Mountains in the south of Turkey

Mountains in the south of Turkey

It is already clear that the ski season in 2020-2021 will not be the same as usual. Therefore, I want to tell you about the ski resorts in Turkey. This year, this is almost the only opportunity to ride the slopes of the mountains abroad.

By the way, ski Turkey is gaining momentum every year, and tour operators are launching tours with flights, fuel surcharge, transfers, insurance and a hotel. Such tours are sold from December to March.


Kayseri is a fairly large city in Cappadocia. The Turkish ski resort Erciyes on the Takir plateau is 25 km away. The peak height is 3916 meters. Not bad if you compare, for example, with Bulgaria, where the highest points in Bansko are at around 2914 meters.

The resort is new, modern, new lifts are constantly opening, the infrastructure is improving. There are even heated chairlifts.

The vertical drop is 900 meters, the number of trails is 34. The season in Erciyes lasts from November to May. Are-ski entertainments include bars and restaurants. In addition, in Kayseri you can visit the old town and the Turkish oriental bazaar.

You can fly to Istanbul or Ankara on your own.


Palandoken near Erzurum is a new ski resort in Turkey with modern infrastructure. The place is very popular with local residents as well.

The length of the tracks is 30 kilometers. The difference in elevation on the slopes is 976 meters. The number of trails is 25. The highest point, where the lifts rise, is called Dedeman, the height is 3176 meters.

TOP 5 ski resorts in Turkey

Vladimir Putin signed a decree canceling a number of restrictions on Turkey, in particular in the tourism sector. Recently, Turkey was the second popular holiday destination among our tourists; now the hotels there are empty. Will the Russians return there, or do they no longer need the Turkish coast? And how will the warming relations with Ankara affect the domestic tourism?

We have no irreplaceable ones

"Turkey is ready to receive Russian tourists," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu assured at a recent meeting with our Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. "Turkish resorts are indispensable for Russians."

But most carriers have already drawn up a summer schedule, and changing air travel plans is a troublesome business. Not all travel companies can quickly reorient themselves from one direction to another. And are our tourists ready for a trip to this country, and are its resorts really so irreplaceable?

Turkey is a mass of sun, sea, attractions and other tourist attractions. In addition to these delights, a decent service at low prices, it turns out to be just ideal for an economy class traveler, that is, for a mass consumer. But there are also significant disadvantages.

Firstly, most of these average tourists-vacationers who travel abroad more or less regularly have already been there. Now it is much more interesting for many to visit some other places, and not to enter Turkish waters twice or three times or already "five times". And someone did not plan to go there. After all, the world is big, the choice is huge.

Secondly, the real incomes of our population have declined, and, accordingly, interest in "rest in the south" has fallen. Many even preferred to replace it with summer cottages or barbecue. And many people celebrate their vacation with a small trip to a city not far from the place of permanent deployment. It can be either a resort or a cultural center, or a place where relatives live. Some, in addition to dachas and barbecues, go to the forest to pick mushroom berries that have already gone.

Another factor is that the patriotic sentiments of Russians have grown significantly during this time, while the attitude towards Turkey, on the contrary, has deteriorated sharply. New incidents and threats were superimposed on memories of past wars and conflicts. Of course, President Erdogan mumbled something like an apology. But in the Turkish press, there were denials about the incorrect translation.

So was the boy, did he apologize? ... There is a saying: spoons were found, but the sediment remained. And in this case, our loss will no longer appear out of oblivion. It seems that the Turkish leadership is not even going to rake up and compensate for the "precipitation" and still continues to say one thing in the morning and another at lunchtime.

Well, and perhaps the main reason to refuse a trip to Turkey is the high level of danger. The risks of getting into some kind of trouble instead of enjoying sea water and sand are too high. Is it worth putting your life on the line for a short rest?

Country of extreme tourism

Where to go on a ski vacation instead of Europe and how much does it cost.


"Heart of Western Lycia" Hike in Turkey


The mountains in the south of Turkey are represented by the Taurus - a complex mountain system, more than 1600 km long, the southern slopes of which go out to the sea. Taurus (Toros or Taurus) is the western spur of the Himalayan mountain belt, crossing Asia, and part of the Asia Minor Highlands, which occupies almost the entire territory of modern Turkey.

In the Russian-speaking environment, mountains in southern Turkey are usually called Taurus, while in Turkey they are called Toros Dağları, from the Greek word "tauros" - mountain. At the same time, the name of the mountain range Toros Daıları is translated from Turkish as “mountains of the calf”. Why Taurus? Taurus or tura (in Greek "taurus") were called primitive bulls, the progenitors of modern horned animals. The Golden Calf is a witness of biblical events, as is the highest point of Turkey - Mount Great Ararat (5165 meters), which gave refuge to Noah during the Flood. Do not forget that the steep ridges of the Taurus Mountains are very similar to the horns of gigantic bulls - they seem so inaccessible from the outside.

The Taurus Mountains differ significantly from each other, so they are usually divided into three main parts: Eastern, Central and Western.

The Eastern Taurus goes far to the north, later passing into the Armenian Highlands, while the Central and Western Taurus form a single mountain range stretching in the south of Turkey. The Mediterranean coast of this resort country resembles our native South Coast. The local mountain ranges stretch parallel to the sea in the same way as the Main Crimean ridge. The only difference is the size. The Taurus Mountains in southern Turkey reach 3806 meters in height, while the Crimean Mountains barely exceed the 1.5 thousandth mark. By the way, in the past, the Crimean Mountains were called Tauride. Tavria, Taurus ... Do you catch the similarities?

Since the Western and Central ranges of the Taurus Mountains occupy most of southern Turkey, we will talk about them in more detail.

The southern peaks of the Taurus are all the charm of resort Turkey. The sources of numerous mountain lakes and rivers that feed intermountain valleys are born on their picturesque slopes. The fertile coastal lowlands, closed from the north winds, are a real agricultural land in which delicious southern fruits grow - oranges, pomegranates, tomatoes. And the Aegean and Mediterranean seas only add to it a unique southern charm. Many kilometers of pebble and sandy beaches - the usual allies of cozy bays and bays - attract thousands of dreamy tourists to the southern coast of Turkey. Each bay or cove is sure to find a small village or resort town promising an unforgettable vacation, and several mountain peaks are always visible above the coast, from the height of which southern Turkey turns into a fabulous country - a real paradise for tourists.

Mountains in the south of Turkey come close to the coast, in some places they break off right into the sea. Most of the cities in the region have grown up on gentle mountain slopes covered with Mediterranean vegetation and coniferous forests.

The mountains of the Western Taurus arc around the Gulf of Antalya, occupying the territory of several Turkish provinces - Antalya, Burdur, Isparta and Konya. The peaks of the neighboring Central Taurus pass through the provinces of Mersin, Adana, Karaman and Nigde.

On this trek we sleep and eat in guesthouses and hotels. Therefore, you only need to carry your personal belongings with you, the backpacks will be light, 5-8 kg.

Let's walk along the western part of the Lycian path. The route is full of wild Mediterranean bays, beaches and antiquities. We will also climb to the top of Baba Dag (1969m), there will be an opportunity to fly from here on a paraglider in tandem with an instructor and land on the Oludeniz beach. At the beginning we will turn off the Lycian Trail and walk along the Fethi Trail, recently built especially for lovers of sea coves and waterfalls. All the way you will come across fruit orchards, try what ripe oranges or pomegranates are right from the tree! We will pass through several ancient cities, among them the famous Xanthos and Patara.

Hiking trail in Turkey "Lycian Trail Comfort (Western)":

Antalya - Fethiye - Oludeniz - Baba Dag - Faralya - Valley of the Butterflies - Kabak - Bel - Gavuragili - Pidna - Xanthos - Patara - Antalya.

Trekking conditions in Turkey Lycian Trail comfort

All overnight stays will be in guesthouses or hotels. Accommodation in 3-4 bed rooms. Double rooms are not available everywhere and surcharge $ 5/night.

We carry only personal belongings with us. The weight of the backpack will be 5-8kg, depending on how much excess you take. Camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, rugs) is not required.

The guide can change the route of the hike in Turkey based on the weather, the condition of the group and other factors.

If the cost of the trip seems too expensive, choose a discount for yourself.

For those who have already gone with us, the hike will cost $ 420.

For children 8-14 years old, the cost is $ 400.

With a variety of landscapes and geographic regions, Turkey is a country where you can do all the leisure activities you can imagine. You can paraglide over the Dead Sea, go snorkeling in Antalya, rafting on the Korukh River, sailing on the coastline, ride a hot air balloon in Cappadocia, try yourself as a climber on Mount Ararat and hunt in the national parks of Turkey. This article will list the types of holidays in Turkey for every taste.

Active holidays in Turkey

Arriving in Turkey on vacation, even the most inactive people will find something to their liking. Among the active types of recreation in Turkey are:

Hot air balloon ride

Hot air ballooning is one of the most popular activities in Cappadocia. Typically, balloons rise into the sky at dawn, and these flights last for about an hour in the air. If you ever plan to get on a hot air balloon, here's a tip: do it in Cappadocia. Several dozen balloons are lifted into the air every day, even in winter, so that people can see the incredible landscape from the air. It will take months to fully explore this region on foot. Indeed, the best way to see Cappadocia is from the air. The balloon moves through the air currents so smoothly that sometimes you can forget that you are floating in the air.

Rafting is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Turkey. However, Turkey has some of the best waters in the Sylvanas mountains, where you can go rafting for both professionals and beginners. The amateur, experienced, professional and even those who are on the excursion will never have a reason to complain when rafting in Turkey.

Interesting fact - the Koruh River in the Kakar Mountains in northeastern Turkey is recognized as one of the ten best rivers in the world ideal for rafting. The river originates in the province of Bayburt, flows 250 km and flows into the Black Sea. The 4th World Aquatics Championship was held here in 1993.

The advantage of rafting tours on the Korukh River is that they provide rafting opportunities for both beginners and experienced rafters. Thus, the 23 km section from Chevreli to Yusufeli is considered to be of medium difficulty, while the 20 km section from Sarigul to Yusufeli is considered difficult and is intended only for professionals.

During July and August, most rafting tours of various levels take place, where you can enjoy the mesmerizing views along the river and try yourself in extreme sports.

The most popular ski resort in Turkey is Uldag resort in Bursa. This charming city can be reached by car, ferry or bus from Istanbul. It only takes about 1.5 hours. There is a modern ski center that will make your skiing experience in Turkey an unforgettable experience. You can also reach the ski center by cable car. The ski area is located at an altitude of 1750-2547 m, and the ski season lasts from December to April.

Uldag is a very high level ski resort where people from all over Turkey come. There are lifts, slalom trails, high difficulty ski trails, as well as trails for beginners. Ski equipment and instructors can be rented. The resort also houses a small hospital.

There is also a hotel in the resort, but prices may be overpriced. Therefore, if you wish, you can stay at another hotel nearby and get to the resort itself by funicular or snowmobiles.

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