Rest on Sheregesh; the largest resort in Siberia

Summer tourism in mountain Shoria

Winter in Sheregesh is beautiful, fabulous and incredibly atmospheric. Already in early November, soft fluffy snow lies on the slopes. People come here not only to go skiing and snowboarding. People come here for magic. What other entertainments await you in Gornaya Shoria in winter and how much it all costs, we will talk in this article.

Sheregesh/winter: when is the best time to go?

Mountain Shoria is always beautiful. But in the winter time there is a very special magic here. The season lasts until May. And I must say that the demand for housing and other services is always quite high here.

Therefore, it is better to make your hotel reservation in advance. This is especially true for the New Year and Christmas weekends. School holidays are also always associated with a massive influx of tourists.

It is during this period that the winter Sheregesh will delight you with a dense snow cover and a bright spring sun.


Not many people know, but there is an incredible amount of snowmobile trails here. If you have dreamed for a long time to ride with the breeze along the ancient snow-covered trails, covered with legends, then now is the time.

The incredible beauty of the surrounding places is simply impressive! And driving snowmobile equipment in mountainous terrain will give you a lot of emotions and adrenaline.

However, you won't be able to simply take a snowmobile and go “free swimming”. Rental is provided as part of guided tours. You will drive the car yourself. And the guide will guide you along interesting routes.

The most popular snowmobile excursion in Sheregesh in winter is, perhaps, the ascent to the city of Kurgan - to the Poklonniy Cross. You can also ride on the snow-covered slopes of the sacred Mustang or see the Azasskaya cave. Local legends say that the famous Yeti lives in it.

Cost: a single snowmobile will cost 3000-4000 rubles. in an hour. Double room - 4000-5000 rub.


Sheregesh in winter: entertainment, prices for holidays 2020/2021

Our beautiful country Gornaya Shoria Kuzbass

What is Mountain Shoria?

Gornaya Shoria is a region in the south of the Kemerovo Region, at the junction of the Western and Eastern Sayan Mountains - the mountain systems of Siberia and the Altai Mountains. This is the most popular region among skiers, over 1 million tourists come to Siberian Switzerland annually. Mountain Shoria includes three ski resorts:

- Myskovsky ski center,

Mountain Shoria lies in temperate latitudes, inside the continent without access to the world's oceans, and suffers from high pressure areas. This means that the climate here is sharply continental. Temperature drops during the day and at night are mitigated by the features of the relief. It is comfortable to rest here all year round. It is cold in winter, but not chilly: the weather is mild, snow falls in the valleys up to 2.5 meters. In summer it is warm - at least 25 degrees, but rainy.

The air here is fresh and clean, a relatively small area contains a mass of sites that are significant for tourism and ecology. Most of the territory is occupied by taiga: fir, spruce, cedar grow here. The higher you go to the mountains, the lower the trees become. At an altitude of 1,100 meters and above, there are green alpine meadows as in the picture. There are also many animals in this area, including birds and fish. Rare and endangered species are protected by reserves.

Secrets of the Gornaya Shoria megaliths

Sheregesh resort (Mountain Shoria, Kemerovo region)

A pearl in the necklace of the mountains of Southern Siberia - Sheregesh resort!

Megalithic complex of ancient civilization in Gornaya Shoria

Winter in Sheregesh is beautiful, fabulous and incredibly atmospheric. Already in early November, soft fluffy snow lies on the slopes. People come here not only to go skiing and snowboarding. People come here for magic.

Soft, fluffy snow on gentle mountain slopes, sunny, calm weather with a slight frost, amazing landscapes of the Siberian taiga - all this is one of the most visited winter resorts in Russia - Sheregesh. A place in the southern part of the Kemerovo region is located on the slopes of Gornaya Shoria, where the ancient Sayan and Altai ridges converge with the Kuznetsk Alatau highlands and is part of a national park with pristine nature.

Gornaya Shoria and Sheregesh from a bird's eye view Photo: photocentra. u

A bit of history and topography

The young resort owes its beautiful name to the nearby village of Sheregesh. Founded in 1949, the settlement was named after the Sheregeshev brothers, who discovered a rich iron ore deposit. The history of the resort begins in 1980, when it was decided to equip Zelena Mountain with ski slopes for the next Spartakiad. For a long time, the town was not remembered, and only in the 90s. Sheregesh began to develop rapidly.

Today it is a popular Russian resort with a developed infrastructure and a distinctive atmosphere Photo: photocentra. u

The nearest bus and railway station is 20 km away, in the administrative center of Tashtagol, the airport is in Novokuznetsk, 160 km to the north. There are no transport problems. With the beginning of the season, bus routes are launched connecting Sheregesh directly with Biysk, Novokuznetsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo. Bus number 101 leaves Tashtagol every half hour.


The largest resort in the Siberian region is constantly growing and developing. Today it successfully operates:

  • about 70 hotel complexes of different levels of comfort and cost;
  • 19 cable cars with drag, chair and gondola lifts;
  • many restaurants , bars, cafes and simply eateries with Russian, European and Asian menus, as well as restaurants with local cuisine;
  • more than 40 rentals of sports equipment and equipment;
  • several wellness centers with saunas, saunas and cocktail bars.

The resort is being successfully updated with new roads and parking spaces. 3 years ago, asphalt was laid on the main mountain of the Zelenaya resort.

Riding Seasons

Sheregesh became famous for its unique snow - "powder". Its soft and fluffy structure does not condense and adds comfort to any skiing on the mountains.

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