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Aktru Valley is a popular tourist destination in Gorny Altai. Here, a person without high physical training can touch the glaciers and even almost "touch" the clouds near the mountain peaks. For what and how they go to the Aktru valley, and why one cannot be careless here - in the material of altapress. u.

How to get there

From Biysk to Aktru glaciers - about 520 km. Not all of this distance can be covered by car, you will have to walk about 5 km, writes welcometoaltai. u.

The road runs through Srostki, Maima, Manzherok, Seminsky pass and Chike-Taman pass. Next, you need to get to the Kurai village and turn towards Kyzyl-Tash.

There is no asphalt in the Kuraiskaya steppe, there are only dirt roads and rolling trails. It is recommended to leave a city runabout or an expensive sedan in the parking lot and continue on an SUV. On the way, you will have to cross the fords.

You need to get to the Perevalka (from here you can go further only by a prepared car), and then to the Aktru alpen camp. This is a well-maintained place where there is a cellular connection, a pharmacy, a bathhouse, a shop, houses, and places for tents.

The Alpen camp is the starting point for traveling along the Aktru gorge, explains vtourisme. om.

What to see

Small Aktru Glacier

Small Aktru is located half an hour walk from the climbing camp. The glacier is 3 km long. It occupies a valley between the peaks Kara-Tash and Kupol, which descends with a steep slope into the gorge. Most of the glacier is located at an altitude of about 3200 m, according to turistka. u.

Big Aktru Glacier

This is the largest glacier in the area. Big Aktra is separated from a small short comb, ending the top of Kara-Tash. The glacier covers an area of ​​more than 11 square meters. km and has a length of about 8 km.

Pass "Teacher"

Touch up; clouds: why tourists go to; Altai in; the Aktru valley

On April 29, "long" May weekends begin. At this time, you can relax in Altai resorts and rest databases. According to travel agents, in some complexes of the mountain altai places, several months ago. However, there are several options where you can cheap a mini-vacation. We tell how to do in Altai to the May holidays and how much it costs.


where is <

Belokurikha is located 228 km from Barnaul and 61 km from Biysk.

How to get <

how much is <

According to the Booking site. OM, there were few places in the hotels in the May holidays in Belokurikha. Four-day accommodation will cost from 7 thousand to 48 thousand rubles, depending on the type of hotel.

For example, in "Orion" for 8.8 thousand rubles you can stay in the room with two beds. And in Belovodye, the room with one bed costs from 21 thousand rubles (amounts are indicated for 4 days of residence - from April 29 to May 3).

What to do

One of the attractions of the resort town is the Mountain of the Church, there is a cable-chair lift all year. The price of an adult ticket to the lift: 400 rubles. Children under 6 years old - free.

In the city you can visit the water park at the Belovodier hotel and the Water Peace Recreational Center. There are pools, jacuzzi, baths and more. The entrance costs from 500 rubles, for children the price is lower.

Aktru Valley is a popular tourist destination in Gorny Altai. Here a person without high physical training can touch the glaciers and even almost

For those who have never been in the mountain, but long ago dreamed there to visit, tell me where it is necessary to go and what to see <

Starting from July 3, after the opening of the turbases, the mountain altai flooded tourists. They went to rest in the republic and many celebrities, among them, as previously wrote "Cleas", the actor Pavel Derevko and comic Sergey Svetlakov. If you also plan to relax in the mountain, but do not know where to go, read our guide to places that should be visited.

Chuy tract

In 2014, the National Geographic magazine included the Chuy tract on the list of the most beautiful roads of the world, says Wikipedia. From the beauty of nature here captures the spirit. The main transport artery of Altai goes from Novosibirsk to the border with Mongolia - its length is about 968 kilometers. A lot of archaeological, geological and historical monuments are concentrated around it. Under the impression of the famous musician Garik Sukachev, the famous musician dedicated one of his songs Chui tract.

Seminsky Pass

The Seminsky Pass is a kind of border between civilized and wildly exotic tourism, the club-miry portal writes. u. It is located at 583 km of the Chuisky tract on the ridge of the same name. The height of the pass is 1717 meters above sea level.

Geyser Lake

You can see this not far from the village of Aktash, Ulagan district, a kilometer from the Chuysky tract. The lake has an amazing shade due to the fact that healing blue clay is periodically emitted from its bottom.

Chike-Taman Pass

This mountain pass is located at 659 km of the Chuisky tract. Its height is 1295 meters above sea level. There is an observation deck at the top. Since 1996, according to Wikipedia, the pass has been declared a natural monument of the Altai Republic.

Valley of the Kyzyl-Chin River

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