Mountains on the shoulder: the best ski resorts for beginners

Budgetary and cool: tours to the ski resorts of the Urals and Siberia from the

Holidays in the mountains of the Urals and Siberia are actively gaining popularity among ski tourists. Affordable prices and at the same time modern infrastructure and good service attract more and more outdoor enthusiasts. Start implementing ski tours in the Urals and Siberia with the tour operator "Active Season" - a team of young professionals who are in love with their work, who know the intricacies of resorts and the features of centers, as well as understand what is important for a ski tourist. What are the features of organizing tours from the "Active season" and what offers are there for this season - in our material.

Tour operator "Active season" - who is it?

The Active Season Domestic Tourism Tour Operator is a team of energetic and responsible young people who live active holidays and know everything about the ski resorts of Russia.

Ski tours are a range of services that is not limited only to transportation and accommodation. On a trip, it is important for a tourist to get an emotional cocktail of communication, evening events, acquaintances and complete immersion in the atmosphere of the life of a ski resort. In the "Active Season" tours, even a tourist who travels alone will never be left without company and an interesting pastime after skiing.

How does Active Season organize tours?

"Active season" strives to make a two-day trip a comfortable and interesting journey.

  • Organization clearly according to the planned timing.
  • Accommodation is selected as convenient as possible for the skiers, most often on the territory of the ski resort.
  • Buses on bus tours are always large and reliable.
  • Tours always have an organizer who will help to solve any individual questions.
  • On all departures there is a rolling professional photographer, which will make bright and high-quality pictures for tourist, this service is included in the price of the tour.

Much attention is paid to APRES-SKI - pastime after riding. This term literally translated from French sounds like "after skis". Every evening the organizer collects all the group members for dating and games, views of films, visits to the bath and cafe.

Cooperation with Agencies <

"Active Season" offers cooperation to travel agents of the Sverdlovsk region. Contacts of agencies that entered into an agreement with the tour operator will be published on the Active Season website. Through these partners, the tourist can acquire a place in the tour for himself and his friends.

Budgetary and cool: tours to the ski resorts of the Urals and Siberia from the

The ski season in Europe was at risk. At a minimum, French, Italian and German ski resorts will not work in Christmas holidays. It is possible that in order to avoid competition between European destinations, the EU authorities will distribute this decision to all community countries.

France does not intend to open the slopes for Christmas

Heads of the Government of France, Germany and Italy announced this week that they would not open the ski resorts at least until mid-January 2021.

So, French President Emmanuel Macron, announced the stages of reliating restrictions in the country, said that until the third stage, the abolition of quarantine restrictions projected on January 20, the ski resorts will still be closed.

According to him, the risks of coronavirus made the "impossible" the rapid resumption of winter sports. Macron also promised that he would consult with its European colleagues about the coordination of the general days of the beginning of the winter season in the Alps.

In France, there are more than 300 ski resorts on which 120,000 people work. The turnover of the Ski Industry of France is estimated at 10 billion euros.

According to the National Association of Master of Ski Resorts (ANMSM), the decision of the authorities to leave a ban on Christmas puts doubt on the entire economic model of this season. Opening at the end of January for 1-2 months of hotels will not be unlikely.

Italians called on to refuse skiing

In turn, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, said that Italy "can not allow" the risk of COVID-19 people leaving skiing.

The Head of Government advised the Italians to expect "more sober Christmas, without meetings, hugs and kisses on Christmas Eve", as well as abandon skiing. This means, following the French resorts, popular ski resorts in the Alps and Dolomites will also lose billions of euros during the high holiday period.

Conte also stressed that Italy is committed to a European consensus on the closure of ski resorts and other measures. “I think this is a European problem,” Conte told La7 TV.

"If Italy decides to close all ski lifts without any support from France, Austria and other countries, Italian tourists will risk going abroad and bringing the coronavirus home," he stressed.

Conte intends to persuade his colleagues to support the idea of ​​closing resorts for Christmas and New Year. If this fails, he will lobby for a solution to this issue through the EU legal mechanisms.

Budgetary and cool: tours to the ski resorts of the Urals and Siberia from the

Riding with the breeze along the snow-covered alpine tracks this season does not shine for an ordinary tourist, but this does not mean that you need to give up your favorite vacation. Here is the top of the best ski resorts in Russia from "Subtleties". See you at the lift!

Rosa Khutor

Trails: since it was originally planned to hold competitions on the tracks of Rosa Khutor, there are enough difficult slopes: 19 red and 11 black. However, there are also enough green and blue ones, so both beginners and experienced ones can safely go here. The lifts are located far from each other.

Availability: the nearest airport in Adler accepts flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and other cities. Those traveling by train need to buy tickets to Adler. Electric trains and buses run from the station and the airport.

Accommodation: many options for accommodation in hotels from 3 to 5 * and guesthouses.

What else to do: near Sochi, so you can visit the Olympic venues in your free time. The resort itself also has plenty of entertainment, including for children.

Prices: comparable to European prices. Lift pass - from 3300 RUB, rental of skis and equipment - from 1600 RUB per day. Accommodation is not the cheapest: hotels - from 2500 RUB, guest houses - from 1300 RUB.

Sobolinaya Mountain

Trails: all levels of difficulty - training, tubing, sports, with an incline of up to 50 °. Now 16 tracks are open, ranging from 170 to 2100 m. There is a snow park.

Accessibility: first you need to fly to Ulan-Ude or Irkutsk, from there you can get to the resort by taxi, bus or train.

Accommodation: on Sobolinaya there is a hostel, two hotels and a cottage town. The hotels are located in the immediate vicinity of the resort, the rest of the facilities are a little further. If you wish, you can rent housing in the private sector of the nearby Baikalsk.

What else to do: the climate here is mild, and you can walk comfortably even in the cold season. And, most importantly, very close - Baikal, a view of the lake opens from almost anywhere in the resort.

Prices: ski rental - from 300 RUB, snowboard - from 800 RUB. Lift pass - 1000 RUB per day, more expensive on weekends. The cheapest accommodation is in a hostel (from 630 RUB), the most expensive is in a cottage (from 9200 RUB).

Trysil, Norway

The largest and most famous ski resort in Norway. Like a giant seine, it spreads on three slopes of the Trysilfjellet volcano-like mountain (literally - Trysil mountain). Such an arrangement of the slopes can be considered a clear advantage, because regardless of the level of skiing of each of the members of your company, you can all use the same lifts. Routes of varying difficulty, although at first run along different forest paths, are laid parallel to each other, so that in the end they connect at the bottom of the chairlift. This arrangement of the resort makes not only the slopes easily accessible, but also any restaurant, bar or hotel. Of the many activities not related to alpine skiing or snowboarding, the most curious is "Hunt for the Stars", which is organized by a local astronomer-enthusiast at night. Armed with a laser pointer, he takes romantics on a real walk along the Milky Way. If you're lucky, you can also see the northern lights in the sky.

Trails: 67 trails (38 green and blue, 18 red, 11 black), 4 snow parks, 2 training areas, 3 ski areas for children Season: November to late April Weekly lift pass: € 344 - adults, adolescents 8-15 years old - € 272 Equipment for a week: adults - from € 80, children - from € 50 How to get there: the nearest airports in Oslo and Stockholm, from where shuttle buses run (2-2.5 hours on the way, cost € 55 one way, € 80 round trip) Details: skistar. om/trysil

Livigno, Italy

Our compatriots began to explore this sunny resort in the Alps on the border with Switzerland much later than many other popular ski destinations, however, it is in no way inferior to them, and was even recognized as the Best European resort according to the results of the World Snow Awards 2012. The main feature is the long season - from November to May, and wide tracks, where beginners will feel comfortable. The resort is considered a family resort, there are traditionally many children, family hotels, a kindergarten are open, special "Family Weeks" are held and there is everything to put a beginner on skiing, or to bring him to a new level: a dozen training zones, a detachment of patient instructors , and for rest - a scattering of restaurants. Experienced people will not be bored either: it snows a lot in Livigno, and here, unlike the rest of Italy, independent freeride without a guide is allowed and there is endless space for an exciting ski tour. And one more bonus: Livigno is a duty-free zone, so the prices of goods here are significantly lower than in the rest of Italy.

Trails: 76 trails (27 blue, 37 red, 12 black), 4 snowparks and 11 children's areas, 9 tapis roulant tracks for toddlers and beginners who do not yet know how to use lifts, 12 special fans -zones Season: from late November to May Lift pass: € 240 - for adults for 6 days in high season, € 150 - in low season (children under 8 years old - free) Equipment: from € 200 - for adults, € 50 - € 60 - per child How to get there: the most convenient way is to fly to Bergamo airport in Milan, and then take a shuttle bus for € 50 directly to the place (back on the same bus). Check the schedule on the website. Details: livigno. u

Soldeu - El Tarter, Grandvalira, Andorra

The two Pyrenean villages of Soldeu and El Tarter, connected by a cable car system, together make up one ski resort. Its groomed and uncomplicated slopes are especially good for those who have not yet gained skiing experience. Many soft and well-groomed fields in the vast Espiolets area, gentle slopes of the Riba mountain circus, comfortable tracks starting from the top of Llosada - even for beginners, skiing here will be varied. Seven out of ten local schools are united in the Ski & Snowboard School Grandvalira association - there are more than 250 instructors (many of them Russian-speaking) at any level of training, 5 training slopes, 2 schools for children and 4 ski kindergartens for the little ones. Two more large schools - Soldeu & El Tarter School and Pas de la Casa Grau Roig School - also have a large staff of experienced instructors. Skiing bonus - shopping. Prices in duty-free Andorra are 20-40% lower than in Europe, and from January to February there are total sales.

Trails: 128 trails (19 green, 49 blue, 42 red, 18 black), 3 snowparks Season: December to April Lift pass: from € 249 Equipment: from € 79 How to get there: flight through Barcelona, ​​then by bus, many travel agencies, in particular Anex Tour, make free transfers for their tourists (3-4 hours on the way) Details: grandvalira. om

Courchevel, Three Valleys, France

Skiing in Europe is relatively cheap. And, of course, it is worth at least once to visit a ski resort in the Alps, enjoy the atmosphere of an old alpine village (or a modern resort, whichever you prefer) and at the same time feel how thoughtfully everything is organized there and how effective skiing is.

However, the main word in the first phrase is “relatively”. Alas, "ski" and "budgetary" are antagonistic words. Suffice it to recall how much ski equipment costs. Therefore, we will talk about how you can reduce the cost of traveling to the Alps.


So, the first rule of a budget skier is to focus on special offers. Only a package tour will help you save a lot. By booking flights and hotels on your own, you are unlikely to get out of the amount of the last minute tour

First of all, it's a matter of charter, it is much cheaper to fly. At the same time, charter programs for skiers include, in addition to standard luggage (5-10 kg of hand luggage and 21-23 kg of luggage), free transportation of ski equipment.

It is clear that travel agencies need to completely fill out the redeemed charter flight. Therefore, if seats remain on the plane, special offers appear at low prices in order to help out at least something.

As a rule, special offers are for a week, from Saturday to Saturday. The tour includes: flight, transfer to the hotel, ski insurance, accommodation in a 3 * hotel/guesthouse (for Europe 3 * - it is quite normal), usually with breakfast or breakfast and dinner, or apartments without meals. Apartments are widespread in French resorts, hotels and guesthouses are more often offered in Austria.

How much does a last minute tour cost?

My first ski tour in 2002 (though not to the Alps, but to Andorra) cost 290 euros, a 3 * hotel for breakfasts and dinners. The price of the voucher included a five-day ski pass (5 days of free use of the lifts).

In the future, I got to the special offers more than once. For 500 € I went to the Dolomites. A tour to the famous French Three Valleys cost me 400 €. It was 12 years ago, but even at that time it was incredibly cheap.

Ski area

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