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To Semyonovsky mountain tourism

A real fabulous corner in the north of the Nizhny Novgorod region, which has absorbed the most extraordinary crafts of Russia: khokhloma, matryoshka, carving, spoon, embroidery, felt boots and shoemaking, and has preserved the crafts to this day. How did you manage to carry this beauty through time? She was sung in poetry, songs, preserved by the people in the traditions.

Archival manuscripts tell the following about the past of the Semyonovsky district. The settlement of the territory began in the 15th century, the territory belonged to the Verkhne-Kerzhenskaya volost of the Makaryevsky monastery and was considered marginal land. The inhabitants of these places appreciated their territory and often said - "He who is with the land is with the war." They paid the minimum amount of taxes, but the forest still fed - rich boarding lands, fur animals, fish and forest. Deaf impenetrable forests became the main wealth of the Trans-Volga peasants. Already in 1616, archival documents record the first professional spoon-maker - Gavrilo Ivanov, son of Lozhkarev. By the end of the 18th century, the Semenovskaya spoon, a chiseled cup and carving dominated the Russian markets. Documents have been preserved indicating that more than 100 thousand spoons a year were made in the Semyonovsky district. During this period, the population growth was recorded from ten thousand to forty. Semyonov's harsh places attracted schismatics persecuted for their faith. The resettlement of Old Believers to the north was massive. This is how handwritten books, casting, gold appear in the Semyonovsky district, and most importantly, knowledge - how to get, cut, paint, save. The course of history and nature have rooted the tradition of creating and creating. Semyonov was famous for spoon-carving craftsmen, turners, carvers and artists. History and cultural heritage are preserved at the Khokhloma painting factory and in the city's museums. The first museum was opened in 1934 by Georgy Petrovich Matveyev and was called the “Museum of Handicrafts”.

- Museum - tourist center "Golden Khokhloma" will introduce you to traditional painting and rare modern exhibits of the factory.

- Museum of Folk Life "House of Semyon - Lozhkar" - house-reconstruction, demonstrating peasant life and a collection of spoons.

- "Museum of Folk Crafts" - an old mansion with a private collection of sewing machines, scales and kerosene lamps, a kind museum for a small company or family.

- "Matryoshka Museum" - a private museum with a large collection of souvenir toys.

- "Museum of Samovars". This is an unusual private museum, which is located on the territory of the hotel complex "Semenovsky Ark" and includes an exposition of 100 old samovars. You can visit the tea room and the opportunity to order a tea tasting with pies.

Samovars sing about the museum ...

You can study history in different places and in different ways, but the most interesting happens when you manage to touch the masterpieces or become a participant in the action. Today we invite you to visit the "living" museum of samovars in Semyonov. The exposition opened quite recently, but has already managed to surprise residents and guests of the city.

Private collection owner, Rector of the Institute, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Academician MAM Alexander Petrovich Egorshin. The collection chronologically covers the period from the early 19th century to the fifties of the 20th century. The main part of the collection is made up of samovars made in Tula factories. The collection contains samovars of the most famous Tula - manufacturers: Batashevs, Kapyrzina, Teile, Shemarins. Samovars have a wide variety of shapes: "jar", glass "," ball "," vase "," egg "," barrel "," turnip "and the material: red copper, brass, white metal, applied silver, copper with electroplated silver coated, porcelain.

They stand in gold and tell their amazing stories. One - a large tavern with 50 liters, prepared tea for 100 people at once and distributed it from a large screw tap. The other is very small, for a mug of tea. It could be warmed up on the road or on a long hike in just a couple of minutes. The third is an aristocrat with medals on the sides and handles, as if talking about his ancient, pre-revolutionary youthful origin and the family that worked on his amazing birth.

By the way, the medals on the samovar speak volumes, here is the nationality, the author, and the year of issue. The first samovars worked on charcoal and had a rather complex structure: a jug, a wall, a lid, a cap, a burner, an air vent, a handle, a tap, a key - all this and much more was contained in each samovar. For the manufacture, copper was initially used (more precisely, an alloy of copper with zinc). Since it was customary to polish these products to a shine, the copper samovar would break down very quickly. After a while, the craftsmen began to use brass and cupronickel.

The samovar became especially popular in the nineteenth century. This invention was not intended only for making tea. It was an exquisite decoration for the interior of the kitchen and living room. Over time, technical progress took its toll and samovars boiled in the kitchen with the help of an electric spiral and remained no less beautiful thanks to the painting.

To Semyonovsky mountain tourism

Sergey Strygin would have turned 60 on December 2, 2020. And we would all gather again at Emilich's house at the table and have a lot of fun ... But alas, it turned out differently. Sergey made a huge contribution to the development of the MAI Turkclub and brought up more than one generation of tourists - Mayev residents. On this day, people of different ages gathered in his apartment. Various political and religious views, sometimes directly opposite. Athletes, aiming to achieve difficult peaks and veterans of tourism, whose sporting achievements are already in the past. People of absolutely different professions gathered at one table: from a diplomat to a driver. And Sergei united us all. It was like a fire in a winter forest, to which everyone was drawn and everyone received light and warmth. And now more than three years have passed, and we are all so different, in spite of everyday worries, we continue to gather on the 31st and 2nd, or around these dates. We share memories, watch photos and videos. Sergey continues to unite us all. In May 2012, I asked Sergei to tell him about the most difficult mountain hikes of 1988 - 1990, with ascents to all seven-thousanders of the USSR. At that time, it was the highest sporting achievement in mountain tourism, and four of them fulfilled the "Snow Leopard" standard, including Sergei. And now I want to share with you the memories and thoughts of Sergei about those events. And we all once again remember this wonderful Person!

Bezengi mountain trek cs

A big movie takes a long time to make, so a short movie for now! This video is an experiment in breaking stereotypes about how to (or not) make films about mountain trekking and climbing. Because from year to year collecting video sequences only from frames about mountains is, to put it mildly, boring. And if Read more →

Turkey, Aladaglar, May, mountain-ka with Sergei Fetisov

Turkey is not only about the sea, palm trees and the beach. There are serious interesting mountains, very snowy in May. In general, having traveled around the country, you understand that the whole country to one degree or another is in the mountains. Our trip in the spring of 2004. Mountain two in the Aladaglar ridge, then Cappadocia, traverse of Erciyes volcano 3914 m, moving to Turkish Kurdistan, Lake Van, traverse of Supan volcano 4046 m, Kurdish hospitality, moving with a column of Turkish troops to Dogbayazit, which is on the border of Iran and Armenia, views of Ararat , overnight stay in the sewage collector under the road and morning hitchhiking to the town of Ygdir on the Araks. Then a two-day bus journey towards Istanbul. The highest city in Turkey is Erzurum. Chicken Kiev in Trabzon. And then a fun trip with fourteen Zaporozhye prostitutes who were deported to Istanbul by the authorities. Carbon monoxide trip was! The first part - In the rocky kingdom of Aladaglar. There will be others soon. #mountain tourism #turkey #yourturkey

Elbrus region, May, mountain hike with electric

Hello quarantineers! Alas, most mountain lovers will have to see them on TV during the May holidays. To the 20th anniversary of our adventures. Happy viewing!

In 1999, students - novice leaders of the MAI Turkclub revived the tradition of mountain hikes on the May holidays. A year later, four groups went to knead the snows of the Caucasus. We have planned an ambitious route Read more →

From Arkhyz to Krasnaya Polyana, May

Spring 2001. Mountain hike of the 2nd category of complexity from Arkhyz to Krasnaya Polyana. Snows of the off-season Caucasus and a daring decision - to lay a route through the most protected nature reserve in Russia without permission, bypassing all cordons. What came of it? Look! Continue reading →

Description of Sara Umga La Pass, B

Pass Sara Umga La (5020.1B-2A), Himalayas, India, Himachal pradesh. Located in the north-south GGH, it connects the Chotta Shigri glacier and the Tosh Nala river valley.

ACP using avalanche beppers

Tourism The city of Semyonov A real fabulous corner in the north of the Nizhny Novgorod region, which has absorbed the most extraordinary crafts of Russia: khokhloma, matryoshka, carving, spoon, embroidery,

Gornaya Shoria

Hotels in Gornaya Shoria in total

Hotel, Gornaya Shoria, Russia

Hotel, Gornaya Shoria, Russia

Recreation centers in Gornaya Shoria

Recreation center, Novosibirsk region, Russia

Recreation center, Tashtagol district, Russia

Recreation center, Tashtagol district, Russia

Recreation center, Tashtagol district, Russia

Recreation center, Tashtagol district, Russia

Sanatoriums in Gornaya Shoria

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