Perm Territory summed up the tourist results of 2020

8 facts why the ski base; Ivan-Gora; attracts tourists to Perm

December is the best time to take stock. Last week, within the framework of a conference dedicated to the tourism potential of the Perm Territory, representatives of the administration and tourism business of the region shared the results of their work in 2020. The region has an impressive list of projects and plans for the future.

At the end of last week, representatives of the administration and tourist business of the Perm region gathered journalists and partners in Moscow to talk about what they have achieved in the outgoing year, to announce ambitious plans for the coming years, and also to present the tourist opportunities of the region. After an informative presentation, guests of the event were treated to refreshments, as well as a local drink - Parma balsam.


Opening the event, Deputy Prime Minister of the Perm Territory Alexei Chernikov immediately said that Perm, which stretches along the banks of the Kama River, like the region as a whole, knows how and loves to surprise. There are many places here that have no analogues in Russia.

For example, in the village of Ishimovo, grandmothers prepare patented Ishimov bagels, but very few people know about this yet. And in the Perm Territory, tourists understand that "happiness is just around the corner", get acquainted with the Perm wooden gods, try posikunchik pies, rest in health resorts, visit mysterious caves, endless taiga, go on rafting, hiking, and in winter - to ski resorts.

“Yes, this year it was not possible to fully relax in the Perm Territory, as well as in other Russian regions, for all known reasons. But the restrictions associated with the pandemic will end sooner or later. And we must approach this moment as prepared as possible. We are working to increase the tourist attractiveness of the Perm Territory, develop in all directions, form new routes and whole types of tourism, including industrial. We are actively developing social tourism, children's tourism, active, gastronomic tourism. An agreement was signed on the development of navigation on the Kama River. And to get acquainted with the reserves, according to one of the projects, it will be possible with the help of small aircraft. Let me remind you that in 2023 Perm will celebrate its 300th anniversary, this also stimulates us to active development, - said Alexey Chernikov.

Alexey Chernikov noted that in general, it is tourism that will help restart the economy of the region. Therefore, when planning the development of a particular territory, the region largely proceeds from its tourism opportunities.

“We are comprehensively approaching strengthening the position of tourism in the region. The Ministry of Tourism and Youth Policy will appear in the Perm Territory very soon, ”Mr. Chernikov also said.


Yulia Vetoshkina, Head of the Agency for Tourism and Youth Policy of the Perm Territory, began her speech with statistics of the region's attendance.

Last year, the Perm Territory received 754 thousand tourists. And according to analysts of mobile operators - 2.3 million tourists, that is, three times more than official statistics. From January to September of this year, only 322 thousand tourists visited the region.

“Yes, the decline is quite significant. But on the other hand, in the summer, when the restrictions were lifted, they went to the region en masse for rafting. There were "Moscow traffic jams" on the rivers, recalls Ms. Vetoshkina.

The structure of tourist flow to the Perm region looks like this: 46.5% of the total tourist flow to the region falls on business visits. The second place is for cultural and educational trips (32%), the third place and 13.8% is for health and active tourism.

Perm Territory summed up the tourist results of 2020

Friends, for the 2019 summer season, the test rental has stopped working.

From December 20, 2018, in the AlpIndustriya store in Perm, you can take alpine skis with bindings for a test, and buy the pair that you especially like at a bargain price. You can also rent avalanche equipment instead of spending money on buying it. At the end of the season, the rental will not be closed, but will switch to summer mode, replacing alpine skiing with alpine equipment.

Alpine skiing in test rental

We, of course, issue all skis complete with bindings.

To register your equipment for a test rental, you will definitely need an identity document.

If after the test you do not want to part with your favorite skis, you can take them with you, and not just like that, but at a very attractive price: a special price minus what you have already spent on the test rental of this pair ... The store staff will tell you the price for each of the indicated pairs.

By the way, on the way to the test rental, you can look into our ski service: we will install bindings on skis or snowboards, grind the slide, treat with paraffin, and, if necessary, repair your skis or ski boots.

Avalanche equipment in test rental

Avalanche equipment, like alpine skiing, can be redeemed after a test rental. After all, with him on the slope is much calmer than without him.

Test rental cost

First-hand news

Ivan-Gora is one of the most popular ski resorts in Perm. It attracts tourists with a developed infrastructure, delicious cuisine. Various entertainments are also offered to visitors. In this article, we will consider what is in the ski resort in Perm.

Infrastructure and description of the ski resort "Ivan-Gora"

The complex was created on February 14, 2002. Ivan-Gora is a picturesque peak located 5 km from Gamovo. This is the highest point of the Perm region. A variety of infrastructure is available to clients:

  • Snowman Ski Club. Here you can enjoy skiing. Ski schools for adults and children are offered to those who wish. With the latter, classes are conducted in a playful way.
  • Snowboarding.

The complex is also equipped with artificial lighting. Equipment required for skiing or snowboarding can be rented.

You can eat in the barbecue area. There is a dining room and a barbecue.

Additional services include a first-aid post and a children's room. Parking is also offered to tourists.

Trails and lifts

Several trails are offered to visitors. They are short, so they will be boring for experienced skiers. There are no dangerous places (sharp turns and inclines). Here is a list of the available tracks:

  • Green (educational).
  • Blue (cross and main).
  • Red (athletic).
  • Black (extreme).

Regularly processed by a snowcat. They are separated by a spruce forest.

Duration: 7 days

Dyatlov Pass is perhaps the most mysterious place in our area! On February 2, 1959, a tragedy occurred in the Northern Urals - all 9 participants of the ski trip were killed by unknown means. Until now, this story is shrouded in mystery and there is no definite answer about what happened there. The purpose of our hike will be to reach the Dyatlov Pass and climb to the local peak. We will test ourselves in the frost of the Ural taiga and see incredible light performances of the frosty sun!

Emil Gazizov

Emil is someone with whom there is always something to talk about and something to keep quiet about :) An experienced guide and psychologist by education. He loves nature in all its manifestations and a variety of landscapes: from sultry deserts to mountain glaciers. Has experience of participation and leadership in sports trips up to the 4th category of complexity. Participated in ski first ascents and combined routes.

List of things



The meeting of the participants will take place at 06:00 on the first day at the Ivdel-1 railway station. It will be possible to get to Ivdel by an organized transfer from Perm on the eve of the first day at 22:00. Arrival in Perm at approximately 09:00 after the final day (about 7,000 rubles, depending on the number of people interested) or by train from Yekaterinburg/Moscow. Tickets can be found on the pass website. zd. u

Travel cost: rubles,

The price includes: - Transfer on off-road vehicles: Ivdel - Ilyich base - Ivdel; - Ski equipment; - Delicious three meals a day on the route; - Bathhouse on the final day of the route; - Public equipment; - 2 experienced instructor; - Public first aid kit; - Satellite communications.

The price does not include: - Tickets to Ivdel (at the request of the group, a private transfer from Perm is organized) - 5-7 thousand rubles; - Snowmobile transfer to the Ilyich Base (required if there is no winter road) - about 2 thousand rubles; - Travel insurance; - Personal equipment.

What is being done today to develop tourism at the level of regional authorities and in municipalities? This is our conversation with Vladimir KORSUN, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly, a member of the Communist Party faction.

Generous budget - noisy tourist flow ?!

- For more than a year, the question of more intensive development of the tourism industry has been raised in the Perm Territory. What exactly are the leaders of the region, including the Legislative Assembly, doing?

- Of course, the huge tourist potential of the Kama region today is far from being fully utilized. The deputies, including our faction, believe that natural, historical, cultural attractions can and should work for the development of the territories of our region, replenishment of the budget, creation of new jobs and an increase in the level of economic development, and hence the standard of living in one or another another specific area, city, settlement.

Back in 2008, we adopted a target program "Development of tourism in the Perm Territory (2008-2012)". This made it possible to solve several important tasks for the development of domestic and inbound tourism. For example, we have created a regional tourism information system. The Tourist Information Center of the Perm Territory was opened, the attendance of which in 2012 averaged more than 100 people a day. The official travel portal www has appeared on the Internet. isitperm. u. Seven new routes were developed, the most famous of which were the Green Line and the Great Tea Route.

- Can we say that we have already done a lot?

- I would say we did what was necessary. Something without which it was impossible to do without in the development of the industry, unless, of course, we intended to continue marking time. Yes, concrete results in 2008-2012. reached. But, as they say in the regional government itself, despite some positive dynamics in the development of the tourism industry in the region, Prikamye does not occupy a leading position in Russia, yielding to competing regions. The contribution of tourism to the economy of the region in 2010 - 1.1%. This is more than the all-Russian indicator, but less than the leading regions: Sverdlovsk and Samara regions, the republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, where the gross regional product (GRP) of hotels and restaurants is 1.2%. Today, only the Krasnodar Territory is the closest to European indicators, where the GRP from tourism in 2010 reached 2.7%. It must be said frankly that one of the reasons for the lag of our region in the development of tourism is insufficient budgetary financing of this industry. Funds for the implementation of the regional target program for 2008-2012 allocated in the amount of 39% (51 million rubles) of the planned amount of 129 million rubles. On average, annual funding from the regional budget for program activities on tourism in the Perm Territory in 2008-2012. barely exceeded 9 rubles. per inhabitant per year. For comparison: in the Altai Territory - 87 rubles, the Sverdlovsk Region. - 34 rubles, Tatarstan - almost 20 rubles.

- Is there a new state regional program "Tourism Development" in the region today?

- Yes, it was approved by a decree of the regional government in February 2014. It is calculated until the end of 2016. Among its expected results is an increase in the volume of investments in fixed assets of the tourism industry by 1 billion 311 million 600 thousand rubles. , the emergence of eight certified tourist routes, an increase in tourist flow by 16%.

Not a single myth

- Are there any priority types of tourism in the program?

- The program says that a variety of landscapes, many rivers and caves contribute to the development of water, hiking, skiing, ski tourism. The rich history of the region, historical and cultural heritage and outstanding events make it possible to develop cognitive and event tourism. The presence of natural mineral waters and mud, as well as a well-developed infrastructure is a powerful base for health tourism.

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