Popular resorts of the Carpathians

Rest in the Carpathians

Hike to the Carpathians for the May holidays without tents and heavy backpacks. All accommodations are in the Kozmeschik shelter, where the houses have a shower, a stove, and a kitchen. The program of the hike includes ascent to the two highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Hoverlu and Petros. Climbing each of the peaks takes a whole day - from 8 to 12 hours of about 18 km of walking. At the same time, things remain in the shelter, we go upstairs with light backpacks (lunch snack + raincoat).

Ivano-Frankivsk - s. Azeshchina - Shelter Kozmeshik - Mount Petros - Mount Hoverla

Trekking route:

If you are traveling by train. Gathering the group at the Ivano-Frankivsk railway station, meeting the instructor, moving to Lazeshchyna by regular bus, or by a registered minibus (depending on the size of the group). It is 8 kilometers from Lazeshina to our shelter along a dirt road. You can cover this distance on foot (3 hours) or hire an UAZ to arrive at your lodging faster.

If you are by car. You can meet with an instructor in Ivano-Frankivsk or pick him up already in Lazeshchyna (no later than 2 hours before sunset). The primer leading to the shelter is rather broken, but if you are careful you can try to overcome it even in an ordinary passenger car. In extreme cases, you can run to the village for a tug :) Or you can initially leave the car in the parking lot in Lazeshchina and hire a truck to drop things off at the shelter.

Terms of placement. Shelter Kozmeshchik is about a dozen buildings belonging to different owners and with different levels of comfort. Based on your wishes, the instructor will book one of the houses in advance. The range of prices is from 50 to 100 hryvnia per person per night. The basic version assumes just wooden bunks in a large common room, for an overnight stay here you will need your own sleeping bag and rug, a shower for a fee. In more advanced huts, you will be offered 3-4 bed rooms, a bed with a bed and a shower included in the price of living, a toilet on the floor. In any case, there is a kitchen with a gas stove, a stove, you can order a bath (from 30 hryvnia per person). Electricity on Kozmeshchik is turned on only in the evening, after sunset (diesel generator). Sometimes here you can order food in a small kolyba restaurant, but most often we cook ourselves (the process is led by an instructor).

From the Kozmeschik shelter to Petros there are only 6 kilometers in a straight line. Nevertheless, the road to the top and back will take a whole day. Therefore, we start as early as possible. But first, of course, breakfast :) We take a raincoat, a flashlight, a lunch snack, a bottle for water, a jacket and a hat in case of a cold snap.

Most of the way we go along a dirt road that smoothly climbs the mountain through the coniferous forest in the Hollow and Rowing tracts. Then we will walk just below the Golovchesk valley and eventually find ourselves on the so-called "bridge" (height 1550 m). The cofferdam is a mountain range connecting Petros and Hoverla. Here we will have a little rest and begin our assault on the summit. It remains to gain about 500 meters of altitude and this time it will not be a gentle climb along the road, but a steep mountain path. Weather permitting, we will arrange lunch on the top of Petros. We are taking pictures, trying to post photos on the network (the mobile Internet is unstable).

We go down to the Kozmeshchik tourpyut by the same route as we went up. Legs will hurt tomorrow :)

Climb: 1200 m. Distance: 19 km.

Again a long day and an early rise - in the morning in the mountains there are more chances of catching good weather. And you don't want to climb Hoverla and find yourself in the impenetrable darkness that covered the mountain with clouds?

Like yesterday, at first we walk through a dense forest. Then, after the valley of the Grope, more open spaces begin, we walk along the ridge - this is one of the spurs of Hoverla. Moving along this ridge, we go around the Kotel tract and find ourselves at the opposite end of the already familiar Bridge. Here, from a small shelter house (height 1828 m), the final stage of the ascent begins. We climb to the top of Hoverla along a steep rocky slope cut by hundreds of paths. We arrange a photo session, have lunch, relax watching less quick tourists crawling from below :)

New technologies in transport

Exactly one month is left before the start of the New Year holidays. Winter holidays are traditionally high season for tour operators and hoteliers, who almost double their prices for this period. Ukrainians, as a rule, book their vacation in October, but not this year. "Vesti" found out what will happen to prices in the Carpathians, how many tourists are expected and what will happen to the reservation if total quarantine is introduced in the country.

Half of the seats are available

The offers of trips to Transcarpathia and the Carpathian region for the sake of meeting the coming year of the Bull are simply dazzled in the eyes. You can go for three days, you can stay there until Christmas - as you like. And, as tour operators told Vesti, up to 60% of free seats are available.

"If last year during this period almost all the seats were booked, then this is barely half. The three-day savings differ more. Because they are cheaper - from 2,500 to 4,000. UAH per person, and a long tour is less popular - 4-5 thousand UAH per person Plus you have to pay separately for lunch and dinner, since some hotels only offer breakfast. UAH depending on the holiday program. A number of excursions are paid for separately, "says Valeria, an employee of the Etnotour travel agency.

What's with the prices

Almost all operators include accommodation in private cottages or hotels, meals (breakfast or half board), accompanying services and insurance. New Year's banquet, road (railway or bus of the travel agency), excursions and entertainment are additionally paid. For example, to take a steam bath in a vat costs an average of 500 UAH/hour for a company, in a sauna - the same; rental of ski equipment - from 150 UAH/day, a subscription for the Bukovel ski lifts is paid separately.

Prices for ski passes on regular days (December 17 - January 01) - from UAH 980 to UAH 1960, and on holidays (January 2-6) - from UAH 1280 to UAH 2560 per person.

"This year, for the New Year holidays, we have booked only 28 places in hotels, for two minibuses. Only 12 people paid 100%. A lot of people are interested, they constantly call, but they pull with an order, they think. This year As never before, there are fewer people who want to go skiing on New Year's holidays. Last year, at this time, all the seats were bought, "the Lost World agency, which specializes in outdoor activities, tells us.

Sergey Gursky from Kiev, who constantly travels to the Carpathians for the New Year, noticed that in 2020 the cost of a trip for the holidays has already become equal, if not surpassed the same tour to Egypt. "The hotel, where we like to stay, raised the price. But the food surprised us - prices for it almost doubled. Therefore, the New Year in the Carpathians is already unprofitable. It is cheaper to fly to Egypt, although there is no snow there," Gursky says.

Like a powder keg

The latest technologies in land, air and water transport - speed and safety as the main idea of ​​the future of public transport


With us you will discover the Carpathians and Western Ukraine in all their beauty and diversity, regardless of the weather and season.

We have combined outdoor activities, exciting travel and comfortable accommodation in our All Inclusive Weekly Tours.

Weekly tours to the Carpathians

Ivano-Frankivsk region, smt. Vorokhta st. Danila Galitskogo 155



Ivano-Frankivsk region, smt. Vorokhta st. Danila Galitskogo 155

Everything is included in the price

Excursions in the Carpathians

Duration: 9 hours DETAILS

Duration: 5 h 30 min DETAILS

All ski resorts in the Carpathians are located on the slopes of the mountains of the same name, which stretch across the territory of the Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Lviv regions for 1500 kilometers.

CONTENTS (click on the button on the right):

Mountain ranges of the Carpathians

The mountain ranges of the Carpathians attract the eye with their unique beauty. This land is rightfully called the highlight not only of Ukraine, but of the entire European continent.

To visit the ski resorts of the Carpathians, tourists from the CIS countries do not need a foreign passport, foreign visa or knowledge of a foreign language. They will gladly welcome both regular visitors and those who came here for the first time.

Most Popular Ski Resorts

The most popular ski resorts in the Carpathians and Ukraine are: Bukovel, Dragobat, Slavske. These resorts are known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. These are large ski resorts with excellent recreation facilities for those who love mountain slopes.

To get to the resorts located in the mountains at medium altitudes, you should first get to the nearest large cities - Ivano-Frankivsk or Lviv.

This can be done by train or plane. From them to the ski resorts themselves can be reached by bus or taxi. Car enthusiasts can get to the skiing regions on their own transport.

The cost of rest in the Carpathians is quite acceptable. And the prices at the resorts are fully consistent with the quality of services.

Skiing region Bukovel


Recreation centers in the Carpathians

Recreation center, Novosibirsk region, Russia

Rest in the Carpathians: photos, description

The Carpathians are a popular holiday destination among tourists. All information about the Carpathians is presented here: photos, weather, interesting places and facts.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are only a part of the mountain range of the same name, covering several countries of Central Europe. Located in the west of the country, they cross the Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Transcarpathian and Chernivtsi regions, stretching from the northwest to the southeast. The ridges are separated by depressions of valleys and depressions, conventionally delimiting the Ukrainian Carpathians in the Carpathian region (Lvov, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi regions) and Transcarpathia (respectively, the Transcarpathian region).

The Carpathians attract tourists with landscape splendor, saturated with pine aromas, sparkling with mineral waters, as well as excellent ski infrastructure, coupled with sanatorium balneological resort areas.

The Carpathians are the most environmentally friendly among their territorial "neighbors" within the country, several local rivers are the cleanest in Europe, and Lake Synevyr is a regional leader in this indicator. Half of the animals living within Ukraine and listed in the European List for the Protection of Animals, along with rare representatives of the flora, can be found in the Carpathians.

The climate is moderately continental. Winter at the foot of the mountains is short-term and warm, the average January temperature is + 6 ° C. A similar July figure is + 21 ° C, but summer is also short and rather warm than hot. Snow cover in the mountains lasts from mid-December to early March; in some areas - from November to May.

Winter holidays are alpine skiing on well-lighted and well-equipped tracks. The choice of resorts is great: Dragobat, Vorokhta, Bukovel, Yaremche, Slavskoe, Sheshory and this is not a complete list. Carpathian snow allows skiing from late December to early March.

Summer time is great for fishing, trekking, rafting, safari, paragliding or horse riding. In the mountains there are wonderful routes for hiking, cycling and equestrian tourism.

The Carpathian resorts also perform a health-improving function, there are many speleo and balneological zones, mud baths, thermal springs, of which there are over eight hundred in the region. Widely known are: Truskavets, Mukachevo, Morshin and Shayan.

Sightseeing • For sightseeing, tourists can go to the city of Lviv, often referred to as a museum on the earth's palm, open to the sky, this is a historically and architecturally rich city. Rebuilt in 1256, Lviv is notable for its central part, included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. More than 2 thousand historical and architectural monuments are kept here. Of particular interest are the Temple of St. Elizabeth, the Cathedral of St. George, the Opera House, the Dominican Cathedral.

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