Pocket tourist guide

Pocket tourist guide


The conditions and nature of tourist travel impose a number of requirements on equipment. It should be lightweight, durable, reliable, easy to use, small in size, able to be used in cold, heat, etc. high humidity. It is advisable that the tourist's winter clothing is warm, protects from the wind, does not restrict movement, and retains its thermal insulation properties in a moist state. A tourist tent should be waterproof, quickly set up and disassembled, protect from mosquitoes and midges, and provide maximum comfort with minimum size. Camping equipment is divided into personal and group, as well as equipment for hiking, water, mountain and other travel.


General List

NameQuantity - pieces (pairs) on hiking mountain waterskiing travel Large backpack with a waterproof liner 1111 Sleeping bag with liner 1111 Foam mat (foam mat. inflatable mattress) 1111 Basic shoes -1Storm suit 1111 Training suit 1111 Down jacket, fur or wadded jacket --- 1 Cloak-cape111-Woolen sweater1212Pants1111Shorts111-Woolen leggings --- 1Cowgirl1111Underwear2222Woolen socks -1-1 Lightweight headgear 111-Swimming trunks 1111 Tarpaulin mittens 1 * 11 * 1 Fur, woolen mittens --- 1-2 Gloves-1 * 1 * 1 Towel 1111 Nasal scarves 2222 Bowl, mug, spoon, knife set. comple. comple. comple. Yeshochki (for dishes, linen, little things) 3-43-43-43-4 Field diary, pencil comple. comple. comple. compass of Andrianov's system1111Watch with a second hand1111Protective goggles in a hard case1 * 111Toilet accessories comple. comple. comple. Individual medical package 1111 Protective mask-1 * -1 Matches in a waterproof package 1111 Plastic bag for documents 1111 Ice ax (alpenstock) -1 - Repsnur-1-1 Twine roll 1111 Climbing carabiner-1 - Tourist skis --- 1Ski bindings 1 --- 1Ski sticks --- vest, circles - 1-Avalanche cord-1 * - Shoe covers --- 1 Pavlovsky net, mosquito nets 1 * -1 * -Pipe for drinking water-1 - Spare insoles 1212

* Taken depending on the specific travel conditions.

Personal equipment on foot

Clothes. On a summer trip, if it does not go through the northern regions, it is enough to have a long sweater (preferably with a high, but open collar) and socks that should be soft and fit the leg well, without wrinkling, because of scars, thickening, careless Darning easily causes bumps and scuffs. On top of them, it is recommended to wear elastic ones, which prevent road dust, small stones and other things from getting into the woolen sock, which causes irritation of the skin of the legs.

Pants should be made of dense fabric. A bike or fleece fabric is not desirable: clothes made from such material are heavy, get wet quickly and dry for a long time. For men, "texas", jeans are suitable, for women - breeches (in combination with leggings). It is important that the trousers do not squeeze the legs at the knees and do not interfere with the wide stride. Lightweight tracksuits are especially convenient from this point of view. The cowboy shirt should be long enough to cover the lower back and open from top to bottom. For a hot time, shorts, a bathing suit are desirable, from underwear - a pair of panties and a pair of short-sleeved T-shirts.

In case of bad weather, a raincoat is required, which should completely cover the tourist from the rain along with his backpack. A headgear is also needed - not so much for protection from rain as from the sun's rays. It is especially needed at the beginning of the season, when, after the winter solar "starvation", the human body is very sensitive to heat stress. The most comfortable light hats of light colors with visors. Wide-brimmed hats or, conversely, brimless hats (berets, skullcaps, svanki) are less desirable.

Shoes. The most comfortable are the so-called hiking boots with profiled soles of the "vibram" type. When choosing shoes for yoga, one must try so that the skin of the shoe does not press on the toes from above and they can move freely. Boots should be so spacious that you can put an extra insole in them, and put a thick sock on your foot, and if the lacing is tightened, they would tightly fit the ankle joint. Sneakers are recommended as replacement (spare) shoes. The use of sneakers is permissible if they are taken a size larger than ordinary shoes, they have a double thick insole and they are worn on two (one woolen) socks, even in hot weather.

Other sturdy but worn shoes with low heels and grooved soles can be worn on easy routes. During the spring thaw and autumn rains, tourists take rubber boots with them.

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