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Schengen visa required for Finland

Meeting in the center of St. Petersburg at 8 am on the first day of the route.

If you get to the resort in another way, you must arrive before 7:00 on the second day of the route (or earlier).

The nearest airport, only 50 kilometers from Tahko, is in the city of Kuopio. But the airport only accepts domestic flights. T. you can fly from Helsinki.

By train it turns out with one change: K Tahko railway station is located in Siilinjärvi. From Moscow and St. Petersburg you can take the Lev Tolstoy and Allegro trains to Kouvola and change to a direct train to Siilinjärvi or Kuopio

By car from St. Petersburg about 6 hours - without border. From St. Petersburg - 500 km From Moscow - 1200 km

Arrival in St. Petersburg before 23. 0 on the last day of the route.

If you leave on your own, you can do this at any time on the last day of the route.

Active corporate rest

Finland is unique and beautiful, with amazing nature, local attractions and cuisine. It should be noted that the state is popular among Russian citizens due to its proximity in culture and climate. Finland is improving its tourist infrastructure every year, which allows it to attract hundreds of thousands of travelers for a systematic and successful vacation. Many people come to resorts for the beautiful nature, lakes, ski resorts, cruises on the Baltic Sea, delicious cuisine, and a hot sauna.

Country overview

Finland is located in the north of Europe. The republic's neighbors are Russia, Sweden and Norway. In addition, the state has access to the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia. On December 6, 2017, Finland will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of independence.

The northern location means a long winter and a short autumn. According to the public, looking at the starry sky, you can see the most beautiful northern lights on the planet. The peak of attendance of the state falls on the New Year holidays. Tourists go to ski resorts, to the residence of a real Santa Claus, have fun in local restaurants and bars. In summer and early autumn, Finland is visited by lovers of nature, family vacations, festivals and excursions.

Finnish weather is shaped by a temperate continental and maritime climate. At the same time, warm winds blow from the Atlantic Ocean. Summers are warm, but winters are harsh and snowy. The ski season in the country lasts from December to April, and in the north - to May. In November, you should refrain from traveling, as the weather is windy and rainy.

How to get to Finland from different CIS countries

From Moscow to Helsinki, there are daily direct flights and flights with a transfer in St. Petersburg. The average duration of a direct flight is about two hours. From St. Petersburg to the Finnish capital, there are direct flights and flights with a connection in Riga.

Every day a train leaves from Moscow to Helsinki, and an express train leaves St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg is also connected with Helsinki by bus and ferry services. Many residents of St. Petersburg note affection for their neighbors, their similarity in mentality.

There are regular flights from Kiev to the capital of Finland both directly and via Minsk, Moscow or Riga. Airplanes and trains leave the capital of Belarus to Helsinki every day.

Ski resorts in Finland

Vuokatti is the most popular ski resort in the north of the country. The city with a developed tourist infrastructure will delight you with high-quality ski tracks, a snow tunnel for snowboarders, where freestyle competitions are held, and entertainment for children. In addition to skiing, in Vuokatti we recommend visiting the open-air ethnographic museum, the Museum of Agriculture, an aquapark, ice fishing on the lake, riding deer and dog sledding.

Travel agency

Holidays in Finland can be unforgettable if you prepare for it in advance. Before traveling to this country, you need to find out which vacation spots to visit, how to organize a budget trip, and secrets with advice from experienced tourists will not interfere.

Rest in Finland attracts tourists with calmness and tranquility. The country is famous for its unusually beautiful nature, rich fishing, delicious cuisine, hot sauna, northern lights, winter tourism and Santa Claus at Christmas.

Finland is an expensive country. Where to relax in Finland inexpensively is a question that interests every tourist before visiting this country. After all, the cost of accommodation, entertainment and everything else is relatively high. But, you can still save money if you wish.

How you can save your budget in Finland:

  • If you prepare for your trip well in advance, the savings can be significant. It will be cheaper to book a hotel room and purchase tickets if you do it a little in advance;
  • hotels in the country are expensive. A hostel can become a budget accommodation option. They are located in campsites or hostels. Here you can save on food. As a rule, hostels are equipped with a kitchen, where guests can always prepare their own food from their own products;
  • great savings - purchasing a weekend package. In this case, the cost of rest will be 40% lower. Before checking into a hotel, you need to ask if it offers tourists such a service;
  • Autumn and spring are the most budgetary travel periods. Its cost will be much lower than in summer or winter.

You should use public transport to travel around the cities of the country. The train will cost much more. You can relax in Finland inexpensively in March. This is the time of significant discounts.

"Secrets and Tips" from "Subtleties of Tourism"

"The subtleties of tourism" conditionally divide the rest in Finland into 3 types.

Leisure activities:

  • Cultural rest - in order to study the natural and cultural values ​​of the country. As a rule, sightseeing in Helsinki is included in the compulsory program. It also includes a tour of the sights of the port of Turku and the entertainment center "Country of Moomin - trolls". In general, the program is complemented by visits to museums and other interesting places.
  • Travel on lakes. Finland is rich in water resources. A huge number of them are located on its territory. Fans of quiet rest and fishing try to come back here from year to year.
  • Winter tourism. It is considered the main type of recreation. Skiers - professionals are likely to be less interested in the resort than beginners.

In winter in Finland, you can combine 2 types of recreation at once. These are winter sports and ice fishing.

Polar Finland attracts tourists not only with fabulous Lapland, but also with winter resorts. In the absence of mountain ranges, the Finns were not at a loss, having equipped hills for ski slopes. They laid modern snow slopes, equipped a well-developed infrastructure, successfully coping with European competitors.

Why choose Finland

Tourists are not afraid of the geography of Finland with its long, frosty and snowy winter. On the contrary, vacationers are pleased with the long cold period. After all, the season on the hills begins in March and lasts until May, then the colds weaken, the weather conditions become the most comfortable. In many northern regions, real spring begins at this time, and in the south, summer at all.

Finland (ski resorts attract tourists from all over the world) has 75 popular winter recreation centers. On gentle, wide slopes, comfortable skiing is provided for both beginners and intermediate athletes. Tourists familiar with the Finnish slopes leave grateful, laudatory comments about the ski industry.

The overwhelming majority of guests consider the benefits to be clear:

  • proximity to Moscow (just a couple of hours of flight);
  • high-quality piste coverage;
  • excellent service;
  • reasonable price category for tours;
  • versatility of family recreation (sports activities can be combined with a trip to the homeland of Santa Claus in Lapland);
  • enchanting nature: fabulous forests, polar night, northern lights ...

Downhill skiing is the national sport in this country. Therefore, the Finns could not ignore the professionals. Unique tracks have been laid for them, where international competitions are often held.

How to choose a ski resort in Finland

The correct prioritization will help determine the choice of the necessary ski resort, even among the Finnish diversity.

Preferences of vacationers, according to which the tour is selected:

  • Composition of vacationers: family, company of friends.
  • Skating level: beginner, amateur, pro.
  • Accommodation: private house, cottage, hotel, apartment.
  • Additional leisure: sightseeing, acquaintance with traditions, trips to nearby cities.
  • Tour sum.

Having decided on these points, it will be easier for the tourist to find his way, and also to consider several options.

Peculiarities of ski holidays in Finland

Top 5 best ski resorts in Finland: sports opportunities, popular entertainment, unique attractions, photos.

Ski resorts in Finland are mainly low-mountain ski centers with a high level of service: all slopes are technically equipped, perfectly groomed, as a rule, there are cozy resort villages with luxury hotels and comfortable cottages nearby. But most of all, the harsh Finnish nature with its enchanting landscapes attracts, especially in autumn, when moss, grasses and trees shimmer with many colors, when the entire Lapland region looks like an impressionist painting.

In autumn, short daylight hours are compensated by an abundance of illuminated slopes. But in the spring months, especially in polar Lapland, the slopes of the mountains bathe in the sun until the evening. The height of the tourist season in Finland is from March to May, when severe frosts recede, the ruddy sun joyfully illuminates the hills buried in clouds of abundant snow, smiling good-naturedly at the sedate and dashing skiers.


Vuokatti is one of the most popular ski resorts in Finland. He has 13 well-groomed slopes of different difficulty levels at his disposal. These are easy, completely free tracks for beginners, slopes where you can ski at night, and steep slopes for professionals. The undoubted advantages of the resort are a convenient location, European level of service, a variety of services, diverse entertainment, proximity of hotels to ski slopes, high quality of preparation of slopes, stable snow cover and a long skiing season (from mid-autumn to May Day). A tropical water park, a variety of excursions (to the village of Santa Claus, to the Hiidenportti National Park, to the top of Vuokatinvaara hill and Naapurivaara hill, the sandy coast of Hiukka in the village of Sotkamo), a tunnel specially equipped for snowboarders - all this allows you to enjoy your vacation in Vuokatti not only in the midst of season. In addition to snowboarding and downhill skiing, guests of the resort can ride a snowmobile, snowmobile, deer and dog sleds. Vuakatti is great for athletes and those who prefer health sports. The nearest airport is in Kajaani (40 km from Vuokatti).

Official site of the resort: vuokatti. i/ru/

Yllas "Yllas"

The Ylläs winter resort in Western Lapland is the largest in the country. It is located near the border with Sweden, just 150 km from the Arctic Circle. Consists of two settlements - Ylläsjärvi and Akaslompolo. Ylläs has a unique polar identity: here you can see the northern lights, and at the same time go skiing in the midnight sun. Ylläs is the number one resort in Lapland in terms of piste length and vertical drop. He has more than 50 ski slopes at his disposal, most of which are designed for beginners, some of which are illuminated at night. The ski season lasts from late October to early May. The perfect condition of the slopes is ensured by a stable snow cover. The resort is distinguished by relatively affordable prices for accommodation even during the peak season, while bungalows and cottages in which you can stay (and there are more than two hundred of them) offer the highest quality service. All this makes a vacation in Ylläs a real pleasure. Popular activities include snowshoeing, ice fishing, horseback riding, snowmobile and sledding safaris. Among the attractions of the resort are Pallas National Park, Lake Lapland Hell, a sheep farm and distillery, a fair in Kolari. The nearest airport is in Kittilä, from where you can get to Ylläs by bus. You can also get to the resort by train or bus from Kolari.

The official site of the Ylläs resort: yllas. i/ru

Levi "Levi"

The fame of Finland's best winter resort rightfully belongs to Levi - a picturesque Lapland village with an alpine flavor: cozy bungalows, luxurious hotels and charming forest cottages are located here against the backdrop of untouched nature, in the immediate vicinity of the slopes. The harsh beauty of the polar landscapes is in harmony with the high level of service and traditional Finnish hospitality and attention to the smallest detail. Long winter, hilly terrain and well-organized infrastructure contribute to the extraordinary popularity of Levi. Levi is about fifty slopes designed for skiers of different levels, excellent restaurants, a water park and a snowboard park. Trails with artificial snow cover allow skiing until the beginning of June (the ski season in Levi lasts 200 days a year!). The steepest slope in the resort is the famous Levi Black FIS slope (52% downhill on one of the stretches). The most interesting attraction in Levi is the unique lift with trailers (the only one in Finland). Among the entertainment available to tourists, one can single out ice fishing, funny dog ​​and reindeer sledding trips, snowmobile safaris, attractions in an adventure park, cross-country skiing, Nordic walking.

Official website of Levi Resort: levi. i/ru/

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