One-day hiking in Crimea: routes 2021

One-day hiking in Crimea: routes 2021

The most popular hikes in Crimea for a year

Greetings friends! I present a rating of the most popular hikes in Crimea, which we went on throughout 2018. Both residents and guests of the peninsula can participate in our hikes. We issue the necessary equipment, and there is no need to bring your own to Crimea.

  • Ai-Petri with an overnight stay - “Myriads of Perseid Stars” (1 overnight stay)
  • Demerdzhi - “The Fabulous Land of Demerdzhi” (from 1 to 4 nights)
  • Hike to the Cave Cities of Crimea (from 2 to 4 nights)
  • Grand Canyon of Crimea (3 nights)
  • Hike Yalta-Balaklava and hike “Three Canyons of Crimea ”(4 and 5 nights)

    All routes are focused on Yalta, in other words, for vacationers who are already in Crimea, plus such hikes, its participants do not need to carry any equipment with them, except for a wallet, hikes are not long, you can choose it yourself.

    Mount Ai-Petri is perhaps the most popular sight in Crimea. Any tourist always tries to visit it, there are plenty of opportunities and blessings for this. It is not surprising that the Ai-Petri hike takes the first place in my rating.

    The main advantages of this trip:

  • If you live or relax in Yalta, you do not need to travel far to take part, it only takes 30 minutes to get out of the city on the trail.
  • The duration of the hike is only a day - this is very convenient when the vacation schedule does not indulge in free days and you need to have time to swim on the beaches and visit palaces, and of course climb the mountains. This option is the most beneficial for those with a busy schedule.
  • You need to climb only one mountain, the duration of the climb is about 5 hours
  • The most beautiful views are at night and at dawn: night Yalta, starry clear sky, and of course dawn in the mountains and above the city - it's just magic!
  • The descent takes only two hours, in the afternoon you will be free.

    In terms of beauty - a hike with an overnight stay on Ai-Petri takes one of the first places, despite the rather difficult climb for beginners along the Taraktash trail. The beauty of these places will more than pay for all the efforts. While climbing we will pass through the Uchan-Su waterfall, and of course we will visit the Taraktash ridge. This is another natural landmark that is gradually being destroyed under the influence of natural forces. The trail is equipped, there are steps on difficult sections, the route passes next to the cave of the same name ..

    Such a hike with tents is much more interesting than the usual visit to Ai-Petri in the afternoon, going up here by car or cable car. This trip provides for comfortable accommodation on the territory of the cordon, there is a place for a fire and a comfortable table at which you can have a feast.

    But the most important thing that you will not see during the day is the beauty of night landscapes and, of course, the morning sunrise, which we meet at the steep cliffs overlooking Yalta. The best time for a hike is, of course, mid-August, during the Perseid starfall, when the moon is waning, and the stars become as bright as possible and hundreds of lights are flying across the sky piercing the earth's atmosphere. Night views from Ai-Petri are always beautiful

    Trekking to Demerdzhi has great opportunities: you can go here with one or four overnight stay; a wide range of possible routes. I did not single out Chatyr-Dag separately, they are located nearby and often these routes can be combined.

    The best hikes in Crimea

    For many, Crimea is associated with the military might of Sevastopol and the coast of Yalta. And yet, thousands of tourists refute this opinion. Since the peninsula of Crimea is mainly famous for its nature: forests, mountains. In the case when it is permissible to see all the sights in the city at once, looking over the mountains, you can find a huge number of curious places, secret paths that lead to the very top.

    Crimean hiking trails

    The Crimean mountains keep silent about a huge number of secrets - cliffs, waterfalls, mountain streams, gorges, caves. Having studied the local Crimean tourist routes, having familiarized yourself with the photos of the Crimean nature, you will definitely want to go hiking in the mountains. Anyone who discovers the world of mountains will never want to leave it. Since this is a chance to wander above the clouds, to see natural places that deserve a picture for memory, a variety of flowering meadows, amazing plants, most of which are found only on the peninsula (endemic).

    Mount Demerdzhi deserves special attention, the peaks of which are trying to conquer many tourists. What attracts thousands of travelers here every year? - These are stone mushrooms that can be called a miracle of nature. Naturally, there is a scientific explanation for their appearance. Nevertheless, this place is shrouded in legends that your guide will tell you about. You can get acquainted with the route and book an excursion by clicking on the blue button.

    Climatic conditions, hiking seasonality

    Mountain Crimea has a special microclimate, which is radically different from the steppe zone located nearby. Such specifics must be taken into account in order to get only positive emotions and impressions from the trip as a result. The main difference between the Crimean Mountains and other mountain peaks is that due to the temperate climate, you can go hiking in Crimea throughout the year.

    March to April. At the beginning of spring, snow melts in the mountains, while until mid-spring there are almost no snows here. With the exception of areas with an altitude of over 1000 m, it is permissible to play snowballs even during the May holidays. The first spring months are optimal for hiking to the Crimean waterfalls - during this period they are the most picturesque and full of water. In addition, it is in March that you will be able to admire the wide glades of crocuses and snowdrops. Until mid-spring, the first greenery sprouts, despite the fact that the forests are still bare.

    May. In general, the month of May is the most optimal period to consider mountain hiking in Crimea. It is in this month that nature is actively awakening from hibernation, everything smells and blooms, the forests are finally dressing up in their traditional juicy green robes, yayls are covered with carpets of various shades. In the month of May, the sun is already very gentle, warm, the summer heat is still very far away, and this is a huge plus. And yet the sea is cold during this period, it can only please the most seasoned vacationers. It is quite cool in the mountains at night, sometimes frosts occur, so it is imperative to prepare warm sleeping bags and clothes on your hikes. As a rule, there are a huge number of travelers on the trails, especially in the Chatyr-Dag and Demerdzhi areas.

    Since June. The first summer month on the peninsula is an ideal period for hiking in the Crimea. It is in June that vegetation continues to bloom violently, thereby delighting tourists who have gathered in the mountains. It gets warmer every day, swimming in the sea will become more comfortable. A single drawback that can be noted: there is still no legendary sweet Crimean fruits - melons, peaches and watermelons.

    From July to August. It is also considered a great time for outdoor activities in the Crimea. During this period, it gets very hot on the peninsula, and therefore you should definitely take protection from sunburns seriously: prepare sunglasses, hats, sunscreen. As a pleasant bonus, tourists will find local fruits: peaches, nectarines, grapes, which appear before the end of the summer season. The summer sea is a real dream, we recommend staying for a couple of days after the tour, just spending time on the local cozy beaches.

    In the summer, vacationers who come to Crimea not only to lie on the beaches, but to get to know the nature of the peninsula closer, order a trip to the Grand Canyon of Crimea, which is a nature reserve. Here you will meet the Crimean endemics, including the wild orchid. The canyon is located in the region of Bakhchisarai.

    Since September. The first autumn month as a whole can be a worthy competitor to summer in terms of attractiveness for hiking tours and allows you to make mountain trips in Crimea. In Crimea in September it is incredibly warm (the sea is also very warm), at the same time there are much fewer vacationers here, in comparison with the end of the summer season. All local markets are literally inundated with ripe vegetables and fruits, their prices are constantly dropping. The flora is regaining rich, rich green colors, recovering from a period of summer heat. Evenings at the end of September become fresh and cool, and therefore warm clothes will be very useful.

    Rating of the best hikes in Crimea according to our version for 2018

    The tour is full of natural and historical sights: we will climb rocky peaks, explore ancient cave cities and monasteries, walk through subtropical forests and mountain trails, swim in the warm sea and cool mountain lakes, and learn a lot about the flora , fauna, geology and history of Crimea.

    We will live in a modern camp site with all the amenities: a sauna, gazebos, barbecues on the grill - everything is for us! Triple rooms, with a bathroom and hot water from the boiler.

    And most importantly, we will carry out all travels light - no heavy backpacks. Active rest for everyone!

    The duration of daily crossings is about 5-7 hours.

    Daily program


    We meet at 10 o'clock at the Simferopol railway station and go to the Burun-Kaya camp site, where we are accommodated in the rooms, have breakfast and get to know each other.

    A stunning view of the massive Burun-Kaya cliff opens from the very camp site, looking like a giant iron from here. The summit is so eye-catching that it is hard not to succumb to the temptation to climb there and inspect the surroundings from a height. So what are we waiting for?

    The path to the top lies through Alimov's gully - a gorge named after the legendary robber Alim. They say that in one of the caves on its slopes there are still treasures plundered by a dashing bandit. But since the unlucky treasure hunters began to disappear in the caves, it was decided to brick up the entrances. Now hardly anyone will know whether gold treasures lie in the underground or not. But we came for other riches - those that cannot be counted in any money: a whole sea of ​​cool impressions and new knowledge awaits us.

    Above on the plateau are dolmens - the burial grounds of the Taurus, an ancient people who inhabited Crimea three thousand years ago. Let's examine them and continue our ascent.

    And here we are at the top. Below us is the green expanse of the Kachin Valley, which stretches between two giant rocky walls. The landscape is so majestic and striking in its scale that it will take your breath away. And this is just the beginning of our adventures!

    On the way back we will pass a mountain lake where you can swim.

    In the evening, we will have dinner and an evening of acquaintances at the base: it's time to learn more about our companions and tell about ourselves.

    We invite you to a scenic hike through the three most beautiful canyons of Crimea. We are waiting for:

    • the majestic Grand Canyon with its prehistoric nature and legendary sources;
    • the deepest Uzundzha canyon, where nature itself, like a brilliant sculptor, created its masterpieces in stone with the help of water and wind;
    • the longest on the peninsula Chernorechensky canyon with a large deep river full of rapids, rifts and natural stone baths.

    The program includes ascents and descents along mountain paths, travels through wild forests, magnificent views from mountain peaks, evenings around a campfire with songs with a guitar and even rapid descents on a rope from sheer cliffs.

    The main and very pleasant difference of this hike from most mountain routes is that we will swim almost every day - in mountain rivers, quiet lakes, under a shower in waterfalls and even in real natural jacuzzis!

    Daily program


    We meet in Sevastopol, from where we go to the village of Bogatyr - the starting point of our adventures.

    It's time to say goodbye to civilization: we are going to the mountains. An imposing bulk rises in front of us the Boyka massif - perhaps the most mystical place in the Crimea. According to some legends, the Byzantines hid the Holy Grail somewhere here, according to others - in the depths of the local caves there is a portal to other worlds, and some even claim that a disguised alien base is located inside the mountain.

    What really is here is the amazing "Runic Labyrinth" - a plateau dotted with intricately intertwined faults - as if a giant stack had drawn unknown letters on the mountain. Geologists explain this phenomenon by shrinkage of rocks, ufologists - by the message of extraterrestrial civilization.

    In addition, the ruins of the ancient Byzantine Cathedral of Christ the Savior, founded on the site of a pagan Taurus temple, are preserved on the mountain top - a healing spring springs here, and a breathtaking view of the valley opens up. Here we will have lunch, have a little rest after a difficult climb and admire the beauty of Crimea from a dizzying height.

    After lunch we will go light to explore the surroundings. We will reach the observation deck, from where the entire majestic Belbek valley will be in full view, and then we will return to Boyka's parking lot, set up tents, have dinner, chat and drink by the fire. Today is our first night in tents under the stars, and there are still a lot of interesting things ahead.



    Hike in the Mountain Crimea

    Trekking in the Crimean Mountains is a classic Crimean route. Usually tourists begin to get acquainted with the mountains of Crimea from it. And for many, it becomes the door to the tourist life!

    This route passes through the highest mountain ranges of Crimea.

    We will conquer the peaks of Eklizi-Burun (1527 m), North Demerdzhi (1356 m), South Demerdzhi (1239 m), Table Mountain (1240 m).

    We will pass the Chatyrdag, Demirji-Yaila and Tyrke mountain plateau.

    Let's go to the "wild" (unequipped) caves: Suuk-koba, Tysyachegolovaya, Uzun-koba.

    We swim in the Jur-la waterfall and the Cold Lake.

    We will admire the Valley of Ghosts and the panorama of the southern coast of Crimea with Mount Ayu-dag and Cape Meganom.

    The route "Through the Mountainous Crimea" is extremely busy, but it is adapted for tourists of any level of preparation.

    days - rub

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