains. In addition to natural attractions, you can see ancient monuments of different peoples in the republic. It is worth going to Karelia by car in order to travel around different parts of the region.

Ladoga Skerries National Park

Going to Karelia by car, where is it worth visiting? If you are driving along the A-121 highway, you can stop at the Ladoga Skerries National Park. This is a territory with picturesque rocky islets on the northwestern and northern shores of Ladoga. On the lake you can ride a boat and go fishing, berry and mushroom tours are organized on the territory. The rocky landscapes of the skerries are an excellent start for exploring the harsh nature of the republic.

If you are exploring Karelia by car, then before the "Ladoga Skerries" you can turn a little towards Finland near the town of Lahdenpohja to visit the Museum "Owl Mountain". It is located in a bunker in the rock and is dedicated to military events, as well as the geological history of Karelia. Another unusual object up to "Mount Owl" is the proto-Saami labyrinth near the village of Alkho, near Mount Akhmavaara.


Sights of Karelia by car on the map are located in different parts of the republic. From the city of Sortavala it is convenient to go to the natural beauty, which has become famous among tourists. In the town itself, you can see ancient buildings and appreciate the picturesque view of the islands of Lake Ladoga. The Finno-Ugric peoples have lived on this territory for a long time, archaeological finds from different eras have been discovered here. The city is included in the list of historical settlements of Russia.

Among the interesting buildings in Sortavala are monuments of Finnish architecture and wooden buildings (forestry building, museum of northern Ladoga, former fire station, Town Hall building). Tourists also visit the exhibition hall of Kronid Gogolev, an artist and woodcarver. A good observation deck is in the Vakkosalmi park, not far from the city is Mount Paaso of small height, but with a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Northern summer is an amazing time. A time of exuberant natural liveliness, the tart smell of pine trees over the lakes, a mysterious life, the story of which unfolds right before your eyes. The architecture of cities and villages (yes, the local villages have their own, special architecture) in the summer acquires completeness and integrity. However, summer in Karelia has its own characteristics.

So that neither the peculiarities of the Karelian summer, nor the seasonal tourist influx affect the quality of your vacation, look at the selection of summer tours to Karelia.

Peculiarities of the Karelian summer

Summer in Karelia can pamper you with heat, or it can bring down torrential rains and thunderstorms on a tourist. When going to the republic in June-August, don't just look at the weather on five different sites, but be sure to grab several sets of clothes, both slippers and an autumn jacket can come in handy. We have prepared for you a detailed article about the climate in Karelia by months.

White nights are another feature of the Karelian summer. If you have been to St. Petersburg and think that you know everything about the White Nights, a big surprise awaits you. In Karelia there are regions (those that are closer to the Arctic Circle) in which the sun really does not go beyond the horizon, either day or night. Therefore, if you are having trouble sleeping, bring an eye mask. See the sunrise and sunset times in Petrozavodsk on the website . u

Mosquitoes, midges, other insects

Insects bother not only those who spend the night in tents, and during the day walks through the forests and mountains with a backpack, but also those who prefer “civilization”. Therefore, repellents and fumigators should become your faithful companions. By the way, in summer in Karelia you can pick up ticks. And not only in the wilderness, but also within the boundaries of Petrozavodsk. Be careful and careful.

How to get to Karelia

There are several ways to get to Karelia. Going on a trip from Moscow or St. Petersburg, you can get there by car or train. There is also a direct bus service from St. Petersburg. The fastest way is to fly by plane. For example, having taken off from Moscow (Vnukovo airport), you will find yourself in Karelia (Besovets airport) within 1.5 minutes, from where the capital of Karelia, the city of Petrozavodsk, is just a stone's throw away. You can take a bus or order a taxi to the city.

Petrozavodsk will be a good starting point for travel, since this is where most of the tourist routes originate. Read a detailed review - how to get to Karelia by car, train or plane

What to see in Karelia in summer

The absence of snow and ice opens up incredible opportunities for any tourist. You can conquer unexplored wilderness and bushes. In summer it is especially good to go to one of the national parks of Karelia to enjoy the true view of the Karelian nature. Find out everything about the national parks of Karelia >>>

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