Resorts of the North Caucasus are the best rest and treatment in our country

Resorts of the North Caucasus are the best rest and treatment in our country

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Greetings, dear friends of the blog. Today I will tell you which resorts in the North Caucasus are the best all-season places for recreation and treatment for the residents of our country.

So the vacation season for the majority of the population of our country is over, but do not be upset, because the length and total area of ​​our country is so great that every person is given the opportunity to spend their full rest in autumn and even take medical procedures ...

The history of the development of the resorts of the North Caucasus began in the distant past, when their main wealth - mineral springs were recognized as curative.

Therefore, in the first years of Soviet power, many cities of this fertile land were allocated by the government as a special economic zone.

These territories were provided with considerable economic benefits to attract a huge tourist flow for recreation and treatment, and by the decree of our government of December 29, 2012 they were endowed with a special legal status.

Resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters Region

Medical and tourist complexes of the North Caucasus, including the Caucasian Mineral Waters, annually attract an increasing number of both Russian and foreign tourists and vacationers for rest and treatment.

According to recent research results, it was determined that the percentage of vacationers at our Caucasian resorts has grown significantly and today reaches several hundred thousand people a year.

This is an indicator that the quality of service for the population is close to international standards.

  • Tourists are attracted not only by the unique cuisine of the Caucasus, but also by the beauty of this mountainous area, along which huge masses of tourists and vacationers stroll every day.
  • Also, the quality of medical care has been raised to a fairly high level here, which is carried out on modern complexes of medical equipment, which is why the throughput of the population in need of treatment and rest is only growing from year to year.

from ancient times to the present

The North Caucasus can be called the ski capital of Russia, which is famous for its ski resorts, such as: Arkhyz, Dombay, Elbrus, Krasnaya Polyana. Some of them have only 3-4 slopes, while others amaze with a variety of slopes. Tourists are very attracted to these territories. The infrastructure is developing quite dynamically here and travel agencies are actively selling tours to these places. Every year in the winter season, the hotels of Dombayskaya Polyana, Elbrus, Arkhyz and Krasnaya Polyana welcome a large number of tourists.


The all-season mountain resort "Arkhyz" is located in Karachay-Cherkessia, on the territory of the Arkhyz gorge (northern slopes of the Main Caucasian ridge). It combines winter and summer types of tourism. The distance from Cherkessk, the capital of Karachay-Cherkessia, to the Arkhyz ski resort is 110 km. Arkhyz is located three hours' drive from Mineralnye Vody International Airport. Arkhyz in translation from the Karachai language means "beautiful girl".

The first facilities of the resort were opened only in 2012, but now great hopes are pinned on it. The potential of this ski complex is really great: beautiful mountain landscapes, favorable climate, snowy winters and a large number of sunny days. But, most of all, investors are pleased with the pristine untouched nature, which allows you to create a project "from scratch". The capacity of the cable cars is 6600 people/hour. Today this ski center is increasingly called the "Russian Alps". The best minds and hands of Asia and Europe have been involved in the construction of the resort, and cooperation with France is underway. Soon the slopes of "Arkhyz" will be covered with a network of trails and cable cars.

There are over 140 species of tree and shrub species here. Among the wild animals in this mountainous area live: Caucasian deer, bison, bear, tur, chamois, wild boar, wolf, lynx, fox, wild cat, marten, etc. There are at least 150 species of birds. The river Bolshoi Zelenchuk (Ullu Indzhik) flows here. There are more than 75 lakes in the vicinity of Arkhyz. They are concentrated in the alpine zone at an altitude of 2300 to 2850 meters above sea level. Modern Arkhyz is a settlement with a population of over four hundred inhabitants. The basis of their existence is a nature reserve, forestry, a resort and tourist business, a bottling plant of the same name (carbonic mineral waters have been brought to the surface in the Arkhyz valley).


The Dombai ski resort is located on the territory of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic in the North Caucasus in the valley of the Teberda River. The word "dommai" in Karachai means "bison". Once upon a time, whole herds of mighty giants roamed the Dombai forests. Dombay is one of the modern recreation and sports centers, mountaineering, skiing and tourist "Mecca" of the Greater Caucasus. The carrying capacity of the existing ski slopes of Dombai allows serving up to 200 thousand people a year. The ski area is located at an altitude of 1800-3200 meters, the length of tracks of varying degrees of difficulty is more than 20 kilometers. The slopes are well equipped with a network of lifts: 8 chairlifts, a pendulum road, a gondola lift, 7 drag lifts ranging in length from 200 to 600 meters.

A large number of excursion routes along the territory of the Teberda Reserve to the majestic natural monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List diverge from the Dombai glade. Popular activities in Dombai include hiking, Nordic walking, you can also rent a mountain bike, rent an all-terrain vehicle with a driver, or go on horseback. Dombay is called “the heart of the mountains”. It is surrounded by mountains covered with coniferous forests, mainly of fir. Dark coniferous forests and emerald green alpine meadows, turbulent rivers, waterfalls, eternal snows and glaciers create the unique beauty of this area.

Elbrus region

Elbrus is a resort area in Kabardino-Balkaria, the central region of the North Caucasus, located in the Baksan Gorge, in the immediate vicinity at the foot of the highest mountain in Europe - Elbrus, and Mount Cheget.

To climb the northern slopes of Elbrus, you need to have mountaineering training, and from the south along the Baksan Gorge, a tourist of any age and level of training can approach the snow giant. The Elbrus resort area is very popular with skiers. It is one of the three largest ski areas in Russia. Elbrus region has 12 kilometers of cable cars and 35 kilometers of ski slopes, two main slopes - Mount Cheget and Mount Elbrus. The resort slopes are served by 9 ski lifts. There are several ski schools in the Elbrus region, where training skiing with an instructor is organized.

Ski resorts of the Caucasus are becoming more and more popular among tourists. There are several reasons for this. Impressive mountain slopes and mild climate are the best fit for the location of ski resorts. A sufficiently high level of service, ideal track designs, quite affordable prices - this is what distinguishes the resorts of the Caucasus against the background of European ones. Consider in this article where to go skiing in the Caucasus.

Elbrus region

The resort is conveniently located in the very heart of Kabardino-Balkaria, between the Elbrus and Cheget mountain ranges.

How to get there

The best option is to use an airplane. Distance to the air harbor Mineralnye Vody -180 km, Nalchik -130 km. But few flights arrive in Nalchik, so it is better to use the first airport, it accepts planes from all over Russia, by the way, and the ticket price is much lower. Tourists can get out of the airport by taxi, minibuses and buses

Attention. Buses only leave in winter. The way will take 2-2.5 hours from Nalchik and 3.5 hours from Mineralnye Vody.

You can travel by train. The terminal point is railway stations 150 km away - in Prokhladny, Nalchik and Mineralnye Vody and 160 km away in Pyatigorsk. From the station, they usually order a transfer, taxi or take a bus. You can also get here with success by car. The motorist will have to travel 1600 km along the comfortable M4 Don highway, bypassing the settlements: Rostov-on-Don, Mineralnye Vody, Baksan, Tyrnyauz (if you follow from Moscow). Some difficulties are presented by mountainous areas at the entrance to Elbrus. Bus tours from Moscow and St. Petersburg are organized every winter. I bought a ticket for 3500 rubles. and calmly set off on a journey of 17 hours.

Slopes and pistes

Elbrus is a developed mountain resort, which includes 2 ski areas - Elbrus and Cheget. In total, there are 11 tracks here, their length is 35 km. The complex is notable for the fact that special emphasis is placed on the difficult, "black" tracks. There are 10 such slopes with sharp turns for the development of high speeds. Definitely, they are not suitable for every skier.

Lift prices are quite affordable. Ski pass for 1 day - from 1500 rubles, for 6 days - 8550 rubles. For tourists there is a rental of equipment: snowboard for 500 rubles. etc.

Video descent and atmosphere on ski Elbrus:

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