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This year, domestic tourism has become more popular in Russia due to the coronavirus pandemic. In Sochi and Kaliningrad, there is an explosive growth in the number of tourists from other regions, but the Sverdlovsk region did not take advantage of the unique opportunity for the growth of this sector of the economy, since in the past 10 years the formation of infrastructure - a network of hotels, toilets, trails, trash cans - was actually abandoned by the authorities. say those surveyed by Znak. om experts. On the other hand, the number of "wild" tourists going on rafting and hiking has increased, which can greatly damage nature due to the lack of infrastructure.

"The crisis has highlighted the problems that have been accumulating for years"

“We are now seeing a serious growth in interest in domestic tourism, especially weekend tours,” said Viktoria Kazakova, Minister of Investment and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region, through a press release from the Information Policy Department. “Since May 19, 2020, natural parks have been opened in the Sverdlovsk Region. They are more popular than in previous years. All accommodation facilities in the 100-kilometer zone from Yekaterinburg are busy for the weekend. There is also a great interest in cities with developed tourist infrastructure - Nevyansk, Nizhny Tagil, Verkhoturya, ”says Elmira Tukanova, director of the Tourism Development Center of the Sverdlovsk Region.

This is the official position of the Sverdlovsk authorities, but one of the main experts on the Ural tourism industry, executive director of the Ural Tourism Association Mikhail Maltsev, strongly disagrees with it. In his opinion, domestic tourism in the Sverdlovsk region is not only not developing, but degrading.

All failed steps or lack of normal steps that were to be aimed at the development of internal tourism: the creation of an investment acclimat, which would allow to develop suburban accommodation, promotion of the Sverdlovsk region as an attractive place for tourism and recreation, trust from Investors, consolidation with professional community - all these items were fully failed. Coronavirus revealed not the problem of arriving in the area - this was not enough, these were transit passengers or business tourists, and he demonstrated that we cannot secure rest and recovery of citizens within the region, "Maltsev's emotionally says.


In his opinion, now the only opportunity to relax in the Sverdlovsk region is now - flying to Yekaterinburg and attend excursions around it, because Nizhny Tagil is the last point of the region, where you can count on accommodation in the world-class hotel. The remaining suggestions, according to Maltsev, are mini-hotels with a very small number of rooms, great cost and often not very good service. It complicates the situation and the fact that the most popular sanatoriums of the region, for example, Obukhovsky, are closed due to coronavirus or turned into observator.

"This year is a tremendous chance for the tourism economy of all regions. And for the Sverdlovsk region, it would be a huge chance. It would be a logical flow [passengers transplancing in] Koltsovo to make a part of [Sverdlovsk region]. But this could not be done, for us this historical chance was missed, "Maltsev summarizes.

"The first tour group drove this week"

On the absence of a normal infrastructure for tourists in the Sverdlovsk region, the head of the author's excursions Dmitry Moskvin also says. "There is a wonderful direction towards Alapaevsk. There are not only hotels there, but not to find the toilet, especially with closed museums. These are primitive things, I'm not talking about parking, gazebos, tracks with a carbon black or bark. Now everyone clearly had to see that we have beautifully and fine, but access to this is terrible. People are difficult, "says the expert.

Not even filled hotels in Yekaterinburg, where tourists from other regions usually stopped in the summer.

As Znak told. OM Director of Virburg Ltd. (Governing company of the Emerald Hotel) Sergey Derendyaev, the first one for the season, a small group of tourists from Moscow drove to the hotel this week, and they booked places back in February.

"They had plans for recreation, but these plans were not destined to come true, because recreation centers were officially closed. Therefore, they said that they would have to spend all the time until August 7 in Yekaterinburg. They will go somewhere on excursions, their program is extensive, ”says Derendyaev and adds that the same situation is with other representatives of the hotel business.

In order to attract tourists, the Ministry of Investment of the region organized the action “3! four! five!". When two adults and a child under 12 years old are accommodated from Friday to Sunday with breakfast, the cost of a night in a three-star hotel will be 3 thousand rubles, per night in a 4 * hotel - 4 thousand rubles, per night in a five-star hotel - 5 thousand rubles.

Wild tourism is growing in the Urals due to the coronavirus pandemic and the tourism economy is dying

The UN editorial board remembered all the travels of its journalists around their native land and put them together. Impressive beauty of the Urals through the eyes of photojournalist Raul Uporov.

To view, click on the link below.

Top places to visit in Western Kazakhstan

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This year, domestic tourism has become more popular in Russia due to the coronavirus pandemic


Schedule of LDPE and SPORTS HIKING

From February 20 to February 25, a ski trip will take place in the TAGANAI park. If you really want to take part, But you do not know how to stand on skis at all.

Let us tell you, in a big secret, that we will need skis Show in full. Only on the SECOND day

All other days, there will be hiking trails and the ability to comfortably move along the roads of the national park!

Such a hike is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sports hikes, and if you get bored, get out of the tent and spend the night in the warm house of the park

So make up your mind! We promise to organize an unforgettable trip with a lot of positive emotions!

Outside the window is the middle of FEBRUARY - it's time for active booking of summer HIKES! There is NO NEED to postpone this procedure until the summer, because there will be no places left for hiking ..

We have updated the site, IT BECAME much more informative! Go and book interesting tours. plan your vacation now! And we will organize it!

This weekend we are going to the North To the Buddhist monastery "Shedrub Ling" If someone has not been to Mount Kachkanar yet, now is the time!

We have identified for you the five most popular and affordable types of extreme recreation

Surely on the wish list, each of us has a fad to do something that goes beyond the boundaries of the usual way of life: jump with a parachute, raft down a turbulent river, get up on mountain skiing or snowboarding. However, for someone an adrenaline rush is required not once in a lifetime, but constantly. This material will be useful to everyone! What types of extreme recreation in Kazakhstan are the most popular and available, we will tell you here.

“Extreme” implies certain risks. Therefore, all the types of extreme leisure listed below require either hard training or "work" in tandem with an experienced instructor. No independence at first!

Fortunately, today the tourism industry, including extreme tourism, in Kazakhstan is developing by leaps and bounds, the offers on the market are very diverse. These include air walks on small three-seater planes, where, at the request of customers, active aerobatics is provided, including a combat turn, a spin, a slide. This includes training in para- and hang-gliding flights, parachuting, river rafting and much more

We have identified for you the five most popular and affordable types of extreme recreation in Kazakhstan.

With wind speed Alpine skiing and snowboarding

Alpine skiing and snowboarding breaks all records in winter.

Today the ski service is much better and more varied than ten years ago. There are slopes almost everywhere, both for beginners and professionals. And the ski resorts themselves have become much more. The Almaty region occupies a leading position in terms of the quality of service, however, the ski resorts of the East Kazakhstan region benefit from climatic conditions: here snow lays much longer on the slopes (from mid-November to mid-April), thereby delighting all lovers of this type of extreme recreation.

Snowboarding mainly attracts young people, guys who are ready to learn, active, fearless, not sitting still! Today in our country there is an opportunity to learn not just skiing and snowboarding, but also to take professional training courses for instructors in alpine skiing and snowboarding. In particular, similar courses operate in the East Kazakhstan region on the basis of the Altai Alps ski complex, where the "teachers" are members of the National League of Instructors (NLI) of Russia.

In the warm season, alpine skis can be replaced with water skis! Water skiing is currently actively practiced in the Kapchagai reservoir, Alakol, and the Caspian Sea.

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