Seven Ideas for Day Trips in Crimea from Sevastopol

Walking routes in Crimea

Cape Aya: from Laspi to Balaklava

3 days. 25 km. Complexity: simple. Hike cost: $ 85. Hike along the Main ridge of the Crimean Mountains Duration: 3 days The path goes along the most beautiful part of the southern coast of Crimea - from the bays.

In Eastern Crimea

6 days. 70 km. Difficulty: medium. The cost of the trip: 6300 rubles. One of the sections of the Main ridge of the Crimean Mountains stretches in a gentle arc from the Angarsk Pass to the east and southeast to Feodosi.

Around Crimea

6 days. 58 km. Difficulty: medium. The cost of the trip: 6300 rubles. If you want to see the real mountainous Crimea, then you need to follow this route. You will see quaint karst caves.

Along the canyons of Crimea

6 days. 60 km. Difficulty: medium. The cost of the trip: 6300 rubles. In Crimea, you can walk not only in the mountains, but also descend into deep gorges and canyons. This route is interestingly walked.

Around the cave cities of Crimea

6 days. 55 km. Difficulty: low. Hike cost: $ 110. The first cave cities appeared in Crimea about seven thousand years ago, they are located on numerous plateaus of mountain ranges.

Fishing-New World

6 days. 80 km. Difficulty: easy. The cost of the trip: 6300 rubles. This is a convenient walking route through the little-visited, but very picturesque places of the mountainous Crimea. Short daytime transitions and unknown

Extreme hike

It is not necessary to have a car for a one-day hike across Crimea from Sevastopol. In some cases, the car will interfere, as you will be tied to the place where you left your "horse". In this case, you will have to go the same way both to the destination and back.

Another plus of one-day travel: no need to carry a heavy backpack with a tent, sleeping bag, food and other real travel accessories.

In this publication I have collected those places and routes of Crimea that I love myself and which are not too far from Sevastopol. It is more convenient to get to some of them by your own car, but if a couple of extra kilometers on foot does not scare you, then you can safely master public transport. The second option can open something that the auto-traveler will not see on his way.

Sunny trail in Balaklava

Are you a fan of looking at beautiful views in photos, have a bad attitude towards hiking, but suddenly feel the urge to take a stunning picture yourself and walk not only on the asphalt? Then a walk along the Sun path from Balaklava to Fig is just for you. The trail is easy to find, there are no difficult ascents and descents, the surrounding beauty is breathtaking. Minus - you will have to go back the same way. During the tourist season, you can return on a skiff, but personally, I do not advise doing this way in the heat, so as not to suffer from sun or heatstroke.

How to get there: first to the central square of Balaklava by bus No. 94 from the center of Sevastopol or No. 9 from the 5th kilometer. Then you need to walk along the embankment, climb to the Chembalo fortress and follow the road past a small private house following the signs "Big Sevastopol Trail".

Cave city Chufut-kale

Another easy journey is a visit to the cave city of Chufut-kale in Bakhchisarai. By the way, it is worth starting your acquaintance with these Crimean sights with him, since it has survived better than its counterparts and looks very impressive from the outside. In addition, you can ask a guide for help: then the walk will be full of not only beautiful views, but also interesting information about the place and its inhabitants.

On the way to Chufut-kale, you can make a stop at the Assumption Monastery. The temple is located in a cave, which is quite curious in itself. There are special skirts and headscarves for women and girls.

The ascent to Chufut-kale is not difficult, it takes about 30-40 minutes. Various souvenirs are sold on the trail during the tourist season.

Walking routes in Crimea

Crimea is perhaps the most convenient place for hiking in the CIS. That is why walking routes in Crimea are so popular among tourists from the entire post-Soviet space. Where else in the world is there such a multitude of clearly marked trails, equipped parking lots that keep track of forestry areas and villages, where you can buy food? The answer is simple - nowhere. Crimea is unique and ideal for not only starting a career as a backpacker, but also walking along the numerous routes among the Crimean mountains all your life.

Tourist clubs rarely lead groups along the standard marked routes. For example, the "Unknown World" Club is the author of more than twenty unique routes passing through different parts of the Crimea. When compiling these routes, we tried to adhere to the following rules:

  • Transitions from parking to parking should not exceed more than 15 km and must be strong enough for a person with average physical fitness.
  • Each parking lot should have a water source so that there is no need to carry water for several hours.
  • There should be one, or better, several additional purchases of products on the route.
  • the route should have its own zest (some place of power, a cave, a ridge from which beautiful views open), or several such zest.
  • The days of intense activity should alternate with days of rest.
  • Instructors should know the route, as they say, by heart and have options for changing the route in case of unforeseen situations.

Each walking route from the Club's schedule meets these criteria. You can read about most noteworthy mountains, camps and lakes of the Crimea, which are part of the Club's routes, in the section "About Crimea" on the website of the "Unknown World" ()

When studying the walking route in Crimea, one important factor should be taken into account - what type of tourism has this or that tourist club chosen as an activity. If we are talking about sports tourism, then the route is aimed at overcoming passes and conquering peaks, as well as a set of a certain mileage. Conventional hiking is often easy, but its main disadvantage is that often evening gatherings around the fire are accompanied by the clink of glasses and the splash of alcohol.

The format of the routes at the "Unknown World" Club, which has chosen esoteric tourism as its activity, is all the more surprising for ordinary tourists. Non-alcoholic and vegetarian erotic tours are always filled with a positive atmosphere of live communication and the joy that active rest brings to tourists. Meditative practices and yoga are not something difficult to master and are quite accessible to beginners who have heard the word "esoteric" for the first time already in the campaign on the "Circle of Kindness". Another interesting feature of esoteric tours is total being in the moment “here and now”. The Club's instructors always tell the group members that questions like "How much more do we have to go?" and "What are we going to eat for dinner?" it is better to lower it and enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the rustle of the wind, the singing of birds and the scent of mountain herbs.

Actually, I got what I wanted from the campaign. My swimming trunks have finally fit on me, which have ceased to fit on me in winter. The instructors are great people, the cuisine is great! The route is excellent, difficult in some places, easy in some places. Everything was great, I liked everything!

There were times when the difficulties of the hike made it difficult to enjoy the beauty of the Crimea mountains, and I understood that my rhythm was easier. I really wanted to go on a hike, this is some kind of my "fad", and while I was walking, the landscapes inspired, illuminated me. Now a lot is remembered with warmth. I really liked it on Mount Kemal-Egerek, there was an incredible sunset! I am grateful to everyone who was here, communication with you is a new experience. Wonderful sea, I really liked it, and Vasily's dinners, with such it is difficult to lose weight on a hike.

I loved the hike! In a few moments it was harder than I expected. I am glad that I did not give up, I endured everything and I want to say thank you to all the members of the group for their help and support. A beautiful and cool route, wonderful views and, in general, the mountains of Crimea - a wonderful place! I liked the morning yoga very much, I was imbued with it and now I have a motivation to change my life. I am very glad that I met all the participants of the hike, interesting and versatile personalities go on such hikes.

I have long wanted to go hiking in the Crimea. Exactly a trip like this one. I liked everything, everything was great and wonderful!

I liked the trip very much! A lot of emotions and all of them, fortunately, are positive, there are no negative ones at all. Great instructors, great group! I liked everything, everything in general! Very cool rappelling down the Satera river canyon. When I came here, I thought it would be hard, this is my first time on a hike. In fact, nothing complicated. Everything was great! I liked it!

On the first day it seemed so easy that I decided that we will slip through these days now. On the second day, the climb strained a little, but then it was normal. I liked the rappelling, although I was scared. I want to say thank you very much, it was very cool! It was very pleasant to get to know each member of the group, sociable and friendly people. After a while, I think to go hiking again.

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