Seongdong Cave - the largest cave on the planet

Kungurskaya cave

Interest in active tourism is growing every year. Vacationers go on excursions, study historical sites, visit the native land of prominent writers and artists. Speleotourism confidently takes the leading place among the varieties of active tourism.

More and more people visit the caves for educational purposes. And in the caves, equipped with special equipment, you can try yourself in overcoming various obstacles - grottoes, wells.

Marble Cave

This is one of the "youngest" caves of the Mountainous Crimea, opened only in 1987, originally equipped for tourist excursions. After scientific research, concrete paths were laid in the cave, lanterns were installed, handrails were installed - and opened in April 1989 for tourists.

The Simferopol Cavers' Club has taken the cave under protection in order to protect the magnificent drift formations from vandals.

The length of the first route twenty-four years ago was only 180 meters, but now the total length of the cave passages is more than two kilometers.

Marmurova Pechera (as its name sounds in Ukrainian) consists of three main parts: the Main Gallery (its length is 725 meters), the Lower Gallery (its length is 960 m and it is along it that excursions with spele equipment are planned in the future ) and the Tiger Pass (a lateral branch of the cave 390 m long).

Many people call a hang-glider a hang-glider with a motor. Read about the varieties of this aircraft in our article.

How does a compass work and what is an azimuth? You will find answers to all questions in this article.

Through the ten-meter entrance, tourists enter the Fairy Tale Gallery. Along the excursion paths, they go around bizarre stalactites, drip draperies and stalagmites, reminiscent of fairytale heroes. The first to meet tourists is the Master of the cave - a massive white statue, a bizarre stalagmite. Cavers believe that the Master of the cave can be offended by ugly behavior, so they advise to behave respectfully.

When moving deeper into the cave, the vault drops, and tourists can admire hundreds of stalactites, stone waterfalls, gelactite "flowers".

The lateral branch of the cave was named the Tiger Pass because of the remains of a predator found in it. Initially it was assumed that this is the skeleton of a saber-toothed tiger, but later it turned out to be a cave lion. Since the name of the gallery was reflected in the catalogs, it was left unchanged.

Profitable business plan in the countryside

The Kungur Ice Cave (Perm Territory) has won the love of tourists with its natural beauty. People flock here to see a natural landmark created millions of years ago as a result of geological processes.

The large area of ​​the cave allows several excursion routes, each of which is interesting in its own way and is intended for exploring the most interesting places.

How to get there?

Book a trip to the cave by bus as part of an excursion group.

The Kungurskaya Cave is located in the Perm Territory, next to the Ice Mountain, whose height reaches only about 100 meters above sea level. The closest is the village of Kungur, from which the ice cave is about 7.5 km. If you go by car, then it is best to choose the Berezovskaya tract, especially since the road is very good and asphalted. The coordinates of the location of the Kungur cave: 57. 40127, 57. 07081. For those who have doubts, you can use the navigator, which will accurately show the path to the cave.

History of the Kungur Cave

Kungurskaya cave has been known since ancient times. During the reign of Tsar Peter I (1704), the most famous cartographer of that time, Sergei Remezov, was sent from Tobolsk to the village of Kungur. He was given an assignment of extraordinary importance, namely, the drawing up of a plan for the cave, with which he did an excellent job.

In 1736, the researcher V.N. Tatishchev visited the cave, he described in detail in his research the nature of the formation of underground voids. In the middle of the 19th century, the Kungur Ice Cave was visited by many famous figures of that time, including the artists Ikonnikov and Golovin, as well as the scientists I. Gmelin and M. Ya. Kittara.

The first most accurate plan of the cave was drawn up in 1934 as a result of a research expedition led by N. M. Pereslegin. The most remote areas and labyrinths of the cave were studied, and the construction of its underground passages began actively. The first official routes appeared for visiting the cave by Soviet citizens - tourists.

The study of the Kungurskaya cave was entrusted to the Ural Scientific Center, which managed to achieve excellent success. Very quickly, important scientific data were obtained, including the heat exchange of the cave, moisture condensation in winter and summer, the amount of evaporation and the relationship of the cave with underground lakes.

According to the assumptions of scientists, thousands of years ago in the area where the present cave is located, there was the Perm Sea, but after the uplift of the Ural Range as a result of geological processes, it became shallow. This was also facilitated by the warm climate, when the water began to actively evaporate, leaving salt and sediment in the form of anhydride and gypsum rock at the bottom.

Then fresh rainwater came into play, which, as it penetrated into the karst formations, washed out entire passages, resulting in numerous passages of the Kungur cave.

Nowadays it seems that there are practically no unexplored places on Earth, but no matter how it is. Even now, incredible discoveries are taking place, which are striking in their scale and beauty. One of these recent discoveries is the largest cave in the world, Shondong.

The cave is unique not only for its size, including 150 rooms, but also for its climate. The underground queen has its own jungle, clouds, river and local people. And also many stalactites and stalagmites.

We have already written about the beautiful places of Asia ... Now we will talk about the unique place of Vietnam.


This natural wonder is located in Central Vietnam, in the heart of Phong Nya Kebang Park.

History of the cave

The local resident Ho Han first discovered the entrance to the cave, it happened only in 1991. Hearing the sound of the river, he went to the place from which it came. Approaching the entrance, he saw a steep descent, so he did not dare to go inside.

And only in 2009, the cave was discovered and explored by a group of British scientists led by Howard Limbert, and they awarded the cave the title of the largest in the world.

Shondong is truly incredible in size. In some places, the height of the cave is up to 200 meters, the width is 150 meters, and the length is more than 5 km.

Despite the fact that the cave was discovered recently, the approximate age of the Vietnamese pearl is about 5 million

Seongdong Description

Translated by Shondong as "mountain river cave." And this is not casual, there really is a mountain river flowing, in addition, it was precisely by its current that this incredible cave was carved into the rock. The cave is unique not only for its size, but also for its internal climate and halls.

Tavdinskie caves in Gorny Altai: exploring a popular tourist spot

Gorny Altai is the most beautiful place that makes you fall in love at first sight. Tourists with different interests and different ages come here, and everyone leaves with unforgettable emotions. There is a special atmosphere, incredible beauty of nature, unique attractions and great opportunities for outdoor activities, not a single photo can convey what you can feel in Altai. There are also especially popular places that attract thousands of tourists. One of these is the Tavdinsky Caves. Why they are so popular, what is special about them and how to get to them, we will find out further.

Attraction description

A lot of tourists and travelers want to get acquainted with the Tavdinskaya cave. She is amazing and unique, going to these places you can learn a lot of new things and have a great time. The route to it is quite simple, which makes this place very visited and popular.

There is nothing mysterious and secret in the formation of the cave, nature itself has created a fabulous place that conquers everyone who happens to be here. The whole secret of the appearance of the cave is associated with limestone deposits. As we know, limestone is very well washed out with water, and perennial rains and snow have gradually dissolved the substance. This is how the mysterious voids were formed, which later became known as the Tavdinsky caves.

It should be said that a whole group of caves belongs to the Tavdinsky caves and there are about 30 of them. Tavdinskaya is the most visited, there are stairs for tourists, lighting and convenient passages. Going here you need to have free time, as it takes a whole day to explore this beautiful sight.

Regarding the name of the caves, there are disputes to this day. And the whole point is that they officially bear the name Tavdinskie, but at the same time there are those who claim that this name is wrong. Since they were originally called Taldinskie. Such disputes are associated with the pronunciation of different tribes. Therefore, if you hear this name, then do not think that the speaker made a mistake, since most consider this name to be correct.

You can come here with children, since there is no difficulty in the route, and everything is equipped for tourists. Regarding the cost of excursion programs, it will delight everyone. Tours are organized regularly.

Where are they and how to get there

The attraction is located in the quiet village of Talda. Here you can get acquainted with the indigenous people and their traditional way of life. The surroundings will delight you with incredible landscapes and beautiful, diverse nature.

Since the place is very popular, you will see signs and information boards on the way to the place. In addition, cars do not stop driving here, so you will immediately understand where to go. Not a single tourist can get lost in these places.

Guzeripl is a tiny village in Adygea, the last stronghold of civilization on the border with untouched nature. Most of the attractions of this tourist center are located within a radius of 15-20 km from it. Popular routes stretch from Guzeripl in all directions, enticing daredevils to go on a fascinating journey and promising a lot of unforgettable impressions.

Guzeripl: TOP-most interesting places

The main advantage of Guzeripl is its proximity to unique monuments of nature and archeology. The settlement is one of the cordons of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve; also, comparatively not far from it, there are the picturesque Sakhrai waterfalls and rare ancient dolmens.

Caucasian Biosphere Reserve

  • Coordinates on the map: 43.99953, 40.21664.

Guzeripl owes its existence to a vast reserve founded in 1924. Initially, a small village was a cordon, the last settlement before the uninhabited protected area. KBZ received the name of its founder, former forester Christopher Shaposhnikov, who for several years sought protection for rare southern flora and fauna.

Almost the entire territory is occupied by mountains, wherever you look - everywhere green slopes, alpine meadows and snowy peaks ranging from 600 to 2900 m. The reserve covers three regions, but most of it falls on Adygea. On its endless lands, countless mountain streams and waterfalls rustle, and on some mountains there is snow even in the hottest season.

You can get into the protected natural zone only through the cordon on the border of Guzeril. Most often, tourists visit the reserve in groups under the guidance of a guide. Immediately beyond the cordon, guests will find numerous shops selling Adyghe honey, souvenirs and even paleontological finds - fossilized shells.

Those who wish can stay in the forest overnight or even spend several days in it. Some campers set up entire campgrounds. Most prefer hiking, or a day trip, in which you can see the main attractions of the reserve in a few hours.

Museum of the Caucasian Reserve

  • Address: Zarechnaya St., 5.

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