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Good afternoon, dear readers! Thermal underwear was originally used as a piece of equipment for athletes, astronauts and the military. It was designed so that a person could stay in the cold for a long time, keeping his activity. Gradually, thermal underwear came out to the masses, and now it is worn even in everyday life.

Unfortunately, many are disappointed in their expectations and consider such clothes to be advertised nonsense. I do not argue, there are fakes, from which there is really zero sense. But if the kit is produced by a good brand and bought in a reliable store, then the matter is most likely in misuse. Here's how it works and how to wear thermal underwear so that it shows its best qualities, we'll talk in this article.

How thermal underwear works and its features

Thermal underwear is a special underwear that solves two main tasks: moisture removal and heat preservation. He and ordinary insulated pants have significant differences. And although outwardly they are not always noticeable, but such features have a strong effect on the properties. So, the following characteristics are characteristic of thermal underwear:

  • special composition - it consists of synthetics, wool of merino sheep or has a slight admixture of natural material;
  • special weaving - the linen is made in such a way that between the fibers there are air “cushions”;
  • snug fit to the body - it is ensured due to the fact that the suit is made elastic;
  • flat seams or their absence - the linen fits the body, and protruding seams can chafe or show through the outfit worn on top.

Let's now see how thermal underwear works. When you put on a body kit, the air gap in the structure of the fabric heats up to body temperature and does not allow air to escape. This ensures the thermal insulation function.

But often a person freezes not because of the cold outside, but because he sweats. Regular clothes (made of cotton or other natural fabrics) absorb sweat and become damp and cold. The body has to expend energy to heat and vaporize this liquid.

The principle of thermal underwear is that it does not absorb or retain moisture. It is pushed to the outer surface due to the pressure difference between warm air at the body and cold outside. Then it evaporates easily from the surface, and the skin remains dry. Another bonus of quick moisture removal is that there is no unpleasant smell.

One of the disadvantages of this outfit is the high cost. Therefore, many are wondering how to replace thermal underwear. I must say right away that you will not find a complete replacement. But if you need a jacket for everyday life and not the most extreme conditions, then you can try wearing something made of polyamide or other synthetic fabric.

Types of thermal underwear by appointment

Different kits are used depending on what the protection is for. The density of the weave, the thickness of the thread and the composition of the fabric alter the degree of ventilation, and hence the properties of the outfit. Let's consider what types and types of thermal underwear exist, depending on the functions performed.


Why do you need thermal underwear?

Many people mistakenly believe that thermal underwear is necessary solely for keeping warm. In fact, it has a broader purpose, namely, to create a comfortable temperature regime for the body in cold weather. This is achieved both by retaining heat and by efficiently absorbing and evaporating moisture. Indeed, during physical activity, moisture appears on the skin, it is removed through the upper layer of matter, and a person is not cold. The use of special materials, their combination and a special cut distinguish thermal underwear from ordinary clothes, which are worn for warming in several layers. Moreover, it is much thinner - the effect of thermal underwear is comparable to the effect of two layers of clothing.

So who can you recommend thermal underwear?

  • For those who are cold in winter and do not want to wear clothes in several layers
  • For those who work on the street
  • For those who are engaged winter sports
  • For those who like outdoor recreation and long walks
  • For those who are fond of fishing and hunting
  • For those who care about their health

Today men and women wear thermal underwear. Underpants, long-sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirts (shirts) with a high neck and a zipper or with a hood, one-piece overalls are men's thermal underwear (how to choose the right option should be decided based on individual preferences and occupation). There are also models for women - most often leggings and a tight-fitting shirt. Made of fine fabric, they perfectly follow the contours of the body and do not restrict movement. Any thermal underwear - male or female, is put on underwear under everyday clothes. The wearing effect is achieved as a result of a competent choice for the operating conditions and the degree of physical activity. It is one thing if you are constantly moving, for example, skiing or jogging, it is quite another thing to be on the street for a long time, for example, fishing. To understand which thermal underwear to choose, you need to understand its types. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them.

What types are there?

Are you wondering how to choose thermal underwear so that it is comfortable, convenient and most efficiently copes with its task? You should not buy the most expensive or advertised - there is a risk of making a mistake and spending money in vain, because high-quality products cost a lot. The main thing when buying is to correctly determine the purposes for which you are purchasing thermal underwear. How much time will you spend in the cold? Will you move actively? What else will you be wearing? Only after answering these questions can you formulate product requirements. The classification will help to make the choice.

By appointment

  • Thermal underwear is used to keep the human body warm. The best material for this is wool, which retains heat in the fibers. Moreover, a breathable effect is provided, so a person does not sweat. Such products are excellent for use at temperatures from -5 to -30 ° C. They are bought both for everyday wear and for trips to nature, fishing, winter hiking.
  • Moisture-wicking thermal underwear is designed to remove moisture from the surface of the human body, released during physical exertion. In such products, synthetics predominate, which dries quite quickly - after about 15 minutes. A person will feel comfortable and comfortable playing sports or working on the street without the risk of catching a cold. The temperature range for using such products is from +10 to -25 ° С.
  • Windproof thermal underwear provides a reliable barrier to wind and prevents blowing. It is especially important for those who are fond of extreme sports, rides a motorcycle, and goes in for mountaineering. Such products are distinguished from others by the presence of a windproof membrane. The outer layer is made of elastic fabric such as fleece. Many manufacturers mark windproof models with the Windstopper designation as a guide to purchase. They can be used at plus and minus temperatures.
  • Hybrid thermal underwear is also called combined. Combines the tasks of heat-saving and moisture-removing. They are realized due to the two-layer structure of the fabric: the inner layer is made of polyester, which absorbs and wicks moisture well, the outer one can be made of synthetics or natural fabric (or their combination), due to which heat is retained. This thermal underwear is suitable for active sports, walking, working on the street.

Thinking about which thermal underwear to choose - natural or synthetic, you should take into account that products can be made of combined materials. For example, you can find this designation: 95% polyester, 5% spandex. Models with a multi-layer structure consist of several materials, for example: top layer 50% cotton, 50% polyester, inner layer 100% acrylic. The thermoregulatory properties of products depend on the composition and combination of materials. To make it easier for you to understand which option to give preference to, we list the most common materials.

  • Polyester wicks moisture away, dries quickly.
  • Spandex gives elasticity, provides a good fit to the body.
  • Wool has excellent heat retention properties.
  • Modified polypropylene (with added wool and cotton) guarantees warmth.
  • Acrylic provides warmth and is pleasant to the body, unlike natural counterparts, it sheds less.
  • Processed silk provides improved heat dissipation with a rather thin structure (used in multilayer thermal underwear).

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How to choose thermal underwear for cyclists and hiking

The main issues that we will cover: thermal underwear for a bicycle, thermal underwear for a bicycle in winter and how to choose the right thermal underwear for everyday wear and on a hike.

Many people are mistaken and cannot distinguish thermal underwear from fleece materials or other underwear. It is believed that thermal underwear is everything that slightly differs from everyday underwear in the direction of perspiration and some kind of thermoregulation. That is, underwear for sports is thermal underwear, underwear for tourism and travel is thermal underwear, underwear for going to the office in the cold season is also thermal underwear, and all this is actually not the case. This term was invented by you and me, the people invented, the marketers invented and formalized it, and therefore we will not destroy it, but we will still try to figure it out. There are also many different myths about thermal underwear! For example, that there is thermal underwear at -30 ºС, -40 ºС and -60 ºС. Let's turn on the head and see that the thermal underwear itself is just a thin piece of fabric and without using other underwear on top of it, it will not withstand these temperatures in any way. The manufacturer meant that they tried to give properties to this linen for the cold season, for some cold temperatures, for winter and that's it. Another myth that the main function of thermal underwear is to wick moisture away, but in no case to warm it up. Thermal underwear wicks away moisture and at the same time stays dry and retains heat. Another myth is that for underwear to work, it has to fit well. But there is such an effect, if we cover ourselves too tightly, then we close our pores - sweat, sebaceous, which start to work worse and, accordingly, our thermoregulation starts to work worse. We also plug a part of the capillary on the skin surface. You can wear underwear that is not too tight, and it will still do its job.

  • For sports - the main function is moisture removal and thermoregulation
  • Warm thermal underwear - for low activity, made thick or medium thick - creates an insulating barrier
  • Everyday is the main task to be beautiful in the conditions in which it is used

Dimensional charts of thermal underwear here: SIZE TABLES

There are many varieties of materials for making thermal underwear, but mostly synthetics are used. Wool or a mixture of wool with synthetic fibers is also used. A very common material used in sports thermal underwear is polypropylene. In running or skiing thermal underwear, polyester fibers are used. Kulmax fibers are also used in thermal underwear - its task is to emphasize the special properties of the fabric, which give unrealistic transport of moisture to the outer layer, and, as a result, unrealistic thermoregulation. This underwear is recommended for high loads, even in warm weather. Wool is also used, but not any, but special, from the New Zealand sheep grown in a special way (they use only the first shearing of the sheep).

Properties of woolen linen. On the one hand, wool fibers absorb moisture better than synthetic fibers, but they do not give up this moisture as readily as synthetic fibers. Wool will be much warmer than synthetics. Also, woolen products are more pleasant to wear than synthetics. Mostly woolen underwear is used in urban environments. It is comfortable and you can easily put it under the bottom in winter, under your clothes when going to work.

The special weaving of the thermal underwear fabric allows you to replace 3 layers of clothing. Such underwear not only keeps warm, but also removes moisture from the body. By purpose: it differs for a static location in the cold and for a dynamic location in the cold. Depending on the purpose, the structure of the linen changes. The most difficult choice is faced by people who need both static and dynamic underwear. There are several types of mixed lingerie for this behavior.

The main criteria for choosing thermal underwear

For everyday wear, a distinction must be made between cotton and woolen underwear. Thermal underwear on cotton basis is lighter, and woolen underwear warms better. But this type of linen wears out quickly. Thermal underwear, where there is a lot of synthetic fibers, can be worn for several seasons. Choose underwear according to the type of behavior in extreme cold.

Polypropylene synthetic material removes moisture best of all, it dries quickly, but it is an expensive material, therefore, sportsmen mainly use thermal underwear with polypropylene.

Polyester is less moisture-absorbing, but it is cheap, so products with polyester are good for walking in the winter. All seamless patterns are made from polyamide, so it is part of unisex products.

For severe frosts and winter fishing, thermal underwear with Polartec material is best suited, it retains heat best. All Scandinavian manufacturers use merino wool for its manufacture. It is a fine wool with antibacterial properties. Such linen is difficult to care for.

The best thermal underwear manufacturers

Since there are a lot of fake products on this market, you need to focus on the brands of recognized manufacturers of high-quality thermal underwear. This:

  • Norveg is a famous old company. The thermal bed of this Norwegian company has been sold in our country for 17 years;
  • Cpaft is a Swedish company that has supplied the Swedish army with its thermal underwear since the end of the last century. It was the first in the world to produce sports thermal underwear;
  • Guahoo is a Finnish company that specializes in two-layer underwear and produces fashion brands for young people;
  • Arcteryx is a Canadian company, recently created, specializing in production of thermal underwear for climbing, popular in the American sports market, we are not widely represented here;
  • X-Bionic - a Swiss company produces sports thermal underwear for active sports with the most modern synthetic materials;
  • Norfin Nord is a recently established Norwegian company that specializes in the sale of various types of thermal underwear at affordable prices. Its products are gaining popularity in our country.

Choosing men's underwear for cold weather

Thermal underwear

When practicing alpine skiing, the use of thermal underwear designed to create comfort during skiing is of great importance. Such sportswear is made from natural and synthetic materials. The choice of suitable thermal underwear depends on the weather conditions, the intensity of the exercise.

Appointment of thermal underwear

Alpine skiing involves a change of activity. Intense load gives way to rest, as a result of which you can overcool. For this reason, thermal underwear has been developed to wick moisture away and maintain optimal body temperature.

The air gap, which is a feature of special linen, helps to retain heat and remove moisture. For the manufacture of such clothing, fabrics with a cellular or voluminous weave are used, which increases the air content. Correctly selected thermal underwear softly fits the figure, does not stand out under the clothes. It can also be worn on other occasions, not just for sports.

How to choose thermal underwear

Thermal underwear for alpine skiing comes in different degrees of density, consists of two or three layers. The thin one is suitable for warm weather, the medium thickness is for lower temperatures, the thick one can be used when skiing in the cold or with frequent rest periods. The lower layer of thermal underwear retains heat, the upper layer removes moisture.

When choosing such sportswear for skiers, it is important to pay attention to such parameters as wind protection, comfort. Thermal underwear should be as comfortable as possible, protect from the wind, especially when riding at high speed.

There are types of clothing for women, men and children. When buying, you can pick up a whole set or purchase individual items, for example, underpants for men, women, T-shirts, overalls, sweatshirts, panties. Underwear is considered an essential element when practicing intense winter sports, as simple underwear gets wet and dry for a long time, which is uncomfortable. Sports underwear is made of synthetic fabric, with the addition of wool, breathable, and has flat seams.

Thermal underwear material

There are several main types of sports underwear:

  • Woolen.
  • Synthetic.
  • Mixed.

Each species has its own characteristics.

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