Ski centers in Uzbekistan: Chimgan and Baldersay

Ski centers in Uzbekistan: Chimgan and Baldersay

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Uzbekistan attracts the attention of the whole world with its numerous ancient historical and architectural monuments, the richest nature and rapid modern progress.

For centuries, Uzbekistan was located at the intersection of the trade routes of the Great Silk Road, along which merchants and discoverers, geographers and missionaries, invaders and conquerors followed. Nowadays, Uzbekistan is an attractive tourist destination for enterprising people interested in culture and history, traditions, exotic countries.

Uzbekistan is proud of its architectural monuments that have come down to us since the time of our ancestors. The Ichan-Kala complex in Khiva, and the historical centers of Bukhara, Shakhrisabz and Samarkand are included in the special list of UNESCO - "World Heritage". The unique monuments and architectural structures in these cities are a reflection of the era that played a significant role in the history of the country.

Tashkent is the capital of modern Uzbekistan and one of the largest cities in Central Asia. Both in the distant past and in the present, Tashkent is an important international transport hub, with many countries of the world through the local air carrier Uzbekistan Airways and international airlines.

Tashkent is one of the oldest cities in the world. In 2009, it celebrated its 2,200th anniversary. At the same time, it is a modern industrial center, home to more than 500 companies producing a wide variety of goods, ranging from aircraft to tractors, from televisions to textiles and footwear. Tashkent is rapidly becoming a modern developed international metropolis, where ancient buildings are harmoniously combined with modern skyscrapers.

Mountain tourism uzbekistan

Chimgan and Baldersay are favorite resorts in Uzbekistan. They are located 85 km from the capital in a beautiful mountainous area. Clean air, lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls and deep gorges await tourists. People are attracted by the Chimgan and Baldersay resorts like a magnet, giving them the opportunity to take a break from the gray days and improve their health. Chimgan is always crowded, but it is especially popular during the ski season.

Chimgan Massif

To visit the Chimgan mountains, some come to Uzbekistan even from near and far abroad. Prices at the Chimgan resorts are more acceptable than, for example, at Russian resorts, and the nature is no worse.

Admiring the horizon in Tashkent on a clear day, an observer can notice the two highest peaks of the Chimgan mountain range, Bolshoy and Maly. Their heights are 3309 and 2097 meters, respectively.

Back in the days of Tsarist Russia, Chimgan Mountain gained fame due to the healing effect of the local climate. There was a health resort for military personnel on the territory. And after the local authorities began to build apartments for summer and winter holidays in Chimgan, enterprising citizens saw the opportunity to develop the tourism business.

Gulkam Gorge

Hundred-meter cliffs, mountain river, waterfalls and birch groves - all this is the Gulkam gorge. It is located 3 kilometers from the Sand Pass, not far from the Chimgan ski resorts. To get to this amazingly beautiful place, in addition to a burning desire, certain climbing skills, physical endurance and an experienced guide are required. But the effort will pay off with interest. There are few places in the area where you can enjoy such stunning scenery.

Gulkam gorge, route - ascent to Pesochny pass

In a few hours, skilled travelers pass the gorge along to the village of Yangikurgan. It is important to bring ropes and other equipment with you. The water in the mountain river is very cold even in summer, so only seasoned tourists can plunge into the water.

Tract Twelve Keys

Uzbekistan attracts the attention of the whole world with its numerous ancient historical and architectural monuments, the richest nature and rapid modern progress.

General information

Chimgan is a popular tourist area of ​​Uzbekistan. Every year, not only thousands of tourists from all over the republic, but also foreign countries flock here. An hour's drive from Tashkent is the Ugam-Chatkal National Park - a paradise for nature lovers, outdoor activities, mountain hikes and other extreme lovers. Chimgan is the name of the largest settlement and the highest mountain (3309m) in the park. Tour operators can offer rafting, paragliding, heli-skiing in winter, mountain hikes of varying difficulty, or just walks in beautiful places and rest in one of dozens of modern sanatoriums.

How to get to Chimgan

The most budgetary way to get from Tashkent to Chimgan is by train or minibus to the city of Gazalkent, and from there by taxi. If you prefer a little more comfort, then a taxi can be taken directly from Tashkent. Prices will still be much lower than European ones. Such taxis depart from the Buyuk Ipak Yuli metro station. You can also order an official taxi - their offers are also quite democratic.


The climate here is relatively harsh and truly mountainous. The first snow falls in the month of November, which is much earlier than in the rest of the country. For this reason, Chimgan is very popular among ski lovers.

In summer, the heat reaches 25-30 degrees, which is a fairly comfortable temperature, for example, for mountain hikes. It often rains in autumn. Therefore, before going here, it is worth studying the weather forecast. Otherwise, you can get caught in an avalanche or rainstorm. The latter does not seem to be scary. However, wet, loose ground makes movement very difficult.

What to see in Chimgan

The first place worth seeing when visiting Chimgan is the Pulat Khan plateau. In order to visit it, you will have to make a two-day hike south of the Big Chimgan mountain. The height of the plateau is more than 2. km, and the area is more than 8 square kilometers. So, without proper preparation, it will be difficult to get here.

There are many legends associated with the plateau. One of them says that a certain Khan Pulat quarreled with his nephew, since they claimed the same woman. Without thinking twice, a relative seized the throne by force, and the defeated khan was forced to flee to the mountains, along with the remnants of his retinue and relatives. As a result, a handful of survivors settled on a plateau that was easy to defend, since there is only one entrance to the plateau and it is rather narrow.

However, the newly-minted ruler decided to bring the matter to the end. He deceived the guards and killed the fugitives. Only the khan's wife survived. She hid in one of the caves on the plateau, from where a spring still flows - the tears of Pulat Khan's wife.

Another legend says that when all the men of the tribe living here left to graze cattle, the village was attacked by enemies. The attack was repelled by the only hero who remained here, Pulat. He stayed in the village because he recently got married.

In groups and individually

Organized at any time convenient for you in groups and individually

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Chimgan mountains - Rest, Climbing, Hiking, your guides

Climbing Big Chimgan (m), route B Route

Nobody knows for certain when and who first ascended the top of Big Chimgan (3309m). Some argue that this happened in 1865. In 2008, allegedly someone, digging through the archive, found information in the Turkestan Gazette that the first ascent to Bolshoi Chimgan was made in 1909, that is, more than a hundred years ago. Whether it is true or not, the peak of the Big Chimgan still attracts people, as it did a hundred years ago. About 20 routes lead to the top, but 1B has become a "cradle" for many climbers.

In groups and individually

Organized at any time convenient for you in groups and individually

The best mountain hotels in Uzbekistan for a comfortable stay in the mountains in winter -

Seven days tour for individuals and groups

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Mountains of Uzbekistan

The mountains of Uzbekistan belong to the mountain systems of the Western Tien Shan and the Southern Tien Shan (Gissar-Alai, which includes the Turkestan, Zaravshan, Gissar, Karategin, Alai ranges).

The Western Tien Shan combines expressive mountainous terrain, picturesque water bodies, wild walnut and coniferous forests, mid-mountain meadows and meadow-steppes, multicolored subalpine tall grasses, alpine meadows. Deep canyons and gentle picturesque gorges with multistage waterfalls, plateau-like surfaces and bizarre inaccessible rocks, pure springs and deep rivers, alpine lakes adjacent to snow-capped peaks are of exceptional aesthetic importance. The aesthetic significance of landscapes is enhanced by many species of fauna and flora. Among them are the fabulously beautiful Greig and Kaufman tulips, the Himalayan snowcock, the paradise flycatcher. The Ugam-Chatkal State Natural National Park is located here. It was created at the suggestion of scientists of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan at the end of the last century on an area of ​​574 thousand hectares and practically covered all the southwestern spurs of the Western Tien Shan - Koksu, Ugam, Maidantal, Pskem and Chatkal ridges. The range of heights of the park is from 900 to 4000 meters above sea level with mid-mountain, forest and high-mountain belts. The Chatkal State Biosphere Reserve with the regime of a specially protected natural area, formed more than half a century ago, has become the core of the park. More than 1,100 species of plants grow here and more than 240 vertebrates live, scientific research is carried out, background monitoring is carried out, and various pollutants of air, water and soil are monitored.

Pulatkhan Plateau

The height of the mountains on the territory of Uzbekistan reaches a height of over 4000 m, but all four-thousanders are located in the border areas. For example, Hazrat-Sultan Peak is the highest point of Uzbekistan (4643 m.) In the Gissar ridge, located in the Surkhandarya region on the border between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Adelunga Peak (4301 m.), The highest peak in the Pskem ridge, is located on the border with Kyrgyzstan, as well as Beshtor Peak (4299 m.). Therefore, even local climbers cannot get there without special permission. There is no transparent procedure for obtaining admission to the border areas for athletes and tourists, moreover, there is no tourism infrastructure in the area of ​​four thousand meters. As a result, organizing expeditions to these peaks requires incredible effort, expense and time. Knowing this, most climbers prefer the Fan Mountains, located not far from Uzbekistan, the Asian Patagonia of the Kyrgyz Pamir-Alai, the Ala-Archa high-mountain region, also in Kyrgyzstan and, finally, the peaks of the mountains accessible all year round, not far from Tashkent.

There is a lot of snow in the mountains of Uzbekistan in winter. And although the mountains of Uzbekistan are relatively low, they can serve as a testing ground for practicing the tactics of climbing higher snowy peaks. For example, if you plan to climb Lenin Peak, 7134 meters high in summer, in winter you can test yourself on Bolshoi Chimgan, 3309 meters high.

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