Rafting: description, history, views, equipment, safety, photos, video

Rafting: description, history, views, equipment, safety, photos, video

Rafting is a real find for those who want to test their level of capabilities in the most extreme conditions and get a truly unforgettable experience.

Rafting allows you to test your reaction speed, your ability to make the only right decision in a matter of seconds, and much more. What is he like? This is a collective descent on rough waters, which guarantees a real adrenaline rush into the blood.

A bit of history

The concept of "rafting" comes from the word raft ("raft" in translation from the English language. ... On rafting, official championships, competitions are held, World and European cups are awarded, there is even a Rafting Federation.

There is a legend about how rafting appeared. It says that rafts first appeared during the Vietnam War and were used to ferry vital supplies along the arteries of rivers. And one day such a raft broke off the leash and went with a man into the rapids. The soldier who survived this episode did not at all become afraid of rivers, but received a surge of adrenaline and pleasure, because he survived such a test. And this fun spread very quickly, because the soldier's life does not shine with entertainment. And here everything is at hand - water, rapids, brothers-in-arms, ready to fight the elements together. Since then, as the bike says, this entertainment has existed, which, without hesitation, was dubbed rafting.

Rafting - extreme for tourists

As water tourism, rafting is becoming more and more popular among extreme sports enthusiasts. It is suitable for everyone, both beginners and tourists with a good experience. Rafting participants will need physical energy, endurance, coordination and the ability to make quick decisions. Only life jackets, helmets, endurance, and, of course, the experience and skill of the instructor will help you in this exciting fight against the elements. Conquering a mountain river with all the difficulties that arise on the way, gives a lot of pleasure and positive. Rafting is also an opportunity to spend exciting time, rafting down a mountain river, and enjoying the pristine beauty of nature.

There are very few fast and rough rivers on the territory of the former CIS, but still, there are places where you can organize rafting. In Russia, the Altai and Karelian rivers are ideal for such water tourism. The waterways of the Caucasus may also be of interest. Only lovers of thrills and overcoming obstacles can choose rafting for tourism. This type of water tourism has become so attractive that many people have appeared who want to feel the acuteness of the extreme experience without special training. According to the complexity of the rafting, rafting is divided into several categories - sports, tourist and hiking:

Sports rafting is a whole system of training, consisting of special requirements for competitions. The competitive process includes certain standards and the level of complexity of the rafting. For travel companies, this type of rafting is not of particular interest. They offer their clients such types of rafting as hiking and tourist.

Hiking rafting includes elements of sports and tourist recreation. Depending on the preparation of tourists, you can use routes of varying degrees of difficulty. Hiking rafting can last for several days, so here special attention is paid to equipment and the availability of necessary things, food, as well as safety when arranging recreation camps.

Tourist rafting is the most common type of pastime on the water. Its duration is only a few hours. The boat is usually driven by one professional rower, who accompanies a group of tourists from 4 to 12 people. Depending on the complexity of the route, participants in tourist rafting can be children from 6 years old and elderly people. The rower, who accompanies the tourist group, is located on board the raft, resting his feet on the inflatable bottom. In rafting, 3 types of rowing are used - swing, canoe or combined. The latter type of rowing involves the work of the main rower and two assistants.

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