Paper soldier

Paper soldier

The main glossy magazines about winter extreme sports

The main glossy magazines about winter extreme sports

Once upon a time, when people watched films on VHS tapes and exchanged photographs in person, passing floppy disks, extreme sports were either on TV or on the pages of print media. In those distant times, the magazine was not just a source of information, but also acted as the main platform, gathering all athletes, fans and simply not indifferent. To this day, cult publications act as organizers of festivals and contests in snowboarding and alpine skiing, interesting details of recent events emerge on their pages, new stars light up, spots are described, films and videos are presented, equipment reviews are published. In a word, everything that is necessary for illumination, maintenance and development of culture.

Best Movies of the Powder Awards

Powder Magazine Ski Heroes of the Year Announced

Of course, today many print magazines are rapidly disappearing, giving way to online publications, but fortunately, not all old-timers of the action industry have closed their pages and went into the intangible world of numbers. On the contrary, in some cases, the online version only supplemented the magazine and attracted new readers. You will not find any of these magazines in the "Print" kiosk, but know that they are, and somewhere overseas they are leafing through them with pleasure. Of course, you can also do this by receiving the long-awaited number by mail, or by flipping through the already scanned paper pages using the mouse cursor or touchscreen. So, let's start our selection of the five elements of the print press with snow.

TransWorld Snowboarding

Without unnecessary embellishment, TransWorld Snowboarding has been the undisputed leader and main reference point of the global snowboarding industry for 27 years now. Led by editor-in-chief Annie Fast, a snowboarding magazine is produced by a team of eight, including three contributing editors, including Annie. Perhaps it would be superfluous to say that the entire team working on the magazine consists of snowboarders to the core. In addition to print and online, the magazine organizes and supports a host of projects such as the annual TWS Riders Poll Awards, the legendary test of the freshest boards of the season "Good Wood" and the year-round search for the best spots and adventures with the Rome's 12 Months Project. By the way, in addition to the snow one, under the wing of TransWorld Media, two more print magazines are published: TransWorld Skateboarding and TransWorld SURF.

Country: USA Website: snowboarding. ransworld. et Initial release: 1987

Powder Magazine

Paper soldier

I am looking for a charming, funny and interesting fellow traveler not burdened with complexes for a joint trip to Altai, in a car. The rest is assumed by the savages, cooking on fire. Approximate route: Novosibirsk-Lake Teletskoye-Katun-Manzherok-Chemal-Novosibirsk With a mandatory visit to all interesting places !! You are in a good mood, I will not forget the rest. Briefly about myself 35 years old, height about 185 cm, weight about 80 kg. I am looking for a girl from 25 to 35 years old. ride from about 15-27 July 2015. ... Write to mail: atrium. avel @ yandex. u or in PM only with a photo !! I will answer everyone.

Rocket in the vegetable garden

The rocket stage found in Altai will be put up for auction

A fragment of a rocket stage, which was brought to the garden of a resident of the village of Malougrenevo in the neighboring Altai Territory in a flood, will be put up for auction as a relic. This is reported by Sibnet with reference to the owner of the "rocket" Tatyana Zhdanova. The initial cost of the object was not disclosed.

It turned out that the object belongs to a family living in the same village, writes the Internet portal. According to the hostess, the family bought this structure last year to make a cesspool. For about a year she stood on the site under construction, and the influx of water carried her away. “The enterprise of the city of Biysk uses such rockets to heat the stokers, and when they become unusable, they are sold to the population for agricultural research. During the flood, ours broke the fence and swam away, along with the dogs that hid in it. Soon, we are. we will probably put it up for auction and sell it as a relic, ”said the woman. At the same time, the media reported earlier that the villagers jokingly christened the dogs found in the wreckage of the rocket Belka and Strelka. The chimney assures that the pipe does not bring any harm to the population. Such a conclusion was allegedly made by a visiting employee of the Biysk research institute. At the same time, the woman still found it difficult to name the price that the family would like to help out for the relic. Earlier, Nikolai Dochilov, deputy general director of the Altai Federal Research and Production Center, told ITAR-TASS that the found object was an empty rocket engine case, which were removed from service in the early 1990s and completely disposed of. However, then several buildings that were not filled with fuel were dismantled by the population.

We invite everyone to travel to Altai-

Rest is supposed to be savages from July 15, 2014. With tents, sleeping bags, kettles, food, gas burners and so on. For 10-12 days.

Drive about 1000 or 1500 km in one direction, see all sorts of interesting things and sights, including all sorts of monuments, petroglyphs, caves, waterfalls, lakes, mountain rivers, passes and so on (optional - will be discussed separately).

Novosibirsk - Site at the store of the shopping center "Colorlon" - Artybash (northern shore of Lake Teletskoye - overnight stay and accommodation for 2-3 days) - Seminsky pass - (intermediate overnight stay) -Chike Taman - Confluence of Chuya and Katun - Iodro (Rock petroglyphs) - Aktash - Ulagan pass - Pazaryk mounds - Katu yaryk - Ulagan pass - (overnight, at the top of the Ulagan pass near the lake or on the Ulagan plateau) - Ulagan pass, return to M-52 - in the direction of Kosh agach (there is place for overnight + parking for 2-3 days) - Chemal (2-3 days) - Novosibirsk.

We invite everyone to the company to join us in their cars and spend their vacation for a reason.

Expedition-Igor Pergaev

Hello Altai-Igor Pergaev

Gorny Altai, ripe pine nuts

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